Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is MSNBC Inciting a Lynch Mob?

Gary Fouse

Last night, MSNBC  host Lawrence O'Donnell was leading a panel of like-minded talking heads including the NY Times' Charles Blow and discussing the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. The specific topic was a one Mr. Joe Oliver, an African-American man, who is a friend of George Zimmerman and whom they had just interviewed. Oliver has been interviewed by several outlets. While he was not a witness to the incident, he has spoken out on Zimmerman's behalf against speculation that he is a racist. In return, he was attacked last night by O'Donnell, who stated that according to his "own investigation" (O'Donnell's) Oliver has no credibility.

Then this morning, I caught the last half of Martin Bashir's show on MSNBC. He was interviewing Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). To make a long story short, they were basically convicting Zimmerman. To them, the facts were simple; Martin was black, he was wearing a  hoodie, Zimmerman shot and killed him. He must be arrested. Absent was any mention of the witnesses who described a struggle with Martin on top, Zimmerman's broken nose, bloody face, and grass stains on the back of his shirt. Bashir then closed out his show with his final editorial comment to the effect that Zimmerman killed Martin simply because of the color of Martin's skin without any reference to Zimmerman's (and others') version (s) of the events. Bashir went on to deplore the allegations going around regarding Martin's lifestyle and having gotten repeatedly in trouble, which were being fed to some conservative media outlets. (Never mind a running caption that appeared at the bottom of the screen during the show stating that some conservative media were ignoring the case.)

Again, I must state that I missed the first half of Bashir's show, so there may have been mention of another disturbing aspect of this case-the outrageous conduct of the New Black Panther Party in calling for Zimmerman's "apprehension" and posting a reward for his capture without any charges being as yet filed. I heard no mention of this from Bashir. I heard no mention of the NBPP man caught on TV calling for the capture of Zimmerman "dead or alive".

So I add Bashir and O'Donnell to their MSNBC colleague Ed Schultz in engaging in a public rush to judgement before all the facts are in and knowing full well that there is a lynch mob mentality out there. I have not even heard what Al Sharpton has said on his own show. Of course, he knows lots about inciting a lynch mob.

As I have said before, it may turn out that Zimmerman acted beyond the law. Depending on what exactly transpired when he and Martin came face to face, who initiated the violence and under what circumstances Zimmerman drew his gun and fired, he may well be prosecuted.  Unless he made a decision that he was going to follow Martin and execute him, I don't think he could be guilty of more than manslaughter. But I just don't know, and neither does anyone else who wasn't there.

To continue this conviction in the media in the face of what the New Black Panther Party is calling for is beyond irresponsible.

IDF Cancelling All Passover Leaves

By Findalis
Monkey in the Middle

Some thing's up.  Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has done something that hasn't been done in many years.  He has cancelled ALL leaves for Passover.
Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has ordered all IDF units to cancel their traditional Passover breaks so that they can operate in full capacity over the upcoming holiday, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.

The implication of the decision is that for the first time in many years, all IDF units will maintain their regular operations and remain on full alert throughout the holiday.

As result of the unexpected decision, thousands of soldiers at various IDF headquarters and bases will have to report for duty as usual in order to allow their units to operate with no interruption.

IDF officials dismissed suggestions that the decision is related to operational circumstances or preparations for military maneuvers. The army said Chief of Staff Gantz made the call after asserting that he does not accept the notion of an army-wide Passover vacation.

However, IDF soldiers who received the news Tuesday could not be convinced that the timing of the decision was arbitrary.

Notably, German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Tuesday said that after meeting Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak, he was more concerned about the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran.

Over the years, an army-wide break during Passover became a tradition followed by all major military units, including the Air Force, Navy and intelligence corps. The IDF's headquarters in Tel Aviv is also traditionally deserted during the holiday.

But as noted, the longtime tradition will be broken this year, as soldiers will have to divide their vacation days among themselves in order to ensure that their units maintain their full capacity to operate if needed.

Every military man will tell you that if you want rumors to run rampant you cancel all leaves.  I could speculate for hours on this but I won't.  I'll let you, my truth seekers to put 2+2 together.  I hope it equals 4.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Qaradawi Banned From Entering France by Sarkozy

Gary Fouse

Yusuf al Qaradawi

Hat tip to Le Figaro and Gulf News (with reservations)

The below article by Le Figaro (in French) concerns Yusuf al Qaradawi, the leading spiritual mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood, who has been prevented from entering France by French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

The article concerns Qaradawi's "controversial" fatwas and statements on subjects such as women, Shias, Muammar Qaddafi, etc.

