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The Manchurian Candidate: The Muslim Takeover of America

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H/T to ztruth who asked "are there machine-gun sounds at the end of it?"Check-out the link to No Compromise after the video: questions asked by Muslim Americans for Obama and answered by them, along with some pithy commentary from No Compromise.Thanks to

From Radarsite: Some months ago, Radarsite posted an article on the disquieting similarities between Barack Obama's plans for Iraq and al Qaeda's plans for Iraq [see below]. At that time, I made the conjecture that Obama was either a pro-Islamist working in coordination with our enemies or a bumbling amateur. For me, this question has now been more than adequately answered. This video -- and many others similar to it -- are merely the icing on the cake.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a bumbling amateur.

No more pussyfooting around the issue now; I'm just going to come right out with it. I firmly believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim Manchurian Candidate, and that what we are witnessing is the attempted takeover of America by Islam. Is Obama portraying himself as the Muslim candidate? No. Is he portraying himself as the answer to the white Judeo/Christian oppression of the colored peoples of this world. Yes, and they are buying it. Make no mistake about it. He has become their Martin Luther King and their OJ Simpson all rolled into one. And for these hopeful but sadly misguided people, just as with OJ Simpson, he has become absolutely impervious to attack. Nothing we can say, no truths revealed, no matter how reliable or frightening, will dissuade them from choosing their Black Messiah.

For those who still doubt the objectivity of these statements, consider the number of American blacks who have already committed their votes to him. What other meaning can this have? Have any of the recent shocking revelations about Obama or his racist past, or his America-hating wife made even the slightest dent in his shining armor? Of course not. The truth will not effect him anymore than the truth effected the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial. We didn't understand it then, but we do now: the trial had nothing to do with truth.

Truth is actually irrelevant here, too. What we are dealing with here is faith. For so many of these self-perceived victims of white racism, Obama will be their champion, and they have faith in their champion, almost a religious faith, and that kind of faith is immune to truth and unmoved by reason.

It is time for change. It is OUR time now. This is their mantra, this is the banner behind which they are rallying. But, all one has to do is watch this pernicious video to realize that there is another force at work here. A dark, clandestine force much more dangerous and powerful than any combination of racial resentments or cultural envy. It is that same dark force that has been working against the Western World of light and reason for fourteen hundred years, our historically relentless and malicious foe: Islam.

Whether Barack Hussein Obama is himself actually a Muslim, or whether he is a Muslim sympathizer is completely irrelevant. Either way we lose.

We are at war with the Muslims. Consider this statement carefully. I know how controversial this statement is, how open to debate this whole touchy subject is, but -- and this is extremely important -- it is only a controversial question for us here in the West. There is little controversy about the nature of this war within Islam itself. Read their own words. They are crystal clear in their characterization of this war: it is a war between Islam and the infidel. Not between Islam and some infidels, not between Islam and America, or between Islam and Bush, but simply war between Islam and the infidels. And who are these infidels?

How many times must we read these open declarations of intent in the enemies own words before we begin to accept their import? No matter how hard we might try to avoid this uncomfortable truth, it remains untouched by our futile and cowardly rationalizations.

Our enemies are ruthless and cynical and manipulative. Thus they have been successfully recruiting disgruntled blacks from our inner cities and our prisons, and , yes, even from our most prestigious ivy league universities. People of color as far away as Malaysia or Libya speak of him glowingly as their hero and their hope. No other American presidential candidate in history has ever garnered such international adoration. No, not even JFK.

At one point During World War Two, Adolf Hitler found it expedient to make common cause with people who, according to the unequivocal laws of Aryan Supremacy, upon which the Third Reich was founded, were to be considered Untermenschen, not really full-fledged human beings, inferiors who were to be subjagated or just exteriminated. But, because it served his immediate needs, Eastern Europeans, Slavs, even Arabs, because of their common hatred of the Jews, were admitted into the Nazi fold. However, if anyone for one moment actually believes that, if Hitler had won the war, these supposedly inferior races, whom he had, by force of circumstance, made temporary common cause with, would have survived to celebrate their victories, then they don't know much about Nazis.

