Monday, November 30, 2009

New University Report on the UC-Irvine Protests

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Today's New University (UC-Irvine paper) has the report on last week's tuition protest at UCI.

Here some photos from the event (New University). The guys in green t-shirts are the Muslim Student Union.

"Heigh ho, heigh ho. It's off to jail I go."

Protesters disrupt a class-no arrests made

Here is an editorial written by one of the protestors.

An excerpt:

"We’re up against a student press that parrots unsubstantiated reports of student violence against police while euphemizing police violence against students, as though harsh words and hotdog buns were a threat to batons and tasers; batons and tasers that the police turn disproportionately against students of color.

Indeed, we are up against an entire history of racist policy-making designed to keep students of color from ever entering the university. The walls of Jim Crow fell and were replaced by the walls of financial impossibility for students of color, which is why we stand for a university that is accessible to, and affordable for all students."

Fousesquawk comment: First of all, there should be strong disciplinary action taken against those who entered and disrupted classrooms. Secondly, I would remind Mr Bliss that the UCI campus is made up overwhelmingly of a majority of "people of color", however he defines that silly term. Secondly, the one person who was arrested was not a "person of color" as surely Mr Bliss would define it. His entire "racist" premise is silly.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The University of California Budget Crisis

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

It seems that I have gotten the attention of a few folks within the University of California system with my tongue-in-cheek critiques of the recent student protests and occupations over the tuition hikes and budget cuts that have taken place. I would like to turn serious for moment and discuss the issue head on.

First of all, the protesters and their supporters are mis-directing their anger. Instead of blaming the universities for this mess, they should be demonstrating in front of the state capitol in Sacramento. It is there that this whole disaster was created with the out-of-control spending that has been going on for a couple of decades. Where were the protesters even two years ago when they could see what was happening in the state because of the tax and spending habits of the legislators? I'll bet virtually none of these folks were complaining while Sacramento was throwing huge sums of money around for wasteful social projects, many of which were designed to provide services to illegal aliens.

Where were they then?

The fact is most of these demonstrators were probably applauding all the social spending for liberal causes.

Now the hard reality is that there is no more money. You can't demand that the universities spend more money when they don't have it to spend.

But here is one thing that the students should be upset at, and yet, it appears they don't even know it. Recently, UC decided to cut back on in-state admissions in favor of out-of-state and international admissions. That is happening state-wide in the whole UC system. The reason is obvious. The out-of-state and international tuition is about 3 times higher than in-state.

On the other hand, isn't a university system-of any state- supposed to serve in-state applicants first since it is they (or their families) who are paying state taxes to support the universities?

I can't blame the students for being unhappy about the tuition hikes, which will indeed, drive thousands out of the UC system including many who have not even demonstrated. It is not that I don't have sympathy for them. However, those who have marched in lock step with the usual rabble-rousers and engaged in destructive or disruptive behavior on the campuses to express their anger have lost any sympathy that I may have had. For them, it is time to grow up and start living in the real world that exists beyond the cocoon of the university. It is not-as they claim-"their university".

It is also time for many who teach or administer in the UC system to realize that what happened last week is, in many respects, a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Many of these students were putting to use some of the things that they probably learned from some of their teachers. In addition, if the universities want to find places to cut without hurting education, they could start with some of the outlandish, politically-correct departments that have been forced on them over the past 4-5 decades. I am talking about UCSC's Community Studies and History of Consciousness departments, the Feminist studies departments, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Transsexual and "Confused" departments, as well as the ethnic studies departments that have done little more than foster a sense of resentment, etnocentricity and victimhood among its students, who graduate ill-equipped do much more than teach the same subjects to the next generation.

They could also take a look at some of the academic frauds who are indoctrinating our students rather than educating them. These students and their families are not paying all this extravagant tuition just to come to school and learn that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are "wrong", Israel is a Nazi-like state, and that George W. Bush was an "idiot". Yet, that is precisely what they are getting in many of the Humanities departments. That is not an education.

But what do I know? I'm just a humble ESL teacher. I don't have a PHD after my name.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kick A Black Day!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

If this happened at any school in the United States there would have been hell to pay. First of all the useful idiots in the media would have broken into their regularly scheduled news program with not only this as breaking news, but hourly updates on the condition of the victims. Each and every government official from the President on down would be commenting on this event with the President holding an kicking summit over ice cream at the White House. School officials would be fired at once with total sensitivity training and classes being taught for days. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be holding daily rallies in the town. Finally Maxine Waters would hold Congressional Hearings.

So why didn't anything like that happen when a Florida school allowed a 'Kick A Jew Day'?
Ten students at a Florida middle school were suspended after district officials say they participated in "kick a Jew day."

District spokesman Joe Landon says a Jewish student at North Naples Middle School reported being kicked on Thursday. The school's principal addressed the entire student body the next morning and asked for anyone with information about the alleged attack to come forward.

The district determined that 10 students should be punished. They each served one day of in-school suspension Monday.

