Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Short Announcement to My Readers

Announcing a new comments moderation policy. It has been Radarsite's policy to delete all anonymous comments. The purpose of this decision was twofold. First: To check commenters who would post insults or anti-American rants anonymously to avoid identification. And, secondly: To avoid the obvious confusion that can occur -- and indeed has occurred on other sites -- when you get more than one anonymous commenter commenting at the same time, leading the poor moderator no choice but to get into Anonymous No.1 and Anonymous No.2.
However, in order to honor my own rule, I have on too many occasions had to delete supportive and intelligent comments which would have certainly furthered the conversation merely because they had been posted anonymously. As some may have noticed, recently I went ahead and published an anonymous comment anyway, just because it was so intelligent and enlightening. So I'm changing the rules. When the rules start interfering with your own common sense, the rules must go, even if they're your own rules. lol
So in the future I will be accepting anonymous comments -- UNLESS they are obvious insults or anti-American, pro-Islamic, anti-military, anti-Israel, antisemitic, or even anti-Republican -- who said I had to be 'fair and balanced'? Not me.
I hope this works to all of our advantage. Thanks -rg

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