Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Bitter Pill

This is in response to our previous article by Lionheart on the proposed Muslim 9/11 and 7/7 celebrations in London tomorrow, and my thoughts after once again viewing that Anjem Choudry video.

The awful realization of the magnitude of the Muslim enemy we face has been a bitter pill to swallow. There still exists, somewhere deep inside so many of us, a residual reluctance to believe the evidence of our eyes and ears. For all that I have written on this subject, it is no easier for me than it may be for anyone else to finally and reluctantly accept the undeniable fact that it truly is all Islam, all Muslims who have defined themselves as our enemies. As shocking as it is, the bloodthirsty message on that Anjem Choudry video, and all of the bloody messages of the Omar Bakris and the Ayman al-Zawahiris of the Muslim world of hate resonate throughout the universal ummah. They draw more ardent supporters every day. Muslims the world over have hitched their wagons to the fiery star of jihad and are reveling in its blazing glory. Muslims throughout Britain and throughout all of Europe and Scandinavia are feeling the pride of Victorious Islam swelling in their breasts. They sense our weaknesses and they can visualize their ultimate victory; a victory which, just until a few years ago, would have seemed all but impossible. To defeat the West: a myth, a daydream, a fairytale told by old Muslim men to their innocent and gullible young children.

But it is we, the kafirs, who are the innocent and gullible young children. And that tiny part of us that still holds out some small hope, that still shies away from "condemning a whole religion for the actions of a few" is that same part of us that has had such difficulty grasping the fundamental fact of Evil. A whole people, a whole religion, we tell ourselves, cannot be infected with this deadly malady. Surely this must be an exaggeration or a misinterpretation. But then we open our eyes and open our ears and the evil is still there, still unfathomable, still irrational, even absurd; but nonetheless, still there.

It is a hard road to truth. It is especially difficult for those of us who have been raised in the openness and freedom of the Judeo/Christian West to conceive of this level of magnitude of pure evil. We keep looking for an out, an explanation, for anything that will help us to get our minds around this monstrous idea. But then, we listen to them speak and we hear their words and we watch as the evil spills out and permeates the room. And suddenly, there is no more room for doubt or misinterpretation.

The truth is terrible in its simplicity. It is all Islam. All Muslims. Friendly Muslims, smiling Muslims, young or old Muslims, male and female Muslims, and, yes, all those so-called moderate Muslims, too. All Muslims believe in the Koran and the Koran calls for conquest or extermination of the infidel. Any other interpretation of these simple glaring facts is subterfuge and obfuscation. We must face the truth and find the courage to protect ourselves, or we will most surely -- most surely -- lose this monumental war. - rg


  1. Brilliant clarity, Roger. You pretty well covered the bases. How will you ever surpass this one?

  2. Thanks Ben. Coming from you that means a lot.

  3. That's the situation exactly. Not complicated, is it? yet there are millions in the West who simply can't or won't see it.
    Most people are still able to go about their daily lives utterly unaffected by the threat so for them it simply doesn't exist. And it's always easier to shrug and give a little ground than it is to make a principled stand when muslims demand changes to the way we do things.
    I believe we will lose this war even before the majority of people wake up to the threat.
    Pessimism? Perhaps, but try asking the next twenty people you meet if they regard islam as a threat to our way of life...
    I've actually done that and not one person answered in the affirmative--and more than half didn't even know what was meant by 'islam'!
    Bloggers in general tend to think that the rest of the population is as interested in and informed about the world around us.
    Not so.
    What we discuss here is utterly unknown to the vast majority of people.
    Which brings me to my shameful, hitherto secret wish: that the islamists will mount a massive attack in Europe, thus bringing home to people there the true scale of the threat.
    But what I fear is that the lack of large attacks isn't due so much to good intelliogence work as the realisation on the part of the islamists that they're winning anyway, and don't need to bomb Western cities.

  4. On the metaphysical side: the problem is that religious mania is a from of insanity, so Muslims (ALL Muslims) are impervious to reason.

    On the practical side: they're breeding like rabbits (fucking for Allah must be soooo good) that in the end, numbers will win - unless we find the nerve to strike pre-emptively.

    And that's it.

  5. While I agree with KG & Wake Up, I must tell you that one organization is planning to distribute 25 million copies of Obsession.

    They distributed copies to delegates and media at both Party conventions.

    That could go a long way to raising awareness.