Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Good New Years Resolution.

Many people make different resolutions on New Years Eve.  Some vow to quit smoking, or drinking.  Some vow to lose weight or work out more.  Some vow to be a nicer person or stop doing a nasty habit.

Here is my New Years Resolution:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Iranians Decide To Keep Christian Pastor In Prison For Another Year Hoping To Force His Conversion To Islam

Hat tip to Holger Awakens

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani was arrested in his home city of Rasht, Iran on October 13, 2009.  He was charged with ‘apostasy’ (renunciation of a religion) and ‘evangelim’. Yousef was tried on Sept. 21–22, 2010 by the 1st Court of the Revolutionary Tribunal and sentenced to death on Nov. 13 for apostasy.

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani has been under the death threat since 2009.  The Iranian government has imprisoned and torture Pastor Nadarkhani for the last 3 years.
An Iranian court is likely to delay its verdict in a case concerning Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who is facing death penalty for converting to Christianity, to allow authorities to further coerce him to convert to Islam as he remains in jail.

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani
The evangelical pastor’s lawyer has learned that the head of Iran’s judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, has asked the presiding judge over the trial, Ghazi Kashani, to delay the pending judgment and keep him in prison for another year, Present Truth Ministries said in a statement Thursday.

Nadarkhani, a 32-year-old house church leader from the Church of Iran denomination, was convicted of apostasy last year and was sentenced to death by hanging. However, the Supreme Court of Iran asked for the retrial of his case by a lower court in the city of Rasht in northern Gilan Province.

The deliberate delay is meant to let the case “slip away from international attention” even as the authorities continue to “use whatever means necessary to cause him to convert to Islam,” said Jason DeMars, the founder of the ministry that was first to report on the pastor’s arrest two years ago.

It was earlier learnt that the court in Rasht had asked Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, the highest ranking political and religious authority in Shi’a-majority Iran, to rule on whether the pastor should be put to death.

The pastor was arrested in October 2009 from Rasht for allegedly protesting Islamic instruction in schools for his children, Daniel, 9, and Yoel, 7, and after he sought to register his church. Authorities, however, later changed the charges to apostasy. He has been lodged in a prison in Lakan, about seven miles south of Rasht, since then.

In June 2010, authorities also arrested pastor’s wife Fatemah Pasindedih to pressure him to convert. During this time their boys went to live with a relative. Yousef and his wife were also threatened that their children would be taken away and given to a Muslim family, but they remained firm. Pasindedih was later released.

The Rasht court convicted the pastor of leaving Islam and sentenced him to death in November 2010.

The pastor appealed against the Rasht court’s ruling at the Supreme Court in December 2010, as apostasy is not a crime as per Iran’s penal code. The court, however, held in June 2011 that apostasy was still punishable under Sharia or Islamic law but asked the lower court to reexamine whether Nadarkhani was a believer in Islam when he adopted Christianity at the age of 19.

During the hearings held in September 2011, Pastor Nadarkhani was told by authorities that he would be given three opportunities to embrace Islam and renounce his faith in Christianity to have the charges removed. But he refused to do so.

On Sept. 26, the court determined that Youcef was a Muslim when he adopted Christianity because he was born in a Muslim family. All witnesses stated that he did not practice Islam, yet the court inexplicably determined he was a national apostate.

While the court is likely to wait for another year before reaching a decision, “there are no assurances that he will not be executed,” warned the ministry. “It could happen at any time. This is the way that the Iranian government operates with executions. They do not give advance notice and it is done in secret.”

Finish reading here.
The Iranians are giving themselves another year of imprisonment and torture to force this good man to renounce the faith he loves and embrace the horror of Islam.  This is how Islam has converted millions over the years.  Not by logical arguments, but by torture and the sword.

As long as Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani refuses to convert, he will stay alive.  The minute he converts, they will kill him for blasphemy.

Pray for the safety of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani.  He is in the lion's den.  May G-d send one of his angels to stand besides him.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Saturday, December 24, 2011

In The Beginning...

I originally published this post in 2008 on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission.  I feel that tonight is a good time to repost it.  I do hope you enjoy it.
Three words read by William Anders aboard the Apollo 8 mission on Christmas Eve 1968.

1968 was our Annus horribilis. It was a year of unrest at the Democratic National Convention. It was the year that saw the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. It was a year in which riots and protests were the daily fare on the nightly newscasts. It was a year in which America felt at its lowest point. And America needed a boost.

When the Apollo 8 mission was originally planned the mission was not suppose to go to the moon. It was suppose to be in a low Earth orbit checking out the systems on the Command module and possibly the lunar module if one had been ready by then. Instead the mission was changed and Apollo 8 would be the first manned mission to go to the moon. In itself it would be a very dangerous mission, the first of anything is alway a dangerous mission to accomplish. Because of the nature of the mission and the decision to change it, the true mission was kept a secret from the public until the official announcement on 12 November 1968, less than 40 days before the scheduled launch.

Apollo 8 launched at 7:51:00 a.m. on December 21, 1968. During the flight, three fellow astronauts served on the ground as capsule communicators (usually referred to as "CAPCOMs") on a rotating schedule. The CAPCOMs were the only people who regularly communicated with the crew. Michael Collins was the first CAPCOM on duty and at 2 hours, 27 minutes and 22 seconds after launch radioed, "Apollo 8. You are Go for TLI". This communication signified that Mission Control had given official permission for Apollo 8 to go to the moon. Over the next twelve minutes before the TLI burn, the Apollo 8 crew continued to monitor the spacecraft and the rocket. The S-IVB third stage rocket ignited on time and burned perfectly for 5 minutes and 17 seconds. The burn increased the velocity of Apollo 8 to 35,505 feet per second (10,822 m/s) and the spacecraft's altitude at the end of the burn was 215.4 miles (346.7 km). At this time, the crew also set the record for the highest speed humans had ever traveled.

