Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the United States Government Concealing Iran's Role in the 9/11 Attack?

The United States government is concealing Iran's role in the 9/11 attack, says Kenneth Timmerman, world-renowned investigative journalist and contributing editor of Newsmax.

Timmerman published an expose on unknown Al Qaeda head terrorist Osama Bin Laden for the Reader's Digest in 1998. Less than a decade later, in 2006, he was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize by former Swedish deputy Prime Minister Perk Ahlmark for his expose on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Speaking on Israel National Radio's Tovia Singer Show, Timmerman stated that the Iranian government was "deeply, directly and materially involved" in the preparation, the planning, the execution "and the aftermath of the attack in helping Al Qaeda". He said that the American public is in general unaware of this connection.

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Timmerman quoted the 9/11 Commission Report, issued on July 2004 as saying: "We now have evidence suggesting that 8 to 10 of the 14 Saudi "muscle" operatives traveled in or out of Iran between October 2000 and Feb 2001."
There's strong evidence that Iran allowed transit of Al Qaeda members before 9/11
The “muscle” operatives were the 9/11 hijackers who overpowered airline crew members, slit their throats, and terrorized passengers so the Al Qaeda pilots could seize control of the airliners and fly them into their targets.

The commission concluded that there was “strong evidence that Iran facilitated the transit of Al Qaeda members into and out of Afghanistan before 9/11, and that some of these were future 9/11 hijackers.”The commission also concluded that the hijackers "were accompanied by a senior Hizbullah operative." Timmerman, in his book “Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran”, identified the operative as Imad Faize Mughniyeh, Hizbullah's second-in-command who was assassinated last February in Damascus.

Although the commission noticed that "either this was a direct material evidence of Iran's involvement in the hijackings or it was just a remarkable coincidence", says Timmerman, "they didn't come down either way... they wouldn't say which". In explanation of this resignation he said: "I can assure you they (the commission) were under tremendous, tremendous pressure from the US intelligence community not to say anything about this."

Rabbi Tovia Singer is the founder and director of Outreach Judaism, an anti-missionary organization. Rabbi Singer addresses more than 200 audiences a year. He is the author of the book and accompanying audio CD series entitled Let's Get Biblical and Singer holds a bachelor's degree in social work. He has hosted the Tovia Singer Show since 2002.
A note from Radarsite: Now this, from respected investigative journalist Kenneth Timmerman. Just in time for the Black Dwarf's outrageous appearance at the UN this coming Tuesday. And this is the rogue nation which is thumbing its nose at the world and despite all the admonishments and sanctions, continuing its militant march down the road to Armageddon.
Do we really need any more evidence before confronting this evil Iranian regime militarily? I don't think so.

The biggest mistake we in the West seem to make, over and over again, when dealing with Muslim nations, lies in our inability to accept the overarching importance of Islam. We still deal in Twentieth Century realpolitik. We continue treating all nations as though they were separate entities, with discreet agendas: This one is presently our ally, this one our enemy, and this one is uncommitted. While Islam, that proverbial elephant in the room continues to go unnoticed.

Hopefully, we are finally learning some hard lessons. So long as any nation is Islamic, they are no friend of freedom and democracy, they are no friend to the United States or any other Western nation. They may make accommodations, they may make temporary alliances with Westerners for some tactical gain, but, make no mistake about it -- all Muslim nations have but one unchanging allegiance, and that allegiance is to Islam. And Islam is the enemy of the West. It always was and it always will be, until one or the other of us is either completely dominated or utterly destroyed.

Is it a huge surprise, then, that Iran was quite possibly complicit in the horrors of 9/11? Should it be? Can you name with conviction any Muslim state which is unequivocally trustworthy as an ally? Any Muslim state which didn't either discreetly, or openly rejoice when those towers fell? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Syria? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Libya? Morocco? Palestine? Dearborn, Michigan?

The only thing we in America can totally trust in this deceptive GWOT is our own military might. And our will to use it. The only sure defense is a powerful offense. So powerful that it immediately disheartens any potential enemy. We have the military might. But we lack the will.
However, if things keep heading in their present course, if Iran continues it militant march down that road to Armageddon, I think America may find that will again, and find it quickly.
And then, God help our adversaries, whomever they may be.- rg

Another hat tip to Ben.
A postscript from Radarsite: This, my friends passes for objective criticism of respected journalist and author Kenneth Timmerman from the people at Wikipedia.

