Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Other Sites on the Line: 11 Sep 08

Screw You Mexico.

By Shane Borgess of Political Vindication

It’s the season for polls, so here’s another one we can commiserate over. Over at they’ve done a poll asking “Who do you think was behind the 9/11 attacks?” I’ve copied the graph from over at Hot Air for your perusal:

There are a few obvious insights that jump from the results. The most anti-American countries are predictably the most willing to believe that America attacked itself, or that it was the Jooz. The few Middle Eastern representatives can be expected to wallow in that murky place where hatred paralyzes the critical mind, though one can see the cognitive dissonance brewing over the urge to take credit for the grisly deed or prove your enemies are so depraved that they set up the murder of their own to justify war. The Africans see the friendlier face of America, as does Taiwan and South Korea, so it seems we’re at least getting the benefit of the doubt for all the billions we spend propping up and defending those countries. Fifty six percent of Chinese respondents had no answer for who they thought perpetrated the 9/11 attacks - or better said - we’re not told what to think about who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Indonesia appears to be just as flummoxed by the question. Maybe we need to send them more foreign aid. I hear they’ll only take Euros.

The most curious of responses come from our neighbor to the south. Mexicans line up with 33 percent thinking it may have been Al Qaeda that murdered 3000 Americans on that day in September. Thirty percent think it was probably Americans killing Americans. Then we have eighteen percent who think it was some “other” troupe of murderers - the highest response of any country. Finally, nineteen percent can’t decide. That all tells us that 68 percent of our friends down south are willing to entertain the idea that the Americans they know are in fact cold blooded killers. For all the international ignorance on display here in this poll - It is Mexico’s response that draws my Ire. Why?

Because no other country in that list ought to know us as well as Mexico does. Were it not for the generosity and widespread apathy of Americans the client country of Mexico would be a collection of mining towns and cartel communities. When we contemplate that the United States accepts the suppository of Mexico’s brightest and most desperate, fashioning our laws and institutions to reward lawbreaking so as to assuage the Guadalupan guilt complex we’ve been nursing, how can it be that Mexicans look to the north and see terrorists? Billions of dollars flow from our country to theirs, our government is even paying them to guard their side of the border. Across this nation sanctuary cities light up the welcome sign for illegal immigrants, then hide those that murder and rape Americans, and finally refuse to deport, much less keep out alien criminals who prey repeatedly on citizens of a country that feeds their families back home. I would not blame Mexicans for thinking us a bunch of chumps; easily fooled and ripe for the picking. But what here would lead any Mexican to believe we are the type of people that would murder our own? If we were that greedy, driven to execute innocents for want of oil and power, why stage an attack by Arabs when we could have thrown a few Mexicans on those planes and declared war on the oil rich country right on our border? The Mexican army is about as threatening as a couple of drunk luchidors in glittering masks and stretchy pants bouncing off of each other! It’d be a bloodless victory after we dropped leaflets threatening to unleash a brood of wily chupacabras! Imagine the money we would have saved paying illegal immigrants to plant explosives in Mexico City’s tallest buildings! The war would have lasted only hours, done by siesta, with a new government by happy hour!

But would it be worth it? A largely uneducated population eagerly exchanging the yoke of corruption and incompetence for the open hand of American welfare and protection from imaginary beasts and rampaging drug cartels would be no victory. I’m afraid that the nation to the south would be handing us the keys to their cities before we could plan the wholesale slaughter of innocents. Because that’s who we are, right? Heartless, warmongering, greedy and tyrannical.

There comes a day, once a year, on September 11, when Americans pause to remember the price we paid for ignoring the threats that come from our enemies. There is no doubt about who attacked us on that day, they have confessed culpability and revel in the death toll. For those who choose to ignore evil because it soothes an insecurity so deep seated that it strangles any sense of gratitude, and instead accuse us of assuming a depravity so heinous that any decent person would deny the charity we offer out of a sense of justice - I pity you. If you had any honor you’d refuse the hand out. If we had any brains we’d never give you the opportunity.

Screw you Mexico.


  1. We can't forget that it was a Frenchman who immediately began the erroneous claims of we attacked ourselves to enable war.

    The tin hat brigade grew from there and decives many today.

    I guess the attacks in Spain and England were our fault as well.

  2. Like those in the Muslim world it seems. Don't you know? 9/11 was conceived and executed by the CIA and Mossad to give Bush an excuse to attack Iraq.

    And didn't you know that no Jews were killed on 9/11? They all got notices not to go to work the day before.

    Screw the Mexicans, the Muslims and the rest.

  3. Well said Roger.

    So more French think that it was the US Govt. than even Kenyans and Nigerians.

    Just goes to show, living in a first world country with so much easy access to technology, education, etc is of little use when you are just plain stupid.

  4. This Mexican would like to apologize wholeheartedly for the stupidity and insensitivity of his countrymen. We are truly blessed to have you as our neighbor and at times like this, when we face a common enemy, we need to stand by each other come what may.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the USA for its continued generosity and good will over the years which has helped this country start the long and painful transition from third world basket case into a neighbor of which you will hopefully one day be proud. Our lack of gratitude in this regard is nothing short of a national disgrace.

    God bless America and God bless those whose lives were taken on this day seven years ago.

  5. This is downright insane.

    Bin Ladin claimed responsibility & there is more than enough evidence to attest to who was behind the attacks....

    Hmm... maybe Bin Ladin is a Mossad Agent?

  6. If bin Laden is a Mossad agent, he is a very bad one.

    Maybe it was aliens from Area 51, along with Bigfoot and the Lockness Monster who did 9/11.

    My story is better than the Muslims, and more believable.