Thursday, July 3, 2008

Radarsite's One Year Anniversary

A note from Radarsite: It almost escaped my attention, but today (7/3/08) marks Radarsite's One Year Anniversary. I suppose it would only be appropriate to repost that very first article. I think it still holds up, but of course I'll let my loyal readers be the judge of that. - rg

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Published by Political Grind - August 20, 2007

"Who would Jesus bomb?" My neighbor's bumper sticker poses this loaded question or, more precisely, issues this provocative challenge. It is, of course, meant as an admonishment, an indictment aimed at those of us who supported the war in Iraq, those of us who, after decades of not responding to the escalating Islamic terrorists attacks against us, finally, after the horrors of 9/11, said, enough is enough and decided to fight back. Its obvious purpose is to shame us, to demonstrate how, once again, we are on the wrong side of the moral equation. Not only are we immoral, they tell us, but we are also sacrilegious.

There are, however, a few problems with this equation. In the first place, we're not bombing anyone. The vision that this conjures up is of squadrons of American B-52s carpet-bombing the poor people of Iraq into submission. The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of bombs that are being used in this conflict are those ubiquitous, cheap but effective IEDs, the jihadists' favored weapon of choice. And these deadly homemade (or increasingly Iranian-made) bombs are being used daily against us and our allies and innocent Iraqi civilians.

Of course, they say, if we had not gone into Iraq in the first place, none of this would be happening. Let's consider this argument for a moment. If we had not invaded Iraq, if we had succeeded in confining the war to Afghanistan, can anyone seriously doubt that the mujahideen would be coming in droves to Afghanistan to wage jihad against us there, just as they came there to fight the U.S.S.R. in the 1980s? We would be the same infidels fighting the same jihadists, for the same reasons, only we'd be fighting them on different soil. And, incidentally, Saddam Hussein would still be adding to his arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, ruthlessly murdering his own people and threatening his neighbors.

However, this still leaves us with that disarming bumper sticker question. And although of course its highly speculative, the answer must surely be that Jesus wouldn't bomb anybody. Indeed, if he followed precedent, he would allow himself to be captured by the enemy, imprisoned, tortured and finally executed. He would do this because that is his role; his divinely ordained role was, after all, to become a martyr, history's preeminent martyr. But should this be our role? Are we all preordained to be martyrs? I don't think so. There are many lessons to be learned from the example of the life of Christ; however, lessons on how to conduct a successful war may not be among them.

Perhaps the question should be reframed. How about, "Who would Muhammad bomb?" Muhammad was, after all, a consummate warrior who was in the business of making martyrs, not becoming one himself. Here, the answer seems pretty obvious; all you have to do is read the Koran. Muhammad would bomb the infidel which, of course, is you and me. He would do this because that is his divinely ordained role.

Whether we like the idea or not, we must face up to the fact that we are presently at war and we cannot allow ourselves to be made to feel guilty for defending ourselves against a murderous enemy obsessed with our destruction.

It's certainly been an exciting year. I want to thank all of my regular readers for their sincere friendship and loyal support.
- Roger W. Gardner


  1. Happy Anniversary, Roger. You have had a productive year and I hope to see many more coming.

    Keep up the good work and keep the truth flowing.


    And may you have ZILLIONS more!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Roger! May the next year be even better.

    To answer your question is simple.

    Jesus never would bomb anyone. From what I have read of him (New Testament), given a military role his would be that of a medic. Trying to save the lives of his fellow soldiers, risking his in return.

    Now Mohammad would try and bomb everyone (and being that he really was a lousy military man, more like one of the third world military dictators) he'd fail miserably.

    Moses would have blown up Pharaoh. And done it with style. Joshua would have blown up every city in Canaan. Samson would have wiped out Gaza (something that the modern day Samson might have to do). David would have bombed the rest of the Philistines. Solomon would have been the Nobel Peace Prize Winner (they don't give Nobel Prizes for sex lives, but they should in his case). The Maccabees would have nuked every Greek city-state, and the Zealots would have nuked the Romans. Boy those Old Testament types really loved to go to war.

    As for the Buddhists, no bombs here, but a lot of chanting.

    Must be something in the Mid East water that makes people want to blow up each other.

  4. Priceless Findalis. lol
    Thanks Lew and Snooper. You're good old buddies.

  5. You're awesome, Roger - thanks for giving us a year so far of your wisdom and humor.

    Who would Jesus bomb? I don't know about bombing, but I wouldn't mind a plague or two headed toward Iran!

    Bring on the locusts!

  6. Hey Shane old friend. Love those locusts. lolol

  7. Happy Anniversary Roger! You've come a long way due to your consistently excellent writing.

  8. Congratulations Roger!!
    In seraching for the truth may I suggest to look into Weir Harry reid's senate floor speech whenhe said that for the 23 or 24 Viloations over the years, " we are in avirtual State of War with Iraq'... before passing the Resolution to authorize military action gainst Iraq... Now it seems that all the Widdle a nd weaked spined bone heads who were chhering and clapping have suddenly forgotten that WMD was but one of 23 or 24 reasons that thy vote FOR.. and Barack has no clue either saying his " i was against".. as he is attempting to " reposition" ( waffle) on the issue...

  9. Happy anniversary and happy 4th of July Roger.

    Just look at all you have accomplished in one year!

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  10. What more can I say? Everybody took the words right out my mouth!

    Hey Shane, I like that plague thing. That is, if Jesus would work in His mysterious way. The only problem is that in the real world, Jesus would cure all the plague infected heathens and that alone would convert them.

    Roger, great work! Continue, contiunue, continue!

  11. Happy 1st anniversary and 4th July Roger, I hope you have many more successful years. Also, thank you so much for your support and friendship.

  12. An exciting ride, Roger, as we readers have had the privilege of sharing it.

    Site visits from all over the world and notice from some heavy hitters in the media.

    May the current year be even more successful and exciting.

  13. HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy RoGeRbAbE! Will always be indebted to you for your mentorship, your guidance and your eternal graciousness, cool and comradery.

    Radarsite is mindcandy in the New Millennium.

    yours til charcoal sprouts,

  14. Roger, if there's a place to go for riveting posts, it is here at RADARSITE.

    Many congratulations and we're all looking forward to more.

    Maggie's Notebook