Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Canterbury Tales: Those Offensive Christians

Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims'

From the Daily Mail

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By Steve Doughty
15th July 2008

Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.
Dr Rowan Williams also criticised Christianity's history for its violence, its use of harsh punishments and its betrayal of its peaceful principles.
His comments came in a highly conciliatory letter to Islamic leaders calling for an alliance between the two faiths for 'the common good'.

But it risked fresh controversy for the Archbishop in the wake of his pronouncement earlier this year that a place should be found for Islamic sharia law in the British legal system.
Dr Williams is also facing immense pressures from inside his own Church of England and Anglican Communion.

A gathering of Anglican bishops from around the world, which begins today, is on the brink of a devastating split over whether homosexuality and gay clergy should win their approval.
The Archbishop's letter is a reply to feelers to Christians put out by Islamic leaders from 43 countries last autumn.
In it, Dr Williams said violence is incompatible with the beliefs of either faith and that, once that principle is accepted, both can work together against poverty and prejudice and to help the environment.
He also said the Christian belief in the Trinity - that God is Father, Son and Holy Ghost at the same time - 'is difficult, sometimes offensive, to Muslims'.
Trinitarian doctrine conflicts with the Islamic view that there is just one all-powerful God.
Dr Williams added: 'It is all the more important for the sake of open and careful dialogue that we try to clarify what we do and do not mean by it, and so I trust that what follows will be read in this spirit.'
He told Muslim leaders that faith has no connection with political power or force, and that Christians have in the past betrayed this idea.
'Christianity has been promoted at the point of the sword and legally supported by extreme sanctions,' Dr Williams said.

Islam, he continued, has been supported in the same way and 'there is no religious tradition whose history is exempt from such temptation and such failure.'
The Archbishop appeared to rebuke his colleague, Bishop of Rochester Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who criticised his sharia lecture and who maintains that Christianity is central to British law, politics and society.
'Religious identity has often been confused with cultural or national integrity, with structures of social control, with class and regional identities, with empire: and it has been imposed in the interest of all these and other forms of power,' he said.

The Archbishop said that faiths which reject the use of violence should learn to defend each other in their mutual interest.
'If we are in the habit of defending each other, we ought to be able to learn to defend other groups and communities as well,' he said.
'We can together speak for those who have no voice or leverage in society - for the poorest, the most despised, the least powerful, for women and children, for migrants and minorities; and even to speak together for the great encompassing reality that has no voice of its own, our injured and abused material environment.'

The Archbishop did not mention sharia at all in his closely-argued 18-page letter. Dr Williams was heavily criticised by MPs and Downing Street after he suggested sharia law could have an established place in British life.
But his letter in reply to last year's Islamic approach, A Common Word for the Common Good, chimes with his view expressed in February that people of faith should be able to work together against secularism despite their differences.
Lambeth Palace hinted that Christians as well as Muslims should listen to Dr Williams' message.

Officials pointed to the Archbishop's call for 'religious plurality' to turn to serving the common good and added: 'This is true even where truth claims may seem irreconcilable'.

A number of conservative and evangelical Anglican bishops are poised to break away from the 400-year-old network of Anglican churches around the world because they believe homosexual behaviour is incompatible with Christian principles.

Among those expected to boycott the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury is Dr Nazir-Ali, whose seat in Rochester is just 20 miles away.

A note from Radarsite: Can the news from across the pond get any more bizarre? Can Britain's loony Archbishop become any more of an embarrassment to those poor, long-suffering Brits? The answer evidently is, yes. Every time we think the inscrutable Dr. Williams has reached his peak of outrageous behavior, he takes his dangerous lunacy to a higher level. With his beleaguered nation already under siege from the fanatical Islamists, who are demanding more and more concessions from a clueless and intimidated Government, leave it to the good Bishop to make matters worse. Not only has he been advocating for sharia law in Britain, but now he is enthusiastically denigrating Christianity. Oh, how those bearded imams must be laughing amongst themselves in the secret parlors of their London mosques. The Muslims invaders have taken the measure of their enemies and have found them wanting. This is that once-omnipotent Britain that conquered half the world? This is a sample of that famous British resolve?

To this American observer it seems that Britain is bound and determined to self-destruct. They are, it seems, rushing to give their great country to Islam. All we can do is watch this pathetic drama unfold and shake our heads in disbelief.
Poor Old England. Poor old friend.


  1. I hope that Christianity is offensive to Muslims. It is suppose to be. But this loon needs to be put in the old Archbishop's Home. He is suppose to defend his faith against all others, not be a spokesman for other faiths.

    I pity the Church of England. No wonder the British are leaving it. Christianity isn't practiced there.

  2. At least the archbishop knows and/or remembers something about the Holy Bible and Christ Jesus re: Christianity offends Islam.

    That said, he apparently is ignorant of Islam's history and it's intentions--as well as everything else he may have pretended to have known about Christianity.

  3. "the old Archbishop's Home." lolol.
    You're too much, Findalis.

  4. Ever get the idea that, all this time, we might have reason to reconsider Henry's difference with Thomas a`Becket.

  5. My Dear Roger,

    We are reminded of your Groucho Marx's line: "Now there's a man with an open mind - you can feel the breeze from here!"

    The Archbishop of Canterbury is insane. Unfortunately, the majority of OFFICIAL Britain is insane. They say old hippies don't die, they just burn out. In Britain, they become high ranking officials.

    Intellectually, Williams is flawed at the get go in assuming that Islam is a religion. It is not. It is a political movement using religious trappings to bully our castrated society into letting it have its way. It is, thanks to the likes of him.

    The only question now is how does one address a useful idiot such as this? THE REVEREND Useful Idiot? FATHER Useful Idiot? ARCHBISHOP Useful Idiot?

    I live in a cage. Will someone in Britain who does not please tell this demon to leave the clergy and stop pretending to represent anything other than Evil itself?



  6. the world is going INSANE.
    Two weeks ago, Britain's No. 1 Judge said the muslims there should be governed by Sharia Law! WHAT???

    I am a huge Anglophile.....that lovely expression "There will always be an England" doesn't seem quite so true anymore. Think White Cliffs of Dover, Mrs. Miniver...all those lovely stories of better times..and those were WAR FILMS!.....

    This man should be so ashamed. But then, Mr. Bush said we all pray to the same God! THAT made this solid Christian Conservative REEL, TRUST me!!

  7. One could say the Archbishop is adrift from his See.
    Definitely appeasing the alligators. This man's ego has put in in mortal danger the lives of his flock.
    Yes, EGO, Don't even try to say there's any virtue in it. Knight's Spurs would corrode in his presence.

  8. Violence incompatible with Islam? In a pig's anal orfice it is!!!

    2:216, 8:39, 8:60, 8:67 & 9:29 demonstrate the falsity of the assertion.

    The absurdity of the assertion sticks out like a sore toe.

    The ArchTraitor issued a 17 page response to "A Common Word Between Us and You", available in pdf format at: http://www.acommonword.com/lib/downloads/Common-Good-Canterbury-FINAL-as-sent-14-7-08-1.pdf
    The url is linked at A Common Word's official site: http://www.acommonword.com/ .

    I have saved the file to my hard disk and will review it when I get sufficient free time. I hope to post my analysis at Go Burn With Muhammad within a few weeks.