Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Onset of a New Democratic Illness: Palin Envy

A prediction from Radarsite: Yes, that's right, Radarsite is stepping up to the plate, and for what may well be the very first time making a political prediction. Having just come from watching Sarah Palin's Acceptance Speech, Radarsite feels confident in predicting the almost certain immediate outbreak of a debilatating new mental illness: Democratic Palin Envy, otherwise known as the Palin Envy Complex. Certain classic feminists will of course be well aware of the symptoms of this discomforture: an irrational but overwheming sense of having been cheated and victimized; illogical, unsubstantiated feelings of inferiority, coupled with a need to seek redress for these perceived grievances. Unfortunately, for those unlucky Democrats afflicted with this new illness, these perceptions of being in a position of inferiority are all too real.

Imagine for a moment, if you can, being a Democrat and having to react to Sarah Palin's magnificent and perhaps history-changing Acceptance Speech this evening. Now, imagine visualizing your dream team: the Empty Suit OB and that old insider politico Biden. The effects of this epiphany could easily become traumatic. And, faced with this reality, who could help but feel victimized and cheated.

Sarah Palin was a shining star who lit up our screens and lit up our hearts beyond all expectations with honesty and energy and hope. Hope for all of us. Hope is in her face and in the way she holds herself and in her un-self-conscious confidence. Hope is what she offers to bring this great country of ours. And we believe her.

And, in all honesty, I were a Democrat (God help me), I would be suffering right now from this very same affliction.

Brava Sarah! - rg


  1. Palin envy seems a very appropriate term. I think we're going to see a lot of new maladies spawn from the swampy bog of the Democratic Party in the coming weeks. I've pegged one too, Paparazzi Democrats.

  2. "Palin Envy": if she keeps this up they'll all have plenty of time to seek therapy for it after Nov. 4th.

  3. I don't think so stephen or fred. I don't think that the PUMAs will buy into Palin. She is very inexperienced in foreign affairs, very conservative and with little experience.

    I hope I am wrong, but fear that she will be the liability to the ticket not an asset.

  4. Hey findalis- PUMAS love her. Clinton voters are centrist dems. and we DON'T TRUST BARKY. The choice this year of a guy who has spent his life serving his country or one that has spent his life serving himself- easy choice. All the zingers Palin threw at Obama- us PUMAS realized all that in the primaries.

  5. Conservatism is back... And it wears lipstick!

  6. When you hear women are not warming up to Sarah Palin and the men are loving her, you know the women have come down with 'Palin Envy'. When the men are not loving her, like every red-blooded man should, you know they've come down with 'Palin Envy'. It is obvious Barack Obama and Joe Biden was been stricken with 'Palin Envy' and if they have the mental capacity to seek treatment, which is doubtful at this point, it may mean a lobotomy will be what the doctor orders. WARNING: STAY CLEAR OF BARACK OBAMA AND JOE BIDEN'S HEADS IN CASE OF IMPLOSION. GAS RELEASED COULD BE TOXIC AND CAUSE SEVERE BURNING TO SKIN AND EYES.

  7. Before Palin's announcement McCain would have carried NY. Now no. The majority of PUMAs can't stand her. She is too far to the right for them. I personally can not stand her. I don't give a damn about her having a son with Down Syndrome 0r her daughter's pregnancy. No. She is too far right for me. I'm literally middle of the road, and the thought of someone with absolutely NO FOREIGN EXPERIENCE to be that close to the Presidency is scary. My 26 year old daughter has more foreign affairs experience than she does. And that's only because she has traveled outside the US a few times.

    This woman is a small town mayor who lucked out at becoming a governor. She has no real experience in running a nation (2 years running the richest state in the union is not experience) and no foreign affairs knowledge. No party would have seriously considered her for a Presidential nomination. The only reason she is on the ticket is to placate the conservative wing of the party. If you are a serious voter, then you have to step back and look at the whole picture. What I see, makes her a very poor choice for President.

  8. findalis - she is running for the Republican VP position, not the Presidential position as you state.

    Sarah Palin's budget as Governor of Alaska is 11 billion dollars, and she has 15,000 employees. Obama has a budget of a little over 4 million dollars and 70 staff. I take it you must think Obama has no or little experience compared to Palin when you take these numbers into consideration, although he is still running for the position of President.

    "She has no real experience in running a nation (2 years running the richest state in the union is not experience) and no foreign affairs knowledge." by findalis

    Palin didn't luck out at becoming Governor, she was voted in and her constituents greatly approve of her and her work.

    There isn't a candidate who has experience running a nation, unless they have just finished their first term as President and are seeking their second and final term as President.

    I hate to say it, but you better sit down for this one, "You have Palin Envy Complex."

    I would have to say that as far as having experience in one's life to prepare oneself for the position of President or VP, it seems to be greatly lacking in the Democrat and Republican candidates. Perhaps future wannable Presidents and VPs should need some tangible qualifications before being able to put their feet in the race.

  9. joanne, make no mistake about the fact that I'm voting for McCain. But Palin is without experience. John McCain is 73 and has 4 bouts with cancer. That is scary enough. But she is without the experience needed to be the President. That is what I am hearing from people who would have voted for McCain but now will vote for Obama. She scares them more than Obama does.

    I fear that McCain will not win in Nov. But pray that a miracle will occur.

