Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blips on the Screen: 27 Jul 08

Your Amerika...Not My America

By Dean, July 27, 2008

This election brings my America to a crossroads. The viral maniacs on the left can't wait to turn this country upside down with their newly elected great, the wonderful Barak Hussein Obama....gee...ain't he pretty. And hey he makes you feel good too. Wow. I just can't wait.

Mr. Eurobama, the worlds president, appeaser of nations, leader of fools, reading canned deception from his teleprompter, and followed around by his groupies from the MSM like a bunch of gaga eyed teenagers following their rock idol.

Get ready for the "change" that will be ushered in by this maniacal leftist and while you're at it take a good look around at my America, for it's the last time you will see her. The new Amerika is on the way aided and abetted by the usual suspects.
Now I could go into a long list of these criminals but I ask you what's the point? Are you paying attention??

America seems more concerned about who will be the next "American Idol" or what's playing at the movies or can I get a double Mac with cheese please, than what's going on inside our own country.

While you sit at home watching all your propaganda news programs passing time or running around the mall looking for the next best deal, your local leftist propagandists are busy converting you and your progeny into 'bots...good little sheeple.

Are you a Democrat? Really? Will you vote strict party lines? If you answered yes to these questions then I must tell you that YOU are my enemy and as long as you remain a faithful follower of the Democrat mantra YOU will remain my enemy and I will fight you.

Why do we still call you Democrats anyway? Your socialist circle is nearly complete. The "cat is out of the bag". The Democrats want to control health care, oil and free markets. Next will be housing and food. When salary caps, wage controls, and mass housing are under their thumb there will be no stopping them peacefully.

Democrats? More like Marxists if you look closely at their agenda.

You can read this article at American Thinker; Why Do We Call Them Democrats:

This one; The Soviet Art of Brain Washing:

And this one; The Devouring Dragon of Socialism Eating America:

Perhaps the most important of them all my friend Snoopers "The List of 45" here:

Read it, understand it, and remember it when you vote. My America and yours is at stake.

I would be remiss if I didn't issue this warning to you socialist scum. Visit my house at your own peril.

You are my enemy and I will deal with you as such...I don't hesitate...and I don't miss.

Take that any way you like.


A note from Radarsite: "I'm not a writer, some of you are so if you want this thing it's yours." This is the way Dean's email which accompanied this small article of his begins. Why do I automatically like people who begin their sentences this way? Maybe it's because for so many of us, the writing is very important, sometimes perhaps too important. Who knows?

I gave up long ago attempting to draw the line between my ego as a writer and my message, or that conjectural line between Radarsite and Roger W. Gardner -- half of the time I don't know whether to sign something here as Radarsite or rg or Roger W. Gardner. In the end of course it probably doesn't really matter a hell of a lot. If I write something and it's well received that makes me feel good, and I think that that's probably OK. I shamelessly promote Radarsite in ways which I would never even consider promoting Roger W. Gardner, because it's all about getting the message out there and fighting back against the anti-Americanists.

And, I think like most of us, I pour my heart and soul into these essays. And, again like most of us, I hope that they somehow actually make a difference. Sometimes I feel that they do, and other times I wonder. Don't we all? But we keep on writing just the same. And, speaking just for myself, it would be foolish to say that my ego wasn't at all involved in all this; it most assuredly is.

Perhaps that's why Dean's opening statement made such a positive impression on me. It's so direct, so honest, so free of ego. He has something he wants to say to us. And he thinks it's important. So he's going to say it. And we can either take it or leave it.

Now dammit! Especially after reading so many pompous, self-important, self-promoting dissertations from our detractors on the left, this comes like a breath of honest fresh air.

And we can either take it or leave it.

And I for one am going to take it.

Thank you, Dean.


  1. This election is between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The left would have us believe that they know what is best for America, the World and your family. They want to legislate out of our hands every right we have except the right to be under their domination.

    That is what is at stake in November. That is why Obama is so dangerous.

  2. Thanks Roger. I really had no idea any of you would deem this worthy of posting.
    It was an angry post done more for stress relief than anything else.

    After reading numerous articles on the great Nobama and all the groupie fawnings over this phony creep I considered 3 choices, 1. shoot my computer, 2. get falling down drunk and bark at the moon, or 3. write it down.

    Computers are expensive and I seldom drink anymore though I may

    At any rate, thank you for the kind words. Please note I did have to remove many expletives from it to even make it worthy of an e-mail.

    My years in the Navy taught me many new words and ways to put them together that were/are quite distinctive.
    Snooper calls it "grunt speak", so I reckon "navy speak" would follow along similar lines.