Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cynthia McKinney Takes Her Road Show to Binghamton College

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Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)
Israel-basher, race-baiter, anti-Semite and general all around idiot

When Cynthia McKinney comes to town, you never know what kind of bizarre events are in store. Several months ago, when she spoke at UC-Irvine, I asked her point blank if she thought Jews had been responsible for her recent electoral defeat. I prefaced that question with references to her supporters and father, all of whom had made anti-semitic remarks in the election's aftermath. To this day, I'm still not sure if she thought it was a hostile question or not. Why? Because she is not very intelligent, that's why. She gave a wandering answer that included a reference to AIPAC, but did not directly confirm or refute the point. Anyway, on November 10, she took her anti-Israel road show to Binghamton College in upstate New York.

"A university spokeswoman said Tuesday that school administrators had met with the Hillel director to discuss Jewish student concerns and said the school hoped that students could work out the issue among themselves.

“While the University defends the right of event organizers to determine the content of their programs, we hope and expect that all attendees at events held on campus will be treated respectfully regardless as to the extent of their agreement with the program's message," the university said in a statement. "When that does not occur, our response is to continue to work with students and student organizations to promote a more respectful community. Part of that work is helping students to develop the necessary tools to resolve disputes effectively amongst themselves."

The statement also said that "student organizations are under no requirement to be neutral or balanced in their expressive activity and we have been made aware of concerns that the hosts of this event were not interested in presenting critiques of the guest speaker as part of the program. At Binghamton University, as at most campuses, those who stand in disagreement with a program's message certainly have many alternative avenues available to them to express their own viewpoints including hosting their own events, letter writing campaigns and rallies."


Obviously, nobody at Binghamton has a pair.

What I find so fascinating about the far-left (and that includes the pro-Palestinian forces in America because there is a definite alliance), they just don't want opposing voices heard. It is not a question of refuting or debunking their opposition, they have a need to silence them. Why else would McKinney supporters have collected the Hillel pro-Israel fliers inside the auditorium.

I would like to know if anyone in the auditorium refused to hand over their fliers.

But such is the situation on US campuses. The Cynthia McKinneys can come and spout their propaganda in peace. Opposing voices, defenders of Israel or critics of the whole Hamas-led Palestinian state need bodyguards if they manage to even get to a university podium. (Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, etc.)

Here is the formula: Islamic radicalism + far-left radicals + empty-suit cowards in the administrations= fascism.

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