Five hours after launch, Mission Control sent a command to the S-IVB booster to vent its remaining fuel through its engine bell to change the booster's trajectory. This S-IVB would then pass the Moon and enter into a solar orbit, posing no further hazard to Apollo 8. The S-IVB subsequently went into a 0.99 by 0.92 AU solar orbit with an inclination of 23.47° and a period of 340.80 days.

The Apollo 8 crew were the first humans to pass through the Van Allen radiation belts, which extend up to 15,000 miles (25,000 km) from Earth. Scientists predicted that passing through the belts quickly at the spacecraft's high speed would cause a radiation dosage of no more than a chest X-ray, or 1 milligray (during the course of a year, the average human receives a dose of 2 to 3 mGy). To record the actual radiation dosages, each crew member wore a Personal Radiation Dosimeter that transmitted data to Earth as well as three passive film dosimeters that showed the cumulative radiation experienced by the crew. By the end of the mission, the crew experienced an average radiation dose of 1.6 mGy.

At about 55 hours and 40 minutes into the flight, the crew of Apollo 8 became the first humans to enter the gravitational sphere of influence of another celestial body. At 64 hours into the flight, the crew began to prepare for Lunar Orbit Insertion-1 (LOI-1). This maneuver had to be performed perfectly, and due to orbital mechanics had to be on the far side of the Moon, out of contact with the Earth. After Mission Control was polled for a Go/No Go decision, the crew was told at 68 hours, they were Go and "riding the best bird we can find". At 68 hours and 58 minutes, the spacecraft went behind the Moon and out of radio contact with the Earth.

When the spacecraft came out from behind the Moon for its fourth pass across the front, the crew witnessed an event no one had ever seen — Earthrise. Borman saw the Earth emerging from behind the lunar horizon and called in excitement to the others, taking a black-and-white photo as he did so: Earthrise, seen for the first time by human eyes. In the ensuing scramble Anders took the more famous color photo, later picked by Life magazine as one of its hundred photos of the century.

As they rounded the Moon for the ninth time, the second television transmission began. Borman introduced the crew, followed by each man giving his impression of the lunar surface and what it was like to be orbiting the Moon. Borman described it as being "a vast, lonely, forbidding expanse of nothing." Then, after talking about what they were flying over, Anders said that the crew had a message for all those on Earth. Each man on board read the story of creation from Book of Genesis. Borman finished the broadcast by wishing a Merry Christmas to everyone on Earth. His message appeared to sum up the feelings that all three crewmen had from their vantage point in lunar orbit. Borman said, "And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, and a Merry Christmas to all of you, all of you on the good Earth."

After 10 lunar orbit, Apollo 8 returned to Earth on 27 December 1968. A successful and historic mission.

So on this Christmas Eve, we should remember a historic moment in Human history that took place 40 years ago.

William Anders

"We are now approaching lunar sunrise and, for all the people back on Earth, the crew of Apollo 8 has a message that we would like to send to you.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
Jim Lovell
"And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
Frank Borman
"And God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas – and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth."

View at YouTube
On this Christmas Eve I wish to again recall the words of Apollo 8 in wishing you a Merry Christmas.

And God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Dictator Goes...Another Arises

Sometime within the last 3 days North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died.  The North Korean government claims that he died today, but it was reported by the state television that he died a few days ago.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is dead, North Korean state TV said Monday.

Kim, 69, died Saturday, state TV said.

South Korean news agency Yonhap -- which based its reporting on its monitoring off North Korean state television -- said that Kim had died of "physical fatigue" during a train ride. North Korean TV did not provide a more specific cause of death.

The son of Kim Il-song, the founder of the communist nation, Kim Jong-il had been in power since 1994 when his father died of a heart attack at age 82.

The enigmatic leader was a frequent thorn in the side of neighboring South Korea, as well as the United States. There have been reports in recent years about his health, as well as that power will be transitioned to his son, Kim Jong-un.

North Korean news reports earlier this fall indicated that Kim Jong Il had been traveling around the country and visiting China, a big change from 2009 when he was thought to be ill with cancer.

Two senior U.S. military officials said then that they believed the pace of North Korea's planned regime change from Kim to his 20-something son appeared to have slowed.

The son, also known as Kim, started his career as a four-star general and in recent years was given more official duties by his father.

It is becoming very clear that Kim Jung-un is a very young man with no actual experience in running anything bigger than is mouth.  Although he has been groomed for the leadership, there is no sure guarantee for Jung-un that he will be the next "Beloved Leader".  In fact, unless he has the military backing his ascent, he will be taking a large fall from power.  Kim Jung-un is the youngest of 3 sons.  He might have to fend off an assault from the oldest son (who had been groomed for the leadership for many years before Jung-un was chosen.) Kim Jung-nam.  And then there is middle son, Kim Jong-chul who might just make a play for power too.

North Korea is a nuclear power and this will be a very turbulent time.  Let us pray that none of the 3 sons of Kim Jong-il don't try to prove their power by using one of their nuclear weapon.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Friday, December 16, 2011

In Memory

It has been 2 years since the founder of Radarsite, Roger W. Gardner has passed away.  And there isn't a day that we his friends haven't missed his wit, his wisdom, his advice.  We miss you Roger and pray that the place you are now residing is a far better one than we can imagine.

God Bless You Roger Gardner!

The Obama Prayer

From the Book of Obama

Our Gubmint Mack-Daddy, Hallowed be thy name, please forgive my trespass against Thee.

O, Holiest of Holies named 0-Bama, forgive this poor, benighted sinner, I know not what I say about Your Holiness. Forgive me, Pardon me, grant me atonement for my lack of faith in Your Works on the public dime, Your Holy Ascensions to multiple golf-courses, and Your many Junkets to raise money from Your disciples, all at $35,000 a plate.