Landon says the first 20 minutes of the school day, which is normally used for reading and tutoring, will now be used to teach students about respect, kindness and ways to prevent bullying.

No criminal charges have been filed.
I would bet you any amount of money that if the victim was black not only would charges be filed, but they would be charged as adults.

Nice school they have at North Naples Middle School. So nice that they teach the basics in education: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Anti-Semitism. Just the basics. You can contact them here by e-mail or phone them at 239-377-4600, their FAX is 239-377-4601. I am sure they would love to hear from you on this.

Oh and for the record, the next 'Kick A Jew Day' try kicking these Jews and see what will happen:

UC Irvine Protest Update

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Apparently, I got to the UCI tuition protest a little too late yestreday due to my class schedule. According to the Orange County Register, one of the little rascals was arrested as he tried to get past police into the Administration building to speak to the chancellor personally. (The chancellor was reportedly out of town.)

Here are some photos of the demonstration from the OC Register. No, those guys in the green t-shirts are not Philadelphia Eagles fans. That's the Muslim Student Union.

And a wonderful time was had by all (except those got got arrested and/or pepper-sprayed).

UC-Irvine Tuition Protest

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

"No beer, no peace."

In the wake of the University of California regents' decision to increase tuition fees 32%, the students at UC-Irvine turned out today to protest. And what a protest it was!!

The event was called by the usual campus groups, folks like MEChA, the Muslim Student Union, the Students for Peace and Justice (or is it justice and peace?), some "alliance of students, loafers, and workers", you know, the usual suspects. Everybody was supposed to wear black though the MSU folks showed up in green t-shirts, some with the obligatory Palestinian scarf with black and white doo-dads.

Due to my class schedule, I missed at least half of the "speeches". There were two that I saw. One was by a young radical-looking guy who, while talking about the unfair tuition hikes, also threw in some references to Iraq and Afghanistan (I guess college tuition is high there too) and other events going on around the world. Then another radical-looking guy came on and read a letter of "solidarity" in Spanish from the UCI Dept of Spanish and Portuguese. Then there was a march around Ring Road, which for you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors goes in a circle around the campus.

And there were chants!

"Whose university?"
"Our university!"

"They cut back!"
"We fight back!"

and of course...

"No justice-No peace!"

The chants as far as I could tell, were mostly being led by the MSU guys and what I suppose were MEChA guys.

And what does MEChA mean?

You don't want to know.

I followed behind aways just to see if anything interesting would happen-then went back to my office since I had to teach a class. The crowd would stop a moment in front of the classroom buildings and call for students to walk out of class and join them. All in all, I would say there was a couple of hundred people. (They were hoping to get 1,000.) Did I take pictures? No because I don't think that I, as a teacher, should be photographing students.

I know I am going to get in trouble for saying this, but what the hell. The crowd of protesters was diverse (UCI has few black students and is over 50% Asian-American). Just before I reached the site of the protest in front of the Administration building, I passed the flagpole area where most activities take place. There was a group of about 30 Asian-American students doing a dance and music performance. What is noteworthy is that in a campus that is overwhelmingly Asian-American, there were not too many Asian-American students taking part in the protest.

(That's a compliment.)

But apparently, I did miss some excitement. After my class, I was doing deep, deep cover work in the UCI Anthill Pub.

As I was sitting at the bar nursing my beer and trying to appear inconspicuous, a student walked up next to me to order a pitcher. He was telling the bartender about how he was front and center in the march, leading the chants, and that at a certain point, a couple of his friends nearby tried to walk past campus cops where they were not supposed to walk and got pepper sprayed!

And I heard it all!

I bet that's the most excitement those campus cops have ever had. What a great war story!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is There a Global Warming Conspiracy?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Al Gore-

"He played on our fears!!!"

I heard through the blogosphere a couple of days ago that hackers had gotten into the computer system of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia (UK) last week. I treated it cautiously until the story appeared in today's Orange County Register editorial page.

Now I am treating it more seriously.

If true, this indicates possible collusion by people involved in global warming research to reach a pre-determined conclusion. First of all, East Anglia bills itself as "one of the world's leading institutions in the study of climate change."

What is needed here-and needed fast- is an investigation into whether there is...yes, a conspiracy to lead this research to a certain conclusion. Is it true that opposing researchers and scientists are being pressured to change their opinions? Is information being manipulated and shaped, other evidence suppressed, and is there blackballing of those who disagree with the global warming hysteria?

Here we have an international conference coming up in Copenhagen whose aim is to establish greater international control of our lives, coupled with an administration that is eager to get on board-at the cost of trillions of dollars. It is time to slow down.

Can we not now at least acknowledge the possibility that this is all bunk and being used to establish some form of one-world non-capitalistic system-with the US brought down to the level of every other country economically and politically?

Is this all a hoax?

OK. Call me crazy.

Speaking of which.....What do you have to say about this latest news, Al Gore?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Most Dangerous Town In The World

by Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Sderot (pronounced sderr-ROHT) is the only town and the Western Negev is the only region in the entire world in which missiles are fired towards civilian population in the 21st Century.

