Monday, September 1, 2008

Just One Day at Memeorandum: Any Questions About Media Bias?

From Memeorandum

Members of ‘Fringe’ Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s — The campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., likes to herald the independence of its new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. — Officials of the Alaskan Independence Party say that Palin was once so independent …

Elisabeth Bumiller / New York Times:
Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process — ST. PAUL — A series of disclosures about Gov. Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain's choice as running mate, called into question on Monday how thoroughly Mr. McCain had examined her background before putting her on the Republican presidential ticket.

Palin rebuts rumors, says daughter pregnant — Featured Topics: - John McCain - Barack Obama — ST. PAUL (Reuters) - The 17-year-old unmarried daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors …

The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo — On the same day that the Republicans were forced to dramatically cut back their convention activities, the Palin Meltdown unfolded with extraordinary speed. It's worth pondering the totality of what happened today, in a mere half day...

Bristol Palin's pregnancy was an open secret back home — He's a superhunky bad-boy ice hockey player from cold country; she's a chestnut-haired beauty and popular high school senior. — Soon the all-American teen twosome will make GOP vice presidential pick and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin …

FACE IT: THEY DIDN'T VET HER — Earlier I noted Andrea Mitchell's reference to reports that the McCain camp had just sent a team of GOP lawyers up to Alaska to do what I guess you'd call a post-vetting of Sarah Palin. Now George Stephanopoulos appears to have more.

Palin's Teen Daughter Is Pregnant; New G.O.P. Tumult — ST. PAUL — The 17-year-old daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate, is five months pregnant, Ms. Palin announced today, adding a new element of tumult to a Republican convention that had already been disrupted by Hurricane Gustav.

In Wasilla, Pregnancy Was No Secret — So his name is Levi. — That's about the only thing that I didn't know about Bristol Palin's pregnancy. The rest of the details I picked up almost without trying, while talking about other things with townsfolk — some who know the governor and her family well, some who don't.

Rebecca Sinderbrand / CNN:
Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news — ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) — Key evangelical leaders rallied to Sarah Palin's support Monday amid news that her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, was having a child. — “Before, they were excited about her, with the Down syndrome baby …

Exclusive: Todd Palin's 1986 DUI Arrest Called “Lesson Learned” — Sources close to Sarah Palin tell The Brody File that the husband of the GOP Vice-presidential choice, Todd Palin, was arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence of alcohol back in 1986. He was 22 years old at the time.

Palin opposed sex-ed — Sarah Palin's personal story, and her views on personal morality, are at the core of her politics and of why she was nominated, and why she'd energized the conservative base. — Now, her daughter's pregnancy has cast her views on teenagers and sex directly into the spotlight.


  1. Instead of discussing a personal family matter, we should be discussing real issues.

    What happens with the Palin family is none of our concerns! That is true for the first rumor about Sarah's pregnancy, and this about her daughter's.

    What is at stake in November is our very liberties. Not whether a young girl made a mistake. I would feel a lot better to be discussion whether Obama's lack of experience or foreign policy than Miss Palin's maternity plans.

    It is time that the Obama camp stick to the issues that affect us, and stay away from turning this election into a 2 month episode of Jerry Springer.

  2. Damn straight Findalis. They hardly waited for the applause to die down before they started their attacks. And not one of them has any substance or bearing on the Vice Presidency.

  3. "What is at stake in November is our very liberties."
    Which is exactly whu the leftist media is playing up the non-stories.
    They hate your liberties.

  4. Excellent. Keep up the pressure on the media. I've written about it today too.

  5. The media, in the end, will look like the idiots they are. They have no issues to talk about with Obama, because he has no issues.


  6. All I am hearing about Sarah Palin from the democrats is the dirt they can dig up. What a bunch of pathetic losers!

    I wonder how the democrats would feel if Republicans started gathering dirt or making incorrigible comments on or about, respectively, the Obama girls - heaven forbid! It is obvious these dirt diggers don't care at all about how a 17 year old girl must feel about being pregnant and about having the whole world know about it.

    The democrats obviously haven't a clue on how many teenage girls get pregnant, because the children of democrats are taught to abort their 'problems,' rather than taught to face up to them, and there is little evidence of their pregnancies left, but a lot of uncovered guilt.

  7. If there's anything an undecided voter hates, it's trash throwing. Fortunately, there are no undecided voters in the media, so they don't realize that they're only hurting the Great Obamalightenment by this kind of trash.

  8. it's amusing that many of the Palin-haters keep saying that McCain should not have chosen her and how she is a terrible choice and there could have been better choices, it's as if they were all going to sit back and sing kumbaya had he chosen Romney or anyone but Palin.

    in all honesty, there is no one McCain could have picked that the media would publicly approve off and the reality is they're already voting for Obama anyway, so when that election day rolls around, we'll see if the voters bought the spin, lies and half-truths or they made up their own minds.