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The Fouse Report: 14 Jul 08

top to bottom: Abdul Alim Musa, Amir Abdel Malik Ali

As-Sabiqun and the Muslim Student Associations in America

Thanks to the courtesy of my friend and colleague, Ms Reut Cohen, I am re-producing her posting on the As-Sibiqun movement in the US.

Two principal figures in this radical, Sunni movement are American imams, Abdul Alim Musa and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, who are also frequent speakers at the University of California at Irvine and other universities on behalf of the Muslim Student Associations.

Reut Cohen is an Israeli-American,a recent graduate of UCI and former member of Anteaters for Israel, a UCI-based Jewish student group. She has been at the forefront of exposing the hatred and radicalism of the MSU at UCI, an effort in which she received little or no support from university officials.In addition, Reut has just produced a video on As-Sabiqun, which can be accessed on her blog (Reut Cohen- there is a link on this site) as well as Red County blog (Campus Watch), edited by Jonathan Constantine-also linked on this site).

Abdul Alim Musa and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, two radical imams, are no strangers to UC Irvine where they regularly spread their seething hatred of America, Israel and Jews on behalf of the Muslim Student Union (MSU). These speakers are involved with the As-Sabiqun movement which aims for Islamic revivalism and enabling Islam to take "complete control of ... the lives of all human beings on Earth."

Below is information about both speakers and the radical and hateful As-Sabiqun movement. includes the following information about Musa:

Imam Abdul Alim Musa is the founder and director of the As-Sabiqun movement, which aims to “enable Islam to take complete control of … the lives of all human beings on Earth.” He serves as director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington, DC, and is a senior member of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) -- a pro-Iranian, pro-Hezbollah, Islamist think tank. Musa also sits on the governing body of the Muslim Alliance of North America, which is headed by Siraj Wahhaj. In addition, Musa is a frequent speaker on American college campuses, often at the invitation of the Muslim Student Union and chapters of the Muslim Students Association. In 2004 the San Francisco Bay View described Musa as “one of the highest-ranking Islamic leaders in the Black community, nationwide and specifically in the Islamic movement.”

Two days before 9/11 -- at a September 9, 2001 fundraiser at UC Irvine on behalf of the cop-killer Jamil Al-Amin -- Musa said: “Imam Jamil coined a phrase, and that phrase meant this: ‘If you don't give us justice. If you don't give us equality. If you don't give us our share of America. If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we’re gonna burn America down.”

During a May 9, 2007 “Islamic Revival” event at UC Irvine Musa discussed his belief that the U.S. carried out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: “When you hear about some bomber that blew up the World Trade Center or blew up this or blew up that, I'm telling you brothers and sisters, that is your CIA. That is your government blowing up people, blaming it on us … Didn't Adolph Hitler burn the Reichstag, blame it on the people and he became the Fuhrer and what happened? He could suspend civil liberties. And he could wipe out and he could war against all of his enemies. That's what Adolph Hitler did, isn't that right? He burned the Reichstag himself.... They blew up the World Trade Center, blamed it on us, and then come out with the PATRIOT Act and all these criminal laws. Right?”

At the same event, Musa said: “Who ran the slave trade … who funded [it]? You’ll study and you will find out: the Jews … It was the Jewish bankers … in Vienna, with pockets full of money, funding and insuring, that’s who did it…. you can’t tell us about no holocaust. Between the African Americans and the Native Americans, everybody else’s stuff was [supposedly] small potatoes [according to Jews].”

Here is a bio for Amir Abdel Malik Ali:Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali (also known as Abdul Malik Ali and Abd Al-Malik) is a black Imam associated with the Masjid Al Islam mosque in Oakland. A graduate of San Francisco State University and a former Nation of Islam member, he is a frequent guest lecturer at Muslim Student Union and Muslim Students Association events. A passionate supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, he helped organize a July 1999 rally in San Francisco at which Imam Abdul-Alim Musa proudly displayed a cashier’s check made out to “Hamas, Palestine.” Malik-Ali endorses suicide bombings as a legitimate “resistance” tactic: “Palestinian mothers are supporting their children who are suicide bombers, saying, ‘Go honey, go!’ That ain’t suicide; that’s martyrdom.”Also among Malik-Ali’s notable quotes and positions are the following:“The enemies of Islam know that when we come back to power we’re gonna check ’em.”“Stay conscious and ask Allah to raise the Muslims and give us victory over the disbeliever.”“When it’s all over, the only one standing is gonna be us [Muslims].”“Sooner or later, today’s Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children. And they should be militants.”“Neo-cons are all Zionist Jews.”Israelis ought to return “to Germany, to Poland, to Russia. The Germans should hook y’all up. You [Israelis] should go back to Germany.”“In America, you’re mostly fighting with your tongue, but you should also learn how to fight with the sword.”