Yet in spite of the lie by Hamas that they will not fire rockets into Israel again, a promise to the world in fact, missiles have been fired and one exploded inside the city of Sderot.
The Israel Air Force carried out an air strike against terrorist operations in Gaza overnight in retaliation for a Kassam rocket fired at the western Negev on Saturday. The rocket exploded in the city of Sderot, according to the IDF Spokesman's Office, but caused no injuries or damage.

In response, IAF fighter jets targeted and identified hitting two weapons factories in the northern and central regions of Gaza early Sunday. They also struck one smuggling tunnel located in the area of Rafiah, along Gaza's southern border with Egypt.

The air strikes were carried out despite an announcement Saturday by Hamas "Interior Minister" Fathi Hamad that the terror organizations had cut a deal with allied groups to temporarily halt the rocket attacks. Hamad told reporters at a news conference in Gaza the decision had been made in order to give people time to "rebuild" following the IDF's counterrorist Operation Cast Lead.
"The IDF will not tolerate any attacks by terror organizations against Israel and its citizens," said the IDF in a statement.
Nearly 270 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel since the end of last winter's counterterrorist operation on January 18. This is in comparison to more than 3,300 rockets and mortars fired in the year before the IDF carried out the operation, the IDF spokesman pointed out.

In the past month, Hamas terrorists have again slowly begun increasing the number of rocket attacks on Israel, with approximately 15 rockets and mortar shells fired to date.
While 15 is not a large number, they do help to create the atmosphere of terror to Sderot. Sderot is the only town in the world in which between 74% and 94% of children aged 4-18 exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress, says Natal, the Israel Center for Victims of Terror and War. Those numbers are not present in Gaza where according to the Lame Stream Media Anti-Semites, the children of Gaza have experienced the most vicious and inhumane attacks in the history of the world. Where is the PTSD and other psychiatric disorders in these children?

Sderot children want missile fire to stop!

View the video here.

Just imagine this is your home:

Just imagine this is your kitchen on Thanksgiving:

Just imagine this is your bathroom:

Not a pretty picture is it.

There is much you can do. Write your Congressman and Senator, write the President. Tell them that Hamas' constant attacks on civilians (they very seldom target military personal) is unacceptable under The Geneva Conventions of War and other International Agreements.

Contact your local newspaper, especially after they write a story condemning Israel for attacking Gaza in response to the Hamas attacks on Sderot.

Become informed. The people of Sderot have been on the forefront of the War on Terror for the last 8 years. They have put their families at risk, sacrificing good physical and mental health in this war. It is time their stories, their struggle comes out. The Sderot Media Center is a good place to start. Their on-line resource page is full of facts (not propaganda) for you to use, especially if you are a blogger. You can find it here.

I ask all who read this to keep the people of Sderot in their prayers. Pray that G-d will send a miracle to them. That they can live in peace and quiet.

And if you are able to, please send a little donation their way. The funds are used to help the people of Sderot. Each penny you send will bring comfort to citizen of that beleaguered town. Just click here and follow the directions. For those who wish to sponsor one of their projects, just click here. You will discover the projects that the Sderot Media Center is working on.

Just one thing, don't just do nothing.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Political Correctness in Europe-Then and Now

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Munich 1938

London WW II

London 2005

London now

Paris- WW II


"Shhh, we don't want them to think we are Germanophobes."

Paris Now


The Netherlands-WW II

"Anne, you must be silent."

The Netherlands Now

Pim Fortuyn (+ 2002)

"Pim, you must be silent."

Theo Van Gogh (+ 2004)

"Theo, you must be silent."

"Geert, you must be silent."

What was it that Santayana said about not learning from the mistakes of the past.....?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Didn't We Follow the SIgns?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Lately, the whole country has been asking itself,

"Why didn't we follow the signs?"

An obvious question given what has happened. In hindsight, it all seems so obvious to anyone with common sense. All we had to do was connect the dots.

We knew who his inspiration was.

Saul Alinski

Why didn't we follow the signs?

All we had to do was see his associations.

Rashid Khalidi

Bill Ayres

Why didn't we follow the signs?

All we had to do was read his writings.

Why didn't we follow the signs?

All we had to do was see where he worshipped and with whom. After all, we knew it was a place where radical thought and hate was being preached.

Jeremiah Wright
"God damn America!"

Father Michael Pfleger (R)

Why didn't we follow the signs?

You didn't think I was talking about this guy, did you?

The Warning Signs Were Out There.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

As far back as 2007 officials at Walter Reed knew that there were problems with Nidal Hasan, yet they did nothing. They chose to ignore the signs for whatever reason they had.
Two years ago, a top psychiatrist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center was so concerned about what he saw as Nidal Hasan's incompetence and reckless behavior that he put those concerns in writing. NPR has obtained a copy of the memo, the first evaluation that has surfaced from Hasan's file.

Officials at Walter Reed sent that memo to Fort Hood this year when Hasan was transferred there.

