Monday, September 29, 2008

"Commandments Before the Strike: October 7, 2008" - An Update

The original note from Radarsite to the first article: Once again we have received information of a possible imminent major al Qaeda attack on American soil. And once again we are challenged to make a decision based on the credibility of the sources involved as to whether or not to post this information. We have chosen to err on the side of caution and post any information which seems at all credible. We are certainly very aware of all of the projected dates for major attacks on the US which have - thankfully - come and gone uneventfully. However, each case must be judged on its own merit. And this particular information does, unfortunately, comes to us with some undeniable credentials.

Note from Radarsite to this 28 September 2008 update: Unfortunately, this additional information does nothing to dispel the gravity of the original report. Indeed, if anything, it seems to be reinforcing the previous information, both in terms of its reliability and its accuracy. The potential intended date of 7 October 2008 thus appears to have even more validity than it did when the original article was published by HSUS on 24 September 2008. The bold red highlighting is by Radarsite. - rg

From Northeast Intelligence Network
Analyzing patterns & pre-attack indicators
By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, & the Northeast Intelligence Network Investigative Staff

28 September 2008: Since we published our article concerning terrorist communications naming October 7, 2008, as a potential intended date for a terrorist attack, we have received a record number of e-mails from people across the U.S. asking for additional and more specific information. In an effort to address the questions we have received, it was the consensus of the members of the Northeast Intelligence Network that we supplement our previous report with clarifications and possible additional indicators we have since developed.

Obviously, we are not going to publish our investigatory methods or detail our vetting process, as doing so would be counter-productive. Simply put, the terrorists and their supporters read our site too. We will, however, provide some details that we hope will add some clarity to our methods and the contextual implications of the last few postings.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the article we posted on 24 September 2008 that needs to be understood is that we are not predicting a date for the next attack inside the U.S., nor are we predicting a specific location or even the method of an attack. In fact, we don’t predict anything.
We are simply doing two things. First, we are reporting to our readers what is being communicated on Arabic language message boards used by known Islamic terrorists, their supporters and sympathizers. We only report those findings that have undergone a very strict vetting process conducted by trained investigators, researchers and analysts. Factors we use for that vetting process include but are not limited to the venue in which the communication was published, the “profile” of the author, replies, responses and links to the post, if any, and other factors of a non-disclosable nature.

Secondly, we provide an analysis based on a combination of the results of the vetting process and further analysis using historical data and identified patterns relative to previous attacks (both successful and disrupted) by Islamic terrorists. Since the attacks against the U.S. seven years ago, various forums, message boards, data repositories, uploading sites, and methods of communication have evolved. Numerous sites have come and gone, some have become password protected, while others have been set-up merely as a propaganda tool and are generally devoid of any actual intelligence value. Within this period, however, certain patterns have become evident. These patterns themselves have become an evidentiary tool, an important piece of intelligence that is quite often overlooked or misunderstood.

Many do not realize that the U.S. has experienced over three dozen attacks or attempted attacks by Islamic terrorists since 9/11, and many more on a global scale. By correlating postings on terrorist forums with the timing of disrupted attacks, and large scale attacks in London and Madrid, for example, certain pre-attack indicators can be discerned. We publish those messages that meet such qualifying criteria for your information and review.

ADDITONAL INFORMATION: Directives for Islamic terrorist attack in U.S. appear on the Internet
Although this post references a very specific date, it is never advisable to rely solely on open data, or consider a specific date as absolute. Since we published the article containing this information, however, analysts have found additional references to an event (or events) expected to occur on or about October 7, 2008. Such additional information increases the possibility that something appears to be planned around that time, or in the near term. Therefore, it is our consensus that the threat window could be anytime from the present and extend into early November. Terrorists might time an attack or attacks to take place close to our November elections, such as we saw in Madrid.