Let not Your ATF, FBI, and IRS not hound or audit me to the poor-house, for I am with You.....Yea, thugh I blaspheme against You this day, I will be with You, always.....

I, *Insert your name*, do beseech the Saints, Saint Solyndra, Saint Soros, Saint Reverend Wright, Saint Bill Ayres, and Saint Light-Squared, to protect me and intercede with the Holiest of Holies, The 0bama, on my behalf!


By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Becoming A Daily Occurance

Almost daily somewhere in the United States there is an anti-Semitic occurrence.  What was once a very rare event is now not even reported by the Main Stream Media.  In fact, the authorities don't even bother to call these occurrences "Hate Crimes".  In fact, to many communities crimes committed upon the Jewish population is just payment for supposed "crimes" they or the State of Israel have committed.  Only this weekend this latest crime was committed.
A raging fire set by anti-Semitic arsonists destroyed $100,000 worth of holy objects in a Florida Jewish bookstore.

A surveillance camera disclosed that just before the fire broke out, several people were seen running away from the South Florida Judaica store, which was stocked with items for sale for Hanukkah. Firefighting officials said they are sure the blaze was the result of arson, and added that the back door of the store apparently had been kicked in,

“It's really a disaster here," a friend of store owner Michael Katz told WSVN television.

Katz himself noted, "There was nothing taken. So you have to ask, 'Why focus on a place like this?'" The fire destroyed tefillin (phylacteries), which contained texts from the Torah, menorahs for Hanukkah and hundreds of holy books.

"It saddens us that at this time of the year something like this is happening," said deputy fire chief Mark Steele.

Anti-Semitism and hate crimes in the United States occur almost daily. Brooklyn was the scene of several swastika vandalism incidents last month, and the same Nazi symbol is often found in other locations, particularly on university campuses.

In the New York City area, three high school students were suspended for scrawling swastikas and sexual drawings on a photograph of the boys’ soccer team.
One by one Jewish communities are being targeted and even members of the Obama Administration are blaming the Jews themselves and Israel for the rise in anti-Semitism.  In other words:  The reason the victims were victimized is because of themselves.

What will it take before the authorities finally tackle this problem?  A death?  A couple of deaths?  A synagogue destroyed?  Those are the next steps. Will the nation just let it happen without a sound?  I pray not so.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kristallnacht In Highland Park

Not content to keep the violence to New York City (Brooklyn and Queens), anti-Semites have decided that the Jews of Highland Park, New Jersey must be the next victims on their list.
The central New Jersey community of Highland Park was targeted Tuesday night in a series of anti-Semitic attacks on at least five Jewish-owned establishments.

Vandals hurled bricks through the plate glass windows of a kosher restaurant, a kosher pizza shop, two Judaica stores, and a Jewish-owned hardware store.

At least three other Jewish-owned establishments in nearby New Brunswick were also similarly attacked, including the Rutgers Chabad House, the Rutgers Hillel and an Israeli-owned falafel eatery.

The destruction took place on the anniversary of the 1947 United Nations Partition Vote to create the Jewish State in Palestine.

A report published by the Algemeiner Journal quoted "Facebook rumors" relating two separate incidents in which a local individual made anti-Semitic remarks and threatened to launch a new Kristallnacht -- a reference to the 1938 "night of broken glass" pogrom that launched the Nazi Holocaust in Germany. However, it is not clear whether the two incidents were related, nor is it clear whether all the attacks were perpetrated by the same vandal or vandals.

The newspaper pointed out that Highland Park has recently elected an Orthodox Jewish man as its mayor.

Local police said in a statement detectives were "actively investigating these incidents and are in contact with and coordinating efforts with other law enforcement agencies that may be able to expedite the investigation."

However, police cautioned that it was "too soon to reach a conclusion" as to the nature of the crimes.

"We would also like to briefly address the fear that these are acts motivated by anti-Semitism or that these are bias crimes," the statement said. "The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office has been notified, but it is too soon to reach a conclusion.

“All of our officers are aware of the sensitivity of this situation and we will make every effort with patrols and surveillance to keep everyone safe. We would like to encourage you to communicate with your congregants and urge them to avoid speculation which could lead to unnecessary anxiety."

Where is the Mayor? Governor Christie, President Obama?  Why are they all silent on this?  Why is this not a hate crime.  Only Jewish businesses were targeted as this picture shows:  Hat Tip for the pictures to Elder of Ziyon

As you can notice, only Jewish businesses have been targeted.  Yet they are not considered Hate Crimes.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the only motive in common on these attacks is that they all are owned by Jews.  But then again according the the Obama Regime, Jews are not a protected minority.  It is open season on Jews in fact.

Once again Jews are targeted.  Once again Jews are told that these attacks are not important and just lay down and be kicked.  What will it take for the Jewish community to say enough is enough?  Will it take a death or two?  Or is Obama and his cronies allowing this to happen to appease his Muslim base?

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why is the Brian Terry Murder Case Sealed?

Gary Fouse

Jerry Seper, writing in the Washington Times brings up an important question in the case of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The indictment against one of the Mexicans who killed Terry (he was wounded and captured) has been sealed by the Federal District Court in the Southern District of California in San Diego, which (supposedly) is prosecuting the case. Terry, as we know, was killed by two weapons involved in the ATF's Fast and Furious operation. Prior to sealing, the indictment indicated that the killers were part of an organized group that was seeking to hunt down and kill Border patrol agents. The question is also being asked whether agents were firing bean-bag rounds at the suspects, and if so, why?

