Monday, September 29, 2008

Russia Threatens New War in South Ossetia

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-Apparently, Russia needs to "cleanse the area" and two Russian aircraft were said to be shot down.President Bush has asked everyone to stop fighting.

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#2Yahoo News: Casualties mounting...

CNN now reporting via Memeorandum...

#5Blackfive...Russia blowing up?

#6Hot Air#7Bash at PD...McCain agrees with GWB...everybody stop fighting...Russia threatens to retaliate after their aircraft were shot down after they invaded...HUH??...LGF again...Redstate again...

#9UHOH! ABC News...
The United States has told Russia to withdraw its forces from US ally Georgia and stop its air attacks on the tiny Caucasus state following fighting in the breakaway region of South Ossetia. [...]That isn't good.TWT...Skye...PD...

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  1. Don't you find this is odd. Al Qada threatening us, Iran threatening to start WW 3 and now Russia up to these tricks.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went to Moscow a few months ago. What did they discuss and what was promised to Russia? To Iran? Is there a link to all three?

  2. Oh, how perfect We are on the verge of something similar to the Great Dperession so why not use the same trick that ended the first Depression, WW II. Cause it sure as hell wasn't FDR and his New Deal policies that pulled us through, it was the Japs bombing Pearl Harbor. Maybe the Reds can save our economy for us now. Jesus, it never ends does it? Keep up the good work, your site is very informative.


  3. Welcome Critical thinker and thanks.
    Findalis -- yes, it is a scary confluence of events. Add to those that report from Deb about Obama's son suddenly leaving Iran for Pakistan. Why now? We have to stay alert.

  4. Iran is the number one priority - they cannot get a nuke; therefore, Russia continuing its attack on Georgia seems to be a deterrent for America to take its eye off the number one issue on their plate - Iran. Russia is supplying Iran armament and fighter jets - they are definitely working on the same page; therefore, Russia doing low-level attacks in the Black Sea region is just to spread America's concerns to two fronts at the same time. Can America be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Black Sea region, and Iran at the same time? This is a question, Bush, is having to ask himself and their military leaders. Remember General Petraeus has taken on a new position - this is of vital importance in the scheme of things too.

  5. Russia is going to become a major thorn for the western world once again. They are already making moves to get into bed with Iran and Venezuela while the Europeans dither and find new ways to ensure they can do nothing.

    For the sake of the free world, i hope John McCain wins in November, only one with a spine of steel can stand up to Ivan, an empty suit socialist will blink in seconds when facing an ex-KGB SOB.