Friday, September 5, 2008

From Radarsite: An Open Letter to the Muslims


An open letter from Radarsite to the Muslims :

This letter is in response to our previously posted article from Planck's Constant "When is too many Muslims?"

To all Muslims both here in the United States of America and throughout the Western World: I want to address this letter personally to you all, regardless of whether you would describe yourselves as moderate or militant, Shiite or Sunni, male or female, young or old, American citizen or not. I would suggest to you that you remember this date: September 3, 1939. I would suggest that you fix this particular day firmly in your minds. This day marks a fateful turning point in the history of the Western World. On this historic day Britain and France finally reached the end of their rope and declared war on Nazi Germany. This day marks the exact moment when the free world said collectively: Enough is enough. You have bullied and threatened us and we have taken it. We have lowered ourselves in our own estimation to acquiesce to your increasingly outrageous demands. We have sought to appease your insatiable appetite with innumerable concessions and we have ignobly paid the price of your extortion. All this we have done to avoid another conflict. To avoid violence. Because we are a free and democratic people and we abhor violence. But today marks the end of that inglorious chapter and the beginning of a new one. Like most bullies, you have grown in your own estimation by your victories. The more your victims have appeased you the more you have demanded of them and the bigger and more menacing you have become.

Till this day. You have overestimated your power and the inevitability of your future, and now you will begin to pay the price of that monstrous hubris.

September 3, 1939 is more than just a date in our history books; it is a lesson to be studied and learned by all present and future tyrants and bullies who expect to win their fiefdoms by sheer brutalities and threats of brutalities. You can only push a free people so far. Al Capone learned this lesson and died a broken man in a tiny cell. So did John Gotti. So do Adolf Hitler, and Tojo and Mussolini. All met their inglorious ends at the hands of free peoples who had been pushed too far. Who had reached their limit.

You, the Muslims in the West, have grown accustomed to success, haven't you? Your intimidation tactics and your load-mouthed bullying have succeeded here in the West beyond your wildest expectations. You have studied our systems of freedoms carefully and have learned how to use our fundamental decency and sense of fair play against us. You have used our reverence for religion, for all religions against us. You have used our venerable Constitutional Rights against us, And, so far, you and your minions have enjoyed the clear bright road of victory. Victories, one after the other. Concessions and appeasements, one after the other. And you have felt your hubris swell in your bosom and you have seen no barriers raised up against your future conquests. In short, you have found us an easy prey. Amongst our peace-loving gentle creatures you have had no problems finding fawning apologists and cowardly collaborators. Your road has been open and unencumbered.

But, foolishly, you have forgotten -- or have never learned -- your history. You have ignored the monumental lessons of September 3, 1939. You have fooled yourselves into believing that you are invulnerable, that there is no end to our submissiveness. In short, as with your many now defunct predecessors, you've overplayed your hand and forgotten the imminent consequences of this blunder.

Arrogantly, you have come into our world as our guests and you have dishonored and disgraced this generous welcome. You have insulted us and denigrated our great culture and our wonderful traditions. You and your advocates have used our freedoms against us and you have been winning these cultural battles handily. We have meekly accommodated your every concern, we have changed the very nature of some of our most treasured institutions to appease your unfathomable capacity for offense. We have almost literally bent over backwards to avoid offending you in any way and now we are getting tired of it. We abhor violence but we will not allow ourselves to be conquered. And when angered, our violence can be immense and apocalyptic.

This is a clear and unequivocal warning to all Muslims here and throughout our precious Western Civilization. You are overplaying your small hand and you will pay the consequences. You have underestimated the power of your mortal enemy and that is a deadly blunder. You have pushed us and pushed us and had no push back and you believe that therefore you have won. But you have forgotten, or never learned your history.

This, then, is my warning. This is one Infidel who is getting sick of being threatened, sick of being bullied by loud-mouthed barbarians who have yet to come out of the Dark Ages. Your brutal and hideous cult has left you in the backwaters of civilization. Your hideous cult has been responsible for all of your woes and all of your conquered peoples' woes, and it will ultimately lead to your downfall. Blinded by your enormous hubris you cannot even see it, but it is nonetheless there, waiting for you. You are pushing the free world towards that inevitable redux of that fateful day and you cannot even see it, but you will suffer because of it all the same. We will all suffer because of it. But in the end, as history has shown us so many times before, it is you, the oppressor and the bully who will be utterly destroyed in the end.

This, then, is the threat of one Infidel. But, be warned, do not make the mistake of taking this threat lightly, there are many more Infidels out there like me, and we are growing larger and more formidable every day.

Save yourselves. Memorize that fateful date and that fateful lesson before it is too late for us all. - rg


  1. "..there are many more Infidels out there like me,.."
    There are. There are indeed and very many of us are close to the limits of our tolerance.
    These barbarians think they have a monopoly on violence, and to them I'd say: history is littered with the corpses of primitives who believed that.I look forward to the day when you lot join them and I pray to God I'll be alive and able to contribute to the slaughter.

