Friday, July 4, 2008

Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 4 Jul 08

Daily Mail's Peter Osborne – A rebuttal
04 July 2008

Peter Osborne's article: Is post War Britain Anti-Moslem? This is not a question given for us to make in informed reasoned judgment over because if you read the article, the article is a statement saying that Post War Britain IS anti-Moslem, so the title should not be asking us the question it should be making the statement “Post War Britain is anti-Moslem” in Peter Osborne’s mind.

Before I go on with my rebuttal I want to make something perfectly clear from the outset so that the reader has this in the back of their mind whilst reading and making an informed reasoned judgment over Peter Osborne’s statement and my rebuttal.The liberal stooges within the media who work on behalf of their Marxist political masters behalf using the mainstream media as a tool for propaganda purposes to indoctrinate the masses, always make the situation sound a lot less worse than it really is so as to get their case across and lull the gullible sheep people into a false sense of security. Given the platform that they have it always works because people believe what they are told especially when reading it in a respectable mainstream newspaper.

Peter Osborne is a journalist for the Mail and in his statement he says there are 1.6million Moslems in Britain. The Daily Mail recently reported on the Home Secretary traveling to Pakistan and telling the audience there was now 2 million Moslems in Britain and 10% of them are millionaires.Was Peter Osborne asleep that day or has he used the 1.6 million figure to make his case sound a lot more convincing to those who read it? This is a blatant lie as Peter Osborne and the Mail know, so you have to ask the question; why would Peter Osborne say 1.6 million when in fact everyone knows from recent news reports that the political figure is 2 million?

Although those of us speaking about Islam in our midst believe the figure to be much higher than the 2 million mark considering the British government has no clue as to the amount of immigrants now in our Country.

Peter Osborne will call me a rightwing bigot, Islamaphobe, neo-Nazi, BNP racist, hatemonger because of my blog, and because of the success of the social engineering programme to indoctrinate the British people, those names immediately conjure up some sort of monster in the minds of those who hear it.Ok I might lean right wing if I was involved in politics, I am an Islamaphobe because of my belief system forced upon me by Pakistani Moslems who want to kill me, I am definitely not a neo-Nazi which can be proved, I am not BNP although I agree with many of their policies, and you can call me a hatemonger because of my blog but why was my blog started and can any of it be disproved?

I would call Peter Osborne a liberal who is helping the destruction of our Country, leading the gullible sheep people into a false sense of security and so a traitor to the British homeland and our way of life.Quote: But by exactly the same token, Muslims should be given the same protection from insults or ignorant abuse as other minority groups.No, Moslems should be protected from violence and harm as with anyone else within our society that is the fundamental rule of law, but why should Moslem be above criticism when their community endangers our lives?

People should not be arrested over what they think and say, they should be engaged and debated because thoughts and words do not harm anyone. Then let those who are listening decide for themselves what is true and what is false. If we take your approach of arresting and imprisoning those who speak up and out against Moslems then the likes of YOU stop debate.Who wins with that course of action?

Quote: But today, one resentment is stronger than ever. Islamophobia - prejudice against Islam - is Britain's last remaining socially respectable form of bigotry, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for it.Placing the guilt and shame on the reader for their justified concerns about Islam and Moslems in Britain, who are you to tell US we should be ashamed of ourselves?

Based on the facts every innocent citizen within Britain has every right to be prejudiced against Islam and Moslems, but that is a whole different debate. Quote: Mr Malik said that 'vile' people such as July 7 bomber Muhammad Siddique Khan were abhorrent to all Muslims. 'But it seems very difficult for some people to desegregate people who are evil, who have no religion.It is easy for someone of high standing to make any comment they like to bolster their position within society, what would we think if he said “Yes Khan is our hero and we hate you”, pretty logical that his response would be what it is don’t you think?He says that these people have no religion, so why did the bombers all travel to Madras’s in Pakistan which is the teaching and poisoned well for the Islamic religion for British Moslems to drink from?

Who knows best about the teachings of the Koran, Mr Malik a British MP or an Imam in a Pakistani Madrasa?Listen to the words of Khan on his video will that was left behind for all Moslems to watch after he had finished the job he set out on, on the morning of 7/7, and when you do listen, please remember that every single word he speaks has very real meaning to a Moslem that only they can fully understand and can be backed up by the teachings of the Koran.He committed sucicide for that video after all.Mohammed Siddique Khan: The Will

Peter Osborne picks several stories that have done the rounds and has stated that they are nothing more than grains of truth and urban myths which lead the reading to believe that all stories emanating are nothing more than stories based upon grains of truth so must be urban myths.Lulling the reader into a false sense of security about the present danger we face based upon several stories found to be over exaggerated.Here are 3 stories to counteract the 3 urban myths Peter Osborne has so professionally created for his readers minds.In the North of England there are children as young as 12 being targeted by organised gangs of Pakistani Moslem men, lured into their clutches, pumped with drugs and then trafficked across the North of England as sex slaves. The media calls these men Asian so as to not upset community cohesion but in reality they are all Pakistani Moslems who condone this behavior as part of the Jihad.

A note from Radarsite: Bravo brave Lionheart! If you fight back you're a Nazi, right? We see through that London fog. Your enemies are small and petty, and your friends are legion. From all over this world they look up to you and admire you. You stand for everything that we in the West believe in, everything that we have accomplished. Never lose faith Lionheart, not for one single moment. And never, ever feel that you are alone! -rg


  1. Every person who chooses a religion over Islam is Islamicphobic. That is the nature of the beast.

    I am tired of giving the towel-headed followers of the Great Pedophile special treatment and rights. They have the right to practice their religion, but not to impose it on other people. They have the right to work, but if the workplace has a dress code, they have to conform to the dress code, not the employers giving special treatment to the Muslims.

    I am sick and tired of every minority group in the world screaming "victim" when they don't get their way. Too bad. Live with it. Better people than you have and done greater things for the world other than riot, collect welfare and demand special rights.

  2. I am unable on this occasion to agree with findalis. There is no right to engage in murder, pillage, plunder & rapine; so there can be no right to practice Islam.

  3. I fear Ben that it will come down to rioting. That is the tactic taken by minorities to get their way.

    Unless the British vote in a government that will reverse the Multiculturalism of the last 3 decades and restore the nation to its British roots, the people will continue to be frustrated. And a frustrated people turn to violence.

  4. Most likely to riot: the scuzlims.

    Britain's salvation is in sending the scuzlims home. An indigenous Brit who advocates that will be imprisoned for his trouble.

    Being free, white, >21 and not a subject of Her Royal Majesty, I offer this slogan to my Brit cousins whose ancestors weren't wise enough to emigrate to the land of liberty:

    Assimilate or out the gate!