Nevertheless, commanders still assigned Hasan — accused of killing 13 people in a mass shooting at Fort Hood on Nov. 5 — to work with some of the Army's most troubled and vulnerable soldiers.

Read the full story here.
I wonder if Hasan was a Christian or Jewish would he have gotten the same easy pass that he did.

Just read the memo and wonder what the US Army considers to be good psychiatric care?

The Memo:
National Capital Consortium
Psychiatry Residency Program
Borden Pavilion, Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Bldg.6, Rm. 2059, 6900 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington DC, 20307-5001

Consortium Participating Instructions: Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, National Naval Medical Center, Malcolm Grow USAF Medical Center

May 17, 2007

Memorandum for: Credentials Committee

Subject: CPT Nidal Hasan

1. I am the program director for NCC Psychiatry Residency Training Program. I took over as PD in MAR 2007 and was Assistant PD from July 2006. I have been a faculty member of the residency since July 2004.

2. This memo is based on my personal knowledge of and the documented incidences in CPT Hasan’s Resident Training File.

3. The Faculty has serious concerns about CPT Hasan’s professionalism and work ethic. Clinically he is competent to deliver safe patient care. But he demonstrates a pattern of poor judgment and a lack of professionalism. In his PGY-2 year, he was counseled for inappropriately discussing religious topics with his assigned patients. He also required a period of in-program remediation when he was discovered to have not documented appropriately an ER encounter with a homicidal patient who subsequently eloped from the ER. He did successfully remediate this problem. At the end of his PGY-2 year, he was placed on administrative probation by the NCC GMEC for failure to take and pass USMLE Step 3 and to obtain an unrestricted state medical license by the end of his PGY-2 year; as a result he was not promoted to PGY-3 on time. He did eventually complete step 3 and get a license and was promoted to PGY-3. He was counseled for having a poor record of attendance at didactics and lower than expected PRITE scores. One year he failed to show for his PRITE examination at all. During his PGY-3 year, he was counseled for being consistently late to NNMC morning report. During his PGY-4 year, he was discovered to have only seen 30 outpatients in 38 week of outpatient continuity clinic. He was required to make this missed clinic time up using his elective. He failed his HGT/WGT screening and was found to be out of standards with body fat % and was counseled on that.
Lastly, he missed a night of call for MGMC ER and then did not respond to numerous pages by my office the next day.

4. Take together; these issues demonstrate a lack of professionalism and work ethics. He is able to self-correct with supervision. However, at this point he should not need so much supervision. In spite of all of this, I am not able to say he is not competent to graduate nor do I think a period of academic probation now at the end of his training will be beneficial. He would be able to contain his behavior enough to complete any period of probation successfully. My purpose in writing this letter is to give the credentials committee the benefit of full disclosure and the opportunity to modify CPT Hasan’s plan of supervision following initial privileging.

5. I did discuss this memo with CPT Hasan and informed him I would be adding it to his initial credentialing paperwork.

6. POC is the undersigned and may be reached at 202-XXX-XXXX or email at XXX/


Scott Moran, MAJ, MC
Program Director
NCC Psychiatry Residency Training
A memo like that by a civilian hospital would destroy anyone's career, regardless of race or religion. But not in the military. What the US Army only wants is diversity for the sake of diversity. Not competency. Thus Hasan's passing grade and promotion.

In the old US Army, Hasan not only would have been investigate for his anti-American, treasonous (it is treason to side with the enemy during war-time) views, but would have failed in his quest to become a psychiatrist, been given a discharge (or asked to resign) and forced to pay the taxpayers back for his medical school.

No one would have died at Ft. Hood, and Hasan could have emigrated to one of the 57 Islamic countries that could have used his talents.

Oh for the good old days!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cynthia McKinney Takes Her Road Show to Binghamton College

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)
Israel-basher, race-baiter, anti-Semite and general all around idiot

When Cynthia McKinney comes to town, you never know what kind of bizarre events are in store. Several months ago, when she spoke at UC-Irvine, I asked her point blank if she thought Jews had been responsible for her recent electoral defeat. I prefaced that question with references to her supporters and father, all of whom had made anti-semitic remarks in the election's aftermath. To this day, I'm still not sure if she thought it was a hostile question or not. Why? Because she is not very intelligent, that's why. She gave a wandering answer that included a reference to AIPAC, but did not directly confirm or refute the point. Anyway, on November 10, she took her anti-Israel road show to Binghamton College in upstate New York.

"A university spokeswoman said Tuesday that school administrators had met with the Hillel director to discuss Jewish student concerns and said the school hoped that students could work out the issue among themselves.

“While the University defends the right of event organizers to determine the content of their programs, we hope and expect that all attendees at events held on campus will be treated respectfully regardless as to the extent of their agreement with the program's message," the university said in a statement. "When that does not occur, our response is to continue to work with students and student organizations to promote a more respectful community. Part of that work is helping students to develop the necessary tools to resolve disputes effectively amongst themselves."

