Sunday, July 24, 2016

Breaking: Syrian Kills Woman in Germany With Machete

Gary Fouse

                                                          "We can make this work."

This is being reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Today, in the southwestern town of Reutlingen in the German state of Baden Wuerttemberg, a 21-year-old Syrian asylum seeker has been arrested after killing a woman with a machete and wounding two others. The article says the man was known to police.

Police say the motive is "not clear".

Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice: Have We Had Enough?

Gary Fouse

As I write, the death toll in Nice is between 77 and 80 depending on which source you use. We don't have the age breakdown as yet, but surely there will be many children. I just watched French President Francois Hollande address the nation. It was a bunch of empty rhetoric. Here at home, it is reported that President Obama and DHS director Jeh Johnson have been briefed. Wonderful. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is calling for an "intelligence surge" as if the CIA has been on a 6-month vacation.

As I now regularly write, where is the next target? Will it be Marseille? Will it be Berlin? Possibly Chicago? Within a couple of weeks, we will know the answer.

It is time for the West to say, "Enough is enough".

First of all, let's drop this American government nonsense calling it "violent extremism". Even calling it "radical Islam" is too politically correct.

It is now time for the US, NATO and our Arab allies (the only ones I can confidently list are Egypt, Jordan and Iraq) to put the overwhelming number of soldiers on the ground in Iraq, Syria and Libya and wipe out the ISIS fighters both on the ground and from the air. Exterminate them like the vermin they are. Obama wants to close Gitmo. We need more Gitmos. As for Bashar Assad, the brutal president of Syria, overthrowing him is not a priority.

Then we (the West) must deal with those ISIS fighters, recruits, and sympathizers who are in Europe, the US, Australia and Canada.  They must be identified and either prosecuted if possible, deported or put into Gitmos. No, I am not calling for US Muslims to be interned as was done with Japanese and Japanese-Americans on the West Coast after Pearl Harbor. I am talking about targeting the radicals, the subversives, those who want to do us harm. This can be done in conformance with our laws and Constitution. I have never called for punishing innocent people. We don't do pogroms in this country and places of worship should not be attacked.

It is also time to close our doors. We can start with the Syrian refugees. We cannot vet them. We cannot even keep tabs on them when they arrive and are resettled by the various charities. In addition, Our visa policies must be changed. As things stand now, a Tunisian Muslim with a French passport doesn't need to apply for a visa. We need to able to scrutinize every last person who applies for a visa to come to the US-and everybody should have to have a visa. Other countries require it, so can we. Let other countries reciprocate against us if they don't like it. If I have to get a visa to go back to Germany, so be it.

Western civilization is in a war whether our feckless leaders know it or not. French people are dying on the streets of their own country. Americans are also dying on our own streets-in San Bernardino, New York City, Orlando and other places. As long as we continue to allow Muslims to flood into our countries, the body counts will rise.

In addition, the entire Muslim population needs to understand that if they subscribe to sharia law, they are not welcome here. If they are working, even peacefully, to advance a vision of an Islamic America in the future, they are not welcome here. We also need a government that will investigate organizations like CAIR, a subversive organization and shut it down. The same goes for ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MPAC and several others. I fully sympathize with peaceful Muslims who have no desire to live under sharia law here, have no designs of making Islam dominant in the US, and wish us no harm.  However, we cannot silence ourselves and regulate our language for fear of offending them. Besides, I don't see armies of Western Muslims going to Syria and  Iraq to fight against ISIS.

And let's stop the crap about profiling. We know who the terrorists are. We know what their motives are. We know the ideology that is driving them.

We must also acknowledge that far too many mosques in the West are radical breeding grounds. Saudi money has funded radical imams and radical teaching in many mosques in the US and the West. Saudi money has also funded the establishment of Middle East studies centers in our universities, staffed with leftist, anti-Israel, anti-West radicals. This must also stop. Our next president needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with the Saudis.

We are back to 1939-or in the case of the US, 1941. We are at war. Back then we had leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt. Today, we have Barack Obama, David Cameron Teresa May, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau,and Francois Hollande. It is a recipe for defeat. The West desperately needs new political leadership.