Several points stick out here aside from the obvious outrages of the Fast and Furious scandal and its on-going cover-up by the Department of Justice and others. Why is this indictment sealed? What are they trying to keep from becoming public knowledge? Is our government trying to conceal from the public just out-of-control our border with Mexico is? Are they trying to cover up the fact that they are sending BP agents into these areas armed with bean-bag firing shotguns instead of the lethal force that they know the traffickers possess? Just what kind of government negligence and malfeasance are we dealing with here?

If all this is true, what he have here is a case of a government that refuses to effectively secure our borders and compounds it by sending in Border Patrol agents to deal with well-armed, organized killers and fight them with beanbags-only to be killed by weapons furnished to the traffickers courtesy of Operation Fast and Furious!

Don't Border Patrol head Alan Bersin and DHS head Janet Napolitano have a duty to explain to the family of Brian Terry how this could happen? Forget about the dishonest and corrupt Eric Holder. He is busy denying his own responsibility and need to apologize to the Terry family.

Where the Hell is the outrage?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Presidential Pardon

Today President Barack Hussein Obama pardoned two turkeys.

The rest of Congress will have to wait until next year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You,

Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.

Are the words President John F. Kennedy demanded of Americans in his Inaugural Address on 20 January 1961.  This was a call to action for the youth of America.  A call for a generation to work for a better future, a stronger, greater America.  And a generation answered the call.

Today's youth have their answer to President Kennedy's call:

The 21st Century's Answer To President Kennedy

Oh how the nation has fallen!

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kristallnact In Brooklyn

73 years since the German's gave us Kristallnact it has occurred once again, this time in Brooklyn.
There’s shock and outrage in Brooklyn today after several cars were torched and numerous pieces of anti-Semitic vandalism took place in Midwood.

The incident was discovered at around 5 a.m., when residents awoke to see cars burning.

At least three cars were set ablaze and dozens of pieces of anti-Semitic graffiti were plastered along benches. The cars were damaged and the benches vandalized along Ocean Parkway between Avenues I and J. Among the vandalism: “KKK” scrawled nearby, as well as numerous swastikas.

“People are nervous, people are concerned,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. “The police are putting extra manpower into the community at synagogues and all over.”

“Not a way to wake up on Friday morning going into the Sabbath, definitely not,” said Midwood resident Sherry Tawil.

The incident occurred on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, when Hitler’s Nazi’s launched a pogrom against Jews in Germany and Austria.

“I’m used to swastikas, but three cars destroyed is a whole new dimension,” said Hikind. “Three cars completely destroyed as if someone had dropped them bomb on them is just a real tragedy.”

“All of a sudden I heard explosion from the metal, I guess from the popping. I look out window. It was like my house was on fire,” victim Arlette Tebele told CBS 2′s John Slattery.

“The burning of cars and vandalism of benches in Midwood this morning represents a truly hateful act of prejudice,” said Public Advocate Bill De Blasio in a statement. “That it took place on the anniversary of Kristallnacht leaves no doubt that this attack is a hate crime in every sense, and I applaud the NYPD for investigating it as such.”

New York City Councilman David Greenfield is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person – or persons – responsible for the incident.

“We will not accept anti-Semitism in our community. There is zero tolerance for such acts of hatred and ignorance,” said Councilman Greenfield in a statement. “I’m confident that these hateful people will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law.”

“This is the most shocking thing we ever saw, never seen before,” said resident Vickie Ayal.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued the following statement Friday afternoon:

“New York City is home to more than 8 million of the most open and tolerant people in the world. But even here, there are occasional incidents involving actions that are hateful or vicious or both. The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is actively investigating the twisted person or people who attacked cars, benches, and a sidewalk on a block of Ocean Parkway early this morning. The Hate Crimes Task Force, like so many other teams at our Police Department, is the world’s best, as today’s arrest for swastikas painted in Queens during October and early November shows. In fact, hate crimes are down nearly 30 percent citywide so far this year and are down roughly 33 percent in Brooklyn’s 66th Precinct.

The fact that this most recent attack came on the heels of the 73rd anniversary of Kristalnacht may or may not be a coincidence. Either way, this kind of hateful act has no place in the freest city in the freest country in the world.”

Just a week ago, two libraries and a synagogue in Queens were vandalized with swastikas.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). All calls are kept confidential. You can also log on to the Crime Stoppers website, or text your tip to CRIMES and then enter TIP577.

I grew up in Midwood.  This is my old stomping grounds.  The place where my friends and I felt safe, secure.  There was never any incidents of this kind when we were kids.  What has happened?

There has been an upswing in anti-Semitic rhetoric and speech from the Occupy movement.  Can we forget Patricia McAllister and her rant of hatred?  Or this, or this, or this.  Just 3 of the 49,500 anti-Semitic images associated with the Occupy movement.

Where is the Main Stream Media and their disgust at this level of hatred?  Why is the President, Vice President and leadership of the Democratic Party standing next to this movement?  Why do they accept and promote such hatred?  They have stayed silent on this so long that they have accepted and are fostering this behavior.

73 years ago was the beginning of the Holocaust.  For years up to Kristallnact laws were passed restricting the movements, the rights, the occupations of Jews in Germany.  Today no such laws have been passed in the United States, but the level of hatred has risen to levels of violence.  Given the left's hatred of Jews, can laws restricting them be next?  I pray not.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Friday, November 11, 2011

For All Those Who Have Served

During War or During Peace,

 In Combat or Safe at a Desk.

Combating Boredom, Crazy Orders and The Endless Mud.

We Never Really Thanked You.

Or Let You Finish The Job!