The statement also said that "student organizations are under no requirement to be neutral or balanced in their expressive activity and we have been made aware of concerns that the hosts of this event were not interested in presenting critiques of the guest speaker as part of the program. At Binghamton University, as at most campuses, those who stand in disagreement with a program's message certainly have many alternative avenues available to them to express their own viewpoints including hosting their own events, letter writing campaigns and rallies."


Obviously, nobody at Binghamton has a pair.

What I find so fascinating about the far-left (and that includes the pro-Palestinian forces in America because there is a definite alliance), they just don't want opposing voices heard. It is not a question of refuting or debunking their opposition, they have a need to silence them. Why else would McKinney supporters have collected the Hillel pro-Israel fliers inside the auditorium.

I would like to know if anyone in the auditorium refused to hand over their fliers.

But such is the situation on US campuses. The Cynthia McKinneys can come and spout their propaganda in peace. Opposing voices, defenders of Israel or critics of the whole Hamas-led Palestinian state need bodyguards if they manage to even get to a university podium. (Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, etc.)

Here is the formula: Islamic radicalism + far-left radicals + empty-suit cowards in the administrations= fascism.

This Careful Generation

A note from Radarsite. Considering the fact that our new President has just ordered that all information regarding the Fort Hood jihadist massacre must now be filtered through his own National Security Council (not to be confused with the professional National Security Agency), and considering the fact that our new President does not believe that we are in a War on Terror, and that we should not mention the word "jihadis" or "terrorists" together with the word Muslim, it seemed to me that resurrecting this 2-year old Radarsite article might just be appropriate. rg

This, my friends, in case you haven’t noticed, is a very careful generation. In fact, I've lived in this wonderful country of ours for a little over seven decades now, and this is without a doubt the most “careful” generation that I have ever had the misfortune to live amongst. Somehow we have managed to become the most careful people in the world, maybe the most careful people in history. We live in constant fear that we might inadvertently say something truthful that might offend someone, somewhere. We’ve learned to call this pervasive state of denial Political Correctness. But is it really Political Correctness, or is it something else?

I ask myself, is this present pacifistic crop of Chamberlainesque appeasers really being “careful” of other people‘s feelings, or merely being cowardly? Are all of our so-called PCisms truly demonstrations of our consideration for others, or are they rather an expression of our fear of others? Are we avoiding confrontation with those who threaten our lives and our culture out of kindness and tolerance, or are we just desperately trying to avoid that confrontation? Are we perhaps concerned that we might just antagonize our antagonists even more by naming them? Are we hoping to avoid the inevitable nastiness of these confrontations by hiding behind this intricately-wrought screen of euphemisms called Political Correctness?

When you think about it, isn’t this really just a better organized and more widely accepted form of that same old weasely logic that in the 1950s induced us to call a Jew “someone of the Jewish persuasion”? As though they had somehow been persuaded to become a Jew. Isn’t this just the latest manifestation of that same old hypocritical crap? Did we also talk about “someone of the Christian persuasion” in the 1950s? I don’t think so.

In short, this is nothing all that new, it’s that old familiar circuitous obfuscation that wouldn’t allow us to call a Jew a Jew. Why? Would a Jew be offended to be called a Jew? Hardly. Every Jew I’ve ever known was proud to be a Jew. Could it be perhaps that we found that word so offensive that we could hardly bring ourselves to say it? Were these semantic acrobatics really evidence of our consideration for others or evidence of that intransigent American brand of anti-Semitism? Was this an example of some early form of Political Correctness in action? Or are we really talking about something else here. Something a little bit easier to understand, but something too awful to actually put it into words. Something called the truth.

Well, I’m going to get a lot of people pissed off right now -- or at least I‘m going to give it a good try. You see, I’m getting sick and tired of being careful. I don’t know how the hell I ever let them talk me into all this bullsh*t in the first place.

This all started this past Christmas when I read an incredible little article about that Santa school Down Under that instructed their student Santas to no longer say “ho-ho-ho”, because it had a double meaning in the American Black Community, and that some people might find it offensive.


My God, what have we become? We stand by meekly and watch as our rich English language becomes increasingly denigrated and devalued, we allow the primitive animalistic gruntings of our Black Inner City Gangsta Rap, pants-falling-off-the-butt “culture” to infiltrate and diminish almost every aspect of our lives: our music, our movies, our television, our sports, the way our kids act and dress -- and now we’re telling our Santa Clauses not to say “ho-ho-ho” because it too closely resembles that Gangsta Rap word for “whore”?

Wait a minute. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Who are the folks here who should be offended?

After that, I read another article that purported to be an investigation into the causes of the enormous increase in the murder rate in one of our largest East Coast cities -- actually, two articles written explicitly to address this single major problem. However, throughout the entire two articles, not one mention was made of what had actually happened to this city. Not one single reference to the fact that this wildly escalating crime rate just happened to correspond to the most catastrophic societal upheaval in that city’s four-hundred year history. Not only did the articles not even mention these irrefutable truths, but somehow the author ingeniously avoided mentioning that any racial changes had taken place there at all. If someone didn’t know the actual facts of the city in question they would be left to surmise that the city had just suddenly started becoming more criminal for no apparent reason. This, my friends, is what currently passes for Political Correctness. But is it?

