Thursday, September 4, 2008

Puma's Reaction to Palin Speech: "Go Sarah!"


A note from Radarsite: Surprisingly, after her galvanizing speech last night the only negative response to our enthusiastic embrace of Sarah Palin that we have received here at Radarsite comes from one of our own -- our good friend and fellow blogger Findalis of Monkey in the Middle. Findalis is not impressed, and furthermore has reported that many of her Puma friends were also not impressed, and felt that the choice of Sarah Palin was a huge mistake for the Republicans.
Being no expert on the opinions of the Pumas, Radarsite went to the source for answers. Below, from their own blog is just a small but representative sampling of their reaction to Sarah Palin's speech. We could have posted many, many more. As stated earlier, Radarsite is no expert on the inner workings of the Pumas; but from what they seem to be saying -- they love Sarah Palin as much as we do. - rg

Here they are:

Whaddya think folks?
Please post instances of sexism against Sarah Palin that you have found.
Holy shit, sorry folks, but Rudy Giuli-freaking-ani just asked, “How DARE they ask whether a woman with children is able to lead?”
Holy Smokes, what has the Democratic Party come to?
#1 SouthJerseyPUMA on 09.03.08 at 10:31 pm
whoooo hoooooo GO SARAH!!!!!!!
and I am #1!! ?
#2 SouthJerseyPUMA on 09.03.08 at 10:31 pm
I like that!
#3 blondlady on 09.03.08 at 10:31 pm
I’m first?
#4 goofsmom on 09.03.08 at 10:32 pm
Maybe # 2
#5 goofsmom on 09.03.08 at 10:32 pm
Oh drat… # 4 is still good
#6 Ario on 09.03.08 at 10:32 pm
i knew it too…lol
#7 DancesWithPumas on 09.03.08 at 10:32 pm
wow… the republicans allow signs in their conventions… how democratic.
#8 blondlady on 09.03.08 at 10:32 pm
I have to watch Sarah’s speech with the Pumas!
#9 Ario on 09.03.08 at 10:33 pm
hey murphy!
#10 jenniforhillary on 09.03.08 at 10:33 pm
every time they wave those orange hankies I cry….Hillary my Hillary….
#11 Sisterluck on 09.03.08 at 10:33 pm
Go Sarah!!
#12 Sunshinelvr on 09.03.08 at 10:33 pm
Standing Ovation! So proud to see a woman there!
#13 BigCatLover on 09.03.08 at 10:33 pm
Murphy - LMAO
Palin interesting because she did her own hair and is dressed very understated. Let MSNBC rip her for that!
#14 Blue Blue Gal on 09.03.08 at 10:34 pm
ok - will settle for just being here lol lol
#15 Sunshinelvr on 09.03.08 at 10:34 pm
so way past time that America honors its women! Hillary should have been our first President!
#16 DancesWithPumas on 09.03.08 at 10:35 pm
This is the first time I’ve watched tv since May 31.
#17 Ario on 09.03.08 at 10:35 pm
great! she is in her element…she is relaxed…she found her center…no nervous silliness…YES!
#18 goofsmom on 09.03.08 at 10:35 pm
Is she doing the speech with out relying on the telepromters?
#19 mpdamon on 09.03.08 at 10:36 pm
Is there some reason why my comments were deleted?
#20 sharpclaws on 09.03.08 at 10:36 pm
Ario - not speaking of today’s posts. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I love it when you are on the blogs. You are one of the PUMAs I really enjoy.
#21 Kerri on 09.03.08 at 10:36 pm
Too bad NO ONE stood up for Hillary. :/
#22 bluegrasstrina on 09.03.08 at 10:36 pm
Go Sarah, we are going to watch your back against the sexism,

And from PUMA Power
More of the same. Much more of the same.
Unless they give us Hillary back, you just witnessed the next Vice President of the United States!"


  1. I have been over there as well and I get the email alerts and the majority of them are very impressed with Palin as are the die hard Clinton supporters over at No Quarter.

    I think Palin was a brilliant choice and McCain with that choice just might have turned the tables and now we have a chance to take November. Thanks for going to look for yourself Roger!!!

  2. Thank you Susan.

    And to Findalis --
    I am going to repeat this comment on my Palin Envy article.
    I am saddened and surprised that you have chosen to go negative on Sarah Palin on the pages of Radarsite. I am further shocked that anyone who claims to support John McCain, as you do, and hopes for his victory in November could come out with comments that could only be helpful to his enemies. You seem to be making the case that, given the electoral vote projections, his chances for victory are hopeless.
    How you can so vocally point out what you consider to be McCain's already lost campaign, and Sarah Palin's purported inadequacies, and at the same time say you are for a McCain victory is incredulous to me.
    Whatever you may think you are doing by expressing these negative and hurtful opinions here, you are helping our enemies.
    We are in a fight for our lives, and anyone - anyone - who, for whatever reasons, helps the other side is no friend of Radarsite, no matter who they are.
    If you had kept these reservations to yourself, or in private emails, that would be a different situation. But you have not. You have chosen to use the comments section at Radarsite to attack the viability of our best hope for the future.
    I truly cannot understand your decision to do this, but I have decided that I will delete any further comments of yours that are disparaging to either McCain or Sarah Palin. This is totally contrary to Radarsite's stated mission.
    Roger G.