I hope voters will think very carefully about this in November.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Somalis Next Door

Gary Fouse

Hat tip WND

I heard about this today while listening to an interview of Michele Bachmann on Sean Hannity's radio show. It is shocking and sickening, but it falls right into line with everything I have been saying about so many of the Somali immigrants for years. Now we have armies of them invading Minneapolis neighborhoods and threatening residents while police turn a blind eye. In the incident below, it took the police over an hour to respond to repeated 911 calls and no arrests were made.!

I don't care how anybody reading this reacts. I just want to scream, "Get them out of our country!" I guess from reading the article most if not all of these delinquents are American citizens thanks to our government policy of bringing over 100,,000 Somalis to this country for whatever reason I can't explain. 

No doubt some are good citizens (Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of my personal heroes, but she is in a  different category.) But this insane government policy of flooding the country with Muslims just because their own countries are dysfunctional is insane. Too many Somali men have either  gone to join Al Shabaab or ISIS or have been arrested trying. Just this week, three more pleaded guilty to trying to join ISIS, and according to Bachman, the judge hearing the case is considering whether to sentence them to some kind of therapy!

I'll tell you something else that bugs me about this incident. Where the Hell were the men? I'd like to see them try this in Bullsnuts, Texas.

But alas, get ready for even more under President Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The House Benghazi Report: Nothing New?

Gary Fouse

Hillary Clinton's (public) reaction to the House Benghazi report was that there was nothing new and it was time to "move on" (a favorite saying of the Clintons over the years as they have moved on from one scandal to the next).

In a sense, she is correct. We already knew that the State Department under her tenure had refused some 600 requests for enhanced security from the diplomatic mission in Libya. We already knew that the attack had lasted some 13 hours from the mission to the CIA annex and that only an unmanned drone was sent to observe the attack, which enabled our leaders to watch the attack in real time. We already knew that the security men at the annex had been told by the CIA station chief to stand down when they wanted to respond to the mission, an order they eventually disobeyed. We already knew that no military help ever arrived other than other security elements who responded from Tripoli. We already knew that President Obama, Clinton, Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey were huddled together in Washington holding meetings and talking. We already knew that in spite of all that, no military units responded to Libya to assist against an attack that lasted 13 hours.

We already knew that Mrs Clinton had called her daughter that night to tell her a terrorist attack was underway in Benghazi. We already knew that she communicated with the president of Egypt and the prime minister of Libya within the following 24 hours and told them that it was a terrorist attack. We already knew that she told family survivors at Andrews Air Force  Base that they were going to prosecute the maker of "that video". We already knew that Susan Rice was sent on the Sunday talk shows where she told everybody that it was a protest over a video that caused the deaths in Benghazi.

Here is what is new:

We now know that the White House meeting lasted from 7:30-9:30 pm. A number of action items were discussed, half of which  dealt with the infamous video that the administration later blamed for the attack.

We now know that Leon Panetta, instead of being ordered to call and order a military response to Benghazi, was told to make calls to try and get the video removed from the Internet.

We now know that there was discussion and concern over sending in troops without permission of the Libyans, using military marked vehicles and whether the troops should wear uniforms. We also now know that troops who were preparing to deploy were ordered to change their clothing 4 times! But they never went to Benghazi.

What kind of military, diplomatic and presidential leadership is that? Does this jive with Hillary's famous 2008 presidential campaign ad about that phone ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning? The phone was ringing off the hook on September 11, 2102 and it was never answered.

And who made the decision that the security men in the CIA annex should not respond to the burning mission as it was under attack? In the opinion of committee members Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Pompeo (R-KS) it was likely a certain somebody in Washington with whom the CIA man was on the telephone.

This report is damning not just to Hillary Clinton, but to the leaders under her at State, the President, Leon Panetta, and Martin Dempsey.

For months, Mrs Clinton and her underlings were negligent in ignoring requests for more security from the Libyan mission. During the attack, she and the above-mentioned officials failed to send the necessary help. It certainly would not have saved the lives of the two men killed in the initial attack, but it might have saved the lives of the two heroes killed while fighting off the attackers at the annex.

Subsequently, Mrs Clinton and the administration have been involved in a massive cover-up, initially claiming that the attack was a video protest gone awry, and since trying to conceal the details of the attack even trying to keep survivors from being interviewed.

Keep in mind that this attack happened two months before Obama's re-election as the administration was promoting the theme that "GM was alive, Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was on the run".

