Tuesday, March 30, 2010

America's Wackiest University is Reading Fousesquawk

Gary Fouse

"And to you too, Fousesquawk!"

America's Wackiest University. Yes, that would be UC Santa Cruz, home of the Community Studies and History of Consciousness departments.

Was it something I said? Why is it that I get so much attention up there in Santa Cruz? First the local newspaper describes me along with David Horowitz as "conservative pundits who would like to see the death of the Community Studies department"-and put my name before Horowitz! What's next-me and Obama?

"I don't think that's funny."

"I do. That's a big f------' deal."

Now someone from the Office of the President is checking out one of my articles on UCSC. Here is the Site Meter report:

Domain Name ucsc.edu ? (Educational)
IP Address 169.233.99.# (University of California, Santa Cruz)
ISP University of California, Office of the President
Location Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : California
City : Santa Cruz
Lat/Long : 36.9899, -122.0603 (Map)

Language English (U.S.)

Time of Visit Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Last Page View Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL http://www.google.co...
Search Engine google.com
Search Words "brian glasscock"
Visit Entry Page http://garyfouse.blo...ersity-uc-santa.html
Visit Exit Page http://garyfouse.blo...ersity-uc-santa.html
Out Click
Time Zone UTC-8:00
Visitor's Time Mar 30 2010 12:43:20 pm
Visit Number 20,307

Here is the article being viewed:


Actually, in the above article, I was defending the action of the campus gendarmes in busting a bunch of dead heads who were causing trouble on campus.

Maybe they want to give me a job as chief of the campus police. Maybe they read my posting entitled, "Welcome to Fousesquawk University" (hint, hint) on how to properly run a university.

Maybe they want to hire me as editor of the campus newspaper to teach the little rascals the difference between fact and opinion.

Do you think the phone lines are burning up between Santa Cruz and Irvine?


Well, your guess is as good as mine. At any rate, sure glad I have Site Meter. When I was with DEA, we used to call it.....


Monday, March 29, 2010

Next Year In Jerusalem!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Next Year In Jerusalem are the words that have ended each and every Passover sedar for the last 2000 years. It is in good times, a simple wish to have one sedar in ones life in the city of Jerusalem. In times of pogroms, and horror it was a prayer to The All Mighty, Blessed Be He, to redeem them to Israel, to Freedom as He did in the days of our bondage in Egypt.

To Barack Hussein Obama they are words that need to be changed:
March 23, 2010 By The Associated Press Shana Habbab (AP White House Correspondent)

(AP) — An unidentified Israeli official has confirmed that private discussions between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu included a strong request from the President that the upcoming Passover holiday not include the familiar refrain of “next year in Jerusalem”, citing the passage as provocative and unhelpful for future peace talks.

The Administration suggested replacing it with “next year in peace” or “next year in Israel”, but leaving the final wording up to both the Israelis and Palestinians.

Netanyahu is said to have balked at the request, indicating that the refrain dates back well before the UN Partition of 1947. The Prime Minister reportedly attempted to diffuse the situation by noting that the declaration lacks any political significance, adding that most people living outside of Israel just “say the words without having a real desire to live anywhere in Jerusalem.” He further explained that, “at most, they would like to come for the Passover holiday, but only staying at one of the hotels located in western part of the city.”
Last summer Pharaoh Obama President Obama demanded that Israel turn over the Old City to the Arabs as a goodwill gesture.  Benjamin Netanyahu sent a little gesture back.  There is no way, no how, no even understanding that will ever mean the purposeful destruction of Jewish homes, schools, synagogues, and even the Kotel.

Yet Pharaoh will not listen.  He has harden his heart towards Israel, he has forgotten the words he spoke to the Children of Israel at the AIPAC Conference in 2008:
Let me be clear. Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non-negotiable. The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive, and that allows them to prosper — but any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state, with secure, recognized and defensible borders. Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.
Oh how he lied!  He lied when he said that he would prevent Iran from developing nukes:
Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton expressed concern Sunday that Washington was coming to terms with a nuclear Iran.

“I very much worry the Obama administration is willing to accept a nuclear Iran, that's why there's this extraordinary pressure on Israel not to attack in Iran,” Bolton told Army Radio.

The former envoy claimed that this pressure was the focus of last week's meetings in Washington between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyhau and US officials, including President Barack Obama.

Bolton said that the Obama administration had embraced the view, prevalent in Europe, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the key to the resolution of all other conflicts throughout the Middle East, including the Iranian conflict.
Ah yes, the old stand-by: BLAME THE JEWS FOR EVERY PROBLEM!  

Just the behavior one would expect from the disciple of Jeremiah Wright! And guess who was visiting recently:

Louis Farrakhan and family

I wonder what he asked Pharaoh for?  To run the Death Camps?

Look his old neighbor who was just another guy on the block (Strange neighborhood. Housing a known domestic terrorist couple.)  Yes Bill Ayers is back!

I thought he didn't know him very well.

And of course the Good Reverend is back:

Didn't Pharaoh break with Wright's church?  I guess not!

I wonder if he promised him the looting of Jewish property for his own gain.

Tonight when Obama and his kapos will make a mockery of the sacred meal while Pharaoh is planning how to destroy the Jews of Israel.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Once Upon a Time in the Wild West

Gary Fouse

(I thought I'd lighten things up a bit. You gotta laugh to keep from crying.)

There was this Western town out in the middle of nowhere once. It was a tiny, typical old wild west town of about 75 people. It was a friendly town, and everybody got along. There was a church, a school, a blacksmith shop, a town doctor (named "Doc"), a barber shop, a horse stable and a saloon (Mabel's Saloon). It had a bartender, a couple of waitresses and several young ladies who would share a drink with you and a romp in the hay upstairs if one were so inclined. Oh yeah, there was a piano player, but he didn't know about all that.