You Removed Many Evil Men

And Have Brought Civilization To Those Who Never Had It

Through Out The Years



This Nation Has Never Forgotten To Say:


By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Left's Racist Attacks on Herman Cain

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to The Blaze

It was only last week, while watching MSNBC, that I became aware of this character who goes by the name of Toure (with an accent over the e, no less). He is some kind of writer and now an "MSNBC contributor", whatever that is. He was talking, of course, about the Herman Cain scandal. Toure is one of the chorus of those on the left who hate Cain because he is a black conservative. Naturally, they are all over the scandal. My first reaction in watching Toure on MSNBC is that he was a smug, arrogant jerk. After seeing this latest video of his exchange with Martin Bashir, I also think he is a cheap race-monger. Watch as he drags up one of the vilest race libels you can imagine.

Up till now, the debate has been strictly about whether Cain has engaged in sexual harassment and improper physical advances on women. I am not aware of any Republicans or conservatives anguishing over the race of the women involved. I did recently speculate about when the left would drag this up, and now they have. This ugly issue has been raised not by Republicans, but by the left as exemplified by Mr. Toure or whatever his nom de plume is.

Yet, no matter how much the Toures out there want to talk about this, those on the right who have supported Cain continue to care only about the truth of the allegations, the expectation that the facts will come out accurately, and Cain will be treated fairly. If it turns out they are true, he will not have my support. If it turns out false, then I will continue to have a positive view of Cain.

For people like Toure to bring up these old scares about "predatory black men harassing blonde, white women" is ugly and ridiculous. It hearkens back to a day before this little jerk was even born. It also does no service to black people, who would like to see an end to such stereotypes that have harmed them.

This is the kind of trash that MSNBC is trafficking in. That also applies to that jerk, Martin Bashir, a British journalist who is over here feeding at our trough even as he criticizes our society. He's the kind of guy you want to tell to "go back home", to use a rather jingoistic phrase. Some times, it is used in an ugly manner. Sometimes, it fits to a tee.

To reiterate, it is the left who is injecting race into this story, not the right, not the folks who continue to support Cain, and not those who are considering their vote for Cain. This is what the left does, folks, and especially what the left does to black conservatives. It is really scary stuff.

Happy Birthday!!!!

United State Marine Corps

236 years of keeping the United States safe.  Our own Guardians of Freedom.

If you want to become one of the best just click here.

Thank you Marines

Semper Fi

From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli;
We will fight our country's battles
In the air, on land and sea;
First to fight for right and freedom
And to keep our honor clean;
We are proud to claim the title
of United States Marine.

Our flag's unfurled to every breeze
From dawn to setting sun;
We have fought in ev'ry clime and place
Where we could take a gun;
In the snow of far-off Northern lands
And in sunny tropic scenes;
You will find us always on the job--
The United States Marines.

Here's health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve
In many a strife we've fought for life
And never lost our nerve;
If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines.

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where I Stand Today on Herman Cain

Gary Fouse

I have been making a lot of comment about the MSNBC handling of the Herman Cain allegations, which are shameful, in my view. In the next days, more is surely going to come out. It may very well turn out that Cain behaved badly-to what extent- I don't know. It may turn out that he tried to "score"-for lack of a better word- or actually did "score". At that point, we have to decide what we think about him. It may turn out that he did something worse than merely cheat on his wife. It may very well turn out that Cain will shortly have no other choice but to drop out of the Republican primary race. Frankly, I am feeling pessimistic about his future, and I have to leave the door open to the possibility that once everything comes out, I would no longer support him. (That is not to say that Herman Cain is my first choice among the candidates. He is not, and I honestly have not yet decided who I would like to see nominated to run against President Obama.)

Having said that, I think it is still important to point out that at this point, we still do not know who his accusers are, nor do we know what the specific acts are which he has been accused of. That has not stopped the mob at MSNBC from convicting him on air every night. In the end, they may turn out to have been right, but it will not vindicate what they have said before the facts have come out. Their unseemly behavior these past nights on TV has only lacked the torches and rope.

Once we know all the facts and Cain has made his decision whether to continue to run or drop out, I hope that somewhere in the media, there will be a serious discussion of how their handling of Herman Cain compares with their handling of Bill Clinton and John Edwards. Once Politico broke this story, the media-led by MSNBC- has been all over this like lions carving up a zebra. In the case of Edwards, the mainstream media not only ignored the story-which was broken by the National Enquirer of all people- but ran from it, indeed, had to be chased down the street by it no less. To this day, the media has soft-peddled this story as Edwards has piled one lie on top of another until the last lie is revealed, and on he goes.

It may very well turn out that Cain is not fit to be president of the United States. Yet, haven't we set the bar pretty low after the Clinton affair(s)? Once we know everything that Herman Cain has done during his life, how will it stack up against what is known about Mr Clinton or what has been alleged by other women?

And, of course, there is always that nasty little race issue hanging out there. Is Herman Cain being treated this way because he is a black man, as some are saying? Or is it deeper than that? Is it because he is a conservative black man? It is here that I am tempted to play the race card. I fervently believe that black conservatives represent a special threat to the liberal establishment. The threat is that they are an example of a black person who can succeed in America through his or her own talent, hard work, intelligence, initiative or what have you without depending on the benevolence of the white left and the victicrat activism of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons. It is driving the left crazy that conservatives and Tea Party types have embraced Herman Cain thus putting the lie to the canard that they are racists. Now the left is reduced to charging that Cain is some sort of showcase you-know-what for the Tea Party. It is all beyond disgusting. Do I think there is a heightened vitriol at work here because Cain happens to be a black conservative? Frankly, I do. Those two words ("black" and "conservative") are a volatile mixture. Put them together and you have something quite different from a John Edwards or Bill Clinton, both of whom I (still) believe are guilty of far worse sins than Herman Cain.

Anyway, that's how I see it today. A few days from now, I may be lambasting Mr. Cain, but who cares? After all, I am not MSNBC.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OWS Does Not Represent 99%-It Represents a Decline

Gary Fouse

As the reports from New York (and other Occupy sites) get worse, it continues to highlight the differences between the Tea Party protests and what we are seeing now.

