Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quite Possibly the Finest Anti-Islam Rant on the Net

One Way Conversations With the Vampire of Islam

Cross posted respectfully from Colonel Robert Neville

A note from Radarsite: "...it’s a little like visiting your Grandmother, but she carries a knife." Radarsite has the distinct honor of cross posting one of the funniest, most intelligent and irreverent, wildly original and inventive anti-Islam rants you will ever have the pleasure of reading. And I think this is exactly the tone we should all adopt in the future when speaking of this gruesome entity, called Islam. This is precisely the kind of disrespect this murderous cult so richly deserves. We are deeply indebted to this wonderful website Colonel Robert Neville Always Dresses For Dinner - rg


Mohammad the pedophile and rapist, the Jew loathing and Christian hating mass murdering loon, and the founder of the worlds first vampiric night crawler doctrine known as Islam, hallucinating in a cave as Christopher Hitchens rightly called it, "the filth of Islam". It's a little known fact that there was a minor cave-in at one point, eliciting from Moe the phrase "I'm a teapot! I'm a teapot!" This was sadly never used in the final draught of the Muslim holy book. Instead, "strike off the head of the Infidel/Jew/Glee Club Organiser wherever you may find them etc", was substituted. Ah, that wacky desert sense of humour, no?

Islam can only continue to exist through relentless and hourly violence. Without violence, Islam would fade to little or nothing. Without Islam being the compulsory and only religion in Islamic states, it would be as dead as its own death cult heart. Like the monstrous real world succubus it always has been, Islam lives on like Communism, through mass murder, lies, coercion, oppression, force, corruption and intimidation. Islam must have continuous human blood and sustains itself with massive and fraudulent blame shifting. Islam itself creates nothing but the dysfunction of stunted irrational minds and warped souls, supported by rampant institutionalised stupidity and a mediocrity in all things and calls this superior.The passive aggressive blowhard and auto denial is apparently the prominent discourse, chum. Islam is the leading purveyor of the profound sorrow and nihilism of worldwide terror. Around 95% of all global violence is due to Muslims and their peculiar and mere idea of Islam.Sure, there’s a negative side too.

Without the MSM and other Left enablers of our own cultural atomisation, Islam, a totalitarian doctrine of permanent warfare against the unbeliever and other Muslims who do not believe enough, would have remained in the evil abyss it sprung from. Islam relies on the cowardice, confusion, self-abasement and wilful ignorance of its prey.That prey is anything and anyone free, happy, successful and thus not Islamic. Oh yes, Islamist geeks also heartily target millions of other Muslims to an enormous warped and indoctrinating degree. Always have. The greatest oppressors and killers of Muslims in the world today, are other Muslims. Maybe it’s just me, but after two years, I’ve not come across a single practicing Muslim outside of the apostate ex-Muslim, who is not either at best apparently clueless regards their own er, faith or just lying to me or themselves. They can range from the seemingly affable if as Basil Fawlty said “you don’t mention the war”. Muslims can be a crude or smooth phony, the ever popular rabid homicidal maniac, or oddly lacking in some cognitive and strange way. Any conversation either stays at the level of avoiding the vast range of verboten topics, and they are vasty, or if one talks about the joy of Islam, the ah dialogue, soon grinds to a halt as it invariably collapses into the illogic of those prone to a stonewall of false statement and argument, and an amazing predeliction for the old barrage of nutso tangents.

You want irrational nonsense, paranoid and massively absurd conspiracy jags as taken for granted cultural baggage? Try Islam folks. Nothing is ever stupid enough to reject if it “proves” to an idiot barely clinging to reality, that the Jews, the West and America etc, are the problem. Never jolly old Islam. You know it’s our fault for “misunderstanding” all those beheadings and bomb blasts etc.

Don't misunderstand Islam or you may just die a horrible death, sport. If you do and then talk about it, it's then even more likely.Sure, there are variations on the regular. Many Muslim folks I’m sure genuinely believe that Islam is pretty neato, with the old “it’s the religion of peace!” thang a ringin’ in their noggins. Sans any evidence, I'm afraid. Funny how beliefs that are more believably about peace, like Buddhism, Jesus, Taoism and scrabble, don’t usually rave on and say they are so peaceful so um, forcefully.“No! It’s really delicious! Really! Ignore the taste of shit...Now eat it or I’ll kill you!”

