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July 23rd, 2008 by Aurora

SBS one of Australia’s few main television networks aired coverage of a large Catholic mass conducted in accordance with last week’s World Youth Day in which, according to commentator, Mike_W, the journalist kept referring to “all the other great world religions”. As he pointed out, this was a Catholic event, so why would they insist on referring to other religions. Would an Arabic journalist keep referring to ‘other great religions’ at a big global caliphate mass gathering?
And the mainstream media in the last couple of days has taken great delight in publishing a story to the effect that Sydney’s Sexpo, falling hot on the heels of World Youth Day is offering half price tickets to the pilgrims visiting for World Youth Day. Welcome to the new, reinvented concept of Christianity…or should we say Chrislam? It’s in full swing in Europe.

From Brussels Journal:
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, and the Custodian of Postmodern European Secularism, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, on July 16 opened the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid.
The aim of the event is to promote dialogue between the world’s main religions, and, as some observers suspect, to establish a one-world religion based on Islam. More than 200 leaders of different religions [pdf], including Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Universalism, Marxism and Multiculturalism, are attending the three-day conference. Also attending are leading personalities specialized in dialogue and useful topics such as “life of human societies, international cooperation, human rights, security and peace and living peacefully together.”

The conference is being organized by the Muslim World League (also known as the World Islamic League) following an initiative by King Abdullah, whose country is the birthplace of Islam, a religion of peace. The Muslim World League also happens to be the principal agent for the propagation of Wahhabi Islam in Europe. In 1987, it was elected as a “Messenger of World Peace” by the United Nations.

Saudi officials said Spain was chosen as the site for the gathering because of its historical symbolism as a place where Muslims and those Jews and Christians who paid the dhimmi tax lived in peace under Islamic rule between the 8th and 13th centuries.

Europe is not the only state whose current religions are being engineered into an Islam-friendly, one world religion. America is going in the same direction if you listen carefully to Obama et al. Here’s an excerpt from the new North American Union’s planned constitution:
This is the purpose of One-Faith-Of-God. To give all Christians and Jews around the world an idea greater than any divided and misguided loyalties. To unite as one, to heal the world, to protect the world and to give back life to the solar system.49.2 The UN resolution to form the state of One-FaithIt shall be a mission of the Union that the United Nations shall eventually pass all necessary motions and direction that the sovereign state of One-Faith be established in accordance with the constitution written.

And here’s the comments of Obama on the subject of a mandated politically correct religion:
“Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into UNIVERSAL, rather than RELIGIOUS-SPECIFIC VALUES. “NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT FOR SOME WHO BELIEVE IN THE INERRANCY OF THE SACRED SCRIPTURES. But in a PLURALISTIC DEMOCRACY, we have NO CHOICE. Politics depends on our ability to persuade ea. Other of common aims based on a common reality…AT SOME FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL, RELIGION. DOES NOT ALLOW FOR COMPROMISE.

Christianity can’t operate under the guidelines of a body like the U.N. Obama knows this and so do the globalists. But the intention was never for Christianity in its current form to continue operating as a vital organism. It is intended that the currently practiced Christianity will be stamped out.

Back to the U.K. and earlier this month, you have the head of the Church of England, Rowan sharia-law Williams raving about how Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, blah, blah ad nauseum:
Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.
Dr Rowan Williams also criticised Christianity’s history for its violence, its use of harsh punishments and its betrayal of its peaceful principles.

His comments came in a highly conciliatory letter to Islamic leaders calling for an alliance between the two faiths for ‘the common good’.
Notice the emphasis on combining the two religions?

Here’s how I think it will play out. You will have a ‘think tank’ come up with a new religion…already named One-Faith-of-God in the North American Union’s constitution, (I prefer to call it Chrislam). It will be heavily favored towards Muslims and Christians will be expected to make every concession. There will, however, be some dos and don’ts that Muslims will be expected to observe such as tolerance of all manner of sexual immorality, abortion etc. etc. according to what the new global government sees fit to legalize. As a matter of fact, this will be a state religion.
Sorry people, but the global caliphate is a heartbeat away.

A note from Radarsite: "Sorry people, but the global caliphate is a heartbeat away." As usual, Aurora presents us with another thought-provoking article. And this particular article is particularly scary. The enthusiastic One-Worlders are actually making startling headway in areas that not all that long ago would have been considered inviolable. Now not only are we being groomed for some gargantuan One-World Government, but also for a new One-World religion, the Sovereign State of One Faith -- or as Aurora put it so succinctly, Chrislam.

It would be laughable if it wasn't all so damn real, so damn imminent. It still seems impossible that we've allowed things to reach this point, this extreme. And the nightmare continues. And we don't wake up.
God help us all. - rg


  1. Christianity and Judaism are incompatible with Islam. But so are every other religion in the world.

    That proposed Constitution scares me. It would take away all of our rights and put in place the Islamic Republic of the Americas.

    Muslims must be stopped now. Send them to one of the 57 Muslim nations in the world. We don't want them here.

  2. The enthusiastic One-Worlders are actually making startling headway in areas that not all that long ago would have been considered inviolable.

    When I think back a couple...ahem...of decades to my childhood, I don't remember the world being so bitter, so sarcastic, so dismissive of Christianity. It seems to have held at least some place of respect. Its festivals were celebrated with holy songs intact. Its genuine followers were admired. That was a whole universe away and today we are surrounded seemingly by aliens.
    God help us indeed, Roger.