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Isabel Garcia Must Go

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The issues with this attorney and her criminal activities was addressed today by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Her partner in crime presented a letter of support with 739 signatures. The number of people wanting her gone was not given. Here is the article published by the Tucson Citizen today (link here):
Pima County lawyer slammed, defended over sheriff piñataB. POOLETucson CitizenControversy continued Tuesday over Isabel Garcia, the Pima County legal defender who carried a paper-mâché head of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in front of a cheering crowd during a protest last month.The issue was not on the agenda for Tuesday's Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting, but about 20 speakers - about half in support of Garcia and half in protest of her actions - came to a microphone during a call to the audience.

During a July 10 protest she organized, Garcia, who is a defense attorney, was seen holding the paper head - which had been beaten off of a piñata by youths wielding sticks - while the crowd cheered. The episode sparked calls for Garcia's disbarment and firing.

The issue is not about immigration or Joe Arpaio, who was in Tucson for a book signing, but about Garcia, who is also director of the Coalición de Derechos Hermanos, inciting children to violence, Kendra Wood said."I don't think she has any business holding a position of public trust," Wood told the supervisors.Kat Rodriguez of Derechos Hermanos, sent the supervisors a letter supporting Garcia. The letter contained 739 signatures supporting a woman who has worked tirelessly for immigrants' rights, Rodriguez said.

The protest was not intended to incite violence; it was a traditional form of protest, she said."It was a symbol of the oppression we have seen," Rodriguez said.Lori Oien seemed less concerned about Garcia's actions than the county's reaction."What is concerning to me is your approval by silence," she said.

County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry said after the meeting that the county is looking into Garcia's actions. The Legal Defender's Office, which Garcia heads, takes indigent defense cases the Pima County public defender can't because of conflicts or other reasons."It's under review," he said.Several speakers decried Garcia's actions as hurtful to law enforcement officers. Larry Lopez, president of the Tucson Police Officers Association, demanded an investigation."Law enforcement around this state does not think this is funny," he said.

Leilani Clark was at the July 10 protest and held the piñata. She denied Garcia had any hand in what the youths did."She had no control over us. . . . We acted on our own," Clark said.Notice how the kids have been brainwashed into protecting her--juveniles.

Here is the letter of support, complete with all 739 names (pdf link here):I suggest everyone contact ICE (866-347-2423) and the Border Patrol Tucson Sector (520-748-3000) with these names and demand investigation of them. The reasoning is they support illegals and are most likely illegal themselves. At the very least, report Garcia and Rodriguez to ICE, DHS and Border Patrol.
The office information for Garcia is: Pima County Legal Defender, 32 North Stone Avenue, Suite 703, Tucson, 85701 (520) 740-5775 and fax of (520) 740-882-7338; Derechos contact information is: 631 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701; (520) 770-1373 and fax of (520) 770-7445.

Keep in mind this is not a First Amendment issue, this is an issue of an attorney's blatant disregard for the law, her signing documents with the Mexican government stating she would give aid and succor to illegal border crossers, her disregard for the law regarding juveniles, her attempts to stifle the freedom of others in their free speech, her encouragement of violence upon lawfully elected law enforcement officials, her delight in exhibiting a severed head (a la Nick Berg) and doing it all on the taxpayer dime. It is about an attorney violating the Model Rules of Procedure and her oaths of office.It is not about hate speech--the only hate speech is her own. It is not about hate actions--the only hate actions are her own. It is not about legal immigration, it is about enforcement of current laws regarding ILLEGALS.It is about a corrupt city council and board of supervisors who shield her.It is about time she is gone. Call, write, email--all the information is here and below.

Flood these offices with the demand she be removed from public employ and disbarred. Don't let this rest.[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008 #3] Izzy's "partner in crime" Kat Rodriguez [coordinator of Coalicion de Derechos Humanos] weighs in, using almost word for word Izzy's whiny, spin filled diatribe from the Derechos site here.[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008 #2] Sheriff Joe weighs in on Izzy here.[UPDATE JULY 17, 2008]Original article here.This story is starting to pick up some traction and we need to keep up the pressure on Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry [contact information below], the State Bar of Arizona and the ethics review boards of the Bar and Pima County Merit Rules and Personnel Policies [Pima County Human Resources].Speaking of the Pima County Merit Rules and Personnel Policies, they can be found here. Isabel Garcia has violated Rule 7-119 [Rules of Conduct] and the disciplinary procedures are addressed under Rule 12 [Disciplinary Actions, Administrative Suspension and Administrative Suspension; specifically Rule 12.1 C 10 and 12]. I know people who were fired for "dirty" emails on county time--Garcia's behavior is far more egregious in scope and gravity.I also reported this woman to the State Attorney and received this response via email:
If you believe a public official to have broken the criminal or ethical laws- then please put it all in writing along with links or print outsof your pictures, videos etc and send them to:Fraud and Public Corruption SectionOffice of the Arizona Attorney General1275 W Washington StPhoenix, AZ 85007-2926We cannot take complaints on the internet or phone still. Only in writing.I would strongly suggest taking this action as well and keep flooding them with reports.It's interesting to note the media in Tucson [the notable exception, of course, being Jon Justice' morning show on 104.1 The Truth, from 6-9am Monday through Friday, who first broke the story] has yet to pick up this story but has, in fact, buried it, despite the outcry from the citizens of Tucson wanting investigation and exposure. Of course, Garcia is a democrat and figures she's protected. read the rest here:

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  1. No man can serve 2 masters the New Testament says and this proves it. The people of Pima County deserve to have a government that looks out after their own interests and not that of any special interest group.