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Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 23 Jul 08


From Lionheart
23 July 2008

I was due to attend Greyfriars Police station today to answer bail regarding my arrest on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on this blog.
I was advised by my solicitor/lawyer yesterday that he had spoken to DC Holden regarding my attendance at the police station today and he told him that a decision still had not been made concerning me and my case so they are going to be bailing me for a further few months.
So the leash is still around my neck, but it’s more of an extendable leash now, like the one you put your dog on so they can run a little further, rather than a chock chain.

I lost everything because of the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton, my home, by business, my way of life and over 18 months of my life.And I thank God daily for it because my blog now stands as a testimony for others to read about what is going on in Luton & Dunstable, which is Al Qaeda’s frontline within Great Britain, and the Islamic community that has set up camp there.There are many cowards out there who disrespect me but just remember you’re the one who ran away not me, I’m just taking a rest now.
Let’s not forget that Luton played a central role on 7/7 and during ‘operation crevice’ the biggest anti-terror operation in British history which saw the bomb maker of the plot who was a taxi driver from Dunstable wanting to buy a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium, and the Emir of the plot who was also said to be the recruiter of the lead bomber on 7/7 Mohamed Siddique Khan also another Pakistani Moslem known as Q from Bury Park Luton.All these known factual links to International Islamic Terrorism and Al Qaeda’s War against Great Britain from this one locality of Luton.

My blog is an on the ground assessment of what is happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable with regards to the paramilitary force of British born Pakistani Moslems, and then beyond what is happening on the streets, out of sight and mind.Blended into the Bury Park community of Luton, living in the shadows is Al Qaeda in Britain, trained courtesy of Osama Bin Laden and the terror camps of Afghanistan/Pakistan who are now recruiting and commanding their Moslem brothers on our British streets.Jihad (Holy War) against us and our way of life for Islam is their message.
By the time the British State have decided what they want to do with me I will have lost another year of my life to them, having the stress of these legal proceedings hanging over my head, and then I could lose another year if they finally decide to charge me and all for writing and telling people what I see with regards to Islam’s War within Great Britain and against our Western Civilisation, and calling Moslems savages.As an uneducated man and not politically correct I think savages fits them quite well after watching beheadings, suicide bombings on buses and trains, flying planes into towers, chopping off peoples limbs for the most trivial of offences, the hatred that is aimed at those outside of the religion, and the hatred towards women and homosexuals and all because of the teachings of the religion. The list could go on and on, these are just a few examples that spring to mind of why I call Moslems savages.The politically correct term for those who have jobs and careers to protect is - Terrorist

Ok not all Moslems act in that way but if they class themselves as Moslems by carrying the label and embracing the religion then they condone what is at the core of the religion which is the teachings of a 7th Century barbarian who was a bloodthirsty warmongering child molesting paedophile false prophet rapist
.Many who claim the label ‘Moslem’ only do so because it has been passed down from the generations, they don’t know the true heart and soul of the religion because they have never delved into the deepest depths of the pit of the religion. Those who do know the heart and soul are the religious Moslems who are committed to furthering the agenda of the Islamic religion in Great Britain and are the driving force.Those who profess moderation and peace are a different side of the same coin they just have a different way of achieving the end time goal which is Islamic Rule upon the British Isles. This is the mandate of the Islamic Religion that all Moslems if they are true Moslems must adhere to and carry out, those who profess moderation and peace are taking the long term approach and those conducting Holy War are taking the faster approach, but both have the same end result in mind and they both work in tandem together.So don’t believe the lies.
If a Moslem doesn’t want to live under Sharia Law then he/she is not a Moslem, it is like me as a Christian saying I don’t believe in Jesus, its that simple, and we have 3+ million Moslems in our Country.Those who carry the label ‘Moslem’ but know nothing about the heart and soul of the religion know in the back of their minds that if they reject the label then they face a death sentence from religious Moslems as an act of apostasy which is one of the most abhorrent things imaginable and has no place within our civilized society but as with many other things it is an integral part of the Islamic religion.If a Moslem leaves the religion he/she must be murdered for this offence, and there are many willing Moslem murderers out there willing to please Allah by shedding Apostate blood.Those who leave Islam should find a place of safety and sanctuary within our land, and the Church is the place where you will find it, then you can break off the shackles that bind you and receive the Love of Jesus Christ from His servants, those like Bishop Nazir Ali who knows all to well about Apostasy among many other things within Great Britain.He himself is now a target of the military wing of Islam because he dared speak out on behalf of the British people about the Islamification of Great Britain; does this not tell you something that everyone who speaks negatively about Islam has to live under fear of death?