There was also a sheriff, who commanded a posse of about 20 tough hombres.

He was also the beau of the purty local schoolteacher.

Finally, there was a no-nonsense town mayor, who everybody loved.

The sheriff and his posse took care of all the bad varmints like castle rustlers and all that. With the no-nonsence mayor and a hangin' judge, outlaws knew that if they messed with this town, they were lookin' at a necktie party.

Cattle rustler

Then one day a couple of strangers showed up in town. One wore a mask, and the other was an Indian named Tonto (which means "stupid" in Spanish).

Masked Man


Well, anyway, this masked man was giving away bottles of snake oil, which he told the townsfolk would cure all their ills. The townsfolk were elated and welcomed the strangers to the town. When they asked him why he wore a mask, the stranger told them he was "the Lone Ranger".

Pretty soon, the townfolk were so happy with all the free snake oil that they elected the "Lone Ranger" to be their mayor. The old mayor was sent packin'. The first proclamation the new mayor made was that from then on, whiskey would be free because whiskey was a "human right". The people were elated.

Mabel wasn't too happy, but she was assured by the Lone Ranger that the city government would foot the bill.

Soon, however, changes started to come to the town. One day, soon after the mayor's inaugural, a bunch of city slickers showed up in town-all brought in by the new mayor. They were given new jobs that no one had ever heard of before.

Then the mayor fired the sheriff, ran him out of town, and brought in his own sheriff, who promised a "smarter" war against outlaws.

The new sheriff fired the posse and tore up all the wanted posters.

The mayor also fired the hangin' judge and brought in a new judge.

Soon, a new word was heard in the town, which had never been heard before:


Then the mayor and his city-slicker friends started passing a bunch of new laws. Pretty soon, Mabel had to buy snake oil supplies for all her workers. Some of the workers-especially the fine young ladies- didn't even want to drink the snake oil, but the law was passed and they all had to use snake oil. Only now it wasn't free anymore. In fact, it was now quite expensive. No matter. Everybody now had to drink snake oil when they got sick. As a result, old "Doc" had to close up shop get a job as a bartender at Mabel's saloon. The only medical care available became "Lone Ranger" snake oil.

When asked what he thought about all this, Tonto was heard to reply,

"This is a big f----- deal."

Then more city-slickers arrived from back East. Sixteen thousand of them to be exact. They were revenooers, assigned to make sure that everybody was buying their snake oil. Suddenly, the size of the town was multiplied by 160 (is that accurate?) Parking became a problem. There weren't enough horse rails for everybody to park their horses. The Lone Ranger decided that the solution was to seize the horse stable and take over the horse business.

After a year or so, somebody noticed that the quality of horses in the town had declined.

Government horse.

No matter. The Lone Ranger decreed that henceforth, everyone in the town had to purchase a government horse.

Even Granny Skaggs?

Even Granny Skaggs.

And Tonto stated,

"This is a big f----- deal, Kimo Sabe."

Then another new word was introduced into the town's vocabulary.



"Yes", explained the Lone Ranger. "It will create jobs-green jobs".

"Green jobs!?!?!"

As you might well imagine, things went to Hell in the town. People didn't get along as they used to.

In addition, the school had to close, and that purty schoolteacher had to get a job at Mabel's saloon. And it wasn't a green job.

Well, it didn't take long before the townfolk had had enough. One by one, they began leaving the town. Mabel closed down her saloon and took all her employees -including that purty little schoolteacher- to another town as far away as possible. Soon, everything was gone. No more school, no more saloon, no more barber shop, no more blacksmith, no more horse stable, just the Lone Ranger, Tonto and all those bureaucrats and revenooers.

So one day, the Lone Ranger and Tonto gave up, saddled up and headed off to Wyoming. Down the road a piece, they passed by an old rancher and his grandson who watched them riding off.

"Is that the Lone Ranger?" asked the little boy.

The old man spat out a mouthful of tobacco juice and replied,

"He ain't no f-----' Lone Ranger. Why he's a f------' outlaw."

"Hiyo Silverrrr!"

"We f------ fooled 'em Kimo Sabe".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Road To Hell!

Our dear friend Roger W. Gardner, founder of Radarsite, wrote this little ditty on August 6, 2008.  Read it carefully, for once again Roger hit the nail on the head. -- Findalis

Is Paved With Good Intentions

Sanctuary cities, refusal to enact Megan's Law, granting of near-Constitutional Rights to Gitmo terrorists, obstruction of FISA, continued issuance of 'student visas' to questionable 'students' from terrorist supporting countries, continued granting of Freedom of Speech Rights to seditious anti-Americanist organizations and to blatantly pro-Islamist, antisemitic organizations, continued attempts to relegate more and more of our national sovereignty to international organizations such as the World Court of Brussels and the Corrupt and anti-Americanist U.N., continued attacks on our Judeo/Christian heritage in the name of that false concept of Separation of Church and State, continued calls for dialogue and appeasement of our sworn enemies, continued calls for an economic levelling out of our society, continued blocking of all attempts to enforce our border laws -- and perhaps the most damaging of all: the officially-sanctioned warm embrace of Islam and the corresponding unreserved welcoming of Muslims into America.

These are just a few from that long list of liberals' lethal good intentions which have nearly crippled our increasingly vulnerable American society. And they want to do more.

And if we let them they will.


We cannot cry we did not know!  We were warned over and over before the election of 2006 that Barack Hussein Obama was so far to the left that he made the late Ted Kennedy look like a member of the John Birch Society.

Yet the people did not believe us.  Now they do, but for the next 3 years we are stuck with our choice.