Here is an English language report from Gulf News that pretty much says the same things.

What is conspicuously missing to both reports is reference to those cozy little proclamations about his wish to die in battle against the infidels and his references to that charming hadith about Jews hiding behind trees, which are calling out for the Muslim to come and kill the Jew and all  that. here is what both articles left out:

Suffice to say Qaradawi does not like Jews or Christians, and I guess Shia Muslims as well. To the best of my recollection, he is not on record as to his position on Buddhists. He called for the killing of Qaddafi, which is all well and good, but exalted Saddam Hussein to the rank of "martyr".

In the wake of the Toulouse atrocity last week, having this guy come smokin' into town is the last thing the French need. What was he going to do and say in France? Nobody can predict because Qaradawi is an unpredictable man. Would he sing words of praise for the great Jihadist warrior, Mohamed Merah? Would he tell his audiences from the Union of Islamic Organizations of France that Merah is now cavorting with 72 virgins after having slaughtered a rabbi and three children, ages 3, 6 and 8? Maybe he will call for the murder of Sarkozy.

Kudos to Sarkozy for slamming the door on this hate-monger. France has enough problems on its hands without having to deal with this madman

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DOJ Must Investigate New Black Panther Party Now

Gary Fouse

The news that the racist New Black Panther Party has put out a $10,000 reward for the "apprehension" of George Zimmerman is beyond troubling. It is something the Department of Justice must investigate and do so now.

First of all, there is no arrest warrant for Zimmerman and no charges as things now stand (which may change). Zimmerman is in hiding-not from police- but from vigilantes who want him dead. Even Spike Lee has been tweeting Zimmerman's home address. What the Panthers are explicitly calling for is a kidnapping if not a murder. (They have parsed their words carefully calling for Zimmerman to be delivered alive-not dead.)

Whatever one may think of this killing, this is a case of vigilante justice here. It is a case not only for Florida authorities but for the Justice Department to step in. The NBPP is a national organization that is calling nationally for a kidnapping-a federal offense. If DOJ thinks it can step in when state authorities try to enforce immigration violations, they can certainly step in here. The problem is-will they? Eric Holder's corrupt Justice Department has already substantiated accusations that it will not prosecute civil rights violations by minorities. They previously dismissed charges against NBPP members in Philadelphia who were threatening white voters with billy clubs in 2008, when all they had to do was file a final paper with the court to obtain a finding against them.

Once again, our Justice Department is on the hot seat. Let's see what Holder et al will do or not do.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Death of Merah- Many Questions Left Unanswered

Gary Fouse

We awoke this morning (PST) to the news that French police finally killed Mohammed Merah in Toulouse in a final assault. Again, I am linking the live blog from the UK Telegraph courtesy of Vlad Tepes, which seems to be the most informative at this point.

The police, of course, wanted to take Merah alive to see if others were involved. It is highly possible others were. Thus, this death is not the end of a tragic story. Aside from the above question, France, Europe and all of us have some serious introspection to do. This will not be the last atrocity committed against innocent Jews in the West.

This is largely the result of the intense and well-organized demonization of Israel by Palestinians and their useful idiots in the West. This is what it has led to. Forget this phony differentiation between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The former is merely a cover for the latter.

The Western media, particularly in Europe, has also played a role. They have adopted the Palestinians as their pet victim and contributed to the demonization of Israel. They have downplayed or ignored the anti-Semitic harassment against Jews played out on European streets because they didn't want to condemn their restive, unassimilated Muslim immigrants. Malmo, Sweden is a prime example, where the old Jewish community is leaving because they can't take it anymore. The mayor says, "Goodbye and good riddance" to them because he hates Israel. What Malmo has left is a 25% Muslim population that riots on a more or less regular basis.

Other cities like Paris and Oslo have entire neighborhoods and suburbs where the police don't even go-so-called "No-go zones". European cities, once noted for their safety in contrast with American cities, are now awash in crime, assaults, and rapes.