And this is supposed to be a civilized 21st Century democracy in which we live.No wonder there are so many cowards out there, but what does the future hold for our children and grandchildren with so many cowards in society who are doing nothing about those who are seeking to destroy all of our futures?We cannot escape the facts in today’s British society and what they mean to our futures although this present government would like to sweep them under the carpet by saying ‘Islam means peace’, ‘Moslem and terrorist are two words that don’t go together’, ‘Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity’, and it’s a small minority, so as to dupe the gullible British sheep people into a false sense of security by believing the lies about Labours block vote and their pet project, the British Islam they are foolishly trying to create like the deranged Liberals that they are.You can hear the Islamic World laughing at these spineless treacherous traitors as they take over our Country, who are leading Great Britain into the gutter, surrendering and appeasing at every opportunity to save their cowardly necks from the inevitable, even giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain their first State sanctioned building blocks for their own autonomy upon our Island, and releasing Al Qaeda terrorists back out into our society.The Liberal Elite and the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are working together towards the destruction of the British homeland and the ancient ‘Realm’ in which we have lived for generations in their quest for the unachievable utopian multi cultural dream which is nothing more than social psychosis being inflicted upon British society by those patients with the disease of Liberalism who are now in charge of the Asylum which is Great Britain who have tried their Marxist social engineering project on our society at our expense while they sit back in their tax paid ivory towers.

Over our dead bodies our enemies will have to climb to defeat and destroy the ‘Realm’ is the message from the British people, I am just one of many across the land; we will not let the sacrifices our forefathers made for us be in vain, we will fight for righteousness for the sake of our children and grandchildren who are relying on us.I put one question to you here; what are you doing about the future for your children apart from sitting on your big behind watching TV, filling your store house for the uncertain future the World faces, and complaining about 21st Century British life.”What does it profit a man if he gains the whole World yet forfeits his own soul”
Why not make a conscious decision today to do something, even the smallest of things because it is the smallest of things that go towards the bigger picture, just like each individual brick played in building Rome.’Evil prevails when good men/women do nothing’If you have read this then the decision is in your hands, decide to act and make a difference in this World in which you live or go back to your cowardly dark slumber that you believe is light because of what it contains and live out the rest of your days under the Lord God Almighty’s gaze but void of His shadow over your life because you reject to help defend His kingdom on Earth, and the innocent, weak and vulnerable people who are relying on those who God has ordained to hold back the darkness.

You are reading this for a reason, each and every person who clicked on this blog today and every other day.Osama Bin Laden is the Anti-Christ who seeks to defeat America and destroy Christendom in the War he has declared on behalf of Islam, and the Islamic Republic of Iran are seeking Nuclear bombs so they can wipe Israel from the Earth.

How long until the world in which we live changes again forever with this present global conflict going to the next level and phase?The Islamic Civilisation v The Judeo/Christian Civilisation – Nuclear WarThem or us no middle ground, are you playing your part or are you one of those people in denial of the truth, consumed with other meaningless things pertaining to daily life which are so insignificant in the scale of the bigger things happening within life on Earth.

What will be living through the coming Apocalypse be like and are you preparing?As I will not be posting on this blog again and I do mean it this time, there is a facebook group that I have set up that needs some life brought into it so I would ask that those who have contributed here will come and contribute there and bring some life to the group.It’s up to you though.There is 18 months worth of video’s, writings, facts, opinions and beliefs on the pages of this blog, so there is enough for people to read who arrive here, and if the police have not got enough to charge me yet based on my whole blog then is it not about time they let me go so I can get on with my life?