Hillary Clinton is not fit to serve as our Commander-in-Chief. This report makes it as obvious as that smoking gun tape that resulted in Nixon having to resign the presidency. How times have changed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UC Irvine Suspends College Republicans Over Yiannopoulus Event

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Breitbart

I just heard this, and it is outrageous. UC Irvine has suspended the College Republicans for a year over their sponsorship of the recent appearance by gay pundit Milo Yiannopoulos.

Amazing. I have not heard about any suspension for the Students for Justice in Palestine after their May disruption of a pro-Israel film. Aside from SJP, there were other student groups involved as well including people who identified themselves as "legal observers" from the National Lawyers Guild (established in the 1930s as a legal arm of the Communist party USA) affiliated with the the UCI Law School. Has anybody been suspended over that? Has Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky even made a statement over that incident?

I was outside the  Yiannopoulos event and videotaped the protest. A lot of ugly things were said. One young man, presumably a student, was yelling out to the people waiting to get into the event, "Go back home to Orange County, white boy!"

This suspension also stands in stark contrast to the one quarter suspension handed down to the Muslim Student Union after they tried to shout down and disrupt a speech by the Israeli ambassador to the US in 2010. (The suspension was originally one year. It was reduced to one quarter by then vice chancellor Manual Gomez on his last day in office before he retired.)

To me this smacks of a hypocritical smack down of conservative speech. I will have more to say as this story develops. I am fully in support of the College Republicans at UCI.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Obama's Response to Orlando: "It's the Guns"

Gary Fouse

President Obama is once again refusing to even mention the words, "Islamic terror", a term which is banned in his administration. Once again, he is taking criticism for his reaction to yet another act of jihad. He just won't acknowledge Islamic terror. In the case of Orlando, he once again focuses his ire on guns.

To illustrate the fantasy world of the Obama administration, his action group, or whatever you call it, Organizing for Action, has for the last few years included me on their mailing list. For some reason, they think I am a big Obama supporter. In the wake of the latest Islamic attack against us, the worst shooting attack in American history, here is the message I received today from Organizing for Action:. There is a link where I am supposed to add my voice for "common sense solutions to gun violence".
From:Katie Hogan,  Add to Addresses Block Sender
Date:Monday, June 13, 2016 12:43 PM
Size:9 KB

Organizing for Action
Friend --

This weekend we saw the most deadly mass shooting in American history -- motivated by hate, and fueled by the easy availability of deadly weapons.

The tragic shooting in Orlando -- which specifically targeted the LGBT community -- is the latest example of the epidemic of gun violence in our country.

Love is love, and no act of hate will change that. Violence in our places of friendship and worship cannot become the status quo.

Add your name to say you agree that doing nothing is not an acceptable decision: 



Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

This Katie Hogan, whoever she is, says doing nothing is not acceptable. Yet doing nothing is exactly what Obama proposes. He wants to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into this country, whom we cannot adequately vet. Even if 100% of these people are good and peaceful people, what is to stop their children from being radicalized within a few years and doing what the Orlando shooter (who was born here) did?

So instead of doing nothing, Katie, just what is it you want us to do-love? Who are we supposed to love here besides the victims and their families? How about some common sense protection for our people from these Muslim fanatics who are on a jihad? How about some common sense protection of our borders and common sense policies to prevent these murderers from coming to our shores?

Final point: Wouldn't it have been better if a few of those people in the night club were licensed to carry firearms? I guarantee you there would not have been 49 innocent people killed were that the case.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fighting Campus Anti-Semitism: It's a Three-Headed Monster

Gary Fouse

It matters not whether you are Jewish or not. If you are becoming alarmed at the rise of anti-Semitism on our university campuses, and you are thinking about becoming involved, you need to know exactly who it is you are fighting. It is not just the Jew haters.

I have been involved in this problem for almost ten years as a (Gentile) part-time teacher at UC Irvine. There have been times that UCI has become the object of national attention for this problem, for example, in 2010, when the speech of the Israeli ambassador to the US was loudly and repeatedly disrupted by members of the UCI Muslim Student Union. (One student was from UC Riverside.) To be fair, UCI is hardly alone because these problems are erupting on campuses across North America. Just recently, however, on May 18, Students for Justice in Palestine and other student groups disrupted the screening of a Pro-Israel military movie by Students Supporting Israel at UCI. Once again, UCI has a black eye over an ugly incident that has gathered national attention. To make matters worse, at least two of the people disrupting the event identified themselves as lawyers from the National Lawyers Guild at the UCI Law School. They reportedly told the terrified Jewish female students that the protesters had a right to be let in (apparently as they were trying to force their way through the door). Campus Police had to be called to protect the Jewish students, but no arrests were made.