I have been amazed that the US News media has not given the Toulouse atrocity the attention it deserved-in marked contrast to Europe. The affair has truly rocked France to its core, and to a lesser extent Europe as well. In fact, if you wanted to follow the events, instead of the main stream US media, you had to go to French/European sources including blogs. Once again, the blogs are doing the media's work for them.

There is an article that has been going around the Internet for a few years now by someone identified as Sebastain Vilar Rodriguez entitled, "European life ended in Auschwitz". This person is believed to be fictitious, but the words are thought-provoking. He talks about how Spain and Europe have gotten rid of their Jews-the ones who were contributors to their societies and replaced them with an unassimilated mass of Muslim immigrants, many of whom contribute nothing but crime as they collect benefits from the government and spit on the host country's culture and values. Hateful? Sure. Unfair to the Muslims in Europe who don't cause problems? Sure. But the truth has to be faced squarely. Europe has a massive problem on its hands that will overwhelm them in a couple of decades if the demographic trend continues. It is not a matter of white vs brown. It is a matter of combating not only rising crime, but hatred that manifests itself in what we saw in Toulouse. It is a matter of Europe not only maintaining its identity, but its freedoms as well. Behind all this social train wreck and lack of assimilation is a political ideology/religion that makes no differentiation between religion and state. It has disdain for the freedoms that Europeans exercise, which they think (rightly in some cases) is decadent. Decadent it may be, but it is part of our personal freedoms that may not be in conformance with any religion. A free society does not make its laws conforming strictly to religion.

But what to do? Does Europe throw up its hands and say it is too late? How do you say to an entire population of immigrants that you are not welcome here and should leave? Europe also shares part of the blame in that when they brought all these workers into their countries to do the manual labor they didn't want to do, they didn't care about assimilating them. Then came the so-called political refuges. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Now they are dealing with grown up children of immigrants who hold citizenship-as did Merah-but don't feel themselves European.

But it has gotten worse than merely lack of assimilation. Now Europeans are seeing their children massacred for no reason-other than they are Jewish. What kind of sick mentality shoots a three-year-old child in the head just because she is Jewish? It is the same sick mentality that was on display a year ago in Itamar when a Palestinian massacred an entire family in its home including slitting the throat of a months-old infant in its crib.

We have no need for this type of mentality in a free and civilized nation.

But the question is not yet answered. What to do?

The prime ministers of the UK, France and Germany have all admitted in recent years that assimilation has failed in their countries. A few years ago, the prime minister of Australia told the Muslim community that if they were not willing to accept Australian values, they should leave. It is time for Europe to send that same message. It is time for the Western leaders to hold a summit with Middle East leaders and tell them as politely as possible that until this madness passes from history, more Muslim immigrants cannot be accepted.

This is not a call for Europeans to start rounding up innocent Muslims and shipping them home en masse. It does seem reasonable to begin the process of deporting those non-citizens who are on the public dole and/or  have been identified as radicals or criminals.

Here in the US, we have enjoyed remarkably more success with our Muslim immigrants in that most came here as part of the educated class. The problem here is nothing like it is in Europe. But there is concern. We have seen plots thwarted that involved American Muslims. There is a radical element among our college youth. We also have so-called main stream organizations like CAIR claiming to represent American Muslims. What they really represent is stealth jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas-for starters. Most American Muslims are not of concern, but they are still viewed with suspicion. It is unfortunate, but the suspicion has a basis in fact.

It is a harsh message that needs to be sent, and law-abiding Muslims who came to the West to escape sharia and live a better life in freedom will be hurt. Nonetheless, the message has to be: Assimilate, respect our traditions, our laws, our freedoms, our plurality, and leave your hatreds at home. There will be no sharia in the US or anywhere else in the West. If that is the life you prefer-to live under Islamic law- then you know where you can go.