It should also be noted that while operations appear to be focused on locations within the U.S., assets of the U.S. located throughout the world and our allies are also targeted. We just saw this with the bombing of the U.S. owned Marriott in Islamabad. Comprehensive analysis indicates that concurrent attacks abroad and in the U.S. cannot be ruled out.

It is interesting and quite relevant that certain postings have addressed the likelihood of Arabic language forums being shut down at the time of (or perhaps as a consequence of) such an event. Members of various forums have been asking where they will meet (in terms of a forum location) after Ramadan. Obviously these posters believe something is going to happen and the forums will be taken down or infiltrated by intelligence operatives searching for information.
Additional postings on numerous forums are urging attacks to be executed quickly, in order to exacerbate the current economic crisis being experienced within the U.S. The current condition of our economy will act as a force multiplier. Launching attacks at retail chains and malls, for example, as we approach the biggest retail season of the year, will do further damage to our economy. The terrorists are paying attention to our current problems, and are heavily promoting attacking us while we are down.

To be blunt, we are reporting our findings not to alarm our readers, but to inform. We are reporting on the information that is currently out there, although mostly inaccessible to the average person, but present nonetheless. As men and women with families, children and grandchildren, we believe that it is better to let you know what we are seeing – at least that which we deem to be credible after it is fully vetted – than to say or do nothing. The latter is the type and amount of threat information that everyone seems to be getting for their tax dollars, anyway.

Obviously, we would like nothing better than to be utterly incorrect about our analysis, and hope that we are wrong. We are certain that we are correct about one thing: every man, woman and child of the United States are a target or Islamic terrorists, and they are planning on striking us again.

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FYI: The end of Ramadan is October 12.
Question: Is this new move just coincidental?


  1. What is the significance of October 7th? It is before the elections in November and any attack on the US would be a boost to the McCain campaign and not to the Obama camp. The jihadists are in favor of Obama, they see him as a fellow traveler at the least, a fellow Muslim at best. So they really wouldn't want to hurt his chances for victory.

    I'm sure every analyst is asking him or herself the nagging question:

    Why this date and this time?

    An attack upon the Stock Exchanges or Banks would be bad, but it wouldn't destroy our economy. An attack on the Capital Building would probably get most Americans cheering. An attack on our schools or hospitals would backfire against Muslims. It would anger us to the point of all out war against Islam.

    I know that al Qada thinks differently than we do, but even bin Laden should understand that living in a cave in Pakistan is a lot better than the alternative. Being dragged out of a cave in Pakistan and brought to justice in the United States.

  2. Thank you Findalis. I have thought of all that, but it doesn't change these reports. We've discussed this before, about how it would be politically stupid -- in our eyes at least. I have no idea what the logic would be behind such an attack. But, that doesn't mean much. Remember, I am not promoting this idea, I am reporting it.

  3. I know Roger, but I've spent the last 5 days analyzing this and still am going up the wall.

  4. Madrid is the thinking model for Al Qaeda that would explain an attack before the US election.

    With polls trending for Obama and a fundamental misunderstanding of the American psyche, I could see Al Qaeda making the strategic blunder of an attack trying to influence the election.

    Thanks for the intel.

  5. I fear an attack on Wall Street more than anything else. It will do more than ruin our economy for a time. If banking grids go down and banks cannot operate - no ATMS anywhere, no access to money because everything electronic is no more, from the Mother bank, life will not be easy.

    We will survive it but life will be very different for a very long time. I'm not saying money will be gone forever, but access to our money could be non-existent for an uncomfortable period of time.

    9/11 had no significance other than 911 being an emergency number. I've not seen any verification that the hijackers chose 9/11 for that reason.

    Jihad needs nothing more than an open window to attack.

    We have no way to know that this is true, but it's always good to have a heads-up.

    Our security alert levels have risen and fallen based on these message boards, in the past. Today, with the elections coming, I don't think Homeland Security will bother with the alert levels. We won't know until it happens, and if it is stopped, we probably won't know much either.