  2. Words well chosen. An eloquence born of righteous anger. Well said. Thank You

  3. Damn. I knew it. I knew I'd get some support out there. And I was right. You two make me proud to be an Infidel. Thank you.
    Roger G.

  4. You have a gift for articulating the anger and frustration we feel, Roger.
    You know, should it ever come down to a real confrontation with those who would destroy our societies, I have a feeling that there are very many people out there who will be willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and do what's necessary.
    And I'm not just talking about islam.

  5. Roger, yours is a voice crying in the wilderness, silently echoed by thousands. Soon, the thousands will be millions as our movement continues to expand.

    Since the founding of this nation she was under attack from Islam. The Barbary Wars of 1805 & 1815 were a fit substitute for paying unending, inflating tribute.

    Predation can be ended by one measure, and one measure only: extinction of the predator. Islam must be eliminated from the face of the earth. There is no acceptable alternative. There is no substitute.

    Will you live free or die a slave? Will you live in peace or suffer constant attacks?

    How many millions did Muslims torture, kill and enslave with relatively primitive weaponry? How much more injury can they inflict with modern weapons? Will you wait to find out the hard way?

    Let us organize, unite and mount up the Crusade. Act For America, UAC, Fire Society and CVF are growing rapidly. Why not join and add your voice and support to the movement?

  6. Well said. It is time we took back our nation.

  7. Thanks all. Not surprisingly, already the emails and comments are coming in to take exception to my (and Plack's Constant's) 'lumping all Muslims together'. But either they have not read this article or they don't believe that I meant what I said. For these people I have a message. I meant every word that I wrote. If you expect to come onto Radarsite and have a fair and balanced debate about the pros and cons of Islam or the rights of 'good Muslims' you will be disappointed. The lines are clearly drawn, you have defined yourselves by your actions and by your refusal to disassociate yourselves from those who have attacked -- and who are still attacking us.
    So you will say, 'I see, you only allow comments to be posted that agree with your position'. And that is absolutely correct. There is no place here on Radarsite for Islamist propaganda or for apologist's rationalizations. I would hope that this site will be viewed as a rallying point for those of us who are fed up with your threats and intimidations and your endless capacitry to take offense at everything we stand for and are ready to fight back.
    'Nothing's fair in love and war', and we are at war.

  8. I simply wanted to come by and Give you Ben, Roger, Findalis and yes Bernie many Kudos! Outstanding post Roger.

    I have been a big fan of Bernie's for quite some time now. Roger and Ben, I consider you my inspiration that educates and helps me along my fight against Radical Islam. I have been absent for awhile, missed all of you. Work and life took over a bit.. but I am still your number one lil Infidel for life. I intend to get back into the swing of things soon! Ben and Roger come by and say Hi on Multiply. We miss you both!

    God Bless all of you and I am a richer person and that much more blessed to have come across all of you.
    Your Patriot and Infidel friend, Ana ~


    (1) don't take advantage of your host's generosity to learn how to fly state-of-the-art aeroplanes into buildings, in the name of an absurd belief system for which there is no empirical evidence, and which is completely at odds with the culture in which you now purport to want to live; (and while we're at it, understand that the twin towers only went down because of their exoskeleton construction; had they been built differently, they would have remained standing and your lunatic "martyrs" would have killed only a few more people than themselves - essentially, the operation was actually a failure);

    (2) find the grace to admit that the migrant flow is inexorably East to West because the West is a better place to live, but that you don't yet understand why that is so;

    (3) find the humility to ask questions about the New World, instead of fixating on Allah and the past;

    (4 ) stop providing fuel for the West's more rabid right-wing Christian bloc; between you, you are setting up yet another religious war that sane people can see coming and feel powerless to stop;

    (5 ) either stop regarding the West as the Great Satan, or go back home and stop dancing with the Devil;

    (6) fatwa yourselves to death at home all you like but leave us alone (incidentally, where is your "home"?); it's a sad religion that can't handle a cartoon or a book, and to us, fatwas are a pain in the arse and a sad joke;

    (7) get it through your heads once and for all that the only person who can blaspheme is a person who already believes in what he is blaspheming; everyone else is entitled to say whatever they like. And while we're on this topic, let me explain free speech: it means that not only can we call ourselves stupid white men if we deserve it, we can call you stupid brown men if you deserve it;

    (8) face up to the fact that you simply aren't equipped to understand freedom of speech; your arguments against it are sophomoric and adolescent and just make you look insecure and ridiculous;

    (9) treat your women better, and in the Muslim countries that practise female circumcision, stop it NOW, of your own volition; don't leave it to us and Waris Dirie to have to continually campaign against it - we never committed this atrocity in the first place;

    (10) stop trying to import repugnant customs like the above into the West - you've gone too far already, aided by weak, thoughtless apostates in the West;

    (11) stop bitching about the West from INSIDE the West; the only reason "multiculturalism" is being attempted here is because the free speech, democracy, stability and generosity of our advanced culture is willing to give it a try (probably foolishly). You come from countries where it's not even a twinkle in anybody's eye, so be grateful you've got as far as you have, and shut up;