Here’s what happened: the Inner City turned Black and the crime rate soared.

Sorry, but that’s what happened.
And I really am sorry; because it was my city of origin that was the subject of these counterfeit articles. I was born and brought up there. And this Black murder rate in this Black Inner City is a Black problem, not a White problem. These Inner City Black Gangstas are not selling crack because their great-great-grandmothers were slaves. And that disingenuous author who so adroitly skirted the most obvious by never once mentioning race, by referring to “these people and their drug problems” would have had that same delicate problem back in the 1950s calling a Jew a Jew. The murder of young Black males by other young Black males in the Black Inner Cities is a Black problem and can only be solved by Blacks. Blacks who are willing to be honest with themselves. Blacks who are getting sick and tired of that criminal-worshipping, female-degrading, drive-by shooting, Gangsta Rap drug world of self-destruction. Blacks who are willing to listen to those honest and tough love messages of respected Black celebrities like Bill Cosby, and even from those unapologetic liberals, like Juan Williams. Blacks who are willing to accept responsibility for their own lives and want to quit blaming everything on the Whites, who finally have the courage to disassociate themselves from those so-called Black Leaders, like Al Sharpie Sharpton and that extortionist Jesse Jackson, who are nothing more than enablers, living off the suffering of others. Offering their followers that same old false comfort of self-pity and victimization by perpetuating the myth of White subjugation.

By pretending that this is still a White problem, that only White people are smart enough to fix it, those delusional liberals are only making matters worse. It’s trying to cure the alcoholic’s problem by telling him he has good reason to drink. And it just ain’t gonna work.

So, what are we really talking about here? Blacks? Jews? Racism? Anti-Semitism? No, we’re still talking about Political Correctness -- or perhaps, more precisely, that same old cowardly dis ingenuousness in it’s latest disguise? A problem we’ve been wrestling with throughout that whole tumultuous course of human history. It’s called moral integrity. Some people simply call it honesty.

Now, before all you liberals out there rush to get your ammunition and start bombarding me with those familiar epithets of Racist and Bigot, just answer this one simple question. If we are afraid to even identify a problem, how the hell can we expect to fix it? If no one can even address these issues for fear of being labeled a racist or bigot, then tell me how we are going to discuss the issues? With obsequious code words like “these people and their drug problems“? For God’s sake, what people are we talking about? The Swedes? The Chinese?

If the Chinese people were the major contributing factor to the rise of the crime rates in most of our major cities, then we should most certainly be able to acknowledge this fact and try to do something about it. But it isn’t the Chinese people who are causing these terrible Inner City problems, is it? And it isn’t always the Blacks. Sometimes it’s the Mexicans, and sometimes it’s somebody else. But if we ever hope to do anything about these enormous and growing problems, we had better learn how to talk about them honestly. And have the courage to say who it is we are really talking about.

We have, it seems, traded our language of truth for some weak-kneed second-rate vocabulary of denial; and, most unfortunate of all, some of us are actually pleased with this ignoble transaction. They call it progressive; I call it regressive. They call it Political Correctness; I call it cowardice.
During this past Christmas season [2007], when television commercials were enticing us into thinking about buying a brand new Lincoln for our lover, while adroitly managing to circumvent that contentious word “Christmas”, substituting it with that inept and meaningless word “holiday”, were these car manufacturers sincerely interested in promoting cultural inclusiveness, or just afraid of the ACLU? Was this just one more example of this new-fangled ideology called Political Correctness? Or is it just that same old-fashioned moral cowardice hiding its ugly head?

We are losing our national nerve. We live in constant fear. We are afraid of being sued, afraid of being attacked, afraid of being disliked, and we are afraid of being called names. Fear has infiltrated every area of our lives and corrupted our ability to be effective as a people, as a nation. We are even afraid to admit that we are afraid. We are even becoming afraid to be seen as patriotic Americans.

The school board who lifts the Lord’s Prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance from that unfortunate school’s curriculum isn’t doing this out of some high-minded noble concept of inclusiveness -- they’re afraid of being sued by some loathsome Dr. Newdow (described by one enthusiastic atheist as “…one of the greatest heroes in the war against religious demagogues”).

To attempt to hide this blatant cowardice behind some shining shield of Political Correctness is a lie which we can no longer ignore, and which we can no longer afford to tolerate.

When we choose to refer to our brave Israeli ally’s ongoing attempts to protect their tiny nation from that continuous generational onslaught from their vicious and hate-filled neighbors and their brutal suicide-bombers as an “Arab/Israeli conflict”, rather than calling it what it is -- "The Arab War Against Israel” -- are we not demonstrating to the world our unconscionable lack of moral fiber? Did we refer to that WWII horror show in the Pacific as some morally-neuter “Japanese/American Conflict”? Hell no.

