Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Road To Hell

Is Paved With Good Intentions

Sanctuary cities, refusal to enact Megan's Law, granting of near-Constitutional Rights to Gitmo terrorists, obstruction of FISA, continued issuance of 'student visas' to questionable 'students' from terrorist supporting countries, continued granting of Freedom of Speech Rights to seditious anti-Americanist organizations and to blatantly pro-Islamist, antisemitic organizations, continued attempts to relegate more and more of our national sovereignty to international organizations such as the World Court of Brussels and the Corrupt and anti-Americanist U.N., continued attacks on our Judeo/Christian heritage in the name of that false concept of Separation of Church and State, continued calls for dialogue and appeasement of our sworn enemies, continued calls for an economic levelling out of our society, continued blocking of all attempts to enforce our border laws -- and perhaps the most damaging of all: the officially-sanctioned warm embrace of Islam and the corresponding unreserved welcoming of Muslims into America.

These are just a few from that long list of liberals' lethal good intentions which have nearly crippled our increasingly vulnerable American society. And they want to do more.

And if we let them they will.

Thanks to Norman Hooben for this great banner.


  1. You can add aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States. A view of the world that puts the UN resolutions above the US Constitution. And the ever popular way he will pay for his social welfare programs: TAX AND SPEND!

  2. You're right Findalis. I could have made that list a lot longer, but I'm getting tired. lol

  3. Obama is no Christian

    Here is a very short video, but clearly demonstrates what Obama thinks about the Bible. This is probably a repeat video for most, but reminders can't do any harm.

  4. Re: Joanne..."Here is a very short video,.." you omitted the link but I think I have it here: or here:

    As I'm sure you already know we are a growing minority...the dumbing down of America crowd is now the majority and they don't have a clue as to what we all know to be true. What we need is a truth surge to be added to all video games and all contestants on American Idol must recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to singing the National Anthym.

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