These extra few months are not going to change anything, its not like I am going to wake up one morning and start telling people to burn out the Islamic Kingdom and hang the British traitors who are against us from London bridge is it?My beliefs and opinions are on each page of this blog and I have never once called for murder or violence against others, so why was I arrested?I breached ‘community cohesion’, and how dare British citizens breach ‘community cohesion’, those newly formed racial hatred units in the police force need to show some work for their funding after all so I was viewed as an easy target for the detected crime statistics considering I was open and honest on my blog.

”Touch not my prophets and do my anointed no harm”
Do the British State want to make me a martyr for my words? They know I would accept it gladly because to be a martyr in any form as a Christian is the highest calling God can place upon our heads and that includes dying for our faith. The only thing different between a Christians joy of dying for his/her faith is that they die out of love for others, where as Moslems die to kill others.No Christian would ever commit suicide to murder others that it mass murder plain and simple, but Moslems based on their religion wrap it up as martyrdom with the prize of 72 Virgins for their actions.Islam is nothing more than a creation of the devil as the facts emanating from its heart and soul clearly show, and those who cannot see it are blinded by a different form of devil.
Although I have enjoyed writing my point of view about the Jihad for others to read and hopefully shed some light for those who could not see, blogging does not put food on the table or a roof over your head, and those things are more important to me than writing words for others to read at this point in time.I will be back at some point in the future but not on this blog, this blog is now finished.

A book is on its way as long as someone will dare publish it and of course you will be in it, my avid readers from Bury Park, how rude would it be of me not to mention you for the world to read after everything.You think your something because you hunt in packs and have instilled fear in people because of your willingness to commit brutal acts of violence and murder but in reality you aint all that, you just have had longer time to prepare for what is happening now because the British people were oblivious to you and your Islamic intentions.

Now though things are loud and clear.You switched the light of Almighty God upon yourselves the day your threatened my life. He knew exactly what was going to happen in Great Britain and in Luton & Dunstable that’s why He chose me to let the light of heaven shine through me into the darkness where you devils from the pit inhabit that threaten His people and Kingdom on Earth. I am called and anointed as every other Christian is, to live and serve under His shadow, so how dare you devils in the embodiment of Moslems from Bury Park threaten the Lord’s anointed, a servant and ambassador of Heaven, I serve the King, so take note of your brother Bobby Khan because God knows who each of you are, the very hairs on your head are numbered.

There will be nothing said or done in the darkness that will not be brought out into the light.One will chase a thousand and two ten thousand and I alone have chased and surrounded the first thousand of you, with you now surrounded on all sides with no where for to run or hide because you sit in your small encampment upon my land, the land my forefathers built for me, so what a liberty for you, our guests to throw our hospitality back in our faces by declaring war, committing acts of war and seeking to take over.What did you think the response would be?And those Al Qaeda in the shadows who are nothing more than psychologically twisted human beings who need their perception of life reconfigured now know who I am, and it is my pleasure to say come get me, just like I said to the cowardly London flag burners, before the thief come gets you.You started this, the line in the sand was drawn, you crossed it, and believe me God will finish it.I can only say open that dark twisted mind, let a little light from above in and repent of your actions, open your heart and allow Jesus Christ the light of life into your life, and into your dark Islamic heart before it is too late for you whoever you are, wherever you are, and your eternal soul ends up in the true lake of fire.We cannot both be right!
Lionheart of England

P.S I have one more thing I am waiting to post which I have been waiting on for about 4 months, so if it does finally arrive as ‘old news’ then I will post it, so keep checking back, and if not then God knows and its in His hands.It is “All for the Glory of God” after all.I am the Lord, that is my name; And my glory I will not give to another’ nor my praise to carved images.

Any posts that I do make from now on that I think are important will be posted on Radarsite.

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A note from Radarsite: Dammit!! I can't believe this is really happening to you. The cowardly bastards! They can't handle your honesty and your patriotism. The truth is too much for them. But the whole world is watching this farce play out, and you've picked up a lot of friends and allies.
We promise to do whatever we can to carry your noble banner forward. To so many of us -- all over the world -- you are a true hero.
Godspeed, brave Lionheart. I am at a loss for words. - rg


  1. I understand why our dear friend across the pond, Lionheart has to post here on Radarsite. And I'm angry about that. There should be a free exercise of speech all over the world. No one should be arrested anywhere for what he or she says or writes. "The most hateful speech" must be protected speech!

