Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Fouse Report: 20 Jul 08

The New Nazis

by Gary Fouse
Saturday, July 19, 2008

They are the new Nazis, the successors to Adolf Hitler. They hold many of the same hatreds, and they use many of the same tactics. They hate Jews. In fact, they hate everyone who is not of their own persuasion-in this case, religious. There are many similarities between the Nazis of Germany and their successors- those who want to spread their own ideology around the globe. They are the radical Islamists-the Islamo-nazis.

While Hitler and his followers preached their ideology (prior to coming to power) in beer halls, radical Muslim imams spout their hateful rhetoric in mosques. The Nazis had a written basis for their hatred. It was Hitler's own book, Mein Kampf. The radical Muslims find their guidance in the Koran, in which page after page, Sura after Sura, repeats the idea that non-Muslims will burn in Hell. Not surprisingly, Hitler is to this day, admired by millions in the Middle East. His book is translated into Arabic, coincidentally enough, entitled; My Jihad.

The new Nazis use similar tactics as the old ones. They employ murder, violence and intimidation. Like the Nazis, they draw no distinction when it comes to the age or gender of their victims. Men, women, children, babies. It doesn't matter. Like the Nazis of old, they have driven their Jewish citizens out of Arab lands. They preach separation from those who are not like them. They deride any concept of freedom and democracy. Like the Nazis, they seek world domination-an Islamic Caliphate, if you will. Like Hitler and the Nazis did to the reputation of the German people, both good and bad, the Islamo-nazis have cast a pall of suspicion over Muslims, both good and bad everywhere. Like the Nazis in Germany, the Islamo-nazis have largely succeeded in intimidating decent Muslims into silence. Those that speak out against the evil ones put themselves and their families at risk. Like those Germans who spoke out against Hitler, such as Thomas Mann, they are forced, in many cases, to go into hiding in the West and live under the protection of bodyguards. Examples? Nonie Darwish and Ayaan Hirsi Ali to name just two.

Like the Nazis, the Islamo-nazis have their defenders and/or apologists in the West. Hitler had like-minded allies like Oswald Mosely in Britain and American admirers such as Charles Lindbergh. The Islamo-Nazis have their modern-day supporters or Dhimmis in the West as well. Consider the useful idiots, who seek to reach an accommodation with radical Islam. Neville Chamberlain-meet the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and Lord Phillips, Britain's top judge, both of whom are ready to accept Shariah Law in the UK in the place of British Civil Law. Meet Jimmy Carter, the critic of Israel and champion of the Palestinians-no matter how many innocents they kill-Israeli and American. Many Jews in Israel and America have sadly concluded that Carter is an anti-Semite.Like Hitler, who browbeat the British and French into accepting the dismantling of that "inconvenient country", Czechoslovakia, the Islamists seek to browbeat the West into abandoning the new "inconvenient country", Israel.

Like Hitler, who had the German-American Bund in America, the radical Islamo-nazis enjoy the presence in America of organizations like the Muslim Student Associations, with chapters in some 150 American universities, groups of radical Muslims who bring fiery speakers to their campuses to preach hate against Israel, Jews and America-with the acquiescence of compliant and cowed university administrators (like my school at the University of California at Irvine), who insist there is no hate speech going on when it is clear that it is right there in front of their collective noses.
Then there are the legions of university professors in the US, who support the Islamo-nazis, simply because they are against the US and Israel-people like Ward Churchill, formerly of Colorado University, Norman Finklestein, formerly of Depaul University and Julio Cesar Pino of Kent State. One could go on and on. Then there is CAIR, which seeks to litigate any perceived slight against Muslims in America in the false belief that they can legally force the American people to respect Muslims.Like Hitler, much of the world prefers not to accept the truth, that there is a large and growing element among the world's Muslim population that seeks to destroy us, our freedoms and our way of life.

Largely because of the world's refusal to accept the truth about Hitler and the true nature of his intentions, World War II resulted. Today, the world faces the same danger. Yet, it compromises. It plays for time in the hope that the threat will simply go away. It deludes itself into thinking that we can convince the Islamo-nazis of our good intentions, and thus, we can reach an accommodation with these people, as if one can negotiate with fanatics. In many cases, especially in Western Europe, it simply submits to the threats and intimidation.

Why have we not learned the lesson of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? At what point does the world draw the line in the sand and say enough of the outrages? Is it not too late to nip it in the bud?

A note from Radarsite: "Why have we not learned the lesson of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? At what point does the world draw the line in the sand and say enough of the outrages?" Damn good questions. One of the big differences between those days and the present is that immediately following the Jap Attack on Pearl Harbor and Hitler's subsequent Declaration of War against America, the German American Bund quickly disappeared from view, as did Charles Lindberg's anti-war, pro-Nazi America First Committee. Whereas after the Muslim attack on America on 9/11, CAIR, and its similar terrorist-supporting cousins have thrived, new mosques are being built every day, and, as you well know, we have been busily installing Muslim footbaths in our airports and universities. Sometimes, unfortunately, it seems as though we have learned absolutely nothing from the past. Of course, I hope that I am wrong about this. - rg


  1. Like the Nazis of old today's Muslims can get away with almost anything. It will take another great leader like Sir Winston Churchill to bring about the change in public perception and the will to fight the menace.

    I hope he arises soon.

  2. Few of these people cited functioned without extra-legal organs of the state.
    What would you think if you were at a presidential primary rally in Iowa last December and heard a icon rally the crowd with the idea:
    "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," .... "We've got to have a - civilian national security force - that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."
    Nazrallah has Hezbollah which since last week has a veto on the Lebanese Parliament (basically a captive body, Hitler had first the SA, then the SS which had a veto ..on life.
    The speaker I cited has already spent enough money to employ an aggregate of the above.
    With an organization such as he describes (which sounds like policy 'special executive'), added to the imminent "Fairness Doctrine" and a media diseased from prostitution; 1984 was only delayed as art becoming life.