Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 5 Sep 08

An RPG At A Knife Fight

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Often nom de guerred a Rocket Propelled Grenade, RPG is really Russian talk for Ruchnoi (Handheld) Protivotankovye (Anti - Panzer) Granatamyot (Grenade Launcher). The RPG-7 is a handheld, shoulder-launched anti-panzer weapon capable of firing an unguided rocket containing an explosive warhead. RPGs are also very effective against lightly armored or unarmed vehicles and against fixed positions - or troops. In a way, what happened at GOP Fest '08 last eve was the eq of toting such a whacking device to a knife fight.

And using it.

Plus - since McCain picked Sarracuda as his VP grrl, the CBS poll shows Mac has closed Obama's 8 point lead. Magic man's magical lead evaporated faster than 'lightly armoured' vehics in a blizzard of RPG's.

And that was before unleashing Sarracuda!
A note from Radarsite: Love that GSG! - rg

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  1. Last night Sarah Palin used an RPG, tonight John McCain hit them with the Atomic Bomb.

    Wiped them out!