Our first opportunity to rectify the mistake of November 2008 will come on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, when we can throw the bums out of Congress who passed this aboimnation  called health care reform and send a message to Pelosi, Reed, Dean, and Obama so loud that they will have to finally take notice of the people of the United States.

It Is Time To Take Back Our Country!

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On This Day In History - March 21, 2010

Source: The Snooper Report

We ARE coming for your ass.

How Obama's Health Care Funds Abortions: Stupak's Abortion Bait and Switch

by Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook

Most of us didn't question Rep. Bart Stupak's (D-MI) commitment to unfunded taxpayer abortions - especially after he talked about it for days, but shame on us. We should have known better. These are Democrats, and they know not of principled commitment. But it was not just Stupak who chased after a way to vote for the bill. In fact, in the end, Stupak was of no concern to Nancy Pelosi. She had cut bait and moved to more lucrative waters - a coalition of about 30 Democrats who late on March 19th worked a deal to support their regional areas - mainly the hospitals, and they didn't care about abortion. Neither did most Democrats, despite the lies Stupak boldly spoke to the Nation.

Republicans asked for a "motion to recommit,"...language similar to Stupak's, ensuring no public funded abortions, be added to the bill before voting. That was not going to happen, even though Stupak knew the President's Executive Order was worthless.  See the roll call vote on the motion here. From the floor of the House, just before the vote on the Senate health care bill, Stupak called the Republican "motion to recommit," "disingenuous," and said this:
...it is the Democrats who have stood up for the principle of no public funding for abortion," he said on the House floor, 
Only 64 Democrats voted for his amendment. All but one Republican voted for the amendment. It was only due to Republican votes that Stupak's amendment made it into the bill. Henry Hyde, the author of the Hyde amendment was a Republican. Talk about "disingenuous." The myth of Pro-Life Democrats exposed. See this in the first video below.

But Rep. Stupak never planned to vote against health care, regardless of taxpayer funded abortions. In the second video from last Fall, at 1:29 minutes in, he tells constituents that if he has to accept federally funded abortions to have Democrat health care, he will do so, and still stay true to his principles. Hear the audience's abhorrent reaction.

So, who do we believe? Is there language in the Senate bill that allows for taxpayer-funded abortions?  Here is the explanation:

In this video, Stupak explained why the Hyde amendment did not apply to the Senate bill:
 [Senate legislation] is not subject to the annual appropriations law and therefore is not subject to the Hyde provisions contained in the annual labor HHS bill. The only way to provide Hyde protection of no public funding for abortion in the health insurance option and subsidies in the form of affordability credit found in the bill is to insert the Hyde amendment into this legislation...
This from the United States conference of Catholic Bishops further clarifies: the key is that the new monies in the bill, are not appropriated by funds restricted by the Hyde amendment:
The Senate bill authorizes and appropriates billions of dollars in new funding -- outside the scope of the appropriations bill covered by the Hyde amendment...These funds are new, and over he next five years they will be provided without being appropriated in the Labor/HHS appropriations act; therefore they are not covered by the Hyde amendment, which says only funds "appropriated in the Act...may not be used for elective abortions.

Bart Stupak just before House Vote on Senate Health Care bill

Stupak Will Vote for Taxpayer Funded Abortion if it is the only way to get health care (video)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Ever Changing Face of Anti-Semitism

Gary Fouse

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
19th century forgery of czarist Russia that purported to tell of a secret meeting of Jewish leaders to plot the takeover of the world. Still a best-seller in the Middle East

Being an amateur scholar of the Third Reich and getting involved in the issue of anti-Semitism in recent years, it is fascinating-and quite sad-to watch how this form of hatred has evolved over time from religious-based hate to hate based on economic jealousy to racial hate and back full circle.

Centuries ago in Christian Europe, Jews suffered religious persecution based on a belief that they were Christ-killers. Eventually, they were targets of oppression based on economic and professional competition and jealousy. Under Hitler, it was mostly about their racial identity vis-a-vis the "pure Aryan race". Conversions made no difference to the Nazis. It was all about race. Even after the Holocaust, Jews, even in America, were discriminated against and held in contempt by many because of their success in education, economic well-being and dominance in certain professions, such as law, medicine, banking and the movie industry. That jealousy still exists in some quarters.

The Israel/Palestine conflict has exacerbated anti-Semitism greatly. The term, "Zionist", has become an epithet to millions of people, especially in the Muslim world. For millions, it is a convenient code word that enables them to condemn millions of people and still claim to have nothing against Jews, per se.

While Christian anti-Semitism based on the Christ-killer concept has largely receded in the past century or so, Islamic hatred of Jews, based on Koranic teachings, is back in full force. Here in America, it is muted by our principles of equality and rejection of hate. In the Middle East, it is not muted. This, coupled with the conflict over Israel, has produced a deadly situation that may have no solution.

The stereotype of the wealthy and devious Jew has never left, unfortunately, as if they should be embarrassed over their success in certain professions. Modern anti-Semitism still abounds as Jews are accused of having too much influence. Israel is accused of having too much influence over US foreign policy in the Middle East-at the expense of our Arab friends. If you peruse the anti-Semitic web sites (I come across them usually by accident) what you see are constant references to the alliance between Israel and American Jews. You also see references to Jews that have nothing to do with Israel.

According to these voices, the American Jewish lobby puts too much pressure on the American government in support of Israel. First of all, it is inaccurate to think that American Jews are a monolithic force. They are as varied in their attitudes and beliefs as the rest of us. Many don't even support Israel and have taken the Palestinian side.

In spite of the above, one of the more recent talking points we hear in America revolves around the so-called "Neo-Cons", who just happen to be all Jewish when names are given. Now we are hearing more and more about the so-called "dual-loyalties" of Jewish Americans. Time's writer Joe Klein, himself Jewish, has written on this line during the past week.