If I get stopped by a cop for driving without a license, will he let me go if I explain that what I’m doing isn’t really illegal, that I’m really just an undocumented driver? We have become so accustomed to navigating through the perils of this world using these subtle subterfuges and lies we no longer even notice them.

On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by nineteen Muslim terrorists. They left final testaments clearly explaining their motivations for committing this horrendous crime against humanity. They wanted to kill the Infidels. And they killed 2,987 innocent people that day -- and we have still not managed to conjure up the political will to profile Muslim men at our airports.
Does anyone still believe that this is truly an expression of Political Correctness, our good-hearted and sincere efforts to avoid offending anyone of a different faith or race? Or is this just one more instance of a government and an industry caving in to fear. The fear of being sued by CAIR or their faithful ally, the ACLU.

While Islamic leaders worldwide exhort their eager followers to kill the Infidel, and describe this monumental struggle with unabashed clarity as a War of Islam against the West, of Muslims against Infidels, our own president [GWB] very carefully describes this same militant religion as a "religion of Peace". We console ourselves with the comforting illusion that what we are really up against in this so-called War on Terror is just a small fanatical minority who have hijacked a "peaceful religion". We ignore all information to the contrary, no matter what its source, no matter how valid. Islam has declared War on the West but, none the less, we must be very careful not to offend any Muslims. They might think we're racists. CAIR might sue us. Jimmy Carter might get upset.

Somehow, my friends, before it really is too late, we have to come out from behind our warm and fuzzy euphemisms and have the courage to confront this world that‘s really there, not the one we wished was there. We can no longer blame our dishonorable inaction on Political Correctness. For, when all is said and done, our so-called PC culture is nothing but another form of cowardice. And this cowardice is not only never going to allow us to solve any of our problems, it’s going to get us killed.

Originally published by Wake Up America - December 15, 2007

Bolton Discusses Global Arms Treaty on NRA

Bolton says that we have entered a very critical period. Bolton speaks on the Obama administration’s attempt to internationalize gun control and threaten our 2nd amendment rights.

Go to NRA and enter “global arms treaty” on search function (top right of main page) to see the video.

Former U.S. ambassador discusses the U.N.’s anti-gun agenda. Ginny Simone speaks with John Bolton about the Obama administration’s position on the International Arms Trade Treaty and the consequences of such an agreement for American gun owners. Bolton says that there is no doubt that the “real agenda here is domestic firearms control,” and he explains that controlling civilian ownership is a priority for anti-gun countries such as Britain, Australia and Japan, among others.

The U.N. fears that If the Obama administration turns out to be just one term they must move rapidly on this treaty. The U.N. wants to move rapidly during this narrow window of opportunity.

Bolton warns that this is a very dangers time we are entering into:

There’s a lot the administration can do via executive agreement that won’t require Congressional approval at all. . . .

Obama is our first post American president . . .he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, . . .

Our adversaries around the world see this administration as weak, indecisive . . .we are in a very vulnerable period . . . They have been waiting a long time for this opportunity . . .they are going to drive to push through everything they can . . .

Bolton says that Obama wants to avoid a 2nd amendment fight by using his executive agreement powers.

What about Civilian ownership?

A very slippery slope especially with this administration. . .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oppose Obama's Policies? You Are Prejudiced

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Today's Orange County Register features a story about a study conducted by a professor at the University of California at Irvine that shows that most people who oppose President Obama's policies are driven by racial prejudice against blacks.

According to Professor Eric Knowles of UC-Irvine, who worked with two Stanford University social psychologists (whatever that is) came to this conclusion from interviewing 285 whites, Hispanics and Asians to determine their bias against blacks.

Two hundred and eighty-five people out of a nation of 300 million. Pretty conclusive, don't you think?

"Yeah. Us and 283 other guys!"

Conclusion? Obama won the election in spite of racial prejudice against blacks. The subsequent resistance to his policies is driven by racial prejudice against blacks.

Noteworthy in the article is that the professors apparently didn't bother to interview African-Americans as to why they voted or didn't vote for Obama or why they support or oppose his policies.

In the interest of full disclosure, I teach part time at UC-Irvine, but I don't know Professor Knowles.

So what is the message here? Is it that we Obama critics should shut our mouths lest we not be accused of being racists? Well, I abandoned that idea quite a while back. Besides, I have no desire to abandon black conservatives who have exhibited courage in going against Obama, his gang, and his philosophy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trials in New York?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

"I got rights."

The decision of the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his main cohorts to stand trial in US Federal Court is a blunder of monumental proportions. As I see it, once the lawyers and the judges get involved, look for these defendants to walk.

As a DEA agent, I spent my career working with the federal courts in prosecuting drug traffickers. Though I am not a lawyer, I do know the rules of procedure pretty darn well. Unless there are some provisions of the Patriot Act that I don't know about, this is what I see coming.

