Monday, July 28, 2008

A Must-See Obama Video!

From our good friend and fellow blogger Norman Hooben

"Watch this before it's pulled! Google has already removed the embed preventing people like myself from posting it on their websites." Norm Hooben

From Norman Hooben:

It's Gone!

Some of you got the chance to see it based on the few overnight responses I recieved. I'm sure another copy will show up somewhere and I hope someone out there was able to download the original. In any event I call this action by Google pure censorship! We're being duped folks and guess what? It's all your fault...and mine too. We have allowed the politic elite complete control over our lives like we didn't see it coming!


A note from Radarsite: I suppose I should apologize for that video not being here any longer. But obviously we have little or no control over what Google decides to do with its videos. I can only hope that a lot of you got to see it while it was up. It was a shocker. If anyone out there has a copy of the original please send it out to everyone. I'm sure we will be discussing this subject more in these next few days. - rg


  1. Its Been Pulled As Expected!
    Censorship at its best!

  2. I got your link from Lionhearts blog. As a UK citizen, out of respect I don't post opinions about your countries politics but I have to offer this piece of advice with this Obama character. Please don't make the same mistake we did with electing Tony Blair. You can see the mess our country is in and this is what is going to happen to yours if you do the same.

    For the doubters you need to re-read the story of the Trojan Horse of Troy

  3. As of this time I've received 5 responses from recipients of my email that got the chance to view it before it was censored...should add one more to that, Snooper may have saw it first.

  4. We are now up to eight people who saw the clip before it was clipped.

  5. Another message from the UK via Fido @ his Lone voice blog:

    To quote his blog:

    "Look, I really have to say that I can not understand all the fuss and obcession over all things Obama.

    You see he has been done before, sorry America but I hate to break this to you but the new messia and his "new way" of doing things is all old hat.

    Some 11 years( plus) in fact, and it was one Anthony Charles Linton Blair who was our Obama.

    He talked of a better way, a new way, a middle way - as per Obama.
    He smiled like some grinning buffoon - as per Obama.
    He toured his ass off from one end of the UK and abroad - as per Obama.
    He fired off soundbites with no real meaning, lots of uses of words like "equality", "liberty", "friendship", "alliances" - as per Obama.

    Then he got elected and things here in the UK turned to shit.

    There are now over 1000+ ways that the state is allowed to enter a home here in the UK, some 400+ of these have happened since Blair & New Labour came in.

    The state expanded into every area of peoples lives, dependency on the state has rocketed, self reliance has declined, record numbers now work for the state administering this huge uber-state.

    Taxes both direct and indirect have spiraled ever upwards.

    Health & safety and political correctness have been used to curtail activities, oppress freedoms and stifle free speech.
    Spot fines and amendments to our laws have created a system where more and more we the citizens have to prove our innocence rather than it being assumed that we are innocent.

    Government money is used by unelected quango's to fund pet projects.

    Aid money is poured into the hands of dictators in Africa and Asia via the government/Eu with little accountability to taxpayers here who fund it.

    Billions wasted on global warming.
    Think Obama is brilliant, well my US friends I shall tell you this: All of the above will come to your shores, at a time when we need to compete with the tiger economies and India we are tying us businesses hands with ever more taxes and red tape.

    The same will happen in the US if he is elected.

    The old term for Obama was a communist, a pinko, a red under the bed, in fact a "useful idiot" as a certain Soviet leader called people like Obama.

    Now our Obama, one Mr Blair having screwed the nation went off on a farewell tour, yep us taxpayers paid for it all! Now he works for a bank having foisted the dire Gordon Brown on us as PM.

    Now we Brits and you Americans have had our differences in the past, we did burn down the White House but we both valued freedom in our ways. Now sadly we have almost none and I see America going to head the same way as us..."