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Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 22 Jul 08

Abu Hamza to be freed & The British Government surrenders

Its Official – The British Government deals with Islamic Terrorists. Foreword: At the beginning of the year Glen Jenvey who is an expert on Al Qaeda in Britain and fighting the online front in the Jihad sent me through a statement that had been released on a known Al Qaeda website stating that unless the British government released Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza and other leaders of the British front of the Jihad from Belmarsh prison then we would be attacked.

At the beginning of the year anyone in their right mind would have said that there is no way our government is going to release Abu Qatadar, Abu Hamza or any other Al Qaeda terrorists who are locked up in Belmarsh because these are the most dangerous men to have ever walked our streets and are a very serious and credible ongoing threat to the National Security of our Country and the Civilised Western World.

Several months on we now have Abu Qatadar walking our streets a free man, released under the guise of ‘Human Rights laws’, and now the ground is being set for the British government to release Abu Hamza from prison rather than extraditing him to America to face justice for his crimes there.Abu Hamza and his legal team are exhausting every single Law Court here in the UK and then Europe trying to stop his extradition which is costing many millions of tax payer’s money.Now there is a Foreign Affairs Committee saying that we should not send Abu Hamza or another terrorist fund raiser Babar Ahmad to the States because the Security Services there have admitted Water boarding techniques to obtain important information from Islamic terrorists as they fight the ‘War on Terror’.

We fight a new type of War with a new type of enemy and we need to fight it with whatever techniques work otherwise we are going to lose, but it seems that the Liberal Elite within the British government do not understand that point, they would prefer to surrender the security of our society, and protect our mortal Islamic enemies who want to kill us and take our country over rather than doing what is necessary to protect the British people.

This with the Foreign Affairs Committee is all the public excuse to release Abu Hamza back out into our society just like they have released Abu Qatadar, so its now official:

In my mind I can only hope that the Americans have not washed their hands of us yet because of these cowardly acts of treason and surrender by those who profess to be our leaders, which flies in the face of everything that America as a Nation and people is fighting for in the World today in which we live. And we are supposed to be America’s closest Ally in the World.America is fighting for the preservation, and the survival of the American homeland and the Western Civilisation in which we live, and the present British government is surrendering and handing our Nation over bit by bit, piece by piece to the Islamic World and the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that has been established upon our soil.Great Britain is so far gone and easy pickings now for the Jihad (Holy War) that Abu Hamza who is locked up in one of our most high secure prisons that houses many Al Qaeda terrorists was able to get a message out to Ayman Alzwahiri the second in command of Al Qaeda, asking him questions about the Jihad in Egypt.What does this say about the State of Affairs in Britain?And the gullible sheep people deny there is a problem; they turn their backs and turn a blind eye just so that the false bubble they live in does not get affected.

I’m alright Jack, so who cares about any of this is people’s attitude. Just remember when it hits the fan you were warned!

Daily Mail Accused: The move would mean hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza would not be extradited to the U.S. Britain should stop extraditing prisoners to America following the CIA’s admission that it ‘tortured’ terror suspects, an influential group of MPs has demanded.The move by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee would prevent the extradition of hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza, who faces terror charges in the US, and Babar Ahmad, accused of fund-raising for the Taliban.

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A note from Radarsite: Capitulation. That's the word for the day. Thank God for those loyal allies like our good friend Lionheart. It seems from this side of the Atlantic that the current British Government is falling all over itself trying to cajole and appease the Islamists who are determined to destroy them. How do you rationalize such behavior? Lionheart seems as disgusted and perplexed as we are by these latest acts of betrayal. Where will it all end? When will the subject of the demise of Britain go from passionate rhetoric to horrible reality? - rg


  1. Typical of the leftists running governments. Both the British and Israeli governments would rather give into the blackmail and terrorists than fight them.

    This will change in Israel when a new, non-left leaning government is elected and I believe the same would hold true in Great Britain if the same thing was to happen.

  2. We have stated before that Britain today serves merely as a laboratory, the Canary in the Islamic Coalmine. How long can she flitter about masquerading as her former self until the irrecoverability of her position makes itself manifest and she is officially recognized as an Islamic State? No one knows. But the present leadership seems bound and determine to bring that about. Why? Also a mystery but we suspect it has to do with the hypnotic spells of the Sixties and their infantile understandings of "peace", "tolerance" and "love." In clearer days these were recognized as naivety, ignorance, and - yes sir -capitulation.



  3. Thank you both. I hope Findalis assessment of both Israel and Britain prove to be correct. That would be wonderful. We shall see --