Saturday, September 6, 2008

From Lionheart: The Reality: Stop the ISM

The reality: Stop The ISM

The ideological Left wing terrorist lovers love nothing more than smoozing with the Islamic enemy, it gives them kudos amongst their social circuit and makes them feel special to champion the cause of the 'blood thirsty beast' so its no wonder Cherie Blairs half sister has joined a propaganda mission to Gaza to raise the plight in the Worlds eyes of the Palestinian people living there.

She has to do something to compete with her sister after all so what better conflict to get involved in than one of the pivotal ones in the Middle East, only she is on the wrong side of the fence.
What a coup for Hamas to have the Western Worlds Middle East envoys sister in law sitting in their presence.
Rachel Corrie has played her part in the Palestinian media campaign and now they have hooked an even bigger fish that is still alive to play with in the eyes of the Worlds media in the embodiment of Lauren Booth.
She willingly sailed into their nets and is now being used as a perfectly scripted tool of Anti-Israeli, Anti-Western propaganda.

I wonder if she is going to talk to Hamas about Gilad Shalit who is still being caged like an animal by Hamas and demand his release, or whether she is just going to lap up her time smoozing with the enemy in Gaza and then return home to a hero's welcome from her Left Wing followers and then tell the World how hard done by the Palestinian people are in Gaza.
I wonder why they are in the position they are now in? Maybe its because they conducted a systematic campaign of suicide bombings in Israel, and have continually planned, plotted, and killed many Jewish people in their War to drive Israel into the sea.
I wonder if there will be any rockets aimed at Sderot from Gaza whilst she is there as well or whether they will cease operations whilst showing their new Western mouth piece around their territory so she can tell the World what nice people they are, so it must be the Jews who are at fault.

All of those Left Wing groups that dine with the Islamic devil in Gaza and the West Bank are joined to the head group which is the 'International Solidarity Movement'. I spent less than 24 hours with them and ended up in the West Bank with an ISM cell meeting terrorists and playing with their AK-47's rifles.
And the first ever Moslem suicide bombers from Britain who blew up a cafe in Israel also travelled via the ISM.
Not really the summer vacation many parents hope for their children during their break from study that's for sure, being used as useful idiots for an Islamic War in the Middle East. Some of them do not return home, and the rest return as brain washed anti-Israeli, anti-Western kids who are trained in the art of extreme civil disobedience against anything their Palestinian handlers direct them against which is mainly anything Jewish.

The emerging Left Wing lobby, who are at present the extreme left wing student army - Enemies of civility
We have these extreme groups living amongst us now spewing their hatred against anything that is Jewish or anti the Palestinian cause, recruited from our Western College and University campuses, supported and funded by tax payers money.
So what is Lauren Booth Tony Blairs sister in law doing playing about with these terrorist supporting groups in Israel?
Did Tony Blair arrange it? If not then she could be there for some time as a very powerful bargaining chip, but unlike Gilad Shalit the Western World will come down on Hamas and she will be returned home via Israel, the place she hates so much, and Gilad will be left in his darkness, rotting as he has for the past few years with no Western pressure to have him released because nobody wants to rock the Hamas boat.
Its time people woke up to not just the Islamic Worlds war to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation but also those Left Wing facilitators of that War who harbour and support our enemies as they march on with their agenda.

They are the Islamic-Nazi collaborators.
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Daily Mail
Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth says she is being prevented from leaving Gaza after taking part in a human rights mission there.
'It could be days, weeks or years before I can leave,' she said.
'I'm now exactly in the same situation as one-and-a-half million Palestinians in Gaza who can't travel.'
Miss Booth, half-sister of Mr Blair's wife Cherie, arrived in Gaza by boat on August 23 among 45 activists highlighting Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territory.
Most returned to Cyprus a few days later, leaving 11 to do humanitarian work.
There was no comment on Tuesday night from the Israeli authorities.



  1. The West needs to make many documentaries to be aired in as many as possible tv channels... ;)


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  3. They should be forced to stay exactly where they are. They wanted to be in Gaza. And maybe if we are very, very lucky, Lauren Booth might become the next Rachel Corrie. I just hope this one has the sense to run away from a slow moving bulldozer.

  4. I too am angry about this silly woman. But at least she isn't getting the publicity in the UK that we might have expected, given my country's liberal leftism. Perhaps the papers are scared to say anything in case they get blamed if a bulldozer appears on Booth's horizon! They were never afraid to criticise her brother-in-law and still do so regularly. But HIS safety matters not one jot to the 'peace-makers' and 'freedom lovers'. Their hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.

    I wonder how long she will remain in Gaza and how many stories of the anguish of the people there will she then gush to the British press? And how many stories too of the losses in Israel will we hear from her? Not a lot, I'd guess.

  5. Hello Roger Gardner. Thank you. It's always a pleasure to read your blog.