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When is Too Many Muslims?

Cross posted from Planck's Constant

When the Chinese came to America they brought their culture as well; but walk in any Chinatown in this country and you will not be threatened or even feel as if you have left America despite the Golden Dragons adorning the walls of restaurants or the pagoda-tiered phone booths in the streets.
When the Irish came to America they brought their culture as well; but no one is forced under threat of violence to eat corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patty's Day. Americans are free to celebrate that holiday or not, as they choose without being asked to relinquish some other holiday.
When the Jews came to America they brought their culture as well; but despite being the largest ethnic group in New York no public school was forced to dispense with pork so as not to offend a single Jew. No store was asked to remove piggy banks from their windows. No Jewish cashiers refused to handle bacon at Target's checkout counter. No Jewish cabbies refused to carry passengers because of some religious affront.
After hundreds of years of immigrants we still have hundreds of ethnic groups and religions all getting along with no one particular group asking that their culture, their religion, their way of life supersede any other. Until now.

We recall reading this headline at the start of this month: "Islam Hi-Jacks American Labor Day". I do not care if a majority of workers in a plant want to celebrate National Wet T-Shirt Day instead of Christmas or even the 4th of July. None of my business. However allowing Muslims to start trading their religious holidays for ours is paving the road to hell. Let a camel stick its nose into your tent and in short order you will be sleeping outside with the camel comfortably inside. Muslims are not like the Chinese or Irish or Jews. Allow one Jew into a country and a century later you have a couple of Jews. Let one Muslim into a country and a century later there are no non-Muslims left.

One may ask what's the problem with allowing Muslims reasonable accommodation for their religion? After all, we let Jews celebrate Jewish holidays at school and on the job. There is a problem. Jews (as well as Hindus and Buddhists) will not go overboard and ask for unreasonable accommodation. Allow Muslims to have foot-baths at Universities and soon they will be demanding that girls be in separate classrooms, that musical instruments be removed from music classes and that art teachers not show any art that represents the human form.

Bnet, 11 Feb 1996, Mohammed knocks at classroom door
Cecil Knight, head of Small Heath school, a mixed comprehensive in Birmingham where 96 per cent of pupils are Muslims, says parents are much quicker to complain than they used to be. "We have a generation of Muslims who have come through the education system and are much more competent at articulating the aims and desires of the Muslim community," he says. "They are not willing to compromise to the same degree."...Muslim governors are increasingly making demands. For example, Islamic law forbids drawing the human form, and that leads to what Mr Knight calls "a lively dialogue with the art teacher". Some parents also object to the use of musical instruments in music lessons, fearing their connection with pop music and Western youth culture, which they see as riddled with sex and drugs. There have even been requests for separate play areas and separate classes for boys and girls, which would be at odds with Small Heath's status as a co-educational school.

When average citizens become afraid to offend Muslims - when they fear for their lives that a book, a painting, a cartoon, or a news report will cause their death or destruction and forgo that book or that cartoon, then we have reached a point when there are too many Muslims in our country.
Amazingly Muslims are only 1% of our population now and we have already reached a point where Random House publicly admits that they are abandoning a book printing for fear of offending Muslims who may kill/torture/burn/behead them. Imagine how much fun it will be in America when they are 5% or 10% of the population - wheeeeeee.


Not All Muslims are the Same

Responding to my post When is Too Many Muslims? a reader commented, "Islam is not a single monolithic entity. Even within Islam, there are multiple understandings. Hence, to portray Muslims in absolute terms is very inaccurate."

There are over four thousand species of cockroach and although it would be inaccurate to portray cockroaches in absolute terms I doubt that anyone would care exactly which particular species was infesting their home.
For these same reasons I bundle Shiites, Sunnis, and Wahhabis as simply Muslims even though they view themselves differently. Certainly when they are not killing or torturing Jews or Christians they keep themselves busy killing or torturing other Muslims. Indeed, a few hundred years ago Wahhabis killed and tortured many Muslims, enslaved their women and children and usurped their possessions.

It may be interesting to differentiate the various Islamic sects: Shiites of Iran fund terror operations in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon; Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia fund terror operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chechnya, and Bosnia [source: United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary]; and Osama Bin Laden, a Sunni, funds terror operations everywhere. So while there are certainly differences among them, does it really matter that I lump them altogether? Does anyone really care precisely which sub-sect of a barbaric political system blows up a busload of women and children?

Not all criminals are the same, but when they commit a crime we throw them into the same prison: murderers, rapists, armed robbers, etc. Is it right or accurate to lump them altogether as if their crimes were all equally evil? The answer is who cares?
When it comes to how members of Islam treat infidels and even other Muslims, it doesn't make any difference. I know that most Muslims do not commit crimes just as most Nazis, the great Majority of them, did not kill or hurt a single Jew in the last century, yet we still condemn all Nazis as evil. Not because they hurt anyone, but because they allowed it to happen. There were almost 70 million Germans prior to World War II. I doubt 1% of them actually killed a Jew, so what were the other 99% doing when more than 11 million souls lost their lives to Nazi persecution?

Unless 99% of Muslims disavow their religion, the cause of Muslim barbarities, they will all be considered enemies of civilization; the fat and the tall, the thin and the short, the Sunnis, the Shiites, whatever - it doesn't make any difference.


A note from Radarsite: This is what I love about Planck's Constant. The straight talk. Courageous, often hilarious, and always right on target. Can anyone in their right mind argue the facts of this case? Of course it will offend a lot of people -- indeed, it already has offended one reader it seems. It will especially offend those people who either consider themselves to be -- or who accept the existence of -- those good, reasonable moderate Muslims. But, I would venture even farther into these treacherous waters. I would remind ourselves of the glaring fact that Nazism grew out of a particular culture, a particular German culture. And in that particular culture it thrived. True, all Germans weren't Nazis, some courageous Germans even tried opposing the Nazis in Germany; but in the end, after the invasion of Poland, it didn't much matter anymore that there might be different kinds of Germans, or even different kinds of Nazis. We were at war with Germany. Not with just some Germans, but with all of Germany. And all of Germany had to be defeated.

It's not up to us to separate out these various and sundry Muslims; it's up to them. And they had better do it soon, they had better do it before we reach that fateful point of no return, that 21st Century redux of September 1, 1939.

Until then, all Muslims are suspect. And to continue allowing Muslims entry into our vulnerable country is both foolhardy and self-destructive. Sorry, but we didn't start this war, they did. - rg


  1. How many Muslims are too many? That's an easy question. 1 is too many.

  2. Excellent post with excellent reasoning. There was a time I gave Muslims the benefit of the doubt, but now I give no benefits and have no doubts.

    When you look at Europe, it is extremely evident that Muslims are getting their way through the threat of violence, but it is even more important to note that this is occurring in European countries with politically correct socialist/left ruling governments. Is there any question that the Obama/Biden ticket will produce the same environment where Muslims will seek and receive more of their demands through threats and the legal system? Obama as President is the golden ticket of the Muslim jihad movement in America. My question is why do people vote for socialist governments knowing historically that socialist regimes destroy a country from within and do not prosper? Is their goal to destroy their own countries?

  3. Thanks so much for reprinting my articles - not because I need to have my ego stroked - but because you are helping to spread the word about the threat facing modern civilization.

  4. The Muslim migrant flow is relentlessly East to West for reasons about which ALL involved are in denial.