Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is Paris Burning?

From WVW

Sarko Had Better Bully France’s Thugs
R Posted on: 2008-07-16 15:41:17


In my previous post France Should Prepare for Civil War I mentioned that 297 cars had burned during the night of July 13-14. Now it seems that another 295 were torched the following night, making a total of 592 cars destroyed – 150 in Ile-de-France (the Parisian region) and 145 in the provinces. In addition, 98 persons were arrested and 58 were placed in custody in all of France. The figures just for Ile-de-France are 48 arrests and 29 in custody.

However the worst crime so far took place in Asnières, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine (Parisian suburbs).

TF1 reports: He may lose an eye. On the night of July 13-14, a police commissioner was injured by a pyrotechnical device during a confrontation between young persons and the police. "The wound is extremely serious," according to a police source. The commissioner, about 30, was visibly wounded by the ricochet of the pyrotechnical device while violent confrontations between about 50 young persons and the police were taking place in the northern neighborhoods, considered dangerous ["sensibles"], of Asnières. The commissioner received a visit on Monday from Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie.

The socialist mayor of Asnières, Sébastien Pietrasanta, called these confrontations "extremely serious", and spoke of gangs of "well-prepared and hooded" young persons who attacked anyone and anything that represented order and institutions." According to a source at the office of District Attorney ["parquet"] of Nanterre, these were" blatant acts of urban violence, an unprecedented violence, premeditated," that pitted "from 30 to 60 persons" against the forces of order.

The mayor said that the following night had been "calm", but SICP, the union of police commissioners, expressed anger once again at the "regular rise in violence at holiday time," stressing that the use of fireworks and firearms has become "almost systematic" against the police forces. News Source: brusselsjournal

A note from Radarsite: Is Paris burning? Not according to our own MSM. Evidently, major riots in European cities aren't considered worthy news items here in the US. Admittedly, these major societal upheavals don't exactly bolster the liberal's delusional multiculturalist agenda, but isn't it just a little dangerous to just ignore these violent events? How many such riots have been previously ignored by our liberal media? How many other reports of major, racially motivated crimes throughout Europe have been similarly swept under the rug? There has been a multitude of racially-motivated crime waves reported in Oslo, Copenhagen, Brussels, Sydney, Australia and other European cities which have gone almost completely unreported here in America.

What, then, is the result of this self-inflicted ignorance?

Unfortunately, it seems that most Americans remain blithely unaware of these escalating racial tensions that are flaring up, one after the other, around the world. These incendiary issues of race and religion (driven primarily by the unchecked mass immigration of Muslims into a woefully unprepared Europe, Britain and Australia) are in some places reaching the boiling point. Yet, most Americans still feel comfortable and secure, unthreatened by rumors of these distant conflagrations. Most issues, they feel asssured, can still be resolved through common sense negotiations. Unaware of the brute force of anarchy, they remain unconvinced of its growing danger. Only when their own car is set ablaze will they take action. And then the only action they will take will be to call their insurance company.

But, what if it's something much bigger, what if --

I love America. And I'm getting sick of crying Wolf! I'm getting sick of telling people to wake up. It's glaringly obvious that my own puny voice just isn't going to do the trick. They just laugh and tell me to take it easy. They're going to be voting for Barack Obama and he's going to straighten everything out. He's going to settle all of these nasty little disputes and put out all those troublesome fires.

I am convinced now that it will take something enormous to move this behemoth called America. Something huge and undeniable. Something catastrophic.

But what?

For a shameful majority of Americans the after effects of 9/11 lasted only a matter of weeks, then it was back to business as usual. Back to the business of business. You know what they say -- Life must go on. So just relax, everything will turn out alright. It always does, doesn't it? - rg


  1. It is the nature of Americans to forget about the dangers that face them if the threat isn't screamed at them every day. We tend to go back to our "own lives" and forget about the "bear in the woods" or "snake in the grass". It is only when the bear or snake bite us that we spring to action. Thus is so with the racial riots in France. They aren't rioting here.

    Until these riots spread to the US, Americans will view the problem as one overseas, and of not much concern.

  2. Thanks Findalis. Of course a large part of this problem is that most Americans aren't even "viewing them".

  3. Paris is burning? I didn't know, here in Italy nothing was said about it...the MSM talked about the 14th of July and its celebrations, Carla Bruni but nada about those riots.