Sunday, August 3, 2008

"An Open Mind": A Must See Video from Maggie's Notebook

from Maggie's Notebook


  1. Rant begins.

    It is the time to stand for one's convictions. I am proud to say I hate Islam. I don't find it a religion, but a dangerous cult. I am growing weary of the leftist elite that cries for the Palestinians without realizing that they would kill each and every one of them in a heartbeat.

    I am tired of being called a racist for expressing the view that Obama is the worst candidate for President since Millard Filmore. And that's saying a lot.

    I am tired for having to apologize for every wrong this nation did in the past. So what if your ancestor was a slave. Mine were. So what if your ancestor didn't get a fair break. Mine didn't. Grow up and get over it.

    I want to be able to stand in the middle of a street anywhere in America and scream: "MUSLIMS ARE THE WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH! THEY ARE ALL PEDOPHILES SINCE THEIR PROPHET WAS ONE!" And not get arrested.

    Rant ends. Damn! That felt good!

  2. Damn Findalis! That WAS good!

    PS: Your rants are always welcome here.

  3. Brilliant video, but I have a different take on it:

    How can a mind that sees and hears what Islam does invoke the word "peace" and still be called open? There's a point at which having an open mind transcends into something else entirely: stupidity. These people are far beyond that line -- they're so far away from it they can't even see it to know which side they're on, apparently. The irony? These stupid people are our cultural and educational elite.

    Ohhh, I get it. I'm dreaming. Very funny, God, but you can wake me up now....please?


    Rodger, I do not know if you know about this site, but it is very good. It reports current Muslim attacks....kind of a downer, but our Christian brothers around the world are under attack each and every day.

    findalis - I believe more and more people are feeling the exact same way you do.

    webmaster - I do not even bother arguing with Muslims on blogs anymore because I do not think on any level the same as they do. Their thinking defies all reason and logic. They usually use profanity to describe me before I've even said a word to them anyhow, which usually is a big turnoff. It is evident that they attack me because I am female; the males they tend to give some respect. Then, of course, I must taunt them a little to make a point....nothing like the truth to drive them around the bend.

  5. Roger, thanks for the link. Findalis, you are a HOOT! Very big smiles - but your best comment was at my place in the discussion about how to spell "Koran." I'm going to put it here for Roger's readers (you may have already done so but it's good enough to go around three times). It went something like this. "My Phoenix addition was spelled Koran. You can also spell it bulls**t but that's too long." I didn't get it quite right - much funnier when you blogged it.

    Webmaster, I think the speaker was saying "I'm not interested in having an open mind about...The title is a little misleading.

    You have such great discussions here, Roger.

    Maggie's Notebook

  6. but, 'interested' or's happening. And VERY few people are doing a thing about it.

    I wish I was wrong, but PC in this country is winning and islam is counting on it.

  7. Findalis, you rock!

    I too hate Islam with every fiber of my being.

    When the time comes, and it will make no mistake, I'll take a few of the bastards with me before I go.