So why are we having this problem?

The cause is not neo-nazis or skin heads. The cause of the problem is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the agitation of pro-Palestinian students. Those students (and many professors and outside speakers) are not all Arabs. Nor are they all Muslims. While many Muslim Student Association chapters have been involved in the anti-Israel movement, a movement that has often spilled over into anti-Jewish expression, their "sister organization", Students for Justice in Palestine, is made up of Muslims and students of other faiths (or non-faiths) and even Jews. It is they who are increasingly in the front lines when unpleasant incidents take place on college campuses. They were co-founded by a Palestinian-born professor at UC Berkeley, Hatem Bazian, a man who once called for an intifada in America.

So those people are the ones we have to counter, right? We have to counter their lies about Israel and expose their actions on campus to the public, actions which sometimes can only be described as brown shirt tactics like shutting down any speech or event that is in support of Israel. We just saw it again at UCI on May 18. Those are the ones we have to counter, right?

So they are. Yes, but they are just one head of a three-headed monster.

The second head is the universities themselves. All but a few private colleges are solidly in the hands of the left. On the one hand, you have left-wing faculty members who dominate the humanities and social sciences. They are solidly on the side of the Palestinian narrative. For them, opposing Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East, is simply part and parcel of opposing their own country-part of the extreme left-wing agenda. It's like baseball and hot dogs.

On the other hand, you have the administrators-the chancellors and presidents- a  group of cowards so afraid of their own shadows and running afoul of political correctness that they make Bert Lahr look like the hero in  The Wizard of Oz. (He played the cowardly lion.) Up to this point, they have been unwilling to confront the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts on campus. Why? Simple. Often the perpetrators are Muslim, which the universities consider a protected class-a marginalized minority, if you will. Jews on the other hand are lumped together with whites ("privileged whites" as they say in academia). Besides, nobody wants to offend the Muslims, right? That has consequences, legal and other. It is all about political correctness. That is why one university after another stands by while their student governments are forced to waste days and days and into the wee hours debating useless boycott resolutions against Israel and companies doing business with the Jewish state. They have to endure heated rhetoric, Jews being insulted and hooted-and in the recent case of UC Davis- swastikas painted on a Jewish fraternity wall. But it's all free speech, you see.

So we then stand up and write hundreds of letters to university presidents and demand that they confront anti-Semitism on campus. We line up the major Jewish organizations to stand with us and demand..........


That. my friends, takes us to the third head of the three-headed monster, the major, national Jewish organizations. The problem is that they are missing in action, and worse still, in many cases are thwarting our efforts to put pressure on the universities to reform and protect Jewish students.

First, let me mention a few organizations that are doing the right thing. That would be the Zionist Organization of America, Stand With Us, the AMCHA Initiative, and CAMERA. There are some others including those that I omit simply because I am unaware of them.

On the other hand, the Anti-Defamation League, in my view, is missing in action. Their previous CEO, Abe Foxman denied any problem of anti-Semitism at UCI a few years ago in Newport Beach when he addressed a Jewish group. I was not present, but a close friend of mine from the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism was. He pointedly asked Foxman his opinion about the problems at UCI, to which Foxman replied that there were no problems-that the Jewish students and administrators had it under control. (They certainly didn't have it under control on May 18.)

In addition, every May, when the UCI-MSU brought their anti-Israel week of events to UCI, I would see the then head of ADL's Orange County branch watching, listening and saying not a peep. He could have been involved in the q and a when some of these vicious anti-Semites like Oakland imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali were spouting their venom. I spoke up and asked critical questions. I voiced my opposition. Why couldn't he?

Worse than ADL, however, are Hillel and the Jewish Federation. In these cases, I should note that both are national organizations with local chapters who operate somewhat autonomously. Out here in Orange County, the local chapters of these organizations have been an obstacle to all I and others have attempted to do to bring the problems of UCI to the attention of the community-particularly the Jewish community.  To hear them tell it, everything is just fine and dandy at UCI. "Jewish life is thriving" is their motto. (It wasn't thriving on May 18.)