    (12) learn from the education available to you in the West, it's the best in the world - take your blinkers off;

    (13) stop trying to "destroy" the West. First, being only human and prone to error (like all humans, including you), we are quite capable of doing that ourselves, and if we succeed, the world (also including you) will be the poorer for it. But what we are doing is NONE of your business, and we'll fix it ourselves, thanks very much. Second, if we become more resolute (which I admit is moot at the moment), you won't win - which we know and you don't;

    (14) start THINKING instead of REACTING - I know it's hard to break bonds, but that's the process that made the West the Modern World;

    (15) your “we will kill you” is not an appropriate response to our “hey, you guys have got it wrong”;

    (16) marching and rioting in our streets, using our freedom of speech to call for controls on our freedom of speech where your beliefs are concerned is deeply hypocritical, and shows that you still don’t GET IT;

    (17) try to understand that there was no such thing as "Islamophobia" until you brought it on yourselves with the religiously obsessed insanity of 9/11, the ridiculous Salaman Rushdie fatwa, the grand guignol over the cartoons, the disgusting murder of Theo Van Gogh, and the London bombings, which were beyond contempt. All of which took place in the West. It might help if you collectively apologised for all the above, but even then you've got a lot of ground to make up;

    (18) if you must have a religion, try to find one that celebrates life instead of death.

    (19) Stop blaming America for your not being able to get your act together. You once led the world in advancement, then you let negative religiosity set you right back again - while America became a beacon of hope to the oppressed everywhere. The Statue of Liberty says "Give me your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free". Which of your own "home" countries has that written on the door? NOT ONE. (As someone said: "America: 50 million illegal immigrants can't be wrong")

    (20) the only thing preventing you integrating, accessing and succeeding is your own insular, anachronistic, incompatible-with-modernity-and-individuality belief system. Ditch it, and stop being hypocritical about why you are in the West, or go home. YOU are the (imported) problem.

  10. I love it. So we're not allowed to lump Islam together now.

    If you remember one of my earlier, obscure posts to Radar Site, I once had a religion class with a Muslim in which I actually tried to parse Islam into radical and modern sects.

    The Muslim wouldn't have it. "There is only one Islam," she said. "Islam is Islam."

    So be it. Muslims, you've got two choices. Either join the fire or burn with the rest of the kindling. There is no middle ground; if you are not against evil, then we have no choice but to count you among its ranks. We've tried to define a middle ground in which you could hide, but you wouldn't have it. So burn or be burnt.

  11. Great piece. I am a fan and I wish there was more that could be done. I will check out those organizations online. In Canada saying anything that suggests intolerance can land one in a kangaroo court with massive bills and potential gag orders that last a lifetime. But I have talked to many people here that are so fed up with the content that inspired your article. It is not as bad as England or many Euopean countries yet...and many people just ignore it and live in their gated communities or don't pay attention. But for me...I have had direct experience and so I will not ever let up...I was assaulted physically and verbally way back almost 6 months ago..because I was reading and studying an english koran I bought to learn about why these people were so I came up the first level I sneezed and held up the book to catch the sneeze...A man came running out from the concession yelling that I was a whore...and grabbed my arm, twisted it and tried to yank the book from me, yelling that it was his book and on and on...He chased me up the other flight of stairs screaming at me that he would kill me.. Later at the hospital the police did nothing and warned me that I instigated it and if I did not let it drop they would advised him to file a hate crime against me. So, I will continue to tell my story and continue to be vigilent...By the way, almost six months later...if I don't sneak by and he sees me he still runs out and chases me yelling threats...mostly I take a different subway stop unless I am really tired and my legs are swollen. This is what Canadians will all be putting up with soon. I am a retired educated person who raised two children here and to have to deal with this in my senior years is a crime against the people who built this country.

  12. Well, once again I am breaking my own rule about not posting anonymous commenters; but rules are made to be broken and I guess I'm just going to have to use my own judgmnet about this issue.
    I cannot reject this particular anonymous comment for two good reason. One -- the author may have very legitimate reasons for staying anonymous (as you have seen).
    And, two -- his story is just to powerful and pertinent to block it out for some self-imposed rule.
    So, thank you Anonymous. I'm sorry you had to experience the brutality of Islam first hand, but thank you for sharing this with us.
    If you write in again, either use some new moniker, or identify yourself so that you are not automatically blocked.
    Welcome to Radarsite.

  13. God bless you, Roger. I, too, stand with you against the barbarians.

    Wonderfully written, a declaration of sanity and courage which should inspire many Westerners to shake off apathy and fear and to stand up on their hind feet as men did in WWII.

  14. My son was speaking to a recent convert to Islam a few years ago, and this white fella told my son that if my son did not accept Islam that he(the convert),under Islam, was obligated to kill him. There you have it folks!

    Muslims are their religion, and we should never forget it.