Of course many Muslims can be really pleasant neighbours or co-workers. But then with the chums I know, I’ve never mentioned Jews, gays, feminism, rock n’ roll, art, nudity, freedom of speech, terror, Jesus, Islam , Mohammad, the Koran and so on and so on and so on. Yep, everything goes smoothly just as long as you keep the talk rather small. Microscopic in fact. Sometimes it’s a little like visiting your Grandmother, but she carries a knife. And then there is the problem that many people liked and believed that a Muslim kindergarten teacher and Muslim Doctors were swell. They said goodnight at work as usual and then they got up the next day and bombed London. I know of no other doctrine that has as a core article of faith and behaviour, the art of extreme deception. Hey, I know some seemingly ordinary and nice Muslims, whatever ordinary and nice means, which can be about zero. The catch is that you are generally born a Muslim. You don’t really get a choice. Virtually all growth in Islam is hereditary. The majority of converts to Islam leave within two years, if they live long enough to carry it through. The punishment for leaving Islam is death. This is in the Koran, by the word and deed and example of Mohammad and in the overwhelming practices of Islam and Muslim cultures.When Muslims are regular folks, that is everything to do with them and nothing to do with Islam.

Also, they ain’t following Mohammad’s instructions as they are rather um, explicit. Murder the Jew, Infidel and Christian etc, wherever you find them and so on. The fact is, Islam is sermonised in Arabic, a language most Muslims neither speak or understand. It's up to the Imam to spin it for the faithful. I don't know about you but I can't picture him saying "Gee, ya know some of this kinda sucks!"“I am made triumphant through terror”. Mohammad. So, however you may find individual Muslims, there’s always, always the Islam thing, isn’t there? I cannot recall reading a single article by a single practicing Muslim that was not a manipulative fraud. Not one. Not ever. Nope. Nada and zilcho.The thing, my furry friends, is that the massive truth of Islam is an unbelievable and relentless daily avalanche of perversion, lies, hate and madness. The equation is that the less of the harsh and nauseating reality of Mohammedanism the main stream media feebly and ineffectively report, the extreme and enormous inverse is the true case. By what percentage Jim? Damned if I know, but if there’s a single one of the vast number that make up the endless 24 hour cycle of Islamic atrocities in the news, put it up by a thousand times and you’ll have a long way to go and never get there, because there’s always tomorrow.

How much happen’s everyday in Islamist loon land? It’s impossible to log it all really, never mind read everything. 12,000 major Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, 150,000 Northern Thais murdered by Muslims in the last twenty years, and 80 million Hindu’s murdered by Muslims over the centuries etc. The numbers required to get it close is kinda daunting. You attempt the math. And of course, there’s always the Muslim fear of a backlash from tomorrows bomb blast!On any day, go to the religion of peace site which is just one of source of thousands, and there’s an endless list of Islamic crime and Jihad under reported or deliberately censored by our ungallant media.

These are the known crimes via media bias, censorship and incompetence, so imagine. Then there’s the unreported daily culture in Islamic paradises that passes for normal in Gods monkey house. Imagine societies with little to zero free press, women’s, children’s or gay rights groups and little to no one to advocate for most of the kinds of things we take for granted and indeed demand? Imagine Saudi Arabia.The first report at the end of my intro is a classic that kinda got to me. It's the defenceless crying little girls and the murderous killer bully angle that fills me with a kind of cold fury. Show this to many a Leftard and Muslim boob and observe their er, cognitive dissonance go into hyper drive. “Hey man, it’s an anomaly, a minority! It’s not real Islam!”It never is when it’s a nightmare, is it?“You’re a racist! A fascist! A liar! You’re taking it out of context!” This is the mating call of the PC Leftard multi-cultist relativist and Islamist. Or with that illogic why not a tap dancer too? Regards the diversionary tactic and fraud of the “out of context” canard, I don’t give a fuck and my advice? Never fall for it and get bogged down in minutae competitions. “Oh, when Mohammad the freak, puke be upon him, said that he wants to kill you, he meant it in a nice way...He wants you to come for dinner!” Yeah, millions and millions and millions are always a minority. Osama and Al Qaeda and the Ayatollah Khomeini are idols all through the Islamic world and are very popular t-shirt designs. You know the Ayatollah? The major "Muslim spiritual figure" and the man who gave eager approval and the instructions on how a man can rape an infant girl. Gee, context that...