Also in the past week, another blog (left of center) that I contribute articles to has featured an article by another contributor that links an article and radio interview of some retired professor who takes the same line. What is really scary is when you get to the comments section, that is where the word "Jew" starts appearing all over the place. I won't repeat them here, but they can only be described as anti-Semitic. More than one of the writers maintain that 9-11 was perpetrated not only by the Bush administration, but by the Mossad. One loon even opines that Israel killed JFK. Now that the Bush administration is gone, these folks are honing in on Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff. Emanuel, a Jew, has even served with the Israeli Defense Forces, thus he is a convenient target. Many still hold to the canard that there is a conspiracy by Jews to control the world.

Those readers not familiar with Europe may not realize that the few thousand Jews who still live there are being subjected to anti-Semitism on a regular basis, usually by young male Muslim immigrants. One example is Malmo, Sweden, of which I have previously written. A long-standing Jewish community is leaving in droves as they can no longer tolerate the persecution on the streets coupled with the disinterest of the mayor.

As I perceive it here in North America, anti-Semitism is becoming a staple on university campuses, driven by radicalized Muslim Student Associations in their fervent campaigns against Israel and backed by far-left students, professors and community activists. They, of course, deny being anti-Jewish-they are only anti-Zionist they say. Many of their invited speakers show us otherwise when they cross the line into anti-Jew hate speech. Of course, they have learned that one effective technique is to drag in Jewish figures who are themselves anti-Israel, useful idiots like Norman Finklestein, a discredited ex-professor from DePaul University, who now makes his living on the anti-Israel university lecture circuit. There are many others like him.

Some observers, like author Robert Wistrich, call this "anti-Semitism without Jews". How else can you describe a hatred towards a people who are so small in numbers. Their presence in Europe is infinitesimal (and we all know why, don't we?) Even their percentage in the US is tiny. Some people think that only if Israel would go away, there would be no more anti-Semitism.

They are naive. There are those who still want to see Jews disappear from the face of the earth. In my view, that is still a possibility-a second Holocaust, if you will. It must not be allowed to happen.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Brief Message to America--Repost

Once again I am digging into the Radarsite vaults and returning with an oldie, but goodie from Roger W. Gardner.  This one originally was posted on January 27, 2008.  -- Findalis
A note from Radarsite: This short essay on America garnered more controversy than any other article on Radarsite either before or after. It had begun by my asking myself how "Old Blood and Guts" Patton would address our current generation if he were still around. Thus this Brief Message to America was written with the sound of General Patton's inimitable voice in my ears. I received so much hate mail from this small article that it spawned a whole new article just to deal with the spiteful comments, which was subsequently published by the Chicago Sun Times. I hope you will find the time to also read this follow-up piece. We live in interesting times, don't we? - rg

America -- it's time to stop what you're doing for a minute and take a good long look in the mirror.

You have allowed other people to delineate your image for too long now. You have uncritically accepted their skewed portraiture as truth and bought into their self-serving lies. You have been bullied by cold-hearted cynics and wrong-headed critics into believing that you are something that you are not, and never could have been.

It's time to stop all that now, America. It's time to remember who the hell you are. In the words of our late great Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, "Americans need to face up to the truth about themselves, no matter how pleasant it is."

You seem to have forgotten that the world is weak and envious of your strength. They want what you have and deride you because they need you. But your detractors are small and petty and vicious; and you are great and beautiful.

You are nothing less than the light of the world, and the hope of all its people. Without your stalwart protection and the selfless sacrifice of your courageous fathers and sons who have fought and died on foreign soil to protect other people's liberties, the glorious achievements of this whole wondrous Western Civilization would have long ago crumbled into dust and been trampled under the feet of the barbarians.

So listen up now, America. The world needs you once again. Take a good hard look at yourself. And stand tall and be proud. You are quite simply the bravest, most noble, most generous, most high-minded and judicious nation the world has ever known.

And we love you.
I do wish our current President Barack Obama would read those words. Instead of showing the world the strength of the United States (spiritual, moral, and physical), our President has shown himself and this nation to be morally weak, without the resolve to lead the world (passing on that responsibility to Europe at best, the UN at worst).  I think that old Blood and Guts Patton would have slapped Obama silly for his cowardice!

On a more personal note:

If you enjoy reading these old posts of Roger's let us here at Radarsite know.  Just use the comment form below.  Hopefully you do enjoy reading them and want us to continue to repost other fine articles by Roger.

-- Findalis

Radar Site Special Edition: Armed Revolution! Are you "in or out"? with forward by Storm'n Norm'n

The following article should be taken very seriously by every American...more importantly by the so-called Americans currently running the show. Yes, I call them "so-called" because nothing they are attempting to do has anything American written anywhere about their dictatorial mandates. Remember always, the problems we are having were not caused by we the people; everything (that should be EVERYTHING !) is and was caused by the politic elite who somehow forgot from whence we came. They fail to learn the lessons of history (What'e that saying? “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”). Whenever I'm on the subject of history there's an old quote I like to bring up from William Morey's book Outlines of Greek History (copyright 1903 The American Book Company) . It has to do with what kept societies together; something we so desparately need today. I mention it here to rebuff Obama's anti-Christian statement, "America is no longer a Christian nation" a statement of profound consequences that has divided us from the Jihadist in the White House and all his communist czars.

From the book, "The people of the city were not only united about a common citadel; they were also bound together by a common religion. Each smaller group--like the family, the gens, etc.--retained their own particular worship; but to be a part of the city it must also recognize the common deity under whose protection the city was founded, and by whose continual worship the city life was maintained. Religion was thus the scared bond of union which held together the various parts of the community." end of quote.