And if anyone actually believes that, if this ruthless and virulently racist form of Arabic Islam were ever to take the reins of power in this country, these eager black activist recruits wold survive to celebrate their victories, then they don't know much about Islam.

Our Islamic enemies have ingeniously and successfully redefined this war, their war. Rather than calling it what it most assuredly is, a war between Islam and the infidel, they have reshaped it into a courageous battle between the oppressed peoples of this country and this world against all of their supposed oppressors. And, God help us, it's working. People are lining up behind this enormous wanton lie in droves, they are committing themselves body and soul to this seemingly obvious righteous cause. It is their time now, they say. And he is to be their salvation and their hope. And nothing we can say about him will ever change that; because we are the enemy and we are not to be believed. But he, Barack Hussein Obama, is one of them, and he is to be believed. He is to be trusted.

No enemy of this nation has ever made greater inroads into our system and our culture. No other enemy has ever become so malignantly infested into our body politic. No other enemy has ever been so eagerly welcomed or awaited by their intended victims. They are already halfway there, my friends. All they need is for their Manchurian Candidate to take the oath of office and they will have won. And we will have lost. Make no mistake about it, we will have lost our nation. And, what is worse, we will have willingly voted it away.

Do I really believe all this? Am I just getting carried away with my own little conspiracy theories? Could Barack Obama actually be a Muslim Manchurian Candidate about to take over America? Would things really change that much? After his election would the mosques start rising? Would we begin to start accepting sharia laws into our legal system? Would criticizing Islam or Muslims become a Federal Hate Crime? Has it become this already? Are we already halfway there?

My answer to these questions is simple. Watch the video. Make up your own mind. Listen to the message behind the message.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm the bumbling amateur here. Maybe I'm just a xenophobic old racist. I'm sure someone will make that suggestion. Maybe this whole idea about Barack Hussein Obama being some kind of a Muslim Manchurian Candidate is utter nonsense.

But, then again, I'm not willing to take that chance. Not with my children's lives. Not with America.

Are you? -rg


  1. Americans have a difficult time publically facing up to the realities of hate. Many of us do, however, face it inwardly. We must face this publically now.

    If nothing else, we must not forget that Obama has strong familial ties to Islam. What call would he make when Islam climbs the last step and knocks on our door?

    Excellent piece Roger.

    Maggie's Notebook

  2. The trouble with the Manchurian Candidate is that in the book and movie the man didn't know that he was brainwashed. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He isn't the Manchurian Candidate. There is a term for what he is. He is a plant. A person put into place that tries (and many times succeeds) to fit into the society he's in. You wouldn't know he's a plant until he is told to arise up and destroy or subvert.

    This is the description of Obama. He knew that being Muslim wouldn't help him become President a long time ago, so he "converted" to Christianity. A version of Christianity that didn't go against what his Muslim upbring taught him.

    There must be a few of these plants scattered not just in the US, but the world. He is just the first to pop up. And G-d help us if he isn't defeated.


  3. Thank you Maggie.
    And Findalis -- the main thrust of the Manchurian Candidate's mission was to insinuate an enemy agent into our political system, with the ultimate goal of achieving absolute presidential powers. It is this main premise that I was alluding to.
    You're right of course about the MC in the book and movie being unaware of his subliminal mission and that BHO is most likely totally aware of his.

    What Obama's personal motivations are we may never know. I am of course hoping that this will become a moot point, because he will not get elected.

    As usual, Findalis, your comments are pertinent and thought-provoking and I appreciate them.

    I should perhaps mention here that because of some very cogent criticisms made about two particular sentences in this article by our friend Ben, I changed the wording of the sentences in question.

    Although, as you know, I will reject out of hand criticisms from our loony left, I take my reader's comments and critiques very seriously and I never feel as though my personal opinions are the last word on a subject.

    Also, once again, I have to remind readers that, no matter how prescient or thoughtful your comments may be, we will still not accept anonymous comments.

