Monday, July 7, 2008

Lionheart: Reports From Across the Pond: 8 Jul 08

06 July 2008
The coming Sharia Law in Britain Video courtesy of Glen Jenvey

Teaching from the London School of Sharia Law - The future leaders of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, raising up the next generation of Moslems for what is unfolding within our land.

The future of Great Britain for your children and grandchildren courtesy of the Judas Archbishop, Loony Lord Phillips who is the Top judge in Britain and supported by one of the Countries leading Lawyers Stephen Hockman QC


Listen to it yourself and hear their words because if this is not stopped then it IS the future!

The Islamic leaders of Great Britain are putting into place the first building blocks of Sharia Law within our Nation, sanctioned by our present leaders, and these captured on video and their children are the ones who will take over the baton of seeking to enfore a total Islamic State upon the British Isles when the times comes.

Do you really think that those Islamic leaders wearing the cloak of moderation who are pushing for the legal implementation of Sharia Law in our land do not want to live in a total Islamic State, or that these steps they are taking now will not help the next generation of Moslems in their Jihad to conquer the British homeland?

The writing is being written on the wall, read it for yourself!

Great Britain, the Islamic Worlds Western Frontier and stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, America.

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  1. This is a shocking post. I hope everyone who still thinks that Islam is moderate and benign gets to see this video.

  2. I wonder how those liberated women are going to take to the veil? Are they going to kick up a storm of protests? And when the women are stoned for adultery are the people of the UK going to take to the streets in protest? No. They will do nothing and except their Dhimmitude in silence until a leader rises amongst them to retake their land and rights.