  10. Findalis my good friend -- I obviously disagree completely. I've put my response in the form of a new article.

  11. That's the beauty of friendship. We can disagree without coming to blows over it.

    I keep looking at the Electoral college map. It only take 270 votes to win. And as of today Obama will have 273 to McCain's 265 (I've put a map widget up on my site for that reason). The popular vote does not matter, only the Electoral vote does (as Al Gore and the Democrats so painfully found out). That is the one we must keep our eyes on.

    There are 2 months until the elections. Obama has more money, more people on the ground and the media is in love with him. If the pattern of the electoral college stays the same, God help this nation. For Obama will win.

  12. To Findalis --
    I am saddened and surprised that you have chosen to go negative on Sarah Palin on the pages of Radarsite. I am further shocked that anyone who claims to support John McCain, as you do, and hopes for his victory in November could come out with comments that could only be helpful to his enemies. You seem to be making the case that, given the electoral vote projections, his chances for victory are hopeless.
    How you can so vocally point out what you consider to be McCain's already lost campaign, and Sarah Palin's purported inadequacies, and at the same time say you are for a McCain victory is incredulous to me.
    Whatever you may think you are doing by expressing these negative and hurtful opinions here, you are helping our enemies.
    We are in a fight for our lives, and anyone - anyone - who, for whatever reasons, helps the other side is no friend of Radarsite, no matter who they are.
    If you had kept these reservations to yourself, or in private emails, that would be a different situation. But you have not. You have chosen to use the comments section at Radarsite to attack the viability of our best hope for the future.
    I truly cannot understand your decision to do this, but I have decided that I will delete any further comments of yours that are disparaging to either McCain or Sarah Palin. This is totally contrary to Radarsite's stated mission.
    Roger G.

  13. Findalis, take heart, friend. Our Convention is the start of the race. We have Conventions so that voters can see the "team." It's not over until it's over.

    The problem, the way I see it, has always been Republican voters that might not get out and vote, or might not be talking-up the vote around friends and family - a huge lethargy, that would devastate us at the polls. That's gone now.

    Democrats have a very unattractive candidate running for President, and he has NO experience. Palin nailed that one. The one bit of executive experience he has was marred with vice and corruption. We are learning more and more about his unsavory character.

    Palin did not luck out in the Governor's race. She ran against incumbent Murkowski, and a former, 2-term Governor and Dem candidate. She won - that's a Republican following a Republican, and much of the reason she won is because she exposed Muskowski.

    She has an 80% approval rate - 2 years later!! That's extraordinary. Joanne's points about the size of her budget and her 15,000 employees, is a great point. (BTW, Newt is just confirming this on O'Reilly right now).

    Speaking of foreign affairs, all of us here on Conservative blogs know more about foreign affairs than Biden, and have probably done more about foreign affairs than he.

    Is that going too far? Maybe, but maybe not. You either know who the enemies are and know that we must defeat them (and you don't have to be Vice President, or a Senate committee head), or you wonder who they are, and wonder what to do about it?

    Sarah Palin already knows the former. As with any President, the Armed Services, the Defense Department and the loathsome State Department are the guiding forces, but the "decider" has final say. I'm betting that Palin can make wise decisions.

    Barring a first "scandal" (we haven't had a true scandal yet), we are in far better shape than I dreamed we could be.


  14. Maggie I know in my heart that you are right. But the way people are carrying on about her one would believe that she was running for President, not McCain. Everyone is acting like Obamamanics about her.

    I didn't expect her to hit a home run last night, that wasn't what she was suppose to do, but she did a wonderful job doing what she had to do, load the bases for the clean up hitter: John McCain.

    Here is to a Grand Slam tonight and VICTORY in November.

    BTW: Got to stop watching baseball all the time. It's getting into my political discussions and GO CUBS!

  15. I believe that foreign policy experience and qualifications--even in a President, never mind VP--are far, far less important than attitude and integrity.
    Experience without integrity and a commitment to the Republic is about as much use as an udder on a bull.
    I'll take attitude over experience any day.

  16. findalis, if you are worried McCain may succumb to cancer or old age and leave Sarah Palin as the President of the United States, then think about having Obama as President. Obama wants to dismantle the US military and stop all future military advancements in weaponry in today's world where Iran, China, and Russia - to just name a few - are rearing their ugly heads. I would rather have a woman with little foreign experience at least at this time, with God leading the way, than a man, Obama, with God whose face has turned from him.

    Pelosi has foreign experience, and she is a complete moron. Would you trust her to make a decision with her experience?

    As I have said before, all we need is me and thee, and me is expendable.

  17. It amazes me how that people willfully refuse to acknowlegde the experience that Gov. Palin has.

    Or how they can confuse that it's Barack Obama, or whatever his real name migth be, who's running against John McCain, not Sarah Palin.

    Granted, the batons are passing.

    But, please, at least get that right.

    And, really, have the testicularity, real or figurative, to acknowledge that for all his bluster about change, Obama has been anything but creative.

    No matter. What's got the Demockacrats', liberals', leftists' and misnamed MSM's shorts and panties in a knot is that their misogyny, misanthropy and prejudices can no longer be hidden.

    That there is life, rich life, west of the Hudson and in between it and San Fransisco Bay.

    And those Americans, men and women, in flyover country are tired of being disrespected and overtaxed and maligned by people who appear to have nothing in common with them--or the desire to know anything about them.

    BTW: What I find truly amusing is how liberal/leftist women lambast Palin? Some feminists, huh?

  18. No more worries from this woman! McCain's the Best American for the job!