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Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar Gets 33 Years for Plowing SUV Into Crowd of UNC students to "Avenge Muslim Deaths".

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August 26, 2008

How did he justify the attacks? Christian fundamentalist theology, of course:
4. Methods of fighting in the cause of Allah
4.1 To inflict equal casualties on the enemies of Allah's followers as the enemy has inflicted: (2:178-179, 5:45, 42:39-42)
4.2. Cutting of limbs and crucifixion: (5:33)
4.3. Beheading and removing fingers: (8:12, 47:4).
4.4. Ambush (the method I chose on 3/3/2006): ....
P4) Believers in Allah are those who strive with their possessions and their persons to obey Allah. (49:14-15).
P5) Obedience to Allah is mandatory for Believers. (2:285, 33:36, 49:14-15).
P6) The United States government is responsible for killing thousands of believers. (see Voices of Terror: Al-Quaeda articles).
P7) American taxpayers finance the military conquests of the United States government.
P8) My attack at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on March 3, 2006 was intended to serve as a form of violent retaliation against American taxpayers.
P9) I premeditated the killings of and assulted with the intent to kill nine people at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on March 3, 2006. (Officer Mark Mantyre- UNC Police).
P10) Allah demands of Believers to retaliate violently against persons responsible for attacking them or their fellow Believers around the world. (2:178-179, 5:45, 8:72, 9:38, 9:71, 42:39-42, 49:10). (9:5).

And still, none dare call it terrorism!
By Dr. Rusty Shackleford at August 26, 2008
And this from Steve Gilbert at Sweetness and Light:

SUV Runs Down Six - Despite Moslem Driver

Watch out for those darned SUVs. They’re known to be highly dangerous, especially when shown cartoons of Mohammed.

From those ever so politically correct reporters at the DNC’s Associated Press:

This undated photo [above] provided Friday, March 3, 2006, by the University of North Carolina shows Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, a December 2006 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate. Taheriazar was taken into custody as the suspected driver of a s port utility vehicle that plowed into a group of people outside a University of North Carolina classroom building Friday, injuring six before speeding away.

SUV Plows Through UNC Gathering Spot, Six Slightly Hurt
March 3, 2006

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A sport utility vehicle raced through a popular gathering spot on the University of North Carolina campus on Friday, clipping and scattering startled bystanders before it sped away, authorities said.
Six people — five students and a visiting scholar — were treated at UNC Hospitals, though a hospital spokesman said none was seriously injured. Three other people declined treatment at the scene, police said.

Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, 23, a UNC student as recently as fall 2005, was being held Friday by campus police, who planned to charge him with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, the university said in a statement.
Taheriazar called police to surrender and then awaited officers on a side street about two miles away from campus, town police Capt. Brian Curran said.
"He kind of gave himself up," said Officer Herbert Bryant of the university’s Department of Public Safety.
The incident happened just before noon near the center of campus at the area known as The Pit, a sunken, brick-paved area surrounded by two libraries, a dining hall and the student union. It does not have any easy access points for vehicles and can’t be reached without deliberation.
"I see everyone kind of part because there’s a car coming through and the next thing I know, I’m on his windshield," sophomore Jeff Hoffman, his arm in a bandage, told the campus newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel.
Student Nicholas Altman was talking on his cell phone when he heard someone scream.
"I turned around and there was a white SUV . It looked like it hit a couple of people. One person in particular went over the hood," he told WRAL-TV.
On a sunny, cool day like Friday, the Pit is a busy center of campus activities, with students perched along the walkways and steps. Friday’s noontime crowd included a gathering of candidates for Black Student Movement elections.
"He slowly came in, and I thought he was going to stop or something," sophomore Scot Wilson, a candidate for BSM vice president, told The Daily Tar Heel. "But then he sped right through."
The incident came a week after a UNC dormitory resident adviser was killed when he and another student crashed through a dorm window, falling four stories onto the concrete below. The second student remains hospitalized in fair condition.
Yet this article (which did not include the photo and caption above) and all of the earliest headlines practically made it sound like this was yet another case of a SUV on a murderous rampage:
Pedestrians hit by car on UNC campus
The News & Observer - Mar 03 10:32 AMAt least three people were injured a few minutes before noon when an unidentified man drove a silver Jeep Laredo in front of the Pit, a student gathering spot outside the UNC-Chapel Hill student union.
Six people hit by SUV at UNC
News 14 Carolina - 2 hours, 0 minute ago(CHAPEL HILL) — Six people were injured Friday when a silver Jeep SUV rode through a part of the UNC campus where cars are not allowed. Eyewitnesses say the Jeep ran into a group of people and then drove away after hitting the students.
Pedestrians struck by car on UNC campus
Greensboro News-Record - Mar 03 11:06 AMAt least three people suffered injuries today after a man drove a Jeep Laredo in front of a student gathering spot outside the UNC-Chapel Hill student union, according to
Six people hit by SUV at UNC
News 14 Carolina - 1 hour, 39 minutes agoSix people were injured Friday when a silver Jeep SUV rode through a part of the UNC campus where cars are not allowed. FULL STORY >> Updated: 3/3/2006 3:27 PM
SUV hits students at UNC
The Herald-Sun - Mar 03 10:48 AMShocked UNC students watched in disbelief around noon Friday as an SUV plowed through a crowd at The Pit, the central gathering place, injuring at least two students.
SUV Drives Into Student-Filled Pit At UNC-Chapel Hill
WRAL-TV 5 Raleigh - Mar 03 9:51 AMAuthorities say that an SUV drove into The Pit at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus around noon Friday, hitting several students. Live Sky 5 Video
I guess it’s part of our one party media’s cultural sensitivity.