Religion was thus the sacred bond of union which held together the various parts of the community! Let me remind you, this nation was not founded by Islamists/Muslims and no matter what Obama does or tries to do, he will never bring us together as a community without completely overpowering us...Islam is not a common deity to America. We must recognize the common diety under Whose protection the country was founded;We are a Christian nation! In God We Trust! ~ Norman E. Hooben

From Texas Fred Thanks Fred, Storm'n Norm'n

Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

March 19th, 2010 (2 hours ago) . by TexasFred
Once again I am compelled to bring you another great piece of work from a fellow blogger. This was published on August 29, 2009 as a *what if* scenario, and I’m thinking that it’s even more accurate now than it was 7 months ago! I hope you enjoy this piece by Mark Epstein.
Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”?

The great danger in historical revisionism is the potential for future generations to make the same mistake. Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were no friends to the US Constitution, but few Americans know this fact. Even more egregious is the dearth of Constitutional knowledge in America. However, that is changing, which does not bode well for the Obama Administration.

Armed Revolution! Are you “in or out”? « Mark Epstein
Never in our country’s history have Americans witnessed the travesty of such an anti-constitutional administration and congress. And a great deal of the responsibility falls on both major political parties and the media. However, there are others, including American voters who refuse to intelligently discuss the issues and critically analyze what the administration is doing. As a result, the likelihood of another civil war or second revolution increases with each passing day and each new power-grab by the Obama administration.
This past week, while garnering the largest market share of any news media outlet, Glenn Beck painstakingly analyzed what the Obama administration is really all about and what it is actually doing. There hasn’t been one White House denial. At the end of the week, Beck presented five questions Americans should ask their politicians. Questions based in our Constitution. Glenn suggested in the strongest terms that Americans ask their political representatives each of the questions and then following-up with the question “Are you in or out?” And if the representative is not on board with the questions, then Americans need to vote them “out” in the 2010 elections.
Although I completely concur with Mr. Beck with respect to his analysis of this administration and the previous one (Beck is no fan of Bush spending, etc.), there are a plethora of reasons America will not make it to the mid-term elections in 2010. The analysis of this potential reality and a possible scenario follows.
The Coming Armed Revolution: Can it be avoided? If not, are you in or out?
Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, Van Jones, and a host of others are making a mockery of our Constitution — and the American people know it.
People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America. We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country. Senator Jim Inhofe
Currently, there are admitted radical Communists serving as Obama’s “czars,” a congressional bill to allow Obama seizure of the internet, and the administration is responsible for nationalization of industry and a blatant attempt to nationalize health care. The Obama administration is engaging in generational warfare and Obama-supporting union members have attacked US citizens participating in Town Hall meetings. There are provisions in Obama’s health care overhaul bill that contain loopholes that will result in health care benefits to illegal aliens, and ACORN registers illegal aliens to benefit the current administration. The government vilifies citizens, talks of mandatory H1N1 vaccination, and federal tax dollars pour into organizations to enable voter fraud. There is an immoral leftist boycott of one of the world’s most socially-conscious companies occurring, and the Democrats have been involved in silencing critics through physical intimidation, lawsuits, refusal to air commercials, and slander — and the list goes on.
To say the majority of Americans are upset about the country’s direction would be a gross understatement. They are pissed-off and willing to take up arms.
The thought of Americans engaging in armed revolt was unthinkable 12 months ago. After SEIU thugs beat-up a man attending a Town Hall meeting, other Americans showed-up at Town Hall meetings armed with semi-automatic weapons — including a meeting the president attended. There hasn’t been a union “beat down” of a Town Hall attendee since. The message is clear: Tyrants and bullies can be dealt with, even if it’s at the “business end” of a firearm.
Although the federal government is monitoring a number of known militia groups, these groups are not a threat to the government. The current threat to the federal government is the average American who realizes the federal threat to his personal freedoms and to his children’s freedoms and financial solvency. Americans are furious. They are not just angry. Moreover, many realize it may take the forcible removal of the Obama administration, as well as its direct and tacit supporters on both sides of the aisle, to restore our freedoms and sanity to Washington. Therefore, what follows is a “potential” scenario, which in no way should be construed as advocating an armed revolt against the federal government.
The Trigger
It’s difficult to pinpoint a particular spark that could or would ignite another civil war or revolution, but certainly mandatory H1N1 vaccination and presidential seizure of the internet are possibilities. It may even be a terrorist attack that many suspect the administration is setting-up the country for in its grand design to impose a dictatorship on the country. However, regardless of what touches-off the growing powder keg, we do know that (1) once angered, it takes a lot to calm Americans and (2) there would be a great deal of collateral damage.
The First Days
Conceivably, within the first days of an armed revolt, numerous politicians, Obama hacks, federal judges, and media members would be killed. Although the president may order active-duty military forces to supplement local law enforcement, it is doubtful that more than 40% of the military would obey his order to shoot American citizens and most of the military’s trained “gun fighters” are otherwise engaged in overseas combat zones. Additionally, many law enforcement personnel would opt to focus on humanitarian aid for those Americans caught in the crossfire versus taking on a well-armed and determined citizenry. Likewise, Obama could expect little to no support from the governors, as federalizing National Guard troops would not be in a state government’s interest when the focus of the revolt is the federal government. Additionally, it is conceivable that media outlets would be seized to enable communications for those Americans in revolt and voice their demands for a general and unconditional surrender of all politicians — including the president. Undoubtedly, Obama would exacerbate the problem by requesting UN assistance in the form of foreign Soldiers when his own Soldiers refused to shoot Americans.
The First Week
As the inevitable food and water shortages began within the large urban areas, the administration would be saddled with responding to this crisis. Additionally, with the seizures of transportation routes, medical supplies would quickly be problematic and the wounded would be dying for lack of medical treatment. Although the administration would likely attempt to harness this for political purposes, the non-existence of media in many areas, the lack of internet access, radio, digital television, and the destruction of key emergency networks would stifle the administration’s attempts to coalesce support from those Americans not involved in the armed revolt. In other words, the country’s communications infrastructure would have its weaknesses revealed and these weaknesses would benefit those in revolt. Meantime, from their areas of refuge, the administration would communicate via secure satellite systems in its attempts to re-establish authority.
The Second Week
After a brief lull in the killing, this period would be remembered as the time of purging. Obama supporters would be summarily executed in their homes and on the streets. Since the administration had gone so far as to seek UN assistance, the general American animosity toward the organization would come to the forefront and, again, this would only exacerbate the anger and trigger more bloodshed. By this point, gasoline is either unavailable or in the hands of those in revolt. The economy would have already ground to a halt, public transportation would be useless, and people would be dying from thirst.
