Monday, September 29, 2008

Why the Debates Don't Matter: Part Two

A note from Radarsite: On 9/28/08, Radarsite posted an article Why the Debates Don't Matter in reaction to the news that Barack Obama had just received 57% approval rating according to the latest Rasmussen poll. As usual, after posting it here to Radarsite, the article was sent out to several other venues. One of these venues was Free Republic. At that time I had no intentions to post a Part Two. However, due to the rather bizarre reception this essay received there, I thought perhaps that some of the more negative comments to that article might interest you. I thought this because these over-the-top comments were not coming from Obamaites, or Clintonians, or from liberals of any stripe. That would hardly be news and certainly wouldn't warrant a whole new article to display their obvious hatred of conservatives. No, what makes these particular comments so interesting to me is that they are coming from McCain supporters, from avowed McCain supporting conservatives.

For these folks, it seems, anything but good news is not only unwelcome, but it must be subversive. To be fair, most of these comments came from two or three main sources, and the article was met with general approval by most of the commenters. However, the anger that this article generated among some McCain supporters came as as much of a surprise to me as those rather reasonable and responsible comments we received from those Hillary people in response to that Democratic Conventions flags in the trash controversy.

I would of course be interested in your responses. Once again, I have omitted the identities of the commenters, however, if you would like to follow these comments in the original thread and see who is doing the commenting here is the FR link. - rg


To: Roger W. Gardner
"57% of America approves"
I don’t buy it or the demoraliing tone of this posting.

To: Roger W. Gardner
A troll?

To: Roger W. Gardner
What a crock. Nice try though.

Hey, Obama said he’d take full advantage of the internet :)

To: Roger W. Gardner
Be a defeatest and promotoe liberal dribble.
Pick yourself up off the floor and grow a set instead of throwing in the towel. Your posting stinks.

To: Roger W. Gardner
Sigh... In the good old days, they hung the Tokyo Roses who spread demoralizing propaganda to the troops.

It’s inflated BS designed to demoralize you and have you feeling helpless - just as the poster would like.
There are other debates coming up. The election is not decided on one debate. McCain will get his rear in gear. Pay no attention to the gloom and doomer.

You have to be a complete idiot to post a "We're all going to die and there is nothing we can do about it" vanity. You also have to be an idiot to defend such a vanity. IT SERVES NO USEFUL, CONSTRUCTIVE PURPOSE WHATSOEVER. #1) IT IS NOT THE TRUTH. #2) IT DEMORALIZES

He speaks defeatist liberal. Maybe you are too lazy to see that. Some of us have better things to do with our time than read liberal drivel.
Perhaps you need to get back on your meds?

Or just go over to DU. They'll love your defeatist attitude and your emotional tantrums.


  1. There are times Roger that I feel as if Obama will win by a landslide. Especially after listening to the MSM. But then I talk to my neighbors, we are all middle-class and see that the majority of us are totally against him. We can see through his lies and deceptions. We see his strong arm tactics, and recoil from them.

    Take heart. There is still one month to go and he keeps talking about an October Surprise. Maybe he will self-explode.

    I can see the November surprise. The look on his face when he loses to McCain.

  2. Roger, some of these comments are unacceptable, but look at it this way, these are people who are desperate for Obama to lose, and McCain to win, just as we are.

    They, like us, get lots of bad news. You speak authoratatively. Perhaps it was just such a downer for them that they lashed out at you.

    When we're in the voting booth, we'll be on the same side and we'll be grateful for each other - and btw, I think we can count on these commenters going to the polls.


  3. An October surprise? Keep an eye on it.


  4. Sorry, I"m a REAL NONfan of FreeRepublic in general. I have a friend who LIVES at that site and sends me outlandish titles the subjects of which go unmentioned in the actual articles because they're REALLY not QUITE the way it happened, and are always SO biased you could laugh. AND I'm A CONSERVATIVE, I want to believe that stuff. But, it's SO silly sometimes that I"ve given up reading it and I wish she'd stop sending me the articles!

    I hope findalis is right.....I'm scared to death..seriously scared to DEATH that Obama will take this country to a place we don't recognize.

    Also, imagine Inauguration Balls with Ludikrus as the entertainment? HIP HOP Balls? Oh, please give me elegance ...

    to say nothing of the really important things Obama will screw up, of course.

  5. Thank you Maggie and Findalis.
    And welcome Z.
    I wonder what therapists now consider paranoid behavior in this new world we live in? I mean, there are so many viable threats out there right now that there just isn't enough room here to list them all. lolol