It is time for the West to stand up and deliver that message.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Palestinians Run for Cover

gary fouse

Hat tip to Norway, Israel and the Jews

There is a great article today in Norway, Israel and the Jews. The Norwegian press is reporting that Palestinian Authority Minister Salem Fayyad is pleading with jihadidsts world-wide not to attribute their actions to the Palestinian cause. That is his own way of "condemning" the atrocity in Toulouse. In the post, you can watch the video of their Grand Mufti recently referring to the Jews as apes and pigs and quoting that well known hadith-you know the little ditty that talks about the tree telling the Muslim "there is a Jew hiding behind me-come and kill him". And don't accept that line they tell you about it not being an authentic hadith, as I have heard one Orange County imam explain. It has been authenticated by the Bukhari and Muslim collections, two of the most "respected" Islamic authorities  out there as the mufti explains in the video. Follow the links and watch the video of the 2009 anti-Jewish riots in Oslo.

This is so typical of the double-talk we have become used to hearing. The real message is clear; go and kill the Jews wherever you can find them. Just keep our names out of it.

When this is all said and done, there is blood on many hands in Europe. That includes the news medias of countries like France, Norway and Sweden that have engaged in an orgy of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel reportage over the years that has placed a modern yellow star on the chests of their own Jews as they ignored or downplayed assaults against Jews on their own streets and tolerated vandalized Jewish cemeteries and synagogues- all in the name of tolerance.

I wonder how our own American school textbooks (just exposed this week by Act for America) are going to explain this latest horror away for the 7th-graders. Don't answer that; I know. They will ignore it.

Monday, March 19, 2012

May G-d Avenge Their Blood!

By Findalis
Monkey in the Middle

You go to pick up your children from school.  A man on a moped stops, opens fire upon the students, then takes off.  A massacre has occurred.  And you know that the gunman will never be caught.  This is what happened today in Toulouse, France.
Rabbi Sandler of Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem and his sons Aryeh, 6, and Gavriel, 3.5, were murdered in Toulouse Monday morning, as was 8 year-old Miriam Monsonegro, daughter of the director of Ozar HaTorah Toulouse, Yaacov Monsonego.

Binyamin Toati, Head of the France Desk of Bnei Akiva, told Arutz Sheva before the names were published that there are reports that the man who was killed is a rabbi who served as an Israel shaliach (emissary) at the school and that two of his children were killed with him.

French press reported that two children were among at least three people killed in a shooting outside a Jewish school. Two other children are reported fighting for their lives. The French news reports said the dead are a teacher and two children, and that two other children were badly wounded.

They said a man opened fire on people waiting at a school drop-off point and then fled on a motorcycle. The gunman used two weapons – one with a caliber of 9mm, the second with a caliber of 11.43 mm. France's Interior Ministry ordered increased surveillance around Jewish schools, and Interior Minister Claude Gueant said he will visit the school on Monday morning.

The Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, said he was "horrified" by what happened in Toulouse. "I am bruised in my body and my soul," he added.

The shooting comes three days after three French paratroopers were shot dead by a man 30 km. from Toulouse. AP reported that two French paratroopers were shot in the town of Montauban, near Toulouse, on Friday, when a gunman on a black motorbike pulled up at a cash machine and opened fire. An 11.43 mm. weapon was used in that attack as well, according to the news reports.

Police saw a connection between those killings and to another deadly shooting of a soldier in Toulouse just over a week ago.

I will wager you that the gunman in this case is a Muslim, is in the pay of Iran, and that this is the start of a reign of terror to the Jewish people.  In fact, former Counterterrorism Bureau chief Brig.-Gen. (res) Nitzan Nurielis warning Jewish institutions to beef up their security immediately.
Israelis and Jews around the world are under a growing threat from Islamic terrorists and need to demand that local authorities provide better security, former Counterterrorism Bureau chief Brig.-Gen. (res) Nitzan Nuriel said Monday, hours after a gunman killed four people outside of a Jewish school in France.

Nuriel told The Jerusalem Post that a coalition of jihadist organizations have made a decision to attack Israeli and Jewish targets wherever they may be without distinction. "They attack whoever they can and wherever security is lax," he said.

According to Nuriel, who stepped down from his post several months ago, Iran and terror groups are trying to deter Israel from taking action against them by carrying out these attacks overseas. He said it was possible that the attack against the school in France was not terror related, but he did draw a direct line between the recent spate of bombings plots in India Georgia, Thailand and Azerbaijan.

Nuriel urged Israelis who travel overseas to take extra precautions and to be more vigilant in the face of the terror threat.

"It makes no difference for the terrorist if the target is a representative of the Jewish Agency, an Israeli tourist or a local Jew," he stated.

