Friday, September 26, 2008

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The Coming War With Pakistan

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Casting covetous analytical eyes on events in and around the Land of Pure, the data supports way more than Pakistan's new pres weighing in on the War On Terror lets on.

In July, India's Embassy in Kabul got ka lobbered with a massive truck bomb that killed over 40 innocents and sent a very direct message to India. Paul Burton, the Director of Policy at the Senlis Council explains -
" Pakistan has had this concept of Afghanistan as its client state,and it's always endeavored to keep it in its back pocket. That's why it was so keen to get the Taliban in power, because the movement was basically born in the madrassas of Pakistan.

Now, Indians have moved into the country very quickly. They'veinvested lots of money—they're building the new parliament and there are about 3,000 Indian workers in the southwest, building a road that would link Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf without going through Pakistan. At the moment, Afghanistan is entirely dependent upon Pakistan for sea access, so they're obviously very concerned about that development. "
Pakistan's shadowy ISI may be playing a double game. If indeed, ISI launched the Kabul attack via proxy to deter Indian involvement in their recent client state of Afghanistan, then events since could be read in a very different light with a very different conclusion:
ISI is prepping to take Pakistan to war against Great Satan.

Since the attack on the Indian Embassy, Great Satan totally stepped up attacks in Land of the Pure's Federal unAdministrated Tribal Areas.
Drones and cruise missiles acting on actionable intell went to work.

ISI fanboy and Great Satan hater Asif Haroon Raja stretches facts a wee bit explaining that Great Satan is baring her fangs in a gleeful attack on innocents to fan war
"The month of September saw intensification of missile attacks andeach attack resulted in loss of innocent lives. So far 62 border violations have been carried out by US-ISAF forces including 36 after the takeover by PPP government in March 2008. So far 30 missile attacks have been made killing innocent people. In none of the attack any Al-Qaada operative or militant Taliban was killed."

Marine General James T. Conway points out that info ops and propaganda can be used as weaponry by Taliban fans
“Sometimes we think there’s been overt efforts on the part of the Taliban, in particular, to surround themselves with civilians so as to, at a minimum, reap an I.O. (Info Op) advantage if civilians are killed."

In an effort to avoid innocent casualties deployed as shielding for enemies, Great Satan shared intell about snatch and grabs that promptly resulted in a shooting stand off with the Pakistani army.

This is amazing. Despite being unable to impose rule of law on their own sovereign turf and appearantly having no probs with Taliban or Al Qaeda violating their precious borders - the Paki military magically appears and draws the line on Great Satan and tries to deny her righteous hits and kills?

Did ISI tip off sympathetic military units and alert Taliban allies a hit was enroute? Not once but several times?
Since Benazir's other half is now the new pres in Land of The Pure and doing some sweet talking about attacking terrorists, did ISI try a decapitation strike at Marriott Hotel?

Hey - it was the exact same M.O. (Modus Operandi or operational methodology for the unRoman) like Kabul - a giant truck packed with explosive ordinance driven and detonated by proxies.
Rehman Malik, the Pakistani prime minister's advisor for the interior claimed maybe Marriott was a decap strike gone wrong - though he never breathed ISI's name:
"An Iftar Dinner was scheduled at Marriot on September which was hosted by National Assembly Speaker Dr Fahmida Mirza and where all dignitaries including the prime minister, president, cabinet and all services chiefs were invited. However, at the eleventh hour the dinner was shifted to the Prime minster's house which saved Pakistan's entire military and political leadership."

Pakistan is now the declared battleground in this struggle by militants and their creepy spymasters to strike first against American interests before Great Satan's war machine - led by Surging General Petraeus - completes CENTCOM's prep to storm the sanctuaries of al-Qaeda in Pakistan.
art "GrEaT sAtAn kill Taleban, steal your gIrLfRiEnD"

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  1. I do believe that the time is coming in which we will have to invade Pakistan to get at our enemies. It is too bad for them then.

    Pakistan has been harboring the Taliban and al Qada for 6 years. It is time that nation learns that to be a partner in our "War on Terror" means not to give aid and comfort to the enemy. For it makes you our enemy.