    Thanks all --rg

  4. All this and more! Yes, Obama is the Manchurian Candidiate and the 'plant' as Findalis said. Whatever works for Obama is the name of the game...only his followers cannot see the wile in his eyes.
    He has come along at an opportune time when most voters are not savvy to what is really going on; the American Idle brain if you will (note idle and not idol). Obama's predecessors have prepared
    the lemmings very well over several generations. Everyone from H.G. Wells, Norman Cousins, Saul Alinsky, Zbigniew Brzezinski, et al, to the Carters and Clintons (and these are but a few) have laid the stepping stones to their Brave New World. And young Obama skips along over the pathway to hell as if not a fire was burning.

  5. I think the biggest evidence of his intent is the fact that he so openly says exactly what the crowd he's speaking to wants to hear. Speaking to an Israeli lobby, he says that Jerusalem must remain one city, under one country's rule. In Palestine (I actually don't remember WHERE he said it, but he said it) he said that the decision belongs to Israel and Palestine, not the US.

    This leaves one obvious question: what is he going to do when in office? It'll be interesting to see how he handles the debates, since he's going to have to pander to all audiences at once.

    I'm not exactly in the "Obama is a Muslim" camp just yet, but I'm certainly convinced that he's too big an unknown to be installed in the highest office in the strongest nation in the world.

  6. Before I make any criticisms let me say I found this piece surprisingly polite and reasonably cogent.

    Nevertheless, I do not find it very persuasive. I believe that Obama is what he says he is: a Christian with a Muslim father. Will this make him more sensitive to Islamic concerns than someone wihout such a background? Undoubtably. Should we, as Americans be concerned about this? Only if you fear Islam.

    I have no such fear. I know there are anti-American extremists of every stripe including Islamic. But I do not believe Islam is itself fundamentally anti-American. I say this as a person who has several friends from Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt etc. All of my Islamic friends have the highest regard for the United States, and yes, although I have not polled them, I would not be surprised if the vast majority would prefer Obama to McCain (as do I).

    Unfortunately the central premise of this article reminds me of much of the anti-Papist propaganda that was written in the 19th century and that persisted right up until JFK was elected president (yes, I am a Catholic). The great miracle of our country is its diversity and I would not be alarmed if we elected a Muslim president (or a Mormon, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist etc.) just as long as he (or she for that matter) is a good American. And I have no doubt Senator Obama loves this country (his country) very much.

  7. Obama constant vacillations make one wonder if Amnesia or Dementia are setting in :

    Once ha said " Iran is NO threat to America".. Followed by " I have said all along that Iran is a Threat not only to America But to the world" our Messiah mentally afflicted of following the teachings of AHmanidejad of sayinng one thing doing the opposite and keep everyone off balance?? Bottom line can we TRUST him and his Fascist Promoters????

    Will Americ awake up in time by November???

  8. Mark, 'anti-American' has nothing to do with this issue. Islam is against anything and everything that is not Islam.

    Allah requires Muslims to conquer and subjugate the entire world. Pagans & atheists who do not convert must be killed or enslaved. Victims having scriptural religions can convert or subsist as subhumans suffering severe extortion and social, economic & legal restrictions.

    You do not have Muslim friends. Muslims are explicitly forbidden to befriend Kuffar.

    Allah declared war on us. Moe declared open season, no bag limit. Our blood and treasure are not sacred to Muslims until we become Muslims.

    These are not opinions, they are facts which I frequently document in my blog posts at, and htp://

    Don't take my word for it, follow the links in my blog posts and read translations of Islam's canon of scripture, tradition and law.

  9. I'm not sure Obama is a Muslim Manchurian Candidate. I don't think he KNOWS what he is. He is being used by those who want a president. I'm also not sure even Obama knows what religion he is. He only joined Jeremiah Wright's church because another politician told him it would be good for his political future.

    I DO believe that he has Muslim SYMPATHIES and that alone is enough to keep us from wanting him as our leader.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  10. Re:"I'm not exactly in the "Obama is a Muslim" camp just yet..."

