Monday, September 1, 2008

New Video From Lionheart

Because of its relevance, Radarsite is reposting the first comment to this video from Lionheart's blog:
Anonymous said...
Because the drug problem is largely under the surface, unless it involves family or friends, one would remain unaware of it's enormity and potential.If there are 1000 heroin users in Luton/Dunstable, with is possibly as little as £40 a day habit , for a small user, but much more likely nearer or over £80 a day.This may sound a small amount but if one does the math, you can see that 1000 X £40 = £40,000 PER DAY, going in cash into the drug gangs pockets.It also means that many crimes and frauds take place to fund this situation.It is proven fact that 95% of all heroin originates in Afghanistan, and it's farmers are granted sanction by Al Quaeda/Taliban, to break the halal prohibition on drugs, in specific cause for the jihad against our Western Democracies.We send thousands of our brave British and Allied men and women to counteract this evil trade.Over 100 British alone have been killed in Afghanistan.What is the price of a British soldiers life?To the enemy it is about £1 000 000 in heroin then. The drug trade profits and that is the sacrificial price tag to Britain for the priceless cost of a single young uniformed life.Afghanistan is lawless outside the capital, and our efforts are failing.It is a matter of time, and if the Labour party and an Obama USA government pull out the troops too soon, then it will be a situation like the pull-out of the huge Soviet army presence that has drawn large numbers of Mudjhadeen terrorist fighters into Europe in Bosnia and Kosovo.It is a matter of time before these "charity-funded" terrorists create another "Beslan" this time on European soil.Worse still, the problem of BIO and NUKE materials in these murderer's hands is a VERY real issue.At the very minimum of £50,000 X 7 days, the Luton drug gangs are making the best part of HALF A MILLION POUNDS A WEEK!Untaxed cash.Taking in the villages around and we are certainly at that figure.If Al Quieda's take on the import price is say 20%, then that is a funding of £100,000 per week.Much of this money comes from the British government, through Social Security payments, the rest from crimes.So the UK government is paying "Al Quieda" about £50,00 or more each week, just from Luton area, and most of this funds the activities of Taliban in Afghanistan and in Iraq.So the UK government is paying to have our brave soldiers killed by the Taliban.Is that far-fetched?DO THE MATHS.Bedfordshire Police, it is your duty to protect the public.This hidden crime wave, is swept under the carpet to the shame of every man-Jack of us.Most of these gangs are known to the police, all that has to be done is join up the dots.Why do they not act?Half a million a week, funding terrorism, property acquisition, vehicle crime and the armament of the jihad-army.Lionheart, you are targeted for harassment, because of the cowardice of our "leaders."You are a voice of the people.When you have seen the decrepitude and filth of the pain and suffering caused by the heroin jihad against Britain, it beggars belief that it is allowed to happen, and our decent brave children are put in danger abroad to cover the tracks of those that should be protecting our Nation, at home.The Home Office.The Foreign Office.mi5 and mi6.All must combine at some stage to over-rule the wicked policy of appeasement to crime and terror that is State-sponsored by our craven government and it's politically corrected Service Chiefs.There may come the time, when a revolt from within our Majesty's Forces, will seem be the only resort to stop this destruction, that drip by drip is wrecking Great Britain,Your words are truthful LH, even if your presentation is flawed.You are not a trained P.R guru, yet you bring to light the filthy tide of scum that heroin crime produces and inflicts on Society.It is no small thing, it is a tide of destruction growing ever bigger, and the Liberal's answer is to ask for the legalisation of all drugs!Legalisation of heroin equals legalised support of terror.Multiply the £50,000 per day of Luton heroin trade, and multiply that by 100, and you have a very approximate possibility of around £100, 000,000 per annum split between importers, terrorists and gang members.Not to mention the losses to the public through crime and it's effects.Is there a single advocate who can deny these figures?Is there a single person who can condone what is happening?Is there a single British Public Servant who can feel easy sitting on their hands while it accelerates to an avalanche of uncontrollable proportions?When surrounded by this conspiracy of silence, it brings to mind the words of John Lydon,"God bless the Queen, she really needs it, man."And indeed we should pray for Her Majesty and the Royal Family, for without them, we would be in the unbridled authoritarian, corrupted hands of the political geniuses that enforce political correctness, human rights and social cohesion.All the above terms in large inverted commas!You are right, we must, must use the ballot box to remove this treacherous gang of fools that were voted into office.We must vote them out, and put pressure on our future representatives to motivate a survival programme for the British People, before we are completely neutered and bereft of all our ancient freedoms.God Save the Queen.


  1. Another good one. Well said Lionheart and Roger, well said!

  2. One small nitpick with the commenters remarks--I believe that legalising heroin etc would cause the price to drop by an enormous amount, therefore the funds being channeled to the jihadis would be less.
    Of course, it's possible to make the counter- argument that legalising the drug would result in many more addicts and therefore the total take would increase.
    I have no idea which position is more accurate.