The First Month
By this point, the military would be experiencing the highest desertion rate in its history, as active-duty members sought to ensure the safety of their own families or joined the revolt. Local law enforcement and the state’s National Guards would be providing humanitarian assistance only, and their orders would include not firing on armed Americans and using their own firearms only to defend women and children, having already experienced losses themselves for interfering with summary executions of male Obama supporters. Within the administration, the FBI would be vilified for its failure to understand the totality of American opposition to big government, as exemplified by the Obama administration. University professors would now be targeted for killing, economic collapse would be in full view of the world, the first foreign Soldiers would be on American soil and their dead would already be in the process of repatriation to their respective countries. At the local level, those bureaucrats who had exceeded their authority would also be targeted. Certain states would be sealed-off and its citizens refused access to another state. For example, fleeing Californians could expect to be shot at any eastern border, with their only egress point being Interstate 5 into the western half of Oregon. Since there is no gasoline at this point, the exodus would be on foot. Additionally, the country would be effectively split in half, as Americans from North and South consolidated their hold on the middle of the country in preparation for eastward and westward movement to support the warriors prosecuting the revolt in those areas. The urban areas would be in complete chaos as amoral thugs raped, looted, and burned large sections of the cities. Again, local law enforcement would be so busy with trying to protect people and property that they would not have the resources to put down the revolt. Obama could empty the prisons and attempt to arm any inmate who would support him. The upside to this move is that America would rid itself of a large portion of its prison population as these individuals were gunned-down mercilessly.
The First Six Months
In a last desperate bid to maintain power, Obama would extend peace-feelers to the informal government taking shape across the country. However, with the anarchists dead, the cities burned, local, state, and federal human targets neutralized, and its own inner debate ongoing, the revolutionists would only repeat its demand that Obama surrender himself and any remaining members of his administration and congressional representatives in the House and Senate, in order to stand trial. One of the key focal points of the new government would be enacting laws pertaining to those who had prosecuted the administration’s war against the revolution and, unlike the Revolutionary War where Americans held to Christian principles, Obama and his cohorts would face the very real possibility of being tried under new laws resulting from an internal compromise within the revolutionaries to dispense with the very protections Obama and Congress attempted to strip from Americans. In essence, those who had engaged in Washington’s “status quo” could expect no quarter.
The First Year
By this point, the Americans who had participated in the war would be working alongside local law enforcement and National Guard troops to maintain order, repair infrastructure, ensure logistical hubs were operating unfettered, and prosecuting war criminals on both sides of the conflict — including Obama, his cronies, and the current crop of Congressman and Senators. A new government would be in place and the borders with Mexico and Canada would be sealed completely, with illegal entry met with deadly force. Ports along the Gulf Coast would be receiving oil and supplies, debt repayment to the Chinese and Japanese would be in the process of negotiation, the assets of those who opposed the revolution would have been seized and being used to pay survival wages to those engaged in reconstruction efforts, communication infrastructure would be restored, and special tribunals would be enacted to determine the mainstream media’s complicity in triggering the war.
The Next Five Years
In the aftermath of the war, there would be unprecedented change. Lobbying would be outlawed, free speech would be curtailed in the aspect that certain political entities would no longer enjoy a right to exist (Communist Party USA, Nazi Party, Socialists, etc.), and all Americans would be forced to live within their economic means. Although suspended for the first five years, mortgage payments would resume, but at the current market value of ones home. In other words, banks and large mortgage entities would suffer catastrophic losses on their initial loans. Second Amendment rights would be near sacrosanct and those who had aided and abetted the administration by manipulating media coverage of Obama and Washington would still be enduring trials — and the courts would have the ability to sentence guilty parties to death for the court’s finding the accused had hidden facts from the American people. Churches would also be released from their current constraint on addressing political issues, but radical America-haters like Jeremiah Wright would be tried for treason. Another change to the country’s laws would include executions being carried out by firing squads and a streamlining of the appellate process. Americans in general would return to a time when being a neighbor and helping one another was more important than receiving government largess. America’s “elitists” would be marginalized or dead (Hollywood, professors, career politicians, etc.), and inner-city youth would be working on public projects for food and shelter, with misbehavior or criminal activity met with summary execution. All “guilty” findings for rape and looting would result in execution, and prisons would house only those currently serving sentences, awaiting trial, or sentenced under a new War Crimes Act. Death Row would be abolished and those that had been awaiting execution would be shot.
Six Years and Beyond
By this point, the dead are buried (approximately 50-70 million), full foreign trade is restored, and true “warriors” command the country’s Title 10 forces. Farms are in the hands of individuals, the free market is established with new regulations, and the people are represented by non-career Congressman and Senators who willingly answer to the people. Those who participated in the revolution have returned home to their families and are re-building their lives, while local law enforcement maintains order. Governors are the backbone of the country’s interstate agreements and the non-essential elements of federal bureaucracy are dismantled (e.g., Department of Education, etc.). The axiom “all politics is local” takes on a new meaning in the country, and Americans actually feel empowered to participate in collective decision making and working with their representatives in D.C. Although the nightmare is far from over (it will take at least another two generations), real hope is restored and people are once again proud of their country and being known as an “American.” Despite the unfortunate sub-war that broke out along racial lines during the revolution, racial tensions are at the lowest they have ever been, because the race-baiters and welfare-pimps are all dead or awaiting execution, and Americans have been universally forced to rebuild alongside their neighbor, regardless of race. Foreign governments that aided and abetted Obama during the war are slowly re-entering normalized relations with the US, and those countries that sent troops to support Obama under the UN mandate had their assets seized to pay for reconstruction, including merchant ships, aircraft, and weapons. Totalitarian regimes around the world are labeled as such by the new American government, and immigration laws are changed to prevent known enemies from attending American universities or entering the country. As a further amendment to Freedom of Religion, those religious entities that refuse to abide by the Constitution and foment sub-cultures and lobby for “religious law” are banned, their assets seized, and said assets distributed to Americans for the “general welfare” — regardless of the recipient’s religious beliefs or lack thereof.
Far fetched? It couldn’t happen here? Maybe and maybe not. However, it would behoove all of America’s “political class” to recognize that an armed citizenry is not to be trifled with or ignored. So, Washington, what is it? Are you in or out?
The Original Story is Here:

Americans are angry! We are getting more angry with every day that passes! If this piece doesn’t open some eyes, maybe the fictitious scenario depicted by Mr. Epstein really does need to come to fruition.
I am NOT advocating violent civil insurrection against the elected government of this nation, but there are those that do, and I am not going to rule out joining them either.
What the hell will we have left to lose?? Hope and Change?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Zionism=Nazism-The Great Lie

Gary Fouse

This essay first appeared on Grizzly Groundswell

Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels
He would be proud.

The opponents of Israel has been pushing the idea that Israel is taking on the characteristics of the Nazis as they fight to defend themselves. In actuality, Israel's enemies don't really recognize Israel's right of self-defense since they regard her as an illegitimate state. The charge of Nazism by Israel/Zionists is not a new one, but it is being used with greater frequency in the light of recent fighting between the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and the terrorist groups, Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, and Hamas in Gaza at the turn of the year 2008-2009. The idea of comparing Israel to Nazism is absurd on its face.

Much of the accusation is based on charges that in both of the above conflicts, Israel deliberately targeted civilians for death and, in effect, is attempting to commit genocide against the Palestinian people-a charge ridiculous in itself. It is true that civilians died in both conflicts. Civilian casualties in war are eventually inevitable. In Israel's case, they went to great lengths to avoid innocent casualties even as both Hezbollah and Hamas used the tactic of fighting from behind human shields in apartment complexes, schools and hospitals. In effect, they wanted their civilians to die so as to show a willing international media how bad the Israelis were. The media complied-virtually ignoring the causes of both conflicts. In the case of the Israeli incursion into southern Lebanon, it was a result of Hezbollah ambushing and kidnapping two soldiers from across the border. (After the fighting, those soldiers bodies were returned, dead, of course and showing signs of severe torture). In the case of Gaza, it was in response to hundreds of rockets being launched into southern Israel, many of which landed in schoolyards. During the resultant conflicts, the international media paid scant attention to the above as well as Hezbollah rockets lobbed into Haifa in 2006 forcing that city's residents into bomb shelters.

It is also conveniently ignored that in both conflicts, Israel dropped millions of leaflets warning residents in certain areas to clear out. In addition, automatic phone calls were made to residents giving them the same warnings. Contrary to Hamas' propaganda, the Israeli allowed outside humanitarian aid into Gaza during the conflict.

The Nazis never did those things. To be honest, neither did the Allies in World War II. German and Japanese cities were leveled knowing that tens of thousands of civilians would be killed. We were in effect, trying to destroy the will of the Japanese and German people to continue the war. I myself have visited Hiroshima, and it is a profoundly moving experience. This does not mean that I am condemning what we did in World War II. We were fighting for our very survival against two evil regimes that were committing horrible atrocities in the lands they had conquered and occupied.

But back to the comparison between Nazis and Israelis/Zionists. Some questions are in order.

Are the Israelis persecuting their Arab minority living within Israel proper-as the Nazis did to the Jews? No. Arabs/Muslims in Israel enjoy more freedom that they would in any of the neighboring Arab dictatorships. Have Israeli Arabs ever had to wear distinctive clothing in Israel marking them as Muslims or non-Jews?

Has there ever been an Israeli version of Kristalnacht against Arabs or Muslim in Israel? No.

Kristalnacht-November 1938-burning of synagogue in Michelsberg.

In contrast, ask yourself whatever happened to the centuries-old Jewish communities in Arab lands after 1948. The fact is that they were driven out. Today, only a few thousand remain here and there. Yemen's last remaining Jews are trying to get out of that country-where they had lived for centuries- as fast as they can due to persecution.

Do Israeli newspapers and magazines contain perverted images of Arabs or Muslims similar to Julius Streicher's Der Stuermer of the Nazi era? No-but neighboring mainstream newspapers in the Arab world still portray Jews in cartoons similar to Steicher's anti-Semitic images. Here are just a few examples:

Nazi newspaper "Der Stuermer"-headline reads, "Jewish murder plan against non-Jewish humanity uncovered."

The Jewish Blood Libel
Web site of the Arab European League, February 2, 2006

Al-Watan (Oman)
February 3, 2004

There are hundreds more like these that are regularly printed in the Arab media. They are readily available on the Internet. Have you ever heard about Jews rioting over these cartoons?

Who are the real Nazis?