I continue to make the point that in spite of all the accusations of extremism and racism directed at the Tea Party from the left, their track record is virtually spotless when it comes to incidents of racism, violence and arrests. On the other hand, these Occupy protests continue to degenerate, and the arrests pile up. They have also been marked by expressions of anti-Semitism. These people even have the effrontery to call themselves "the 99%-ers" as they demonize wealthy people who have made their fortunes honestly and through their own intelligence, initiative, creativity and hard work. They don't represent 99% of anything, but they do represent a general decline in American values. In many ways, they represent just what has gone wrong in our educational system from K through PHD.

Is there a generational aspect to the comparsions and contrasts between the two? Pretty much so, I would argue. The Tea Party folks tend to be older folks who have worked, paid taxes, and contributed to society. The Occupy forces tend to be younger folks who seem to think that government needs to give them stuff-lots of stuff. Their older supporters tend to be left-wing academics. failed Marxists, and of course, the thuggish unions. One thing I have noted is that you don't see or hear much about Obama in the Occupy protests. They don't much like capitalism, but they are strangely silent on that thing called Solyndra, which should be a poster child for crony capitalism run amok. Suffice to say that the overwhelming majority of these people will be voting for Obama and the Democrats come next November. That's why the Obamas, Pelosis and the other Democrats will not criticize them, which puts themselves in an embarrassing situation.

I also think that the Occupy movement is partially a product of our failed educational system. These young people have been brainwashed by their educators at the secondary and university level that America is a severely flawed, racist society, and that capitalism is unfair to those who don't succeed. Never mind that socialism and especially communism have proven themselves to be unfair and unsuccessful. These young people have been led to believe that they are entitled to something which their parents and grandparents (not to mention the Tea-partiers) worked their buts off to earn- a job, good wages, a home, health care, higher education and a comfortable retirement.

If the Occupy movements continue right up to next November, so much the better. It will give the voters a crystal-clear contrast between the two roads which this country would follow. Indeed, that is the choice we will be making in the next election.

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's A Simple Answer After All

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

President Ronald Reagan once again speaks from the past.  Once again he shows his power as a prophet.  Once again he calls out to Americans.  Listen to his words, pass his words on.

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one." Alexander Hamilton
Let's set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace--and you can have it in the next second--surrender.

Admittedly there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face--that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand--the ultimatum. And what then? When Nikita Khrushchev has told his people he knows what our answer will be? He has told them that we are retreating under the pressure of the Cold War, and someday when the time comes to deliver the ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary because by that time we will have weakened from within spiritually, morally, and economically. He believes this because from our side he has heard voices pleading for "peace at any price" or "better Red than dead," or as one commentator put it, he would rather "live on his knees than die on his feet." And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us. You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin--just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard 'round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn't die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well, it's a simple answer after all.

You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, "There is a price we will not pay." There is a point beyond which they must not advance. This is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater's "peace through strength." Winston Churchill said that "the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits--not animals." And he said, "There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty."

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.
Will we condemn our children to slavery or keep the light of freedom burning bright for them?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

That Old Black Magic

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

I find it very odd that in the 21st Century there are people and nations that actually believe that Magic exists and that there are people who practice Black Magic.  Yet the idea that Magic, especially Black Magic exists is prevalent in the Muslim world.  Especially in Saudi Arabia.
When Tara Umm Omar was a young bride in her first marriage, she and her Moroccan husband took the youngest sister of a family friend into their home. On the day the young Moroccan woman arrived, she gave Umm Omar a doll, which Umm Omar promptly placed in a dresser drawer.

When Umm Omar told a friend of the doll, the friend suspected it was an item for black magic and suggested the doll be destroyed. Instead, Umm Omar tossed it in the garbage. That’s when household items disappeared, the family dog barked incessantly, Umm Omar started fighting with her husband and she began seeing strange insects in the house. When the guest finally moved out, the couple found their bed sheets and an identical doll to Umm Omar’s among the woman’s discarded belongings.

The message to Umm Omar was clear: The woman she invited into her home sought to destroy her happiness through black magic.

Umm Omar is since remarried to a Saudi and now lives in Riyadh. She runs the popular blog, Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis, a help website for non-Saudis marrying Saudis. As a quasi-marriage counselor for brides and grooms nervously entering Saudi society, Umm Omar dispenses religious and practical advice to help ease the cultural shock. That includes providing insight to the real world concerns of black magic and the evil eye.

“The truth is that all magic is haram [prohibited] and only leads to bad ends,” Umm Omar told The Media Line.

Belief in black magic runs deep in Saudi society. The issue was raised last month when the quasi-legislative body Shoura Council granted permission for Moroccan women to work as maids in Saudi households. Hundreds of Saudi women complained to the Council that granting Moroccan maids permission to work was tantamount to allowing the use of black magic in their homes to steal their husbands. Saudi wives complained the issue was not lacking trust in their husbands, but their men were powerless to ward off spells.

While greeted with skepticism in western societies, Saudis would no more question the existence of black magic than they would Islam. Two surahs (chapters) in the Qur’an under Al Mi’wadhatyan address black magic and are often recited during or after prayer. Simply, part of being a Muslim is believing in the existence of magic.

In April of this year, members of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice underwent special training in the Eastern Province to investigate black magic crimes.

Although also found in Christianity and Judaism, casting spells is particularly common in Oman, Sudan, Yemen, Morocco and Indonesia. Turkey is a secular Muslim country, but protection against evil eye is deeply rooted in virtually all aspects of daily life. Tools of witchcraft include using lizards, dead birds, photographs, hair, thread, dirt, blood and red ink. Hiding places to place “spells” may be in bedrooms and under beds. Written spells generally contain the intended victim’s name and one or two words to state the intention to do harm.

