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Civil War in Sweden?

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008
by Baron Bodissey

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.For a complete Fjordman blogography, see The Fjordman Files. There is also a multi-index listing here.

During an online poll at the national newspaper Aftonbladet, almost half of the readers voted “yes” to a question of whether a civil war is possible in Sweden. I know online polls don’t always reflect the public opinion, but still… This is in a country where there is virtually zero debate about mass immigration, which continues at full speed.My personal opinion is that Sweden is not the most likely candidate for the first civil war, simply because people need to fight back to create a civil war. It takes two to tango. The same for France, which is demographically speaking the worst country, and where a kind of war is waged by immigrants in the streets right now, but where nobody fights back. The Germans won’t go first, either; they are too tied down by their history.My bet is still on Britain for the first full-blown Eurabian civil war, with the Netherlands as a close second, and possibly Denmark. Italians will fight back. I don’t know if the Spanish will.In general, if you live in any Western European country, you should arm yourself very soon, one way or the other.- - - - - - - - -Sverige minner om Libanon— Fjordman

PS: I’m still working on the essays for the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France regarding Islamization, and will possibly write one for the former Communist countries in Eastern Europe regarding Multiculturalism and the EUSSR. If somebody has some suggestions for any of these texts, they can post them online at Gates of Vienna. If I like the text, it will be included in the book “Defeating Eurabia,” which will be made available online within the coming month. I may credit you as “blog reader X” if your contribution is used, but you must be willing to share it for free, as I do.PPS: One of my texts from three years ago. Especially the final two paragraphs are still relevant: Is Swedish Democracy Collapsing?

A note from Radarsite: For many Americans the concept of actual civil war breaking out in Europe may seem a bit far fetched. Yes, we admit, they are having some difficulties with their immigrant Muslim populations. And, yes, these Muslim immigrants have so far seemingly resisted the idea of assimilation into their European host countries, and have brought with them their backward and barbaric Shari'a laws -- but, civil war? Surely things haven't progressed that far, have they?

Have they?

I fear that we have heard these same hollow voices expressing these same hollow doubts before. In 1938, throughout Europe and Britain, and here in the USA, one could hear thousands of these same voices, expressing this same incredulousness. After the unspeakable horrors and incalculable losses of that Great War, how could rational and sane people even think of contemplating another bloodbath? The very idea was insane. Surely things haven't progressed that far, have they? They asked each other and shook their heads in disbelief.

Look closely, my friends, and understand. Inexorably, all of the necessary elements are coming together. From across the seas we can only watch helplessly as these fateful events unfold, one upon the other. The racial riots in the Parisian suburbs, the violent and unchecked rampaging of "Asian" gangs throughout almost all of the major European capitols, the soaring crime rates, the increasing loss of cultural identity, the seething frustration and the bitterness of those beleaguered indigenous peoples, the Swedes, the Danes, the French and the Brits. These hapless victims of their own Socialist multicultural governments, these occupied nations.

Have things really progressed that far?

Unfortunately, to this particular observer it appears increasingly imminent that the traditional nations of Europe will be forced to choose between two equally unpleasant options: the national humiliation of inundation and subjugation, or the horrors of civil war?

Is there a third option?


  1. The governments of Europe, scared of being cut off from Mid East Oil and being called bigots, will not do the third option of actually enforcing Freedoms. They will cave into each and every demand made by the Muslims, especially after the Muslims riot. Thus they think they will keep the peace.

    The indigenous peoples of Europe are getting fed up with these demands and actions. It is only a matter of time before something really does erupt, and the Dhimmified governments will be powerless to stop it.

    I fear it will be in Great Britain first. The population is getting fed up with Muslim demands on Shar'ia law. And I think one really horrific act of terror (worse than 9/11, 7/7 or the Madrid bombings) and the nice, civilized men and women of Great Britain will show their Celtic ancestry and slaughter their foes.

  2. I think I agree. I think it will be Britain. Of course we're all just guessing. But, yes, I think Britain is primed to explode.
    We shall see.

  3. I agree England will be the first one to the present time the situation in Italy isn't so grave, but it's started to showing the unwillingness from muslims immigrants to integrate (eg some of them don't want a male doctor to visit wife)

  4. Those Vacillators of the EU have no moral character.. and they call themselves " Allies" of the USA".. forgetting that Twice we saved their Sorry asses!!
    There May not be a third tome when the Sharia proponents are going to take them over.....

  5. In many ways I agree with you, "For many Americans the concept of actual civil war breaking out in Europe may seem a bit far fetched."
    But many Americans don't endure the daily frustrations that many Europeans face.
    Swedes, who have forsaken participation for profit over many generations is now a hostage to it's immigrants; its ethical and cynical indiffereence.
    Civil wars stem from deep feelings; sometimes expressed in forum, and as often, festering silently in resentment.
    Whether crisis manifests itself in either Sweden or the United Kingdom be sure that the self-imposed legal restraints on the population will hit an even greater crisis point than we are even now witnessing.
    What the West is lacking at this juncture is the spiritual fortitude, long sacrificed in the social democracies for secularism.
    Unless action is supported by morale, and the lessons of abuse of forsaken credos are reviewed, then it will be of no merit.
    This is not to say that we have to rub the European peoples' noses in the mud for their governments' largesse.
    As a demonstration of one the greatest of Western virtues, reconciliation, we must encourage them.
    Think of this, the Moslem Horde has slipped past the Gates of Vienna and now operate the toll gates at the doorways of Stockholm, Copenhagen and London.
    But we'll have to wake up to the fact that this campaign will have to be free of concerns for cultural, ethnic and religious prejudice; the justice we can decide later. If not, our 'later' will be Islams courts.