    This is somewhat convincing:
    Watch the video...several times, there's other disturbing stuff there!

  11. Blogger Storm'n Norm'n the second video from YouTube is no longer available. Darn!

    If he actually left Islam then he is an apostate. But the Muslim world doesn't consider him that.

  12. Re Mark "I believe that Obama is what he says he is: a Christian with a Muslim father." WOW! This is very alarming! Obama IS a Muslim through and through! He will always be a muslims until someone proves other wise...nobody has done so yet! Further, Obama has always hated America; ALWAYS! And his sudden turn around is strictly for gathering votes. Further, All Muslims lie to non-Muslims (that's a blanket statement). Obama lies frequently.

    I am also a Catholic and I fear this man beyond anything I have ever imagined in my 68 years on this planet.
    Obama is also part and parcel to the New World Order and during his recent trip exposed his Globalist intentions (on many occasions).

    There is altogether too much negatives regarding his background. And if ANYONE believes for a split second that he was not enjoying twenty years of hate speeches by the un-Reverend Wright then I'm sorry, but they belong in the same category as Obama.
    His wife also HATES America and all whites...she even expressed this in her papers/speeches.

  13. Thank you all again.

    And to Mark -- normally I would not keep a pro-Obama comment up here. In case it's not obvious by that last article of mine -- this is a very, very anti-Obama website. But, in this one instance I made an exception, your comments sounded polite and it's offered us one more opportunity to see the way some people have refused to learn the truth about our national peril.

    I'm sorry, but it is totally irresponsible to live in America today and not understand how threatened we are. You do not want to do any of the hard work to learn about these threats, but you still want us to listen to your tragically uninformed opinions, your mostly borrowed opinions.
    You blithely tell us not to be worried.

    Mark, I'm sorry, but your lack of understanding is stunning and is apparent almost immediately:

    "Should we, as Americans be concerned about this? Only if you fear Islam.
    I have no such fear."

    You have, you say, no fear of Islam. This is a perfect example of the complacent and delusional mindset against which we are fighting. Nothing could be more illustrative of your ignorance than this. To not fear your enemies is foolhardy. To not even acknowledge your enemies is suicidal.

    You go on:

    "The great miracle of our country is its diversity..."

    Can't you comprehend the fact that this has nothing whatsoever to do with diversity and everything to do with the war we are in. This is a war, whether people such as yourself deem to acknowledge it or not. Your steadfast refusal to understand or accept this bare fact makes it harder for us to be as effective in prosecuting this war as we should be. And, if this is true -- and I think it most certainly is -- then you are, whether you admit it or not, aiding and abetting the enemy.

    Instead of coming onto sites such as this, which are openly and avowedly anti-Obama and giving us the benefit of you lack of knowledge, stay at home a few days, or a few weeks, or months -- as we all here have done -- and study the subject. Read the Qur'an. Read all the supporting texts. Read the Islamist literature and the very public pronouncements of the Islamist leaders. Study the charters of Hamas and Hezbollah. Read their captured coorespondence. Study MEMRI every day to see what the enemy is saying about us, what they are planning next. Read the intelligence reports that come out every day and are avaiable on the net to anyone how has the energy to look them up. In short, do the hard work first, then come here and give us the benefit of your wisdom.

    Do not come on here and tell us about your Muslim friends. And do not come on here and tell us not to fear Islam. You just don't belong here. I'm sorry, but you haven't paid your dues.

  14. Yes, well said...there has been something about him from the beginning that just didn't jive...icky...I agree with you in relation to the implications...his leadership would be way way to soft on the Wraith....and as it is their infiltration is disrupting every western democracy...that patterned with soft over tolerant policies...messy outcomes...but hopefully he won't win although there is a swooning wave sweeping the canada trudeaumania was so strong and it almost destroyed the country..
    Glad to see I can read Lionheart here too...

  15. Roger W. Gardner said:

    "This is a war, whether people such as yourself deem to acknowledge it or not. Your steadfast refusal to understand or accept this bare fact makes it harder for us to be as effective in prosecuting this war as we should be."