In 2007, the religious police in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, removed 23 black magic tokens, including knives and written spells on paper, from two graves in a cemetery. Black magic artists placed the tokens at the heads and feet of the corpses.

The Saudi press reported recently that evil eye was suspected in causing the death of Mastoora Al-Ahmadi, the Saudi poet who garnered international attention for her performance on “The Million’s Poet” on Abu Dhabi TV. She was the first woman to reach the semifinals in the Arabic poetry contest. Al-Ahmadi died unexpectedly on Oct. 2 in Madinah after falling into a coma.

Howaizan Muhammad, 26, of Madinah, told The Media Line that she had difficulty finding a job and failed in many interviews. And she hated the jobs she did find. She broke up with her fiancé and couldn’t find a husband. “My sister told me to read the surah Al-Baqarah to protect me against any spells,” she says. “After 14 days, my father found a spell written on paper and in blood with my name on it on the roof under our water tank.”

Muhammad says she had Indonesian maids at the time, but notes that anybody could have left the spell.

Sheikh Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, an Islamic scholar based in Qatar and the author of The Exorcist Tradition in Islam, told The Media Line that Muslims must not fight witchcraft with their own magic but refer to the Qur’an. “There are a number of Qur’anic texts that the Prophet said should be read with reflection as a means of removing or reducing the effects of black magic,” he says. “Eating adjuwah dates from Madinah is also a means of protection.”

He notes there is a tendency to fight magic with magic, but it’s prohibited. “People should avoid charms, amulets and other things that people have proffered, which has become something of a business in the Muslim world.”

Philips acknowledges that Moroccans have an “international reputation” among Muslims for practicing witchcraft, but cautions against overemphasizing Moroccans as master artists of voodoo. “Historically they [Moroccans] are most noted for it. But they are not much different than most in the Muslim world. Chechnya and Bosnia probably engage in it more.”

Although Saudis may claim that witchcraft is at the heart of their distrust of foreign maids, Umm Omar suggests that old-fashioned power struggles and jealously play vital roles in conflicts.

“There is a factor that Saudis are more well-to-do than Moroccans and magic can be used to remove those blessings [of wealth] if [maids] dislike them,” Umm Omar says. “Saudi women are used to feeling superior over maids, and in some cases look down on them. Moroccan women do not like to be pushed around and will defend themselves. My experience with Moroccan and Saudi women is they both like to be in charge of the household and are naturally bossy.”

Umm Omar adds that if a maid feels threatened, she could resort to black magic. “Of course that is not to say that a Saudi woman won’t seek out magic to harm a Moroccan maid.”
Left unsaid in this battle of wills between Saudi and Moroccan women is the consequences of practicing black magic in Saudi Arabia. Practicing witchcraft is an offense punishable by death.

Saudi religious police arrested popular Lebanese television personality and fortuneteller Ali Sabat in May 2008 on charges of witchcraft while he was on a pilgrimage. A Saudi court sentenced him to death. But an appellate court threw out the sentence in 2010, citing lack of evidence that Sabat harmed anybody. According to Amnesty International, the last documented execution for witchcraft in Saudi Arabia was in 2007. A Saudi court sentenced Egyptian pharmacist Mustafa Ibrahim to death for casting spells in order to separate a married couple.

“Fortune telling is not just sleight of hand tricks, but involves the spirit,” says Philips. “As evil, it’s the same thing as black magic. Sharia proscribes the same punishment for both.”

Umm Omar points to ignorance and the absence of a strong foundation in the teachings of Islam that lead some Muslims to practice magic and evil eye.

Although Philips says that ignorance is no excuse for breaking laws, forgiveness should be considered. “God does forgive ignorance,” he says. “We should be more tolerant in some cases because some people are not doing [harmful] things deliberately.”

This is one of the heights of Muslim intellectual prowess.  It ranks high along with this one.  And Obama wanted to include these bozos into our NASA program.

We do not have to worry about the religious police of Saudi Arabia.  After defeating the evil of Voldermort aka Moldy Shorts, the Ministry of Magic for Israel or the Department of Magic (US) can handle anything these crazy Muggles throw at them.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghaddafi's End Was Inevitable and Just

Gary Fouse

The scenes are graphic. A dazed, wounded and bleeding man being dragged about by a howling mob of rebel fighters, thrown on the hood of a car, pleading for his life as the crowd shouts, "Allahu Akbar" and hurls insults at him. Somewhere in the maze of cell phone shots, the man is finished off, dragged around, and paraded for all to see.

Many commentators are lamenting the fact that the Muammar Ghaddafi saga ended this way in Libya. They say he should have been taken directly to jail and treated in a civilized manner. He should have been treated for his wounds and arrangements made to fly him to the Hague to face the World Court for his crimes. Then the world could see exactly what he did, not only to other peoples but his own. The rule of law and justice should have prevailed.

I respectfully disagree. This saga was not conducted in Washington DC, Paris, London, or the salons of New York. This was Libya, the Middle East, a boiling cauldron of violence, tribal traditions, and hate. Once Ghaddafi made the decision to stay in Libya and fight rather than fly off to exile in some sorry country that would offer him haven (there may have been none), his fate was sealed. There would be no sudden knock on the door, the snap of handcuffs, and off to jail to await a trial. Ghaddafi's fate could be no other than the howling mob.

I am every bit as much for the rule of law as the next person. I believe in fair and impartial trials, such as we conduct here in America. I was part of that system for 25 years, and I respected its rules even in the times when the outcome disappointed me. I would never want to see such a scene in America. However, I didn't grow up and live in a society such as Libya.

And I never arrested a man such as Muammar Ghaddafi.