At the Sixth Annual Muslim Student Association Conference held at UC Berkeley in February 2004, Malik-Ali denounced “the white man, who is the enemy.”At the Universal Heritage Foundation’s December 2003 Islamic Conference in Florida, he warned moderate American Muslims that their desire to be “liked” was turning them into “‘house slaves’ in the mansion of a racist, imperialistic and destructive America.”He has described Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a “pretty good guy.” notes the following about As Sabiqun:Founded in the early 1990s by Imam Abdul Alim Musa, As-Sabiqun (whose name means “The Vanguard” in Arabic) is a Sunni endeavor that seeks, through “an organized Islamic movement,” to establish Islam “as a complete way of life in America” -- “in total, complete, and uncompromised service of Allah.”On July 4, 1994, As-Sabiqun enumerated its major organizational objectives in a document that stated, most notably: "We resolve to work with other communities (movements) … toward the end of harnessing the power of Muslims and their resources for the purpose of reestablishing the system of governance known as Khilafah, or the Caliphate, patterned after the leadership exemplified by Prophet Muhammad." "We resolve to utilize all the tools of Islam to develop an analysis and plan of action to totally and completely obliterate the hold of jahiliyyah [spiritual ignorance] and enable Islam to take complete control of our lives, and ultimately, the lives of all human beings on Earth." "We resolve to shape the ideas, beliefs, and moral viewpoints of the people into an Islamic mold. Toward this end we will … develop the comprehensive educational system that is necessary to inform, inspire, and direct the society toward Islamic revolution (or evolution)." "We resolve to make Islam a living force by challenging and breaking the hold of social and political forces seeking to suppress and destroy Islam." Believing that “Islam is fully capable of producing a working and just social, political, economic order,” As-Sabiqun “does not advocate participation in the American political process as an ideal method for advancing Islamic issues in the U.S.” Instead, it calls for “a strong and active outreach to the people of the U.S.” -- an effort aimed at persuading Americans to embrace Islamic beliefs, customs, and institutions.

The movement endorses “cooperation on domestic social issues with like-minded non-Muslim groups,” but only “as long as Islamic ethics and morality are not compromised.”As-Sabiqun’s major ideological influences include the writings and crusades of Malcolm X, Maulana Mawdudi, Shaikh ‘Uthman dan Fodio, Sayyid Qutb, Kalim Siddiqui, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna.Though As-Sabiqun is a Sunni entity, it has publicly voiced support for such Shi’a movements and organizations as the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran and the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah. According to Abdul Alim Musa, Muslims today ought not engage in the "counter-productive" habit of focusing on the differences between Sunni and Shi’a Islam; rather, they should aim to unite in their struggle against non-Muslims."

Fousesquawk comment: I would encourage my readers to go to the above websites and learn more about this group. I have heard both of the referenced speakers at UCI over the years. Theirs is a message of hatred-hatred against Israel, hatred toward America-and hatred toward Jews ("Zionist Jews" as they call them). Ali appears at UCI virtually every quarter, courtesy of MSU-and a cowardly administration that will not stand up to a bunch of racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American agitators.

posted by Gary Fouse

A note from Radarsite: "If you don't give us justice. If you don't give us equality. If you don't give us our share of America. If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we’re gonna burn America down.” Damn. What's more disturbing: hearing these naked threats against our nation uttered without the slightest concern for the judicial consequences of this blatant treason? Or the fact that these threats are being uttered on our respected university campuses with the acquiescence, and even the encouragement of the universities themselves?

“The enemies of Islam know that when we come back to power we’re gonna check ’em.”
Could this threat be any clearer? Could their murderous intentions toward us be any more real?

“...the white man, who is the enemy.” My God, if this isn't racism, then, what the hell is it?

When laws designed to protect an individual's freedom of speech endanger a whole society, when laws designed to protect the rights of minorities allow those minorities to call for the utter destruction of the majority, when a nation's laws no longer protect its citizens, but in fact render them more vulnerable to their enemy, isn't it time to enact some new laws? Or perhaps it's just time to start enforcing some of the old ones.

How can a nation survive if it abandons its own citizens to the enemy? How can a nation survive the hatred of its own children?

Who the hell's in charge here?

Where have all the grownups gone?

Won't you please come back?

We need you.

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  1. They are just 2 examples of the "leadership" of Black America and the cult of "victimhood".

    I am sick of being blamed for all the problems in the Black community. I didn't force Black kids to quit school, take drugs, have bastard children, live on welfare, join gangs, or any of the ills that the Black community suffers. Yet I am forced to pay for all of these "problems".

    My ancestors never owned slaves. The slave trade was bought and paid for by Muslims. But blame the Jews. If you blame the Muslims you are called a racist.

    I am sick and tired of this BS going on in AMERICAN Universities. Universities that are mostly paid for by NON-MUSLIM AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

    It is time that we take back our schools, and kick the Muslims back to Arabia.

  2. You know Findalis, you are my most loyal commenter, and most of the time I agree with everything you write, but this time I REALLY agree with you! Every damn word! Thank you for your straight talk. I love it.

    In fact, this is the whole point of Radasite, it's whole mission. To cut out all the crap and wade through all the lies and the tricky language. To try, at least to try to talk about things the way they really are. And all of my great commenters are an integral part of this mission.

    And, you know, believe it or not, we really are being heard. Thanks all.

  3. Roger,

    Thank you so much for posting this information on this site. I really appreciate your willingness to help us to raise awareness about the awful situation at UC Irvine.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Reut R. Cohen

  4. What a pleasant surprise! Hello Reut.
    The Fouse Report has become a popular and important edition to Radarsite. You might be surprised at some of the readers we've accumulated because of these shocking articles. Gary has championed your fine work and your noble cause. We are more than willing to do what we can.

    It's a pleasure meeting you. Please come back often, and feel free to leave your comments.

    Best wishes,
    Roger G.

  5. I will certainly visit back often!

    Gary Fouse has been very helpful in addressing the radicalism exhibited on campus by student organizations like the Muslim Student Union. It's a shame more faculty won't step up the way he has.

    Reut R. Cohen