When choosing accommodations abroad, Nuriel said that Israelis should not make the decision based solely on the quality of the hotel or hostel, but rather they should also take into consideration whether there is security at the facility or building.

Secondly, he said Israelis should not post pictures of their trips on Facebook and other social media websites, since photographs could then be used by terrorists to track them, as well as to identify targets frequented by large numbers of Israelis.

I fear that this is just the start of terror attacks on Jews around the world.  And that these deaths are just the first of many more to come.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Karen Lugo on LA Sheriff Lee Baca

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Townhall

"Sharia is no threat to the US, right Buffalo Bob?"

Karen Lugo has written a piece for Townhall on LA County's "Sheriff to the Stars", Lee Baca, who, when he's not having luminaries like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton in his jail facility for tea and crumpets, is hanging around with questionable Islamic leaders and doing their bidding. In this below piece, Lugo compares Baca to NYPD Chief Ray Kelly and refers to Baca's recent appearance at the Orange County Islamic Center, an event at which I was present.

It gets worse. At the Orange County event, Baca and LAPD chief of the Counter-Terrorism Unit Michael Downing sat on a panel as the panelists, including Democrat congresswomen Maxine Waters, Loretta Sanchez and Judy Chu lambasted Republicans like Peter King and turned the event into a partisan political affair. Also singled out for criticism were the NYPD and FBI-all while Baca and Downing sat there silently.

Moreover, after the event, I spoke with Downing one-on-one and informed him that in 1992, the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, had spoken at the same mosque as a guest of head imam Muzammil Siddiqi and had given a sermon on violent jihad, which was interpreted in real time by Siddiqi. His response?

"Well, Gary, you know some people change over time."

When I mentioned the name of Zuhdi Jasser (mentioned in the Lugo article) to him as an example of a true moderate Muslim, he didn't even know who he was. He asked me if Jasser were connected to people like Steve Emerson and David Horowitz.

This is what is protecting us from terror?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Israeli Apartheid?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon and Het Vrije Volk

I know you are hearing about Israeli apartheid, but I thought this series of posters might put it in better perspective.


Keep those images in mind the next time your local professor or campus Muslim Student Association/ Students for Justice in Palestine tell you about Israeli apartheid.

It's BS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elizabeth Holtzman Speaks at UC Irvine

Gary Fouse

On March 13, 2012, former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman gave a presentation at UC Irvine on the idea of impeaching / prosecuting George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  Since it was right next door, I popped in and amused myself.

Holtzman, a former DA of Kings County (Brooklyn) is hawking a book called "Cheating Justice- How Bush and Cheney Attacked the Rule of Law. Plotted to Avoid Prosecution-and What We Can Do About it". She was introduced by the Dean of Student Services Elisabeth Schroeder, who met Holtzman in college and later worked for her when Holtzman was in the House of Representatives. Schoeder gave a bio on Holtzman and described how she defeated the incumbent representative, Emanuel Cellar, in the 1972 Democratic primaries. Schoeder described Celler as being unconnected with his constituents and their concerns.

Holtzman was a member of the House committee during the Nixon Watergate hearings. I remember watching her on TV. Although I firmly accept that Nixon was guilty of impeachable offenses and deserved to lose his office, I recall vividly that some members of the committee seemed to have made up their minds on Day One. One of them was Elizabeth Holtzman.

Anyway, after expressing her belief that everybody should be accountable under the law no matter what office they hold, Holtzman outlined her theory and reasons why George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be brought to justice. "They broke the law", she said. "Not secretly, but in public".

Holtzman explained all the "lies" that Bush and Cheney told to the public and to Congress about Iraq in the run-up to the Iraq war . (She never told the audience that virtually every security and intelligence agency with whom we work had told the administration that Iraq had or was developing weapons of mass destruction).

"Why did Bush do this?" she asked? "Was it for oil? For his father? For re-election? We don't know", the former DA concluded. (Oh well, you don't need to prove motive, you know, but I would have said, "to protect the country from any future attacks after 9-11".)

Holtzman gave us laws and statutes that, in her view, had been broken (by Bush and Cheney).

First was a crime to defraud the US (by their "misrepresentation" of the need to attack Iraq). She quoted 18 USC 371.

This is 18 USC 371

Second was Foreign Intelligence Wiretaps violations.

