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Top Lawyer says we must adopt Sharia

05 July 2008

They are all lining up to hand our country over to our Islamic enemiesAt least we know who is who, what is what, and where people stand within the highest realms within our society.Foreword: The Deputy Head of the Church of England the Judas Archbishop, the Countries Top Judge Loony Lord Phillips and now one of the Countries Top Lawyers are all lining up to support one another over the introduction of Sharia Law into our Country.Grafting in an alien religions law into our English tradition so that they can govern their own affairs now they are living in OUR land.

”Live like a State within a State until you take over” were some of the comments spoken by a Moslem leader in the Undercover Mosque expose, and if I am not mistaken this same person who passed this statement is on the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain’s board that is seeking to graft in and implement Sharia Law into our Country.By their own words they stand convicted of their ultimate intentions towards us and our land so why are these people in such powerful positions trying to force us and our society to graft in these alien religious laws?

Scared of the consequences if they do not give in to our enemies demands, the wolves who come to them in sheep’s clothing. They talk about integrating the Islamic Religion into our tradition that has been built over the Centuries by the blood sweat toil and tears of our ancestors, when in reality they are giving the ‘green light’ for the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain to legally separate from the rest of society and function independently of the British State. Living like a State within a State. If they do not like the way we run things here in our land then they should start looking and thinking about finding a Country in the World that will allow them to live how they want to live and then move there if they hate how we do things so much.If you don’t like it here then get out, no one is forcing you to stay.Why should the United Kingdom allow this bloodthirsty murderous religion to break away from English law and become its own functioning Kingdom upon our Island?

Everything starts with the first step, whether you are about to climb Mount Everest or take over control of Great Britain, the first step has to be taken or you will never reach the summit, and this action sanctioned by those who should be protecting us is giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain its first steps towards independence, the first State sanctioned flag of conquest upon our soil.

Do you really think that the Islamic Religion will just accept these first steps and then not force more upon us through threats of violence and mayhem? Everywhere we turn now within our society if we do something that offends Moslems they create a furor and we have to change things and our way of life to suit them, exactly like the recent Scottish police media campaign. The list of pathetic minor offences and then the subsequent changing of our way of life is endless. This is what is commonly known by those who see what is happening, as the Islamification process, where Moslem work tirelessly on every front to change society and its way of life so that it eventually becomes Islamic, whether that be tomorrow or in 100 years.


Adopting Sharia Law as the law of our land for the alien Islamic Kingdom is the first major breakthrough in their war of conquest against us because the British State has surrendered and given into their demands peacefully with not much loss of life on both sides.What does the future now hold based upon the present facts?

This lawyer has said that unless we give in to their demands of running their own affairs upon our land then we will alienate them which would end in dangerous results.He must have been living on mars when 9/11, the Madrid train bombings, and 7/7 happened. Those dangerous results have all ready occurred with many many more thwarted by our security services.We are in a War with the military wing of Islam that is seeking to take our country over and destroy the Civilised World on behalf of their religion, they seek to force their Islamic Religion upon our way of life, so what do our leaders do?

They surrender and give in to our enemies demands! 'No surrender' is the British motto so greatly phrased by Sir Winston Churchill, and we the English people are the children of Sir Winston so you few in positions of power might want to hand our country over to our enemies but we the English people do not and there are more of us than there are of you. So whose side are you on in this coming Civil War that has been declared against us because by your actions you show that you are appeasers, bowing down to our enemies demands which is in direct conflict to those whose Country you currently reside over.The Queen has the final say about what happens within her land as she is still currently the Sovereign ruler of our Nation, she is the ‘Crown’ of which you are all subservient too, so just because you say it is a good thing does not mean it is. We all know the Queen is aged now and is used against her will for the political purposes of those who govern our land, and those who govern our land have shown they are all appeasers, surrendering our Nation and committing Treason against the people, so we can only hope that within the ‘House of Windsor’ the family sit around the table discussing what is right and wrong for their Country and its people, and that someone from amongst them has the backbone to stand by what is right for all of us at such a critical time as this.

There is an army across the land awaiting their Kings Sovereign divine leadership.The military wing of the Islamic Religion wants to kill them and chop off their heads after all, and British Moslem leaders captured on the Undercover Mosque expose openly call for their over throw.So where do you stand and who do you stand with?Where are the top lawyers and judges to come out in defence of our land?Bishop Nazir Ali currently stands alone except God on His side, whilst the Judas Bishop now has the Countries top judge backing him and now one of the Countries top lawyers.The writing is on the wall, can you read it, and can you understand it is the question because it speaks very clearly about now and the future.Watch the Undercover Mosque expose for yourself: Undercover Mosque

They are even preaching to their people to get prepared because the Jihad is coming where people will not be killed unjustly. The people he refers to here are me and you who refuse to submit and bow down to Islamic dominance and hand our country over. So when I talk about Civil War on this blog it is the response to their actions and rhetoric towards the English people whose country they presently reside in.What response do people expect when there is a military force in our midst daily conducting and preaching Holy War against us?

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Daily Mail
Stephen Hockman QC said legal reforms to incorporate Islamic principles are 'inevitable'A leading lawyer yesterday called for sharia rules to be written into English law. Stephen Hockman QC said legal reforms to incorporate Islamic principles are inevitable. He warned that 'otherwise we will find there is a very significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated, with very dangerous results. '

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A note from Radarsite: "Live like a State within a State until you take over.” This, from this Islamist's own words. How much clearer could they be? It is incredible to watch this catastrophe play itself out. In Britain, it appears, the only Enemies of the State are those loyal patriots like Lionheart who speak out against this monumental betrayal of the English people. From this side of the pond it looks as though the jihadists are winning. Or worse, that they have already won.


  1. There is a difference between what Jewish religious courts do and Islamic religious courts do.

    Outside of Israel, Jewish courts do not have the force of law. They are only there to settle disputes between members of the Jewish faith. If a Jewish court refuses to give a divorce to someone and the civil (national) court does, then in the nation of those people they are legally divorced (but not religiously).

    Islamic courts want the full justification of legality. They want to replace the civil courts for Muslims. A non-Muslim has no rights in an Islamic court. A woman has very few rights in an Islamic court. And Islamic law is considered to be higher than the national laws.

    In fact what is happening in the UK is the imposition of Shar'ia law on the nation. Having a religious court becoming a higher authority than the national court system.

  2. Fine analysis Findalis. Thank you for the info.

  3. It is inevitable that the Brits' partiality to Arabs is coming home to roost.

    Because of Arab-leaning Brits, Jews did not get the land mandated for them by the League of Nations. It was mandated - the Brits made sure the borders were not respected - not matter the mandate.

    This from Joan Peters' From Time Immemorial (1984):

    "The question of the internationally mandated "Jewish National Home" east and west of the Jordan River, of which only the small fraction of land that is Israel today..."

    A footnote from the 1939 White Paper:

    "The perfidy of British failure to carry out the Mandate, in the violation of its terms and in the history of the British administration of Palestine...detailing of British policy restricting Jewish immigration as compared with British laxity toward Arab immigration...

    It's only fitting, since Israel was robbed of much of its land, right in front of the whole world, that the Brits get their chance to live within a Muslim world also.

    Maggie's Notebook

  4. Fascinating perspective Maggie. Britain's inherent antisemitism is certainly a large part of this unhappy equation.