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In the future?

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In the future
It is morning and you are awoken with the call to prayer. The religious police are checking on everyone to make sure that all are at their prayers. As a woman you pray behind the men, you had to rush to prayers making sure your head was covered and you weren't showing any skin. You finish with prayers and cook breakfast for your family. You husband and sons hurry through their food and rush out, one to his work and the boys to their school where they will spend most of the day learning the Koran. You long for the days you were allow to work and leave the house, but your husband has refused you the permission.

So you gather up the dishes and with the help of your daughters, you do your housework.

During the day you are not allowed out of the house. You cannot shop, visit friends or family, go to the movies, work or attend a school. You pray that you don't get ill, for any medical care would be up to your husband. When your sons return home from school you hand them some money and send them to the stores to do the shopping, praying that they actually buy the food and not what they want to buy. When they return you are heartbroken to find out that the newest video game was bought instead of the food. But you cannot punish them for they are males.

When your husband returns from work he finds that his dinner is not ready. He takes up a rod and beats you with it until you pass out. When you awaken you pray to G-d how did this happen? And you remember when this would be punished by law. But the days of the United States of America are gone and in its place is the Islamic Republic of America.

You are one of the lucky ones. You and your family converted to Islam. Not like many of your friends. They refused to convert. They live under the Dhimmitude. Second-class citizens in their own lands. They have to pay the jizya, wear distinctive clothing that show the world that they aren't Muslims but Christians or Jews.
They are allow their churches, but they cannot build them higher than any Mosque. They are not allowed to own a car, ride in a plane, travel more than 50 miles without written permission from the government, own a business that competes with any Muslim owned business, or own a gun. The last one will have the whole community killed if they catch them with one.

You hear an explosion coming from the area of the Mosque and wonder which group this time will be responsible. Was it the Sons of Zion, The New Templars, or any one of a couple of splinter groups that have formed. You know that some where in the city the police will round up innocent people and claim that they are members of these groups.Your husband speaks to you. Tells you that he is giving you full permission to go outside and do the shopping. It is only to shop. No visits, no outings. You thank him and smile. There is very little you can do.

The next day, after prayers and cleaning you gather up your daughters, adjust your hijab (heaven forbid that any of your hair is showing), adjust your veil so only your eyes show, make sure you are wearing gloves and your ankles aren't showing and head out for the shops. The day is hot, it is summer and the temperature is over 90 degrees, but Heaven help you if you take off any of that outfit. It takes you about an hour to do your shopping and you hail a taxi to take you home. No woman is allowed to drive a car. She either has a male relative drive her or hires a taxi.When you arrive home you start to prepare dinner. You notice that one of your sons has bruises on him. He tells you that his father beat him for not buying the groceries and buying a video game instead. There is nothing you can do since your husband is the head of the family and has life and death control over every member.

That night you are entertaining members of his family. Your mother-in-law insists that the your daughters get circumcised and the rest of the women agree. Without consulting the men, they grab your daughters and lead them into another room. You are prevented from entering the room as you hear your daughters screaming and crying. But the deed is done. There is nothing you can do as you are forbidden to talk to your husband while he is entertaining his menfolk.You hear your husband, a man you once considered a kind and generous man talk with glee how he and his brothers broke into a Jewish home, raped the women, killed the men and stole everything in sight. The new "housemaid" he brought home to "help" you is reality the 14 year old daughter of the family. You sigh as your husband takes her to his bed and you know that there is nothing you can do. This is your life as a good Muslim woman. Shut up and do as you are told.

Sounds like fiction doesn't it? But in a few years it will be the law in Europe and Great Britain. It is almost the official law there now. And after them, the US and Canada will be next. Shar'ia Law will oust the US Constitution and be strictly enforced.

Already in the US, in cities where there are large Muslim populations (Dearborn, MI), Shar'ia Law is starting to be strictly enforced. Limits on women's rights, homophobia, hatred for other religions (especially Jews) and the naqab or burqa for women to wear. There are plans in the works for areas for the stoning of women who are caught in adultery. Under Shar'ia Law a woman has no rights. They are not considered people and are to be treated worse than animals. Under Shar'ia Law a non-Muslim is subjected to torture and death for openly professing his or her faith. The Bible and other holy books are forbidden in Muslim nations. Under Shar'ia Law if a Muslim leaves the faith (becomes an apostate) he or she is killed.Under Shar'ia Law dogs are unclean. Under Shar'ia Law Democracy is banned.Under Shar'ia Law theft is punishable by cutting off a hand. Under Shar'ia Law homosexuality is a crime to be punished by death.Under Shar'ia Law a man can divorce his wife at any time. Under Shar'ia Law a woman can be flogged for showing her ankle or wrists.Under Shar'ia Law adultery is punished by death.