For vast numbers of Muslims they are not thought of as the criminals that they clearly are. Remember that to do a comprehensive overview of any week in Islam would be a monumental task and actually much, much worse than one can imagine from these few random snatches. Dig that these are not isolated events, but commonplace and require a total culture to allow it on scale. When appalling things happen in a democracy, they are neither defended or condoned by the majority of people, and they are prosecuted as criminal acts under the law. In Iran, Saudi Arabia and Gaza etc, the barbaric and nauseating is celebrated in the street and by the state as an achievement and a great example for children to follow and emulate.

Yes, there are many courageous Muslims who protest against and act against such rottenness, but they all do live rather er, dangerously. So either we go by the instruction manual for the Islamic known as the Krazy Koran, and the hideous examples of the head headcase Mad Mohammad and the actions of millions and millions of Muslims, or we don’t. But um, ain’t we supposed to understand Islam? And wouldn’t that involve um, learning about it? Oh, I get it. They mean passively accepting the Taqiyaa PR of deception and bullshit blizzard a la Tariq Ali and Waleed Ali etc. Check. Riiight. I gotcha. To put it mildly, any way ya look at it, Islam is unnaturally problematic... Wait till they get hold of them nukes...
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  1. Dear Roger:

    Jeepers! I thankyou deeply for your very pleasing and kind comments. It means a lot to me. Please feel free to grab anything. The facts of the message are the thing. I thank you again for helping to spread the fun of Islam!

    In the second last paragraph you posted I meant to write "For vast numbers of Muslims they are not thought of as the criminals that they clearly are", and not "criminals are".

    It's crazy, but the identical phenomenon happens everywhere Islam goes. It's the same thing here in Australia as in Europe, as in America etc. It's just a matter of degrees, or Sharia creep as they say.

    Keep connected. I dig anyone whose hip to the way things unfortunately are today. Keep laughing and I'm glad you enjoyed it, sport.

    It's V for victory, S for Socrates, P for Patton and C for Churchill!

    Colonel Neville.

  2. Hi Colonel and thanks for visiting. I meant everthing I wrote about your magnificent rant. And with your permission I would like to send it around to a few friendly places, beginning with Real Clear Politics. The more people who get to read this the better. It is a brilliant attack on a loathsome adversary.

    I'll keep you informed of what's happening with it.

    Do you know that I write for your fellow Aussie Crusader Rabbit? Keith and Pam and I have become quite good friends now. We love the Aussie around here, you know.
    I will stay in touch.
    Once again, it is a pleasure to meet you.
    Talk with you later.
    Roger G.

  3. Well done Roger. The full article gives the delights that the "Religion of Piece" brings. And what delights they are: hangings, stonings, Female Genital Mutilation, beheadings, loss of hands, loss of eyes, etc... Oh the list of their wonders is long.

  4. Superb! Well done Col and thanks Roger, for finding and posting this gem.

  5. An effective mix of humor and truth. Unfortunately, the Sun & Reuters won't pick this one up; some of the expressions used ain't 'family friendly'.

    Look for the Col.'s name to appear in the Hate Speech Court's docket in the short term future. What he wrote is actionable under Aussie law.

  6. I love Col. Neville's writing. This is hysterically funny, true and sad. When he listed all the things he couldn't say around Muslim acquaintances, well...why in the world do we let them get away with this?

    The answer is that we are a polite people; we do not intend to harm, and if they don't get in our face...well that's the only excuse our polite society has to hit back.

    Thank you Roger. Thank you Colonel.
    I'm off to read the entire piece.


  7. An amazing rant! This has to be cross posted at DTRT though I may have to "bleep" a few words.
    Wouldn't want to offend any of our Christian left readers...lol.

    CP will probably slap me upside the head but this will be well worth it.

    Thanks for getting this up Roger.

    And thank you Colonel Neville for a direct hit on Islam!

  8. Fact is, like all would-be cult leaders, if ol' Mohammed had tried to start his stuff in a modern world of media observation, he'd have ended up sharing a cell with Charles Manson (whom he resembles) quicker than he could tie his turban on.

  9. Actually Wake Up, more like being next to Warren Jeffs. Could you imagine what that would have been like, hearing them yell platitudes from God at each other.