Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Left's Racist Attacks on Herman Cain

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to The Blaze

It was only last week, while watching MSNBC, that I became aware of this character who goes by the name of Toure (with an accent over the e, no less). He is some kind of writer and now an "MSNBC contributor", whatever that is. He was talking, of course, about the Herman Cain scandal. Toure is one of the chorus of those on the left who hate Cain because he is a black conservative. Naturally, they are all over the scandal. My first reaction in watching Toure on MSNBC is that he was a smug, arrogant jerk. After seeing this latest video of his exchange with Martin Bashir, I also think he is a cheap race-monger. Watch as he drags up one of the vilest race libels you can imagine.

Up till now, the debate has been strictly about whether Cain has engaged in sexual harassment and improper physical advances on women. I am not aware of any Republicans or conservatives anguishing over the race of the women involved. I did recently speculate about when the left would drag this up, and now they have. This ugly issue has been raised not by Republicans, but by the left as exemplified by Mr. Toure or whatever his nom de plume is.

Yet, no matter how much the Toures out there want to talk about this, those on the right who have supported Cain continue to care only about the truth of the allegations, the expectation that the facts will come out accurately, and Cain will be treated fairly. If it turns out they are true, he will not have my support. If it turns out false, then I will continue to have a positive view of Cain.

For people like Toure to bring up these old scares about "predatory black men harassing blonde, white women" is ugly and ridiculous. It hearkens back to a day before this little jerk was even born. It also does no service to black people, who would like to see an end to such stereotypes that have harmed them.

This is the kind of trash that MSNBC is trafficking in. That also applies to that jerk, Martin Bashir, a British journalist who is over here feeding at our trough even as he criticizes our society. He's the kind of guy you want to tell to "go back home", to use a rather jingoistic phrase. Some times, it is used in an ugly manner. Sometimes, it fits to a tee.

To reiterate, it is the left who is injecting race into this story, not the right, not the folks who continue to support Cain, and not those who are considering their vote for Cain. This is what the left does, folks, and especially what the left does to black conservatives. It is really scary stuff.

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