Monday, September 29, 2008

A Message To My Good Readers

This damn election is different than anything I’ve ever seen. This one really has me worried. Most of the time all I think about is how to fight them and how to win. As some of you already know, I work every day, 12-13 hours a day, seven days a week on this, and I haven’t lost heart yet. But those numbers today really upset me, and I admit it.

If I have seemed especially edgy, irritable or erratic over these past few days it's because I am. One day I write about Obama's most important statement in the entire debate, and the next day I write about how the debates don't even matter. Erratic behavior. But not inexplicable.

I live in the belly of the beast, in Massachusetts. All I see when I walk out my door are Obama yard signs. This quaint little town of mine is saturated with them. The other day I saw a McCain sign in someones yard and I almost drove off the road. I said somewhere that seeing these pernicious Obama yard signs are almost as upsetting to me as seeing Hitler yard signs. Now, I know that's an exaggeration, but it's not that far off. I'm just dumbfounded at the direction this country is taking, and I feel powerless to stop it. Sometimes I feel more powerless than others. And this morning, when I first saw those incredible poll figures, with Obama's approval rating among American voters at 57%, it really hit me hard and I started feeling powerless again.

Like so many of you out there, I am heavily invested in this fateful election. Emotionally invested, to a degree which even I didn't appreciate until this morning. I am fighting to maintain my equilibrium, fighting against that pervasive sense of dread. When I hear my neighbors talk glowingly about BHO, or I see one of those damnable signs, I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, "Don't you know what the hell you're doing? Don't you know what he'll do to this country?"

It's not even about politics anymore is it? It's about something else. Something much bigger. I know that you know what I mean. And I also know that some of you feel this same way.

In short, I'm getting worried. I am a professional optimist. It's what drives me, what makes me wake up happy in the morning. I wouldn't go back and change one single part of my life no matter how unpleasant it may have been at the time, because I have truly come to believe that everything has worked out for the best, just the way it was supposed to work out. If one door slammed shut in my face, then I had to go out and find another door, and it took me somewhere new, some place I had never intended to go, and it turned out to be a blessing, a 'blessing in disguise'.

But this time, this time I can feel my optimism slipping. If this great door slams shut in all of our faces, I don't know if we'll ever be able find another door. Can I somehow convince myself that Barack Hussein Obama is a 'blessing in disguise'? Can I convince myself that it would be impossible for one man, one errant president, to lead a whole country down the path to political and cultural ruin? Can I find solace in the thought that there is just no possibility that we here in America could ever go the route of Britain, or be swallowed in the terrible embrace of some monstrous octopus of an internationist EU? Can I console myself with the sheer absurdity of the thought that we could actually lose our sovereignty or our fundamental Judeo/Christian heritage because of one stupid mistake, one irrational move, one botched election? The answer isn't simple, is it? And it's getting more complicated every day.

One of you, I can't remember who now, wondered in your comments if this was the way some of the Germans might have felt about living through the seeming inevitability of the rise of Adolf Hitler, that feeling of being helpless in the face of an overwhelming historical movement? It was a damn good question.

Then again, perhaps I'm just giving in to my natural sense of melodrama. Perhaps I've just allowed myself to get too damned involved in all this political stuff. Nobody else around here seems all that upset. None of my friends. None of my neighbors. Certainly none of those people who put up all those little Obama yard signs, they don't look too upset about things. They're smiling and happy and they're proud of their signs. Proud of their magnanimity and their obvious lack of prejudice. Their little blue signs proclaim their goodness and righteousness to the world and they are perfectly content; they are, after all, on the right side of an overwhelming historical movement.

Have I been rambling? Or have I made sense? I don't even know. - rg


  1. I know how you feel Roger. I live in a Chicago Suburb. But the funny thing here is most of the signs are McCain/Palin. Most of my neighbors are voting McCain. There is something strange going on here. It is as if a new wind is blowing.

    There is still 1 month to go and anything can happen.

    It was just like this the last time around, and Kerry lost that one.

  2. Aloha Roger,
    This is my first time to your site and I want you to know that what you are experiencing will pass; truly it will. I had that same feeling last week and other PUMAs I have spoken to felt the same way. Something along the lines of shell-shock from the length and intensity of this fight to overcome a truly dangerous man and his collective. Do not despair - it took exactly one day for me to get over will pass for you too...and don't worry, he will not be our president. Of that I am sure.
    Stop by and see me sometime,

    I really like your site. :)

  3. Now That's what I'm talkin' bout Katie! What a nice thing to hear that. And what a nice surprise -- in Chicago! Great uplifting commnet dear. Thank you for it.
    And Diamond Tiger - what thougtful comments from you. Nice meeting you. I certainly will drop by.
    Don't worry, I'm still strong and I'm still committed, Now more than ever.