    What would you consider "effective" prosecution of this war? To all accounts, the "enemy" does not consider us to even be human, but animals fit only to be slaughtered or enslaved.

    Against such a foe, one has only limited options.

    Would you or any of the other posters here support a sustained campaign of extermination against the Muslims?

    Given that they will not retreat and will not surrender, what alternatives are there?

  16. A fair question Able-Spacer. Although I could come up with a long list, I will just respond here with a few.

    - Stop those in Congress who are attempting to inhibit our abilties to monitor communications of suspected terrorists.
    - Immediately close down all Islamic organizations such as CAIR or ISNA, etc. and deport their leaders and functionaries.
    - Immediately close down our borders to legal Muslim immigrants and man our borders with National Guard or other military troops.
    - Immediately close down all mosques in the United States and deport the imams.
    - Closely and openly monitor all Muslims presently residing in America, and immediately deport any Muslims who have either been convicted of a crime or preach anti-Americanism or any other form of seditious speech.
    - Enforce the laws that are already on the books which prohibit seditious or inflammatory speech.
    - Vigorously prosecute any and all forms of Islamic persecution of Jews, women, other religions, apostates or homosexuals.

    As I said, I could go on and on. But these are just a few of the measures we could adopt if we became really serious about 'prosecuting this GWOT' here on our own soil. As I am certain you are aware, all of these defensive measures outlined above, and many more besides, have legal precedent in American history.
    We have the tools, all we need is the will to use them. Unfortunately, at the present time, we are not even close to reaching this kind of a national consensus. What it would actually take to bring us to this point is a matter of conjecture. Who knows?
    In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, we should have reached this point almost immediately after 9/11, or most certainly by now. But, alas, we have not. And so we still remain unnecessarily vulnerable.

  17. able-spacer, there are only two courses of action. The one most likely to succeed is the one you suggested: an extermination campaign. Unfortunately, nobody has the testicular fortitude to initiate and carry it out.

    The most humane course of action is to combat Islam on the ideological front by displaying to the Ummah al-Islamiya the true character of Allah & his Messenger.

    A very large proportion of Muslims are unaware of the evil contained in the Koran, Hadith & Sira. If we make them aware, those who retain a scintilla of conscience will apostasize and revolt.

    Such a campaign must be massive, intensive, global and maintained for the long term. Unfortunately, it won't be 100% effective. It will be necessary to usher the refractory remnant into Hell to the waiting arms of Allah.

    If we want freedom & prosperity to flourish on this planet we will do it.

  18. Ben, I don't know what a "refractory remnant" is, but I harbor serios doubts that your "humane approach" would work.

    The imams would respond to such a campaign quite simply: "Don't listen to them! It's a trick!" they would shout; "This is exactly what one should expect the treacherous infidel to say!"

    And their followers will believe them completely, so much are they in the thrall of their leaders.

    Consider that treachery and skullduggery are accepted and even embraced facts of life in Muslim culture: their forebears were desert nomads, and if slitting the other guy's throat and taking his stuff was necessary for your survival, then that's what you did; they assume that every other culture is just as treacherous, and behave accordingly: "be alert, trust no one, keep your blade sharp and close to hand, and if your opponent shows any weakness, slit his throat and take his stuff, because he doesn't deserve to keep it."

    It's not unlike dealing with a very large and rabid animal.

  19. able-spacer Islam is more than Arab culture, it is a predatory institution. Moe made his living by razzia & ghazwat.

    Millions of Asian Muslims, descendents of early victims of Islam, are unaware of the actual doctrines and practices of Islam. If made aware, those who are moral and decent would seek to revolt.

    The recalcitrant remnant is composed of the Imams and convicted true believers who will not accept any evidence.

    Some Muslims do apostasize after reading the Qur'an and hadith for them selves. We can accelerate that trend by documenting Moe's doctrine and practice in a full length feature film based on Islam's canon of scripture and tradition.