Friday, August 29, 2008

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Last Day Round Up: Sermon on the Mount

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Moonbat Express Democratic Convention is now over. The Moonbats are returning to their caves, to their lattes, to their jobs and praying to their new G-d for a miracle in November. All week they heard the praises of their G-d spoken over and over. The mantra of Yes We Can, Change and Hope were sounded in unison as they built their energy up to a crescendo of power that they pray will send their new Messiah into the White House.

As they waited for the Messiah to appear in the temple HE had built, Former Messiah and Prophet of Global Warming Al Gore appeared to the assembled multitude. He spoke of how if the nation had elected him 8 years ago, the world would be a better place. He spoke of how he would have healed the sick, make the cripples walk and clean the Earth. He lamented how he would have destroyed the evil bin Laden, and never destroyed the evil Saddam Hussein.The multitude cheered. And they waited, in the Temple of Audacity, for the Holy One to appear.

Then with a deafening blast of trumpets, preceded by 72 virgins dressed in white, with the Archangels Gabrielle and Michael escorting him and The L-rd G-d's arm rapped around him, shouting: "That's My Boy!" He descended to the stage.The Anointed One spoke to the masses. With profound gratitude and great humility accepted their nomination. He told of how He loved his wife and children. Thanked the apostates Bill and Hillary, granted acknowledgment of Howard Dean and Dick Durban. He embraced Ted Kennedy, knowing that soon he will be no more. And lifted up the failed apostate, now His preeminent apostle Joe Biden.

He told of His childhood, filled with poverty and despair. How His mother had to feed their family on the meager portion of the Food Stamps. He cried about how His people had to struggle to reach this place. How the color of His skin kept His people from achieving their goals. He cried about the children, the born and unborn. He cried about the sick, and how would make them whole. He cried about the workers, the immigrants and the old. He spoke of all those who made this nation strong.He railed upon Bush the Evil and his successor John the Bad. How they brought the nation to war, against what He wished. How they destroyed the economy, against what He wished. exclaimed that if He had been in charge, the world would be at peace. The nation would be healthier and all would have a job.

And the multitudes cried out: "Yes We Can!" As these platitudes were given to them from the Messiah of Change.Then He raised His arms (a stunt His opponent John the Bad cannot achieve) and blessed the assembled multitude.And then, when He finish, and rockets filled the sky. He brought out His family and they smiled to placate the crowds.And thus Barack Hussein Obama entered the history books. But if in November He does not win, He can always blame it on Florida and the crooks.


  1. I'm getting biblical these days. As I was writing it, it just seemed to come out in that light.

  2. It's funny -- some fellow did a similar write-up (similar in that it used biblical verbiage) on the build up to Obama's nomination in the primaries. I wouldn't know where to begin looking for said write-up, but I can say that I enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed it.

    Sad, though, how appropriate it is to frame Obama in that context.

  3. I posted a repeat of that yesterday morning Ryan. You can find that at He ventured forth to bring light to the world.

    I hope this helps.