  4. My Dear Roger,

    Take heart. Regardless of what comes to pass, we must not give way to a right-wing version of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Cooler heads have guided your nation through all manner of potentially fatal encounters. This too - sooner or later - will pass.

    This is not to in anyway endorse surrender of Conservative principles. Merely an assurance that they will prevail regardless of the winds of political fancy.

    Keep up the fight my friend. Along with your spirit and good humor. You and your ilk are much needed at times such as these.

    By the by - for what it's worth - we are told that the suburbs west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin are also awash in McCain Palin signs. The Heartland has trumped the coasts before. Would that it do so in this instance.



  5. Obama is "parading" his truth squads. A mistake.


  6. I know exactly what you mean. We are truly at a crossroads here. No other candidate in the past - neither Bush, Clinton, Dole, Kerry, Gore, none of them had the portent of doom that hangs around Obama. You may not have liked them but you did not feel that if they ended up being elected that America was going to end up a truly fascist state. Oh, I know all the anti-Bush rhetoric but nothing he or his administration did will chill America like what it feels Obama will do to it. Having lived in politically oppressed societies, I see in Obama what I know in the more extreme fascistic parties, the same is truly frightening. The poll numbers are awful, I do not want to believe them, I do not know if they can be trusted. For the first time in my life, I am afraid for America.

  7. You are making sense. But do not despair. Keep up the fight. You are seeing those signs because Massachusetts will go to Ob as expected. Same with similar states like Vermont. But the important thing is your blog reaches voters in all the states. There are many other neighborhoods in America that are flooded with McCain signs.

  8. Okay Roger, I have a follow-up to findalis' comment.

    Debbie said something at my place that should give you heart:

    It was something like this: I live in a long-time Democrat county - but not this year. This year our county will vote McCain-Palin.

    The problem is that you live in Massachusetts (no offense to Mass.), and there's nothing you can do save that state from a Democrat vote.

    I still say that there is a great silent majority out here. Most conservatives do not blog. It all happens in the voting booth.

    This is a fearful time, and it should be, and we must acknowledge the fear because it is folly not to...but that doesn't mean we don't have a chance.


  9. Roger, on the comment about how Germany felt as Hitler gained steam: It happened took a long time for them to understand what "Aryan" meant and Hitler's drastic take on it. He kept taking it to the next step and they continued believing that it wasn't true. Unless some God-fearing German lived close to affected Jews (and many Germans were heros), it didn't hit home until after Germany was defeated.

    When he came into power, they were oblivious. We're not.


  10. Roger, I understand where you are. I read it in many blogs. Many folks are feeling as you do. You are not alone. We are all worried. I am up one day and down the next. But I keep telling myself that McCain never seems to stop trying. Remember in the primary he was practically out of money, the media was laughing at him, he was flying commercial, he was down to just a few staffers, money was tight? But by God, he won the thing. He seems to have this wonderful tenacity and resiliency. That is what keeps me going. I really think that at the last minute he will win. But in the meantime the guy is going to give me a heart attack!!!!! LOL

    bert in Ohio

  11. First off, I have gotten to where I don't believe polls. Remember the exit polls in Ohio for Kerry? They were clearly cooked.

    Second, I'm still worried as many have fallen prey to the indoctrination and dumbing down of America by the left.

    It's still anybodies election and I'm not giving up.

    If Obama wins, I only hope Republicans grow a spine in Congress and block his socialist manuevers.

    God help us all.

  12. I live here, too. And over the summer, I volunteered countless hours for HRC. When BO stole the nomination, I was livid. And when he continued to rise in the polls, I was outraged. But then, I did these two things, which made me feel better. 1) I voted for Ed O'Reilly in the Democratic primary (I declared this Party affiliation just for this purpose). 2) I decided to vote straight Republican in the general election.

  13. It is a bit dishearthening to see the way things are going right now. Not only does the economy give Obama a boost, it has also saved the MSM from self-implosion over Sarah Palin. Now they have a universal victim in Wall St that they can hurl their invective at without fear of backlash.

    As I listen to the debate on the Bailout, I am encourage by the number of Republicans that are standing up for conservative principles. After submitting this Bailout, I feel it's time for George Bush to formally join the Democratic Party.


  14. Roger,

    I think many folks out there feel a similar dread. I know I do.

    It is singularly amazing to me that the country is buying into Obama's lie that "deregulation" caused this crisis. Anyone with a brain knows that the housing market oversupply and subsequent collapse caused this crisis.

    Sadly, I don't think America will get that message, and Obama will win.

  15. Hi Roger -- I was the one who had mentioned Germany yesterday.

    Have to admit you caught me on one of my down days about this election and your post just hit a poignant chord.

    Maybe we all need to form a McCain Optimists club? I am not surrendering yet. I have to believe that there is a truly silent majority this year that is scared enough of what is happening that they will turn up in droves on election day to give Obama the boot.