Timmerman has been accused of
yellow journalism in relation to his work on Iraqi WMDs.[1]He has also been accused of excessive partisanship in relation to Iran and his work on the Foundation for Democracy in Iran. As the American founder of an organization that claims to represent the interests of Iranian democrats, his opinions have little influence in the Iranian diaspora. [What?]
He has been accused of stoking conflict with Iran (a charge which his supporters deny), by misrepresenting the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, as well as denouncing the National Intelligence Estimate [ You mean that thoroughly discredited NIE report?] which clearly states that Iran had ended a project to design nuclear warheads some years ago, although they increased their efforts on the more important parts of their program for building nuclear weapons. Timmerman denounced the misleading way in which the unclassified summary of the report described the report's conclusions. [If you had any doubts about Mr. Timmerman's credibility, you could find no better testament to his prescience than this purported objective review of his work. Shame, shame, shame Wikipedia.] rg


  1. Iran is Shiite, al Qada is Sunni. They hate each other. That is why I'm leery of this report. It is well established that Iran hates al Qada and will not give any weapons or aid to them in Iraq. The mullahs are actually glad that al Qada is failing in Iraq, because it makes their work to have Iraq as a puppet state to them easier.

    I have to say that the evidence on this may be faulty, but I will reserve any final judgment until all the facts are in.

  2. Findalis -- If you recall, that's what we said about Iraq. And we were wrong about that too. Iran has been the enemy of the United States for decades. Anything they could do to hurt us, I believe they would do. They would make temporary common cause with the Devil to hurt us.

    I understand the differences between Shi'ites and Sunnis, but I'll stick by my overarching Islam remarks.

  3. Iran will do many things to us Roger, but working with al Qada (a group that they really can't stand), I don't think so. But I'm remaining open to the intelligence that is coming in and will reserve full judgment until it all is seen.

    If they did, then a couple of air strikes could be in order. Heck, let's do it any way. We need payback for the Hostage Crises Dhimmi Carter got us into.

  4. It's not about payback. Although, that's nice too.
    We cannot let them have the bomb. That means military action. Either by us or Israel or both. And none of us can predict which one will actually do it. But, either way, we cannot let them have the bomb.

  5. Now that I can agree on. Have you seen this one?

    CAIR Exec's Telling Interview

    Asked about the prospect of a new U.S. president, and whether American Muslims regret support for George W. Bush in 2000, Awad's answer offers a disturbing window into his soul.

    "We should not blame the Muslims for taking part in the political process, and we should not blame the United States alone for the 11 September 2001 attacks, but we should also blame the perpetrators." (Emphasis added)

    CAIR now blames the US for the 9/11 attacks.

  6. Finadalis and Roger,

    Nice debate going on here! I've always struggled with this Shia vs. Sunni age-old battle when it comes to Iran. I see the support of Shia-based Hezbollah in Lebanon but then try to get my arms around the fact that Iran sponsors Sunni-based Hamas in Gaza.

    At the same time, Roger, I agree whole heartedly with you that Islam itself will mend any of those "disputes" when it comes down to a war against the Infidels or the Jews. It is fairly well documented that Iran has supplied weapons to the Sunni Taliban in Afghanistan.

    There have been many signs of Iran's willingness to mend fences with Sunnis - just last year, Ahmadinejad made the trip to Mecca in the heart of Sunni Saudi Arabia.

    Bottom line is Iran has one goal, and that is the overall goal of Islam, to establish the Caliphate over all of the world and in the process to destroy ANY and ALL infidels, apostates and "zionists" in their way.

  7. Iran has assisted Sunni terrorists when they deemed it convenient. The shia and sunni might hate each other but they'll easily find ways to work together if necessary.

    "Do we really need any more evidence before confronting this evil Iranian regime militarily?"

    After countless UN resolutions, 10 years of no-fly zones, invasions of neighboring countries, WMDs, chemical weapons, hundreds of thousands dead, oil for food etc, there are still enough in the western world who insist Iraq was a mistake, that there was no evidence and should never have been liberated.