This is the man who ordered the bombing of a plane filled with some 270 people over Lockerbie, Scotland. A large proportion of the passengers on that flight were in their early 20s, university students returning home after studying in Europe. Thirty-five of them were from Syracuse University. They would be in their 40s today, and only God knows what they would be doing with their lives now. Ghaddafi is the man who gave the one convicted bomber of that flight a hero's welcome when he was shamelessly released from a Scottish prison and allowed to return home.

This is the man who ordered the bombing of a Berlin disco frequented by American GIs in 1986, a bombing that killed two of them, as well as a Turkish woman. Dozens of others were seriously injured.

This is the man who gave his expelled diplomats a hero's welcome after the British authorities had to release them under the laws of diplomatic immunity in 1984; immunity for shooting at a crowd from the window of the Libyan embassy, killing a British policewoman named Yvonne Fletcher.

This was the man who supported and financed terror plots around the world.

And finally, this is the man who for four decades tortured and murdered his own people, even as he was able to periodically fly to New York and throw tirades at the United Nations. In his final years, he was even afforded a certain respectability by the US because he had given up his weapons of mass destruction after the Iraq invasion.

Shockingly, in his early years in power, Ghaddafi was considered an exotic and dashing figure among many leftists in the West. With his fancy uniforms and fashion sunglasses, many compared him to that other romantic revolutionary of the time, Che Guevara, who in reality, was a brutal and cruel executioner during the Cuban revolution. (He also faced summary justice in Bolivia.)

And to think that some wanted to see this man stand in the dock at the Hague in front of a tribunal of black-cloaked judges in powdered wigs who would send him to spend the rest of his days in one of those modern, civilized Dutch prisons with games, therapy sessions, and conjugal visits until he died in his sleep?

No. Muammar Ghaddafi got the end he richly deserved within the system that he himself ran. May those videos be seen by every dictator of his stripe-especially the one in Damascus.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How Bad is it in Norway?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Norway, Israel and the Jews

Placid Norway; land of fjords, pristine scenery and carefree people.

It was just a few months ago that a crazed gunman committed that horrific mass murder that briefly shone the spotlight on a nation we assumed was far removed from all the turmoil in the world. In fact, Norway has created a volatile situation with their liberal, multi-cultural policies that allowed a presence to grow in their country that has no respect for local culture or traditions. Rather than recognize their mistake and insist on assimilation, they ignored it, preferring to "accommodate" the hateful new presence. They became a fervent foe of Israel. Why? Because their newly-arrived population hated Israel, so they had to as well. Last year, a study concluded that virtually every forcible rape committed in the country was committed by "immigrants". Still, they refused to acknowledge the problem in the spirit of "tolerance". It seems that Norwegians, like most other Europeans, are willing to tolerate the intolerable; to tolerate intolerance itself in the very name of tolerance. Below is an article on Norway by the blog, Norway, Israel and the Jews.

When will they ever learn?

When will we ever learn?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Does Zionist Jews....They Need To Be Run Out Of This Country Get You?

By Findalis of Monkey in the Middle

On the Unemployment line.

That is what Patricia McAllister has discovered after her anti-Semitic rant.  Do you remember this little ditty from Patricia?

Poor Patricia.  The LAUSD was inundated with phone calls condemning her remarks and demanding her dismissal.  Patricia was a substitute teacher and now is an unemployed substitute teacher.

When told of Patricia's dismissal what do you think they did?  Denounce the anti-Semitic remarks of a bigot?  No!  They are demanding her to be reinstated on the payroll.
LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Occupy LA protesters demonstrated on the steps of Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters Monday, speaking out against the district's dismissal of a substitute teacher who made public comments deemed anti-Semitic at a recent protest.

The teacher, Patricia McAllister, spoke out at a recent Occupy LA protest, saying the Jews run the nation's banking infrastructure and should be forced to leave the U.S.
"I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government -- they need to be run out of this country," McAllister said in the video by, a Libertarian-leaning news organization.
McAllister stood by her words Tuesday, speaking with KTLA 5. When it was suggested that her statement was racist, she refused to back down.

"It is not racist, it's the truth," McAllister said. "Anyone who speaks against the Jews are called racists nowadays."

McAllister is black. When suggested that someone might be considered racist if making similar comments about African-Americans, she refused to agree.

"If we were destroying this nation, they'd better say something and take us down with it," she said.

McAllister's comments weren't endorsed by Occupy LA or United Teachers of Los Angeles -- the labor union representing the city's educators.

District officials released a statement supporting McAllister's freedom of speech, but saying the district would "never stand for behavior that is intolerant, disrespectful or discriminatory."

McAllister's status as a substitute teacher makes her an at-will employee and she has been relieved of her duty, officials said.

The teachers' union joined Occupy LA in calling on the district's Board of Education to rehire 1,200 teachers and other workers. The demonstrators said they are looking to start a new occupation site at LAUSD headquarters to make sure their demands are met.

The union protested district-wide budget cuts, ending in widespread layoffs of teachers and other personnel.

District officials said that 800 of the 1,200 employees that were originally laid off have already been rehired.

Please do not try to tell me that the Occupy movement hasn't been hijacked by the rapid anti-Semites.  In a true movement of peace, words like Patricia McAllister's would have been condemned immediately and she would have been told that she is not welcomed there.

Of course she doesn't even have the brains to wipe her behind.

She doesn't believe that she said anything wrong, she believes the Jews are the root of all evil and wants to throw them out of the United States (That is after she and her "friends" steal their property, rape their women and beat them to a pulp.), and they are the cause of all the problems of the world.

Patricia McAllister says she only represents herself.  But in fact she represents 90% of the Black Population who is taught anti-Semitism from birth.

I hope you listened to the whole tape.  The last seconds said it all:  "Why do we allow people like that talk to the mike?"