Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama's Iraq Scandal: A Distraught Sister's Response: "I don't understand."

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I don't understand.

I don't understand why no one is holding Sen. Obama accountable.

My brother has been in Iraq for 17 months. 17 months he hasn't seen his 2 little girls, his wife, or any of the rest of us (his family). And no one cares that Sen Obama decided to use my brother and others like him in Iraq for some kind of political game.

No one gives a damn.

I don't understand how supporters of Sen Obama who have family or friends in the military are choosing to brush this off.


  1. The sad thing is, Obama supporters do not care about our Military. It is a harsh reality, but it's true.

    The man is utterly disrespectful to those who fight and die for American, as well as disrespectful to our founding tenents. They want to change it all.

    The division between the McCain and Obama is wide and deep.

    God bless your brother and his family.


  2. That is so true Maggie. Nobama only cares about himself and will destroy any thing or anybody to get what He wants.

    May God keep your brother and his family in His loving embrace.

  3. I care, and I am livid that this creep isn't being tried for treason.

    An Obama presidency would be the worst tragedy this country has ever known - in my opinion.

  4. I care.

    I am livid that this creep isn't being tried for treason.

    An Obama presidency would be one of the worst tragedies America has ever known.

    My gratefulness to your brother and all the other troops fighting for our country.

  5. The fact Obama would have the nerve to even speak to the goverment of Iraq, to try to get them to do anything shows his divorcement from reality. HE, even tho He thinks He does, has no authority to make any requests. Someone needs to tell him he is not president and if the American people are as intellegent as I think they are, NEVER WILL BE. This borders on Treason. Dont hold your breath waiting on the media to challenge him on this or any of the other gaffes he has made.

  6. when I read the article first , I was shocked.
    but everybody is helpless.
    MSM will never cover this topic.
    I can only pray for your brother.

  7. Obama doesn't care about the sanctity of the life a child born alive to a mother who was intent on having an abortion, do we really think he cares about whether or not an American soldier is killed in Iraq, when he can rationalize that they knew what they were doing when they signed up for military service. Did Barack Obama care about his cousin Odinga's Muslim supporters killing Christians and displaying thousands in the last Kenya election? There is only one thing Obama cares about and that is getting into that WhiteHouse, and it seems there are a lot of other people who will do whatever it takes to make sure he does.

  8. I know I already posted this on the other thread, but wanted to post it here as well (if that's okay?)
    I don't think that most of America "doesn't care"... I think the ones who don't care are the ones with the biggest mouths. They run around yelling things as if they speak for the majority... from what I've come across, they don't.

    Most Americans don't want to be at war... but we don't protest it either. Those of us who understand that we must destroy terrorists don't want to be at war... but we don't protest it. Those of us who care for the men and women who are fighting for our freedoms don't want to be at war... but we don't protest it. And when my son who is now 17 goes from the National Guard to the Army and is called to duty, I will not want him to be at war... but I will not protest it.

    That, to me, is ONE of the biggest differences between Americans who do not want to be at war. Some understand we must fight even if we don't want to in order to keep our freedoms... others think we're horrible for standing up for ourselves and think, blindly, that we can negotiate with terrorists so they toss up picket signs stating that America is the bad guy. Sorry... I'm not buying it!

    I do not wish to be at war and I do not want to send my son into battle... but I will not protest it BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE of keeping this animals out of our country. We abolished slavery and gave women equal rights and now, everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit; no matter who they are. If we allow these terrorists to take over our country... there will be no such thing as equal rights and we can all say goodbye to freedom.

    They have us so torn up inside our own country that we're fighting each other to keep these rights and yet we seem blind to the fact there is a greater force out there that wants to take ALL OF OUR RIGHTS AWAY!!

    I am thankful that your brother fights for my freedoms and I am proud of my own son’s decisions to do the same.

  9. Obama and his ilk have always seen and used our military as pawns. When they deal with the services and veterans in abstracts, it's because they have no, and choose ot to have, personal identity with them. Sure, they say they support the troops - but would prefer they stay out of sight. They'll cite veterans for the sake of their misery indexes, will fill the VA with all kinds of social scientists, but then crush budgets that would allow only secondary medications; limit the use of off-site hospitals.
    Pawns can screen Queens qand Kings across a board, and that's the liberals pattern.

  10. Very funny Anonymous, but if this was any other candidate the MSM would be all over them in a heart beat.

  11. To Findalis -- That one got by me. But it's gone now.

  12. "...the sanctity of the life 'of 'a child born alive..." and "...'displacing' thousands in the last Kenya election?"

    Me thinks, I should make my morning coffee a little stronger.