Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From Radarsite: A Comment to My Commenters

A note to my readers: After posting that last article on Obama's Iraq Scandal: A Distraught Sister's Response, it occurred to me just how much your comments are an integral part of this blog. As you may have noticed, many times a commenter's reply is so over the top, or so revealing of that all-but-alien liberal mindset, that it just cries out for a whole article of its own in response. In fact, as I've noted before, some of Radarsite's most successful articles were born this way. It is especially rewarding, however, when you find a reader's comment that is so moving, so touching, so honest, that you know immediately that it's going to be an article.

To me, this is a very special part of Radarsite. This interaction, this awareness of each other's presence. In this respect we truly are having a conversation, aren't we? And I can only hope that this conversation is as interesting and informative and important to you as it is to me.
Thank you all once again for your many valuable contributions.
Roger G.


  1. You're welcome Roger. When an article is written with insight and power, it brings out the best in a reader. And you do let me rant now and then.

  2. We owe you thanks too, Roger so it's very much a two-way street.