    Around 4200 U.S. soldiers have been killed in the Iraq war, yet you won't have to look very far to find some fool who'll tell you it's the biggest disaster, ever.

    Iran is working towards their nuke and regularly promise to wipe out an entire nation yet most around the world insist America is the bigger threat and we must still talk to Iran. To you and i, we don't need any more evidence, but to the rest of the populace, a lot more evidence will be needed.

    I don't think the US government is concealing their involvement, perhaps they rightly think that even if they scream it from the rooftops, it won't be enough for a case for war.

  8. "....all Muslim nations have but one unchanging allegiance, and that allegiance is to Islam. And Islam is the enemy of the West. It always was and it always will be, until one or the other of us is either completely dominated or utterly destroyed."

    "The only thing we in America can totally trust in this deceptive GWOT is our own military might."

    There are two things we must remember, and the first is that not only all Muslim nations, but all Muslims have one allegiance and that is to Islam, and the second, is that we must fear the Lord and keep his commandments, and put our trust in him to deliver us from evil.

  9. Shiites marry Sunnis, so I really do not think it is the Muslim people that have a problem with whether a Muslim is Sunni or Shiite, unless they are out for blood, which seems to be the norm for both, and then they may see each other as different. A Muslim is a Muslim, and we should remember, Muslims have no problem killing other Muslims in order to achieve their goals of world dominance and submission to Islam. Muslims will use whomever, whether Shiite, Sunni, Christian, or even Jew to reach their goal, and they will lie, cheat, kill, terrorize, integrate into western societies, or blow themselves to pieces to do it.

  10. Thank you all. This is a huge topic and very worthy of much discussion.
    "Bottom line is Iran has one goal, and that is the overall goal of Islam, to establish the Caliphate over all of the world and in the process to destroy ANY and ALL infidels, apostates and "zionists" in their way."
    To me, this comment by Holger Awakens puts this issue perfectly.

  11. Always bear in mind this ancient Arab saying: "Me against my brother, my brother and I against our cousin, my brother, our cousin and I against a stranger, my brother, our cousin and the stranger against a Jew.".

    Islam's strategic objective is total world domination. Once that is gained, the various factions will contest who sits on the throne and collects the Jizya & Zakat.

    I always believed that Iran was behind the downing of PanAm103. I have no doubt that they co-operated in the Gd'd Abomination. I really don't give a damn either way. I just want them erased from the earth because they are our sworn enemy who will never cease from attacking us and plotting new attacks. The existence of Islam, anywhere in the world, can not be tolerated by rational men.

  12. I've rarely doubted work by Timmerman and, I believe, this is worthy of the same consideration due anyone who has dealt with this dilemma. I question why is this getting emphasis now when Iran could get the great embrace from a possible new, radically new, and probably accomodating president.
    If it's to wake up the American public, it's too late. Our country put the alarm back on snooze on September 12, 2001. Remember, the night before we weree told to go shopping.
    The theme of hatred is quite high in all Islamic countries and though the Shiites hold Iran, we should only look back to 1979. As Shiite Iran was taking our embassy hostage, our embassy in Pakistan was burned to the ground. Worthy of further consideration, as we're citing accounts of the times; there was the siege of Mecca, itself, by the very same type of radicals that Osama would late identify.
    The patterns were there, some of the "Storm Petrals" recognized them, some others, who still held the floor in the 90s weren't yet over Cold War withdrawal.
    Remember there is the prevalence of "the enemy of my enemy" that prevails in their minds and black hearts.
    But, with Timmerman, we can watch for what else comes out of his bubble; intelligence gathering or hearing is on thing; evaluation and vetting is anoother step. I'll give him a A1 (in pencil for now).
    Findalis make a good point which only accents the jealosy the Islamic world has for us, here, in the dunes and in the mountains, "we should not blame the United States alone for the 11 September 2001 attacks", suggesting our own complicity in our becoming victimized.

  13. Thanks again everyone. And a special thanks to Shawmut for his expert and insightful analysis of this complicated subject.

  14. There are many insightful thoughts here. I won't rehash except to say that I think Iran will make a deal with anyone to bring to defeat to Westerns anywhere in the world.

    How distressing is it that this wasn't addressed in the 9/11 commission? It makes me so very angry. I just can't tell you how angry it makes me that Americans betray Americans in this way.