Friday, July 4, 2008

For Independence Day 2008: The Acrid Stench of Treason

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Bush used phony patriotism to start war

From the Chicago Sun Times,CST-EDT-greel02.article

The Russians call World War II "The Great Patriotic War." The current longest of our wars could well be called the same thing. It is a war that originated in the orgy of patriotism ("U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!") that followed the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and has been sustained by the patriotism of those who support it ("Our soldiers are defending American freedom") and false promises of some latter-day prophets ("We are winning the war in Iraq.") It is likely to be revived by the Iranian attack that the McCainites see as their main chance of winning the election.
The president was right in his spontaneous reaction when he first heard of the attack -- "This is war!" The subtext was, "Now I'll be a wartime president and people will forget about Florida and how Antonin Scalia stole the election." The Arabs had killed 3,000 Americans; we had to kill at least that many of them.

The issue was: Which Arabs? The obvious target was Saudi Arabia. Most of the terrorists were from that country, indeed products of the religious education that the country provided for its devout young men. But the Saudi royal family has excellent relations with the American oil companies. So very early in the discussions the neo-cons in the administration began to promote the idea of attacking Iraq. The road to Jerusalem, they argued, is through Baghdad. The administration's neo-cons were (and are) very heavy thinkers. They write great memos. The days when the country was hesitating, some of them found a story about cooperation between al-Qaida and the Iraq government that seemed to legitimate an attack on Iraq. Some of their allies in the media, most notably the Wall Street Journal, insisted that this fable was true.

Much of the literature on the Longest War finds it hard to explain how the decision was made to attack Iraq. Poor Scott McClellan had it part right in his book. The administration, influenced by the memos of the neo-cons, decided that toppling Saddam Hussein would restructure the Middle East to American advantage. But that was a thesis too complicated to sell to the American people. Therefore, the desire for patriotic revenge was used in combination with fear of Iraq's (as it turns out nonexistent) weapons to launch a great patriotic war. The Republican Party continues to rely on this lethal combination to win elections.
National security means kill Arabs. We get our revenge by protecting our children. We start a patriotic war in the name of self-protection and spread patriotic gore by killing Arabs. Neat!

It is not the first patriotic/revenge war on which the country has embarked. Remember the Maine. Remember the Alamo. Remember Fort Sumter. Remember Pearl Harbor. The psychology for whipping up revenge in the name of patriotism has always worked. World War II was a just war, but the mix of patriotism and revenge made it easy for the American military to firebomb out of existence 50 Japanese cities and to destroy a couple more with atom bombs.

Are the American people guilty of a war crime because of the Iraq war? Surely the leaders who cooked up the excuses for the war are. So, too, are the national media that allowed patriotism to silence them. So, too, are those ordinary Americans who almost insisted on some kind of patriotic gore. On this weekend in which we glorify -- with good reason -- our patriotism, we might examine our conscience about what phony patriotism has caused us to do. A third of the American population supported the war and has now changed its mind. It might be wise for such folk to prepare answers to the kinds of questions God might ask about phony patriotism.

A rebuttal from Radarsite: Can a published opinion piece actually have an unpleasant odor? Does anti-Americanism have a distinctive nasty stink? I suggest that it does. I suggest that it has a familiar distinctive aroma, like the foul contents from some overflowing toilet bowl. It is as though this traitorous author gathered together all of the most disgusting and obscene anti-Americanisms he could find and stirred them into one putrid cocktail: Happy Fourth of July, you murderous brutes! You killers of innocent women and children! Happy Independence Day, you phony patriots!

How can any American hate America this much? Who nurtured this viper in our midst? What venomous mother's milk sustained it?

In attempting to highlight the most egregious phrases in the above essay, it soon became apparent that it was almost impossible to find a phrase that didn't deserve to be highlighted. One after another, the outrageous bile spews forth, an endless torrent of treasonous filth.

This is not the proper format to refute every outrageous falsehood or shameless lie cited above; these particular absurdities have been debunked elsewhere long ago.

However, there is something else at work here, isn't there? Some apparent mental disorder bordering on insanity, the bizarre and delusional mindset of the mother who drowns her children to save them from the evils of the world. Absurd and self-destructive, self-righteous and self-obsessed, dishonorable and shameless.

And yes, it stinks. It stinks to high heaven.

In summation, the author suggests: "It might be wise for such folk to prepare answers to the kinds of questions God might ask about phony patriotism."

To which I respond: "It might be wise for this author to prepare answers to the kinds of questions God might ask about acts of treason in a time of war." - rg


  1. Don't know if we can use Grunt Speak here but damn them all to hell and gone.

  2. Although I may be a minority of one, I'd very much prefer not to be subjected to such excrement on the 232nd anniversary of the birth of this nation. It shudda been flushed.

  3. When I read this I had wondered if it had been written by our enemies. It stank to Heaven, and yet the writer had the audacity to call himself an loyal American.

    The writer of that piece of drek never had to hold his buddy in his arms as he lay dying. Never knew a day without gunfire or shelling or wondering if when he turned the corner, he would still have legs.

    The writer of that piece of garbage sits comfortably in his office, air conditioned, never having to wear heavy equipment in 100+ degree heat, not being able to wipe the sweat off his forehead in fear of being shot.

    The writer must complain all the time about the price of gas, but never once has given a thought on what the price his freedom has.

    To all those who have served this nation honorably I wish you a Happy Fourth of July and Thank You.

    To those who are like this writer I wish you a first class trip to Hell.

    And to those celebrating in Israel, I wish you a Happy Entebee Day.

    I'll now be going back to my cold one. I think I need a couple of them to wash the taste from my mouth.

  4. great distressing!..but Happy Fourth of Jullllllllly my sweet friend! :)

  5. An article worthy of Al Jazeera

    This is my first time to your site, and at first I thought that vile article to be your own thoughts.

    It surprised me to see that profane or un-American comments would be deleted, since this was the most un-American hate-filled article I have read in a long time.

  6. Good Point David Hinz. I'm sure you were surprised.

    Normally, we wouldn't post anything this anti-American and profane. But this particular article so shocked and infuriated me that I could not just let it go by without responding. And responding in the form of a comment to the piece just wouldn't be enough.

    This is the nature of the internal enemy we face. It is vital -- especially today -- that we see them clearly and understand their hate-filled messages.

    I hope my rebuttal put your mind at ease about where Radarsite stands.
    We still will not allow anti-Americanisms into our comments thread.

    Welcome to Radarsite David Hinz, and Happy Fourth of July!- rg

  7. After a great day with the "kids" I grew up with (from 5 -12 years of age, and now in our 60's), and their wives, culminating with watching Town of Winthrop's Fireworks, I am home and thinking of the article by Andrew Greeley.
    Well, thus defines Mr. Greeley. How pathetic.
    The "kids" and I enjoyed celebrating what we always understood ourselves to be:
    Beneficiaries of "One (Greatest in History) Country Under God".

  8. Bravo Shawmut, my good friend.

    And Happy Fourth of July!

    We Americans are indeed all beneficiaries.

  9. Happy Fourth to all of my great commenters!