Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Demonizing the Devil

Demonizing the Devil

A note from Radarsite: If the West actually loses this monumental cultural war, this latest violent onslaught of Islam, some of the blame for this great catastrophe will have to be laid at the feet of sanctimonious idiot journalists such as The Mail's Peter Oborne. Enemy propagandists like Oborne can do more harm than the screaming Muslim rioters, because they are respected and believed. They are trusted, we can only assume, by at least some portion of the British readership. Their delusional absurdities are swallowed whole without a second thought by many innocents, those vulnerables who are too lazy or too busy to search out the truth for themselves.
The only religion these people know up close and personal is Christianity, thus they tend to see all religions as merely a variation on this theme. They have unwittingly bought into the gross lie that all religions are the same, that all religions seek only peace and tolerance and love. They have accepted -- and are still eagerly accepting the concept of a peaceful religion hijacked by a fanatical few -- an Islamic version of Christianity's KKK. Irresponsible -- or purposefully traitorous writers like our Mr. Oborne feed this dangerous fantasy. They lend the lie the authority of their byline. And make no mistake about it, they are as deadly an enemy to the free and democratic world of our Western democracies as Al Qaeda. Perhaps, it could be argued, even worse. Because they pose as friends of the people, loyal patriots merely speaking out against injustice and bigotry. If these traitors or fools are not actually in the pay of the jihadists, then they certainly should be.

Below we have reposted sections of Mr. Oborne's treacherous article. We have given emphasis and red color to some of his more fantastical statements and replied with Radarsite's commentary [In blue], and we have added some appropriate illustrations.

To even have a chance of winning this imminent Clash of Civilizations, both in England and all over Europe -- and soon perhaps here in our own USA, we must learn to identify our enemies, especially those who disguise themselves as patriots and would presume to guide our opinions and our actions.

We simply must not allow these outrageous lies to go unchallenged. - rg

Is post-war Britain anti-Muslim?
04th July 2008
The Mail's Peter Oborne

This country could be demonising Muslims
Prejudice against foreigners, homosexuals, gays and blacks has been softened or even eliminated.
But today, one resentment is stronger than ever. Islamophobia - prejudice against Islam - is Britain's last remaining socially respectable form of bigotry, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for it [Yes, this is just what the Western world needs: shame, shame and racial guilt].This dangerous demonising of the country's 1.6 million Muslim [ 2 million is the more accurate figure] inhabitants is happening all around us.

Not surprisingly, it was the terrible 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist outrages in New York and London that detonated much of the reaction we see today, but Islamophobia was causing concern well before these events.
Back in the Nineties, the multicultural think-tank, the Runnymede Trust, was warning of its dangers, and a report to this effect was endorsed by the incoming Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw, in 1997.
So it was sad, therefore, to see Straw, a decade later, joining in the chorus against Muslim women wearing the veil. [Yeah Jack Straw!]

It was clear to me that this was more than a random rumination from a member of the Government. Rather, Labour appeared to have made the extraordinary decision to try to identify with the general mood of anti-Muslim resentment. [Now, where I wonder did that 'general mood' came from?]

I was shocked.
[He was shocked folks! Shocked by this 'anti-Muslin resentment!] In such volatile times, it was incumbent on all those in positions of influence - politicians as well as commentators like myself - to get their facts and language right.
Instead, Straw's intervention liberated the British media to go to extremes. Soon practically every day brought forth news of some fresh effrontery perpetrated by a Muslim. [Another right-wing conspiracy targeting the peaceful MuslimsI

Shahid Malik says Muslims have become targets for society as Jews once were [" Jews once were"? Britain has the dubious distinction of being one of the most anti-semitic nations in all of Europe, and it's getting worse]
This cumulative litany of condemnation became an anti-Islamic crusade. [If only it was!] Nor is it confined to one side of the political and cultural spectrum.
It enlists militant atheists alongside Christian fundamentalists [In other words, those lining up against Islam are all loonies]. It unites liberal progressives and curmudgeonly Tory commentators.
Take Polly Toynbee of the Guardian, normally regarded as a model of political correctness and a champion of the oppressed. As long ago as 1997 she wrote: 'I am an Islamophobe, and proud of it.' [Yeah Polly Toynbee!]
Or this from one Conservative columnist, writing in The Independent: 'There are widespread fears that Muslim immigrants, reinforced by political pressure and, ultimately, by terrorism, will succeed where Islamic armies failed and change irrevocably the character of European civilisation.' He was in no doubt that we are fighting a remorseless war against Islam. [And this columnist is exactly right]
This is a gross distortion. [The only 'gross distortion' here is your manipulation of the truth of Islam]