Did the Nazis allow Jews to continue in the Reichstag? Or the universities? The answer is no. Are the Israelis excluding Arabs from teaching or engaging in politics? No. Are the Israelis forcibly taking over Arab businesses and giving them to Israelis? No. Are the Israelis burning down mosques in Israel? No.

Is there anything in Israel comparable to the so-called Nuremberg Laws of 1935 which formally encoded the Jews' status as second class citizens? No. Israel is a democracy, where the rights of minorities are protected-unlike its neighbors, none of whom are democracies.

Do the Israelis punish their citizens for marrying across ethnic or religious lines? No-but Muslims do-they forbid a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim. The penalty is death. That may not be encoded in the legal code of any Muslim nation, but it is part and parcel of Islam. In contrast, Jewish women intermarry all the time.

Eisenach 1940-The sign says, "I am a race-defiler"

Aryan woman and Jewish man in Nazi Germany (same wording on sign)

Other than retaliating or trying to stop armed aggression against them from their neighbors, what countries has Israel invaded and occupied as did Germany, which took over almost all of Europe? True, they have gone into Lebanon in an attempt to defeat those who were at war with them and trying to deny their right to exist, but there is no Israeli desire to make Lebanon part of Israel. Had not Syria, Jordan and Egypt not attempted to destroy Israel in 1967, they would not have lost the Golan Hts, West Bank and the Sinai, which Israel occupied as buffer zones. Can anyone seriously suspect that Israel wants to take over Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and all the other nations of the Middle East? Along those lines, did Nazi Germany ever negotiate peace treaties with any neighboring countries by which they gave up disputed land? No.

Had the Arab world accepted the 1948 UN decision to partition the Palestine area into two states, which Israel accepted, probably none of this conflict would have resulted. The Arab world rejected it and immediately went to war-and lost. The hatred coming from that humiliation has existed ever since.

The fact is that Israel is simply trying to exist as an independent Jewish state-where minority religions are tolerated to this day. Instead, they are faced with a hostile Arab world which refuses to allow the presence of a non-Muslim nation the size of New Jersey to exist in its midst-notwithstanding the historical existence of the three major religions in the Holy Land.

Let's compare the start of World War II with the wars that Israel has engaged in. In 1939, after taking over Austria and Czechoslovakia, Hitler manufactured a hoax to justify his invasion of Poland. A group of operatives were sent to the German-Polish border- a place called Gleiwitz, where they "stormed" a German radio site, left a few bodies behind in Polish uniforms (actually concentration camp prisoners) and made a fake broadcast. That led to the invasion of Poland which Hitler described as a self defense response. In contrast, Israel's wars against its neighbors have truly been in self defense including the last two incursions into Lebanon and Gaza. Unlike Gleiwitz, Israel had two soldiers truly kidnapped at the Israel-Lebanon border-who were eventually tortured and killed, and in the case of Gaza, Israel was legitimately responding to hundreds of rockets being launched from Gaza by Hamas-a terrorist organization which in its own charter, rejects any negotiation and calls for the destruction of Israel and establishment of an Islamic state. Yet American apologists like the discredited ex-professor Norman Finklestein, himself of Jewish heritage, propagate the lie to university audiences that Israel invaded Gaza because Hamas was becoming "too moderate" and "a real partner for peace". (He said that in my presence at UC-Irvine in January 2009.)

Much more importantly, have the Israelis set up death camps, where their enemies or non-Jews-specifically Muslims-have been systematically exterminated? No. Yet, their enemies charge them with "genocide". Why does not the world cry out over the Hama massacre in Syria in 1982 when the Syrian army bombarded the town of Hama while fighting elements of the Muslim Brotherhood resulting in an estimate of anywhere from 7-40,000 deaths? Where is the world's memory of the Black September massacre when Jordan expelled or killed thousands of Palestinians?

Do Jews in synagogues call out for "death to Muslims" or anyone else? No. Is Israel trying to exterminate the Arab/Muslim race? Of course not; it would be impossible to begin with.

One of the most disgusting aspects of the anti-Israel campaign is the insistence of many-especially in the Arab world- that the Holocaust never happened-or was greatly exaggerated. In a region where Hitler's "Mein Kampf" is still a best seller, as well as the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", many leaders are engaging in this ultimate of canards. They ignore the historical evidence of an era that is more well-documented than virtually any other. They ignore the images of the death camps once they were liberated. They ignore the testimony of the Nuremberg trials. They even ignore the confessions of the commander of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, who actually wrote his memoirs describing what happened as he was awaiting his execution in Poland after the war. Even a national leader, Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, subscribes to this mad idea as he and so many others plan their own "final solution" to the Jewish problem.

This is the real Holocaust. This is what real Nazis did.

This is what the Allies discovered when they conquered Germany

Who are the real Nazis of today?

Speaking of Nazis, it should be pointed out that during the war years, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was Hitler's guest in Berlin, from where he made anti-Semitic broadcasts to the Middle East urging his listeners to purge and drive out the Jews. More importantly, he even helped organize a Muslim SS Division in Bosnia, which made their own contributions to the Final Solution in that region.

Hitler and his ally, al-Husseini in Berlin

Who are the real Nazis?
The charge of Nazism and genocide is not one to be made lightly. To charge the survivors of the Holocaust is unconscionable. Yet, that is what Israel's enemies
do and successfully at that. They have convinced many in the Western World that Israel is no better than Nazi Germany; thus, they argue it does not deserve to exist. No doubt there are many in the West who will accept these lies. After all, so many in Europe are intimidated by an aggressive and radical Muslim immigrant presence, and after all, we need that Arab oil, don't we? So why not accept the lie that Israel is just another evil nation that should be eliminated so we can all live in peace? What naivete.

A more accurate argument would be that Israel is the lone democracy surrounded by Nazis.