    One positive sign for me came while listening to Fox this morning. The talking heads spoke about the huge volume of emails they had been getting all weekend regarding making sure ACORN was not in the bailout bill and about the Obama Truth Squads intimidation of Missouri voters.

    I think Obama's spokeman actually hung up on Fox this morning. LOL.

    We need to remain energized because Obama's best tool to win is for McCain's supporters to become demoralized and think their votes don't matter.

    Hang tough!

  16. My word, you said exactly what I feel. I have never been this terrified in my life, and I too am an optimist by nature. It goes so far beyond partisanship, and you captured it--it is very hard to come to know BHO and remain sanguine about him running our country (with a passive congress whose leadership is as far out as he is).

    It's embarrassing, really, to have fallen into a deep funk over politics. It is the sense that this is not just politics, however, that makes for the gloom. This really is about the direction of the country, and it isn't a choice between center-left and center-right, as usual, where we can live with what we get, and overcome mistakes, repeal bad laws, etc.

    I understand every word you said. The affection for a radical, cynical demagogue is literally unbelievable. I discuss it with my brother and my friends every day: "HOW is this POSSIBLE?!" I thought I had a good grasp of the parameters of the American people. But there's evidently some kind of Jacobin strain I had severely underestimated. Anyway, the bottom line is I don't get it. I don't get it at all.

    I said the other day it's like watching someone you love commit suicide.

    You know what I mean.

  17. Keep up the good work ;)


  18. Roger,

    I know it's discouraging, but don't give up. The blogosphere is an important media, and we do have an effect.

    You are doing great work, and you are not alone.

    gary fouse

  19. Don't give in to the sin of despair!

    BTW, as a Californian I am dreading that the marriage amendment, Prop. 8, won't pass. It'll be the last chance to stop gay marriage in California and the ripple effect it will have on other states.

    So I'm looking at a prospect of President Obama AND gay marriage being voted in, in this election.

    That would really be a liberal bone marrow cancer in the character and citizenry of the United States of America.

  20. Perhaps you know too much... if you were ignorant and out of touch with reality you might feel more relaxed and want to put that Obama sign in your yard.

    I am worried as well, in part because of what I know and in part because I admit to my own ignorance. For me, however, being ignorant doesn't necessarily mean I'm stupid or brain washed... it just means I haven't learned something yet.

    I don't want to learn what it would be like with Obama as President... I have my nightmares for that.

  21. Hey there baybee! It's cool - you're doing fine. Your passion is smashing and your wordplay is otherwordly so consider as VdH says:

    "I know I would do all I could to make sure Obama’s America remains preeminent and that he is successful in running the country.

    I surely do not think Obama would be as experienced as McCain, and his past disturbs me in no small way; but I think he would be surrounded by a few former Clintonite centrists.

    Conditions on the ground, both in Iraq, and on Wall Street, would mean that his range of options would be far more limited than his utopian campaign rhetoric suggests—and that the republic would survive fine.

    He may wish to spend a trillion dollars on more entitlements; but his trillion has already been pledged to make up bad debt, and even he will think twice of raising taxes too high in times of uncertainty."

  22. To all -- Thank you for all of your great comments. I knew I wasn't the only one out there who was disturbed by that 57%t. I'm sure that some of my views are skewed because of where I live and what I see every day. But there are some heartening signs out there and I sure appreciate hearing about them.
    I am not getting discouraged or losing heart. If anything I was geting really angry and I needed to let off some steam. Evidently, a lot of you know what that feels like. lol
    Like all of you, I am in this battle to the end, and that means even after the election.

  23. Roger, you are so not alone!
    I just keep reminding myself that everything can change overnight (and already has on more than one occasion.
    Take comfort in the fact that polls are completely inaccurate by nature. There is no possible way to gauge public opinion as a whole based on the responses of 300-1000 people who were chosen to be surveyed.
    Regardless, I can't get rid of that persistent knot in my stomach.

    Fortunately, reality and "the MSM" are two very different animals - there are a huge number of undercover McCain/Palin supporters.

    Example: I'm living in super-democrat San Francisco ATM.
    Last week I had an appointment with the insanely optimistic, happy woman who does my waxing. Inevitably, we started chatting about politics and I mentioned how utterly alone I felt here as a Republican. She laughed and told me that she and most of her clients are, too.
    Hehe, she went on to say that she gets a kick our of publicly declaring her "Republicaness" and seeing people's reactions. Most of the time they, for one reason or another, can't figure out how to appropriately respond and just say nothing or quickly change the subject.

    In 2 days I am moving back to the "quaint little town" in Massachusetts where I grew up. I'm really interested in seeing how the political climate is there, but at least I know that my fair-weather "Reagan Democrat" father is on my side this year. :)

    *fingers are crossed for a happy ending*