Holtzman did not make the differentiation between ordinary criminal wiretaps that require a normal court order and national security wiretaps. She merely stated that Bush decided he didn't need to obey the law about getting court orders. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was including the FISA court.

Third was mistreatment of detainees and violation of anti-torture statutes in accordance with the Geneva Convention and the War Crimes Act (1996).

Holtzmann stated that Bush and Cheney took us out of the Geneva Convention. (She later amended that to state in regards to the Taliban and Al Qaida.). She described the involvement of DOJ attorney John Yoo, who wrote a legal opinion that allowed them to get around torture. (Yoo's name was mentioned twice, and both times it brought chuckles from a few audience members.) She mentioned a memo that Bush received from Alberto Gonzalez advising him to get the US out of the Geneva Convention to reduce the "likelihood that we would be prosecuted later"( under the War Crimes Act of 1996).

So, according to Holtzman, it was a prima facie case that Bush and Cheney could be prosecuted, which I guess, is the thesis of her new book.

What was not mentioned in any of this was 9-11.


According to Holtzman, we need to revise the statute of limitations; we need a special prosecutor; and we need to  re-instate the War Crimes Act. In summary,  justice for all, rich and poor, no matter their position with no immunity for those who happen to be top officials.

Well, that sure sounded reasonable to me, so when Q and A came, I raised my hand and asked her why she didn't support impeachment for President Bill Clinton, when he committed perjury while in office. I told her that I seemed to recall her being interviewed about it, and  that she pooh-pooed the idea of impeaching Clinton.

"I still do," she answered then went on to state something to the effect that crime and impeachment were two different things. She began talking about how there was a move to impeach Nixon for tax evasion. At that point, I said that the question was about Clinton.

She didn't like that. Her voice rose; she pointed her finger at me and said, "I am answering it, but I will answer it in my own way".

According to her own way of answering the question, Holtzman seemed to draw a line on perjury because the impeachable office had to be an abuse of office. I guess that meant that perjury by a sitting president is not an abuse of office. So much for accountability.

When I asked for a follow-up, she cut me off with a curt, "No, you've had your question" (or something like that).

My feelings were hurt.

Another questioner asked if President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached for having an American citizen killed in Yemen (Anwar al-Awlaki). Holtzman said that she had not studied that since her study was on Bush and Cheney, that she was troubled by it, but she couldn't answer that.

Another questioner wanted to know if Bush and Cheney could be brought to trial in a foreign court. To that Holtzman remarked that the "US is not playing an enlightened role in this area". She mentioned the example of Pinochet, who was brought to trial 27 years after he was violating human rights in Chile. She mentioned that Poland was investigating the secret prisons in its territory where detainees were taken. She  expressed the hope that actions abroad might wake us up (US).

Another questioner wanted to know if Bush and Cheney could be impeached even after leaving office. To that, Holtzman explained that their pensions could be taken away.

That was pretty much it since the event only lasted an hour. At that point the audience adjourned to another room to buy Holtzman's book. (I did not.)

Here is what I took away from this event. As I had always suspected, Holtzman has a partisan bent when it comes to impeachment. She's all gangbusters when it comes to Republicans, but not when it comes to Democrats. That is based on what I will call my 4 for 4 formula. Impeach Nixon and Bush? Yes. Impeach Clinton? No. Impeach Obama? "I don't know anything about it". Elizabeth Holtzman is quite selective in her outrage in my book.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Farrakhan at UC Berkeley-What Mark Yudof Must Do

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Daily Californian

The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley's campus paper, is running an op-ed by Rabbi Adam Neftalin-Kellman, executive director of Berkeley Hillel on tomorrow's speaking appearance at UC Berkeley by Louis Farrakhan.

In addition, here is another op-ed by Daily Californian staff writer Jason Willick.

Another report by CBS San Francisco:

Let me say this: A petition to bar a speaker is a dangerous thing. Today it is Farrakhan; tomorrow it is Rush Limbaugh; then it is who knows who. (No, I am not comparing Limbaugh to Farrakhan in any way.)  I think this should be handled as I have advocated for the notorious UC Irvine events held by the Muslim Student Union every May. When a hateful speaker comes, he or she has the First Amendment right to speak and speak without being disrupted. If they make an inflammatory statement that leads directly to someone being assaulted then they can be held liable. Other than that, there isn't much we can do. Yet, others have the right to be present and peacefully protest. They can hold signs. They can pass out leaflets. Most importantly, they can participate in the question and answer session. If time does not allow, they can ask for the speaker to stick around for some questions and dialogue. If they desire, their question can be a statement though a long diatribe of a speech will be cut off by the moderator.