    It is time that we send out the call for those who don't blog to take up the pen (or the keyboard in this case) and blog. Can we get 10 new bloggers on-line to take up the slack that is being done by Lionheart leaving?

    During his last post in which he said he had to quit, I took up the pen. Now we need only 9 more.

  2. Wow, I don't know what to say about this. As an American, freedom of speech is a very precious thing. Even morons, like those at the KOS, have a right to be heard. This is an abomination and I cannot believe Britain is allowing this to happen. I have a deep respect for our cousins across the pond, but what are they thinking? The next question is how long will it take for this to happen here in the States.


  3. I have been following Lionheart, and it really is a shame. Make no mistake, this is just the beginning. if they get away with this with Lionheart, and it seems they will, it does not bode well for others.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  4. Ct, The OIC is demanding, and their dhimmis at the UN are resolving in favor of the treacherous legislation already enacted and enforced by Australia,Britain & Canada.

    It is up to disrespectfully demand the preservation of our first amendment rights.

    It is up to us to demand withdrawal from the UN and its expulsion from our soil.

    Let those who are willing rise up , raise Hell and recruit others.

    you will find links to on line petitions which serve as instruments of education as well as expression. Sign them and forward them to your associates.

    You will also find fliers you can print & distribute and other resources.

    Take up the sword of truth and start swinging it.

  5. This is what I have coined: Global Cultural Jihad. Haven't the Islamic Turd Burglars so stated that they will use our laws against us?

  6. Our Dear Lionheart,

    Putting food on your table and a roof over your head is not only important, it is your duty. It is, in the end, the point of all this. Ought not men and women be free to live as they choose and take care of their own as they choose? Yes. These are the unalienable rights with which we are endowed by our Creator. It is for this we blog, we fight, we live.

    You have blogged and fought more publically, bravely, and effectively than most of us. We are all indebted to you and thank you for the light you have shed and the example you have set.

    We look forward to your future posts on Radarsite. Our thanks to Mr. Gardner for providing this forum for you.

    We sincerely wish you all the best. This farce with the "authorities" will end someday and we suspect it will end in your favor. You - like every man - have a right to live in peace unharrassed by Islamic crack-pushers or overly ambitious British Bobbies.

    Our thoughts, prayers, and continuing support go with you!



  7. There is a very courageous army rising up in the darkness who are going to shine as they never shone when everything was rosy. Lionheart is one and Geert Wilders is another. Never has a period of great darkness fallen over a time or place without the voice of the prophets crying out and often paying for their outspokenness. I pray that Lionheart truly has the heart of a lion to face, and persevere through what he is facing now.

  8. If America is conned in to electing Obama or McCain our freedoms will end.

    Our nation is being led to join the New World Order, and the Muslims are migrating all over the world as we remove borders.

    By the way, America has no borders, our government tells us so, so it must be right. How can 4500 illegal aliens enter our nation each day, and then preach that we can't throw them out, and Obama and McCain promise them they will get Amnesty once they are in office.

    But if Don Cordell, an Independent candidate gets elected, the American borders will become secure. Illegal aliens will have 30 days to leave, with their children, or it will become a felony to remain here.

    As to Muslims Sharia Law, to Islamic law, we have been fighting Muslims since 1100 AD and it's time to clean the world or this scourge. To totally eliminate anyone who claims they have a religious right to kill all non believers. Well line up the Virgins, they are going to need a lot of them in Heaven, because there are going to be a lot of arrivals.

    Notice this is only for Muslim MEN, nothing for Muslim women?

    Well it is time that we end this battle, and I guess America is again going to come to save Great Britain, if GB doesn't have enough sense to end this invasion and warping of British laws.

    WE have to end this Muslim threat to the world. Don Cordell will go to battle where ever this Muslim threat exists, until the world is cleaned up.

    Google for "Don Cordell", and see what can be done after 2008.