    Maggie's Notebook

  6. 7 Oct 2001 is the day GrEaT sAtAn began attacking Taliban, and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

    Operation Enduring Freedom kicked off with a mix of air strikes from land-based B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers; carrier-based F-14 and F/A-18 fighters; and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from both U.S. and British ships and submarines.

  7. Maggie makes a good point on the Wall Street, But it may be more nigh time than prescient. Enclosed an article by Frank Gaffney, Jr., Divest Terror, in a publication abot ten days ago:

  8. Great Satan's Girlfriend: Thanks for that connection!


  9. Great Satan's Girlfriend; thanks for that observation. With that information, I think it's safe to say that Wall Street will NOT be the target of any terrorist attack. Instead, I think it would be a Beslan-style attack on a number of schools around the country and/or the commandeering of schoolbuses, using the children as hostages/victims. The goal would be to kill as many of the children, drawing out the process for the maximum agony of the parents (i.e., regular announcements that another child has been executed, without giving names or other details, so every parent wonders if it's their child).

    The effects of such an attack would have much, much further ramifications than simply attacking Wall Street. We would have a breakdown of societal order on an unimaginable scale. How many parents would refuse to send their kids to school? How many working parents will have to quit their jobs to homeschool their kids, just to provide some measure of safety for them.

    Such an attack would be justified by the terrorists' claims that the US has been murdering Muslim children since before 9/11, now it is our turn to have our children murdered.

    If this is the case, I can see at least one instance occuring where a Muslim family or a mosque is attacked. It would only take this one instance for Al-Jazerra to start putting the tape of the attack or the family on the loop as proof that America is engaging in a crusade against Islam.

    Yes, such an attack would bring McCain/Palin to power, but it would be a hollow victory, since they would be governing a broken country.


  10. Do you know what type of anger that would cause jim? Do they? It would be worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. It would anger the American people to all out total war. A war in which the Muslim nations would be devastated beyond belief.

  11. Do you know what type of anger that would cause jim? Do they? It would be worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. It would anger the American people to all out total war. A war in which the Muslim nations would be devastated beyond belief.

  12. Findalis, maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how it's rolled. Remember, this would be coming on the heels of a major economic disaster. While you'll have people calling for blood, there will be numerous others who will point out that we can't afford to do anything right now. And what if it turns out that some of the invaders come from countries that are our "allies" in the War on Terror? How many voters would believe that if Obama were in power, none of this would have happened?


  13. Nothing is going to happen. No indication of anything amiss except from NIN. As you wrote earlier this morning on RT, I trust that you will be relieved Wednesday morning.

  14. Stormwarning -- Once again, you descend from the rarefied atmosphere of your (supposedly) superior perch to denigrate the work of us mere mortals. Yet, somehow I don't feel adequately consoled. I wonder why? And I wonder why you are not more welcomed on any of my friend's sites? Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that you seldom come onto any of our websites in order to make a positive contribution.

    There just had to be some other way of conveying this opinion of yours, Stormwarning, without that annoying tone of condescension.

    Once again, Radarsite is not endorsing these warnings, but reporting them. We are not investing in disaster to enhance our credibility -- just the opposite: we are willing to report what we consider to be legitimate warnings despite the fact that they will in all likelihood come to no avail, and perhaps will even put us in a position of having to endure a bit of not-so-subtle ridicule from people such as you.

    It's funny though, that my credible sources have all taken these warnings quite seriously, which is another reason why I chose to continue reporting and updating on this threat. I know and trust the validity of my sources, but have no at all of proof of your credibility, except for your unsubstantiated claim of somehow being "in-the-know".

    Final thoughts -- If nothing happens tomorrow of any major significance I will, as you so pointedly reminded me, definitely feel relieved on Wednesday morning.

  15. Oh boy! Doncha just love it when Stormwarning crawls out from under his rock?

    My confidential sources tell me he may crawl out again tomorrow!