There is, of course, no question at all that Britain, along with many other countries, finds itself in a battle with certain groups of Muslim terrorists. ["Certain groups"? This is the most telling statement in this whole incredible article. Here we see firsthand the authors abysmal ignorance of Islam]. But that is not the same as being in a battle with Islam, and it is morally wrong, inflammatory and intellectually feeble to make that claim. [Precisely backwards]

Nonetheless, one columnist in an upmarket Sunday paper could ask rhetorically: 'Islamophobia? Count me in.' Imagine him declaring: 'Anti-semitism? Count me in.'
This just wouldn't happen. Antisemitism is recognised as an evil, noxious creed and its adherents barred from mainstream society and respectable organs of opinion. [Really? Where in England is it barred?]

But there is no social, political or cultural protection for Muslims.

This poor silent minority.

As far as the British political, media and literary establishment is concerned, the normal rules of engagement are suspended.
In their arguments, all those making such sweeping dismissals of Islam interpret the Koran as a violent text and Islam itself as bloody and oppressive. [Absolutely correct.] They ignore its overwhelming message of peace and tolerance. [Islam is founded on violence; it promotes violence and sanctifies violence. 238 of 434 pages of the Qur'an are violent. Islam is a cult of violence]

Paradoxically, the result is they end up sharing the same warped interpretation of a great religion [Absolutely wrong. it is the only correct interpretation of Islam] as Osama bin Laden and the violent extremists they denounce.

Mr Malik, 40, warned that Muslims have become targets for the rest of society in the same way that Jews were once persecuted: 'I think most people would agree that if you ask Muslims today what do they feel like, they feel like the Jews of Europe,' he said. 'I don't mean to equate that with the Holocaust,' he added.

People often accuse Muslims of arrogance and of refusing to engage in the British way of life, and undoubtedly there is some truth in these criticisms. ["...there is some truth in these criticisms" Bravo! In this entire exercise of ignorance and/or willful deception, this is the only statement that even approaches the truth] But media reports tend to enhance rather than diminish this sense of separateness and confirm stereotypes, however much mistaken.

Herein lies a growing danger: Islamophobia, inflamed by media reports, is being hijacked and exploited by the far Right in politics.
It is about time that we collectively extended to them the rights and respect other citizens enjoy.
Regrettably, though they are our fellow citizens, we nevertheless misrepresent them and in certain cases we persecute them. Our attitude can lead only to estrangement and alienation. And therein lies the greatest danger.

Because if we continue to demonise Muslims, we make it all the easier for Al Qaeda to find recruits from within those communities. Islamophobia will backfire on us - and simply magnify the very threat it presumes to address.

[Please tell us, Mr. Oborne, How can you demonize the Devil?]


  1. He just doesn't get it or maybe he has been brainwashed by the elites in the Universities to believe that Multiculturalism is the best way.

    One can look at Europe and Great Britain and see that Muslims are getting their own areas, complete with Shar'ia law, dishonor killings and a police force that will keep all Christians out. But that is what he wants.

    On the day that Islam finally does take control of the UK, he will wake up to find all of his Freedoms gone, and he will be subject to the restrictions of the Dhimmi. What will he write then.

  2. Peter Oborne is the embodiment of what is happening to Britain. There is a surrender mentality over there.

    Great post, Roger.

  3. How gracefully he equated Islam's current station with that of the Jews. Of course such grace can only be achieved by the blatant omission of fact: religious texts aside, I've never heard of anybody, Jew or otherwise, committing murder in the name of Judaism. I've never heard anybody rioting over misuse of Jewish symbolism. Finally, I've heard only a select few Muslims acknowledging and admonishing the extremism in their own religion. In fact, the few I've discussed the issue with met me with flat out denial and refusal to respond.

    That someone even has the gall to compare the two religions is disappointing at best and sickening at worst.

  4. Thanks Findalis and Gary.
    Welcome back Webmaster. Very good points. Islam has earned the dubious distinction of being uniquely murderous.

  5. It's the same old leftist bull, no matter how many of you the enemy butcher in the most cruel of fashion, these scumbags will always say that fighting back will only provoke the enemy. Only when morons like this have the blade against their throats will they understand the futility of it.

    The western world today has two enemies, leftism and radical Islam. Leftism is already part of our lives now, it has infiltrated into just about everything. We cannot prevail by winning over just one, we have to defeat both. Anything else and it'll eventually lead to the same point. Different name, same tyranny.