The obvious question is - why ? The problem as I see it is that both organizations have a conflict of interest in these matters. Both are highly connected with UCI. Hillel is a national organization whose mission is to enhance the life of Jewish students in college and provide services and support for them. While the national organization claims strong support for Israel, there are many chapters around the country that want to have what they call an "open Hillel" that is open membership to Jewish students notwithstanding their support (or lack thereof-or even opposition ) of Israel. At UCI, Hillel's position has for years been to not make waves. They actively discourage students from speaking out about the problems or fighting back against the pro-Palestinians when they engage in bully-boy tactics. In my mind, Hillel is afraid that if UCI has a reputation for anti-Semitism, Jewish students will be reluctant to enroll there. Therefore, if there are no Jewish students, there is no need for Hillel on campus.

Note: I always say that 99% of UCI's students are not involved in the problem. But a small minority (MSU/SJP) has created a lot of bad headlines for UCI over the years.)

Similarly, the Orange County Jewish Federation and Family Services has the same conflict of interest in my opinion. The Jewish Federation's mission is to collect donations and parcel money out to various local Jewish interests and charities. Hillel is also a beneficiary of the Federation. They are basically joined at the hip. The leadership of the Federation has had over the years, in my view, too close a relationship with UCI. Both the Federation and Hillel have tried to downplay the problems at UCI. Both organizations have also cracked down on students who don't go along with the program. That includes not making waves over problems of anti-Semitism. I have known and spoken with several former Jewish students at UCI who have related stories about how Hillel and the Federation have put pressure on them-and their families- when they (the students) spoke out and fought back against the brown shirts on campus. (And I can bring them forward at any time.) Some have already gone on the record over the past several years.)

I should also mention the Rose Project, which is the money arm of the Federation. In recent years they have provided funding for Jewish students to participate on the much-vaunted Olive Tree Initiative. This program was founded at UCI and operates within the Department of Social Sciences. Ostensibly it takes Jewish, Muslim and other students to the Holy Land to expose them to both sides of the conflict. Students visit Israel proper and the West Bank. In reality (in my view) the program is tilted toward the Palestinian narrative. The tour guide operators in the West Bank are known operatives and even co-founders (George S Rishmawi) of the International Solidarity Movement,  In 2009, the group actually met with the highest ranking Hamas official in the West Bank, Aziz Dweik. The meeting did not appear on the official schedule, and students were allegedly instructed not to mention the meeting when they crossed back into Israel. To this day, the OTI has failed to furnish their financial expenditures  pursuant to a California Public Records Act request from a local private citizen.

Another aspect of the problem is that for Jewish students who go along with the Hillel/Federation program, there is support available for further study, grants, and so on. For those who don't-there is ostracizing.

Furthermore, what we have here is a symbiotic relationship between Hillel, the Federation and UCI. In the case of the recent SJP disruption of a Students Supporting Israel event (May 18), the administration is quick to deny anti-Semitism at UCI in spite of the history over the years and in spite of the necessity for the UC Regents to recently pass a statement of principles on intolerance that specifically addressed anti-Semitism on UC campuses. And what does UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman do this past week? He issues statements specifically referring to previous statements by Hillel and the Federation that deny the underlying problem of anti-Semitism. They are all using the same talking points. In other words, the Federation and Hillel give cover to UCI. In my opinion, the intention is for these three entities is to limit the investigation into the May 18 incident to within UCI. Students who were speaking to outside people  investigating the incident (specifically Campus Reform) have suddenly become silent. (For the record, I have not had any contact with any UCI students. Though I have a lot of questions, since I am a part-time teacher at UCI, I don't think I should involve myself in that regard.)

In regards to the current controversy over the May 18 incident, there is a suspicion that what I have described above is playing out again. Here is the big question: Have any Jewish students at UCI been told  by Hillel and/or the Jewish Federation not to talk to outside parties (like Campus Reform) about the May 18 incident? As for UC Irvine, much as they would like to defuse the situation, it is a question that they should be concerned with as well.

So welcome to the fight, Dear Reader (if you are so inclined). Just be aware that you will be fighting on three fronts.