  3. See my problem here is that people that cast the first stone usually forget their own mistakes, their own shortcomings and to me it shows a holier-than-thou attitude to dare criticize a woman on PRIVATE family matters.

    To let the press and media manipulate and use you, is so unlike the strong woman, like Palin, that I know.

    I am glad she fought back and fought hard and am damn proud of her for not turning her back on her daughter. I would have hated her if she had reacted any differently.

    Palin just handed us the November election.

    CBS is already showing that the Obama bounce is gone and I expect other polling organizations to show the Mccain/Palin bounce within two days 9since most use a 3 da rolling poll), so her speech last night isn't even reflected at CBS yet.

    Those who declare defeat before the fight has been fought, are like Harry Ried and definitely not someone I want watching my back, nor the party's.

    CBS link:

  4. I have obviously missed what Findalis said here, so I don't really know what her thoughts are here, other than a possible electoral deficiency. If that is a given, then, of course, the election is not necessary. That's why we have conventions. The world gets to see the "team." It's not over till the polls close (and then with the abhorrent voter fraud with absentee ballots, it shouldn't be over even then.)

    I echo Susan. I think Palin is a brilliant choice. We need Palin-type language. I don't think McCain would have allowed it out of an established politician. I believe McCain has seen how fervent Conservatives are for a winning spirit. She is capable and she will be a very, very fast study on foreign affairs.

    Speaking of foreign affairs, all of us here on Conservative blogs know more about foreign affairs than Biden, and have probably done more about foreign affairs than he.

    Is that going too far? Maybe, but maybe not. You either know who the enemies are and know that we must defeat them (and you don't have to be Vice President, or a Senate committee head), or you wonder who they are, and wonder what to do about it?

    Sarah Palin already knows the former. As with any President, the Armed Services, the Defense Department and the loathsome State Department are the guiding forces, but the "decider" has final say. I'm betting that Palin can make wise decisions.

    I think I probably went off topic. Sorry.

    I don't give up until the announcement is made, and I'm looking forward to the announcement.


  5. A Hillary supporter here, now McCain/Palin, love her...I have a blog and every day for the last week I have had people comment that never have before, saying they are for McCain/Palin now.

  6. Thanks all.
    And a special welcome to "not a dem anymore". It seems that we agree on some pretty important things. That is very encouraging to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your feelings with us here. And please come back to Radarsite often. There may be a few other things we can agree on.
    It's a pleasure meeting you.
    Roger G.

  7. Yea, PUMA's support Palin by wide margins. You may find a couple that aren't too happy with her for whatever reason, but the large majority loves her.

  8. 1. Superficial attraction that sloughs off over time and with increased information.
    2. Resistance to her anti-abortion stance.
    3. Intense frustration over spurning of H.R.C.
    4. Intense aversion to scurrilous media attacks.
    5. Filial piety, habit, tradition calling them back in the privacy of the voting booth, in the final moment of choice.

    But: even bigger than my fat butt, in a close election, which the polls have indicated thus far, even marginal switching trends can be decisive!!!

  9. I am so not surprised that the pumas support Palin. Unlike the feminists who say they support women (Gloria Steinham today), pumas know the real deal when they see it - and even though they may have been Hillary supporters, they also recognise common sense in a WINNER when they see it.

    I also think McCain socked it to the dems good, in his choice of Palin. ;) Women like Palin NEVER quit in the face of the bully tactics such as she has faced this week. Just makes them more determined.

    Thanks for the roundup :)

  10. I was lukewarm to McCain for Pres. He wasn't my first choice. But, I'm a war vet who respects the hell out of that man for his sacrifice to this nation.

    I would like to think I could have survived the Hanoi Hilton going through what he did, but I honestly don't couldn't know unless you experienced it.

    Thanks to Sarah Palin, I'm no longer lukewarm for McCain, I'm red hot for this ticket and can't wait for November, if the Dems lose, and I think they will, the far left will be absolutely suicidal...that's a good thing.

    As for Sarah Palin, back off Roger I saw her first back in February! She's mine, I shall have her, damn the law!!

  11. Sarah loaded the bases and McCain brought them home with a Grand Slam out of the ball park.

    I'm still tearing up over that fantastic speech. What a man!!!!! What a team!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so fired up for this election that I want to go out and dance (pouring rain and all)!

    And GO CUBS!!!! BTW: Obama is a White Sox fan. Figures. Only the elites like the Sox.