Once these defendants are brought to the US, here come the defense lawyers. Here come the motions for discovery of evidence against their clients-including probably, evidence that is sensitive to our intelligence-gathering process including the identities of foreign sources (and informants) who wish to remain secret. What foreign intelligence service is going to want to work with us on terror matters now knowing that they are likely to be divulged in a US Federal Court?

Do you doubt for a moment that the defense lawyers are going to claim their clients' rights to a speedy trial have been violated since they have been sitting in Gitmo for some 5 years. (Defendants in federal courts have a right to a speedy trial.) How about throwing out the confessions of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed based on the fact that he was water-boarded? Do you really think his confessions are going to hold up? How about evidence gathered from wiretaps not approved and sign off on by some federal judge? How about a challenge for change of venue since New York was the scene of the World Trade Center attack. Obviously, these poor defendants cannot get a fair trial there.

Get ready for a big circus trial in which the defense throws out all the dirt about Bush, Cheney, the Patriot Act, Gitmo, the NSA intercepts, waterboarding and everything else they can think of.

I can really see whoever the judge is assigned to these trials throwing the cases out of court altogether. Even if not, and the defendants are convicted, the appellate courts and the Supreme Court will eventually get involved.

These prisoners in my view are not entitled to anything other a military tribunal. They don't qualify for the Geneva Convention, and there is no need to hand them over to the federal courts. Is this what we are going to do with every terrorist we capture overseas? Watch our courts get clogged up in a hurry.

The example that should have been followed is the case involving the German saboteurs who landed on our shores in World War II, were captured and tried by military tribunals. (Most were hanged.) That is exactly what should have happened here. Instead, our government now chooses to hand them into the federal court system that may eventually have to kick them free on some legal technicality.

But you know what? I suspect Obama, Holder et al already know this.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feds Seize Iranian Mosques, schools and Piaget Building

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

The Iranian-owned skyscraper, The Piaget Building in midtown Manhattan, along with mosques, schools and Islamic centers, had a Federal civil “complaint” filed today, leading to their seizure by the U.S.

The Piaget Building is managed by the Alavi Foundation and owned by the Iranian government. An amended complaint “seeking the Foundation’s “majority stake” in the building located at  650 Park Avenue, New York, New York was also added today.
[Alavi] working with a front company known as Assa Corp., illegally funneled millions in rental income to Iran’s state-owned Bank Melli. Bank Melli has been accused by a U.S. Treasury official of providing support for Iran’s nuclear program, and it is illegal in the United States to do business with the bank
Bank Melli Iran is reported to have $48 billion in Shariah-compliant assets, with Iran holding more Islamic assets than all other countries. Iranian banks account for 6 of the top 10 Islamic Institutions worldwide.
In their amended complaint, U.S. prosecutors alleged Alavi has been providing numerous services to Iran’s government, including managingthe building, running a charitable organization for the Iranian government and transferring funds from the building’s management company to Bank Melli.
While all of the properties under forfeiture may remain open as proceedings go forward, and no Iranian spokesman or mosque leader would speak of the action, neither would they open their doors:
At the Islamic Institute of New York, a mosque and school in Queens, two U.S. marshals came to the door and rang the bell repeatedly. The marshals taped a forfeiture notice to the window and left a large document sitting on the ground. After they left a group of men came out ofthe building and took the document.
Mosques are located in Queens, NY, and schools in Huston and Rockville, Maryland and an Islamic center in Carmichael, California. In Virginia, a 100-acre property.

This minute on FOX, Alavi is denying any part of their operation is owned by the Iranian government. While one earlier report said no action was taken today at the properties, FOX News’ Eric Shawn just reported that boxes were removed from the Piaget Building today.
Assets are believed to total more than $500 million, with mosques, schools and Islamic centers in Maryland, California, Houston and New York, including a 36-story office building in New York, and more than 100 acres in Virginia.

The receipts from the Piaget Building funds mosques, Islamic Centers and schools.
Confiscating the properties would be a sharp blow against Iran, which has been accused by the U.S. government of bankrolling terrorism and trying to build a nuclear bomb.
The sleek, modern building, last valued at $570 million to $650 million in 2007, has served as an important source of income for the foundation over the past 36 years. The most recent tax records show the foundation earned $4.5 million from rents in 2007.
Rents collected from the building help fund the centers and other ventures, such as sending educational literature to imprisoned Muslims in the U.S. The foundation has also invested in dozens of mosques around the country and supported Iranian academics at prominent universities.
If federal prosecutors seize the skyscraper, the Alavi Foundation would have almost no way to continue supporting the Islamic centers, which house schools and mosques. That could leave a major void in Shiite communities, and hard feelings toward the FBI.
It’s about time radical Islam has a problem with the FBI. The article says Alavi Foundation has been suspected of terrorist ties for THREE DECADES. This is not good news for the three young Americans held hostage in Iran for crossing the border from Iraq. Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal were charged this week with espionage and will be tried in Iran. We’ll see if  Iranian mosques and schools become bargaining chips for the release of Shourd, Bauer and Fattal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009