A note from Radarsite: "And still, none dare call it terrorism!"
There are so many terrific sites out there that I have seen, but that I have just never gotten back to. There's just not enough hours in the day. These are two of them. The Jawa Report and Sweetness and Light. And we thank them for these great articles.

Now, let me see here...The guy's name is Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar. He purposely plows his SUV into a crowd of infidel students with the self-proclaimed goal of killing nine of them. He does this to honor Allah and for retribution against the sins of the infidels against the ummah. He specifically details the reasoning behind the attack as an act of terror against the infidels.

BUT WE HAD BETTER NOT REPORT IT THAT WAY. OR -- Or what? The Muslims might get offended again. Those sensitive but illusive moderate Muslims might have their feelings hurt. Cair might sue somebody. Or, worst of all -- it might precipitate some drastic American backlash against the Muslims in our midst, perhaps even a repeat performance of the horrors of that bloody Muslim Kristallnacht that immediately followed the attacks of 9/11. You know, the ones that George W. warned us against.

What? You can't remember any such bloody pogroms? You don't recall hearing about any Muslims being attacked by rampant gangs of vengeful Yankees in those first few days after the disaster?

If only -- If only there were some kind of backlash. Just a little backlash. Nothing too big. Maybe just a little show of anger at this particular community, and at this particular savage "religion" which spawned these vipers in our midst.
"And still, none dare call it terrorism!"

That anniversary is almost upon us once again. Seven years. Seven long years and still no backlash. Why, I wonder, are only our enemies allowed to clearly define this war? Why are we forbidden this luxury?

What kind of a nation, what kind of a people allows its children to be slaughtered and looks the other way? What kind of an America have we become? Are our enemies right about us? Are we nothing but soft helpless prey to these vicious predators? Are we willing to sacrifice our own children merely to keep a temporary status quo?

"And still, none dare call it terrorism!"

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  1. The man had "sudden Jihad syndrome" didn't you know that?

    Actually the day one of the media outlets finally do it call it terrorism all hell will break loose. It will mean a return to the ideals of honesty and integrity that the MSM once had. Maybe one day, but not today, not now.

  2. I saw in one article saying he 'crashed' his SUV into a crowd. Crashed? It's not a 'crash' when you believe your favorite bomb-making manual told you to do it,it's terrorism.

    When you wreck your vehicle without intent, it's a crash. When you do it with malice aforethought, it's ATTEMPTED MURDER.

  3. Assuming that the laws of North Carolina withstand appeals, we can safely assume he'll be in a state prison (may he be visited daily by a snake-handling preacherman). But, let's hope that he's not deferred to as Massachusetts has. We have (or had) a co-religionist of his (a sandbox princeling of some sort) that got himself transferred to Martha's Vineyard (cultural exclusivity, I guess) for a vehicular homicide. There may have been alchohol involved, so he'll be well detoxed when released in time to do Haj. (Inshalah, his insurance rates won't be affected.)
    But, how secure is a state prison? (Charles Taylor of Liberia (and the International Court) escaped from a Bay State prison in the 80's, but who cares?)
    On the very, very serious side of this however, is the interpreation of laws in each and every state and commonwealth, that will maintain a consistency in proceedings.
    In this regard, we must be ever vigilant in laws dealing, not only of violence, but in day-to-day basics; real estate (Sharia finance), religious vs. cultural exceptions, 'open-meetings laws', zoning, inheritence, etc.
    Watch out for "good faith and credit" between sovereign states, as somebody's way of in one place life could pre-empt your individual sovereignty because of precedent.
    We need only to listen to "Lionheart" for an example of infiltration and subversion works.