This is what I would encourage the opponents of Farrakhan to do.

And there is no person at UC Berkeley more appropriate to do that than UC President Mark Yudof, who just yesterday, issued a UC-wide statement condemning racist and anti-Semitic expressions on his campuses. Yudof, who is himself Jewish and whose office is in the Bay area, should be at that event. He should monitor what Farrakhan says and after that, he should stand up and tell Farrakhan in no uncertain terms what he thinks of him. He should also tell the Black Student Union that they should be ashamed of themselves for inviting such an odious character to speak and that they have lost any credibility should they ever want to complain about racism.

No excuses, Mr Yudof. If you are out of town, get back right away. If you have other commitments, cancel them. This is the most important task you have had to date in your tenure. You have taken a lot of heat for the way you have handled -or not handled these problems. You have an extraordinary opportunity tomorrow to start setting the UC ship right and be taken seriously.

Don't blow it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bull Sh*t Upon The Jews!

Book of Obama Chapter 14

Upon the 4th day of the month of March, in the year of 2012 (10 Adar 5772) The Anointed One returned to Assembly of AIPAC and spoke.

I bring you greetings, My brothers and sisters.
I bring you My words of peace (and appeasement).

Now is not the time for war.  It is not the time of attack.
We can attack Iran in October.  (When I will need the boost in my poll numbers to win re-election.)
All the Israelis need to do is trust in Me.
For I will protect them.
I am their savior, their rock, their greatest fan.
For without Me there is no Israel.
(Even with Me there is no Israel.)
I will do the right thing.  I am the Chosen One.
And the Assembly of AIPAC sat there, clapped politely, but did not cheer for Him.  They looked to each other and would not believe the words of The Anointed OneHe had lied to them many times before.
I will stop your enemy Iran from making nukes.
I will give more arms to Israel.
I will no longer force the issue on Jerusalem.

My diplomacy against the evil Iran will work.
I speak softly but I carry a big stick.

Will you not support Me?
My coffers are bleeding dry.
(Give Me your money.)
The Assembly of AIPAC kept their wallets shut.  No money for thee they said.  And as for the big stick The Anointed One spoke of, they know it is nothing more than a small putter.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Exposing Anti-Israel Indoctrination on Campus

Gary Fouse

Amir Abdel Malik Ali at UCI chatting with yours truly
with MSU toughies in background

Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser, co-founders of the David Project, have written an important article for The Forward. It concerns the anti-Israel indoctrination that is going on within our universities.

I heartily concur with what Messers Jacobs and Goldwasser have written. The biggest issue of contention on college campuses today is the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It is undeniable that the left and the pro-Palestinian forces are dominating the discussion. It is part of a world-wide effort to discredit and deligitimize the Jewish state.

One might ask, "Why is this issue so prevalent on college campuses?" It is because this is where the future leaders of our country are walking the hallways as we speak. Why is there no comparable discussion of the horrors occurring daily in the Middle East and places like Iran and Pakistan? Why is there no discussion of the religious persecution that is on-going in almost every Muslim country? Why Israel? I think Jacobs and Goldwasser have provided most of the answers.

The Jewish community, especially those that have children attending college, need to wake up to this serious issue. They need to closely examine their Jewish organizations that they have heretofore supported and ask why they are not speaking out. When your Jewish leaders tell you everything is fine on the local campus, go and see for yourself. Attend the MSA-sponsored events and listen to the anti-Semitic words of many of their speakers (as I have). Don't be afraid to speak out and defend your own point of view. Don't be afraid to write to your university president and local politicians to complain when you hear hate speech on campus. Don't be afraid to ask left-wing Jewish activists why they have joined with the forces that want to destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea.

Finally I say, wake up to the realities. Anti-Semitism is on the march and has made its way back into the mainstream. There are many Gentiles who stand with you. But you have to get involved.