Warning the following video is very graphic and disturbing.Click here if you cannot view the video.

If you don't believe it could happen here, remember that have said that in Europe, in Great Britain. In 1933 Jews in Germany said that it couldn't happen there. It happened. It is happening now.If you still don't believe that this will happen, look at what the Muslims themselves have said:

Those who stay in America should be "open to society without melting (into it)," keeping mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam, he said.
"If you choose to live here (in America) ... you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam," he said. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, he said. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Omar M. Ahmad, chairman of the board of the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR)
"I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future...But I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR Spokesperson

What protects us from this tyranny is Constant Vigilance. It is time we tell the Multicultural Elite of this nation that we don't want this for our land. That we expect Muslims like other groups to respect our laws. That if they want to be part of this nation, they must become Americans. And if they refuse, we will send them to a nation where they can practice Shar'ia. A nation like Saudi Arabia. But we will never submit to the slavery of Dhimmitude in this land!

Posted by Findalis

A note from Radarsite: This is a stunning post. A frightening post. As we read through this vivid and disturbing nightmare, in the back of our minds we are constantly reminding ourselves that this is just that -- a nightmare, a clever piece of fiction. The chances of something like this actually happening here in the US are infinitesimal. We are too strong, too educated, too advanced to ever allow something as brutal and horrid as Islam to take over our country. Right?

But, then again, there's that nagging thought (which Findalis wisely reminds us of) that this is precisely what many of those good German people (and good German Jews) were telling themselves before 1933. "It could never happen here..." The false comfort of self-deception.

If it really can't happen here, then how the hell do we explain Dearborn? How do we explain the continued existence of that nest of vipers called CAIR -- even though it has been proven to have had innumerable terrorist ties? If it could never happen here then how do we explain away the absurdity of our own president attempting to assuage our fears and suspicions (our well-founded fears and suspicions) by describing this blood-thirsty cult as "a religion of Peace hijacked by a few fanatics"? The false comfort of self-deception.

Rather than conjecturing about the improbabilities of something as horrid as Islam taking over our beloved country, what if we just do whatever it takes right now to make damn sure this doesn't ever happen here? What if we start with Dearborn? - rg


  1. I remind myself of how Islam changes nations.

    Arabia before Islam was a vibrant land of many peoples and religions. All lived together in peace and harmony. Commerce and Industry flourished. Women had rights to work and live in peace. After Islam that changed. The place became a slum. No industry, no commerce and if they didn't have oil, it would still be an impoverished nation.

    Before Islam, Persia was one of the most educated, most sophisticated nations on the Earth. A center of learning and wisdom. A place where all faiths lived together in harmony and understanding. As it had been for thousands of years. After Islam conquered it, it became a hotbed of hatred and ignorance. Just look at Iran today.

    Afghanistan was once a center of religious learning in Buddhism. It was a center of trade and commerce. A thriving nation. After Islam all that was destroyed and tribalism took over.

    In every nation where Islam takes control the standard of living falls, education suffers and the life expectancy drastically drops. This is the true legacy of Islam.

  2. RE: A note from Radarsite: This is a stunning post. A frightening post. As we read through this vivid and disturbing nightmare, in the back of our minds we are constantly reminding ourselves that this is just that -- a nightmare, a clever piece of fiction. The chances of something like this actually happening here in the US are infinitesimal. We are too strong, too educated, too advanced to ever allow something as brutal and horrid as Islam to take over our country. Right?

    I hope you were just being facetious with the word "Right"
    I strongly believe IT IS happening to our country NOW...The Godless people we elected are to blame!

  3. Elect Obama, let Pelosi, Reid, Leaky Lehey and Kom RATS take over and guess what... what is described in this article is exactly what'll we get!!!!
    What has been ubdermined by the academia Idiots of not teaching the Constitution along with what America is really all about has given us two or three generations of totally ignorant young Idealistic Progressive people with no gravitas by which to make the right intelligent decisions at Voting time!!!!

  4. Thank you both. And, yes, Norm I definitely was being facetious. We have a lot to worry about.

  5. I agree that now is the time to take the step, because findalis' future vision is what is planned for us.

    I think we should start with Blacks and refuse to call anyone African American. They are Black Americans, and I hope they are proud of it.

    Blacks comprise a large portion of American Muslims, and with rhetoric the way it